Supreme Uprising Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Divine Master Six Divine Fist Techniques

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Due to the corruption of the God-Slaying Demon Sword, Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate True Body and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast Clone had been affected considerably.

Thus, Luo Yunyang had no choice but to go to the Pure Sun Great Cosmos to find a solution to get rid of this demonic Qi. Although the Glass Flames couldnt get rid of this strange demonic Qi, they allowed Luo Yunyang to use these two powers temporarily.

Now, Luo Yunyang would naturally need his full power for this Divine Master fight. Furthermore, before he had even obtained two hall inheritances, he would now have to face the combined alliance of four individuals.

If Luo Yunyang couldnt count on the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and the Heavenly Venerate True Body, then he would only be able to rely on himself for the upcoming battle.

In a moment, his self-confidence and calmness were restored in his eyes.

"Die!" The man who was built like a mountain threw a punch. This punch was firm and it seemed to contain an unyielding power that would only advance forward. It also seemed as if both sides would suffer by this punch.

Although this was the first time he was seeing this move, the words Divine Brave Technique immediately popped up in his mind.

Divine Brave Technique!

Although he had only just seen this technique, Luo Yunyang felt a really familiar feeling.

He wanted to use the Samsara Palm in response, but the instant he made his move, a will flowed into his mind.

"Only the Divine Sacred Technique and the Divine Martial Technique can be used!"

Luo Yunyang didnt really care about the appearance of this will, so he instinctively unleashed the Samsara Palm.

Unfortunately, he was half-way through using it when it could no longer be unleashed anymore. The Samsara Palm that he could unleash as easily as drinking water seemed to be forcibly suppressed by something.

The fist of the Divine Brave Technique was already right before Luo Yunyang. He immediately unleashed the Divine Martial Technique without hesitation.

Two fists clashed in mid-air. The aura of this tall martialist didnt seem any weaker than Sky Origin Zongzis. However, during that collision, the tall young man was pushed back seven paces.

Luo Yunyang was pushed back five paces.

There wasnt much of a difference in strength between those two. There was only one reason for this outcomeLuo Yunyang had combined the intricacies of the Divine Martial Technique and the Divine Sacred Technique.

Meanwhile, the tall martialist had only used the Divine Brave Technique.

During this clash, Luo Yunyang came to an understanding deep down. Besides the inheritance of the Divine Martial Technique and the Divine Sacred Technique that he had obtained, Luo Yunyang felt a greater understanding of the Divine Brave Technique he had just faced.

Furthermore, the combined attack of the Divine Sacred Technique and the Divine Martial Technique had improved considerably.

There was a slight glint in the tall young mans eyes. Clearly, he had also acquired considerable gains from this clash.

"The inheritance of two halls is powerful indeed!" the young man who looked like a celestial said as he flew up into the sky and attacked Luo Yunyang.

The strike unleashed by this man contained a boundless obliterating intent. The instant his fist was blasted out, Luo Yunyang felt himself get situated within a space that was being obliterated frantically.

"This is the Divine Obliteration Technique I gained from the Divine Obliteration Hall."

The instant that young man attacked, the two beautiful ladies unleashed attacks simultaneously. Their target was also Luo Yunyang.

Although these two were probably top characters in their own world, there was a clear difference in the attacks of the two ladies.

The attack of the tall slender lady with the icy expression seemed true and lacked many variations. However, the other lady, who appeared lively and expressive, turned into countless silhouettes when she attacked. These silhouettes appeared all around Luo Yunyang.

Divine Fantasy Technique, Divine True Technique

By this point, Luo Yunyang had already completely understood the names of the six divine halls, as well as gained some insight into the Divine Masters inheritance.

Divine Martial, Divine Sacred, Divine True, Divine Fantasy, Divine Brave, Divine Obliteration!

When gathered together, the inheritance of the six halls would form the Divine Masters inheritance. These techniques could be called the Six Divine Fist Techniques.

Now, they were all gathered together in this fight, even though only the inherited techniques of the six divine halls could be used. The objective was to let them learn each others inheritance through this battle. Whoever could incorporate the six techniques together would be the successor of the Six Divine Fist Techniques.

The other four also appeared to understand this at the same time as Luo Yunyang. As they continued to attack Luo Yunyang, they started to feel some form of apprehension towards their temporary allies.

For example, while the users of the Divine Fantasy Technique and the Divine True Technique had perfect coordination, some cracks unknowingly started to appear in their teamwork.

Although Luo Yunyang couldnt use other techniques, his fusion of the Divine Martial Technique and the Divine Sacred Technique was stronger than the current attacks of the two ladies. After Luo Yunyang exchanged blows with those two once, he backed off rapidly.

At the same time, he replayed the attacks of those two adversaries in his mind quickly.

Luo Yunyang once again sensed the deficiencies in his own attack when he received the Divine True Technique and the Divine Fantasy Technique. However, just as he gained some comprehension, he discovered that the users of the Divine Brave Technique and the Divine Obliteration Technique also had knowing looks on their faces.

The two ladies had also gained quite a bit from this exchange.

Luo Yunyang even had a hunch that their gains werent any lesser than what he had learned.

As those five landed on the ground, they didnt continue attacking. They all had cautious looks on their faces.

They had learned each others abilities during this battle and ultimately fully learned the six inherited techniques. This sort of situation seemed like a bloody battle, yet Luo Yunyang felt that this seemingly simple fight was much more difficult.

There were five of them, so there was no telling if their own comrades would learn much more than the individual personally using their attack.

"You only have one hour." A faint, wise voice echoed in their ears.

Upon hearing this, Luo Yunyang and the others didnt hesitate. They once again engaged in furious combat.

Although the four other humans, whose origins were unknown, no longer continued to interact, the target of their attacks was still Luo Yunyang. Based on their attacks, it was evident that they werent showing the slightest bit of restraint against Luo Yunyang.

They were still firmly following their strategy of getting rid of the strongest.

Fighting was very important, but Luo Yunyang also knew that learning the Six Divine Fist Techniques was more important. When the fighting resumed again, he converted a portion of his Power and other attributes into Mind Attribute Points.

Thus, during this fight, Luo Yunyang started to fall into a somewhat passive state. However, because of his comprehension of the Six Divine Fist Techniques, Luo Yunyang was able to forcibly bear this onslaught.

The attacks of the two men and the two ladies became increasingly incisive. They had also discovered that Luo Yunyangs comprehension speed of the Six Divine Fist Techniques had surpassed their own.

Luo Yunyangs understanding of the Six Divine Fist Techniques was becoming quicker. He even started to use the techniques of the others during the exchanges that followed.

For example, while dealing with the female user of the Divine Fantasy Technique, Luo Yunyang casually unleashed the Divine True Technique. Even though his Divine True Technique was a little weak, it was still the Divine True Technique after all.

The four other fighters, who had never revealed their names, were also exceptionally talented individuals. During this fight, their comprehension of Luo Yunyangs Divine Martial Technique and Divine Sacred Technique was also very fast.

Although the attacks of the lady with the icy expression were weaker than the attacks of the others, her comprehension of the Six Divine Fist Techniques didnt seem to be slower than Luo Yunyangs.

Half an hour passed. Although nobody amongst those five had completely combined the six techniques, they had already made great progress compared to their ignorance at the beginning.

"Die!" The tall young man who had obtained the Divine Brave Technique bellowed and attacked Luo Yunyang. Just like before, he unleashed the Divine Brave Technique. However, it was a few times stronger than it had been at the beginning.

If this level of the Divine Brave Technique had been used at the start, Luo Yunyang might have immediately been defeated.

The other three had also formed a fearsome chemistry with this tall young man. The instant they saw this young man attack, they surrounded and attacked Luo Yunyang from all directions.

This wasnt the first time Luo Yunyang had suffered such a joint attack since the start of the battle. However, at the moment, he felt great pressure.

He had already gained a deep insight into these six attacks, especially the Divine Martial Technique and the Divine Sacred Technique, which had already reached a perfected state.

However, Luo Yunyang felt restrained right now. Even though he vaguely seemed to think about combining the six techniques, he was unable to do it.

This sort of restrained sensation was extremely unbearable for Luo Yunyang.

As the other four improved, Luo Yunyang kept finding it hard to break through and found himself in an increasingly miserable state.

The other four had already sensed Luo Yunyangs state. Therefore, they all used this as a pretext to attack this fearsome opponent.

Countless thoughts went through Luo Yunyangs mind as he faced this attack. Although he should probably be able to deal with these attacks, he wouldnt be able to endure the unceasing future attacks of these four.

What should I do?

After hesitating for a split second, Luo Yunyang made a decision. Although the attribute regulator could only adjust the attributes of his own body, Luo Yunyang rapidly adjusted the majority of his attributes and transferred them to his Mind Attribute.

Mind represented perception. At the moment, Luo Yunyang was prepared to go all out.

Just as this adjustment was made, the four peoples attacks had already surrounded him.

As he watched the attack containing the Six Divine Fist Techniques, Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up with a flash of understanding.