Supreme Uprising Chapter 734

Chapter 734 The Great Radiance Technique

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Divine Sacred, Divine Martial, Divine True, Divine Fantasy, Divine Obliteration, Divine Courage!

Six different types of secret techniques entered Luo Yunyangs mind swiftly. Luo Yunyang, who had already grasped a clear understanding of the six techniques, did not retreat when the attack of those four people arrived. Instead, he blasted a punch in retaliation!

This punch was neither the Divine Sacred Technique nor the Divine Martial Technique. However, when the fist strike was unleashed, six different circles of light appeared in front of it.

The six different light circles occupied a space of their own and converged into a huge hexagonal disc that hurtled towards the four opponents.


The smashing disc almost toppled the sky and earth all around, and the attacks of the other four individuals evaporated in an instant as they hurriedly made their retreat.

However, even so, their bodies were still smashed into pieces in the void by that massive hexagonal disc.

"He he I finally understand now. Seems like the six different inheritances mustnt be forcefully combined together. Instead, they should be aligned according to a set of rules. I, Yuan Shengang, didnt die in vain!" The tall man mumbled his heartfelt sentiments before he died.

Then, his body was completely turned to ashes.

Luo Yunyang could feel that Yuan Shengang hadnt died. He had actually been driven out of this realm by the power of the hexagonal disc

While Yuan Shengang muttered his last words, the bodies of the three other people soon began to fade as well. However, only the cold-looking lady appeared to be rather sad before she perished.

It should have been normal for that lady to lose to him while battling for the inheritance, but his performance left a sour taste in the mouths of the people that had been defeated.

"I am from the Mysterious Fall Cosmos. Now, our entire Cosmos is under attack by the Mysterious Underworld Race and has become extremely weak."

"I am afraid it is too late, even if you want to save it," the lady said sadly.

"It was our fate to meet here, so let me give you all a piece of advice. Be very wary of the Mysterious Underworld Race."

"They came faster than we thought, and they are even more horrible than we think!"

"You may not believe it, but many of the Mysterious Underworld Race elites have actually infiltrated the Cosmos of our human tribes."

"My advice ends here. I am afraid I will not have a chance to see you all again in the future!" The lady finished her final words and vanished into the void.

Luo Yunyang could sense the graveness of the matter. The information he had received from the small silver tower had made him understand that the Cosmos the silver tower came from had been destroyed by the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Or rather, it had been destroyed by the four great races led by the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Luo Yunyang, who had received many warnings regarding the arrival of the Mysterious Underworld Race, felt an increasing urgency regarding this matter.

The other man and woman didnt look as worried as Luo Yunyang. Obviously, they had not taken the ladys warning seriously.

In the end, the charming woman even said with a tinge of arrogance, "This is merely groundless fear-mongering. Dont even talk about the Mysterious Underworld Race, even if"

Before the woman could complete her words, she disappeared into thin air along with the man beside her.

She didnt say anything important, but she shot a long, profound gaze at Luo Yunyang when she perished.

Luo Yunyang could feel a form of hostility coming from the womans gaze. It was a deep hostility coming from the bottom of her heart.

It made him very uncomfortable. So much so that Luo Yunyang felt that, if they were to meet again in the future, they wouldnt be friends. They might even become adversaries.

However, how could Luo Yunyang have declined such an opportunity?

"Respected Heavenly Martialist and Heavenly Saint, you comprehend six different Divine Fist Techniques at once. Please confirm that you have received the title of Divine Master, as well as the Divine Master inheritance." The machines voice echoed emotionlessly.

Then, a white light enveloped Luo Yunyangs body directly and a cultivation technique entered his mind.

The moment the cultivation technique appeared, a bright white light chain formed by many nomological laws rushed towards Luo Yunyangs body quickly.

A sense of awe welled in Luo Yunyangs heart when he saw the light chain.

He thought that this blazing object shouldnt be a precious treasure, but a type of nomological law or convergence of several nomological laws.

"This is the Raging Flames Law, the first gift given to the Divine Master. You shouldnt resist. Conjure the Great Radiance Technique and it will be integrated into your body naturally."

The mechanical voice spoke once again in Luo Yunyangs ear.

Luo Yunyangs heart twitched when he heard the name of the technique as he shifted his attention to the light chain formed by the convergence of countless nomological laws.

While focusing his attention on it, he was able to see the destruction of all the planets in the universe from within. He even saw

Luo Yunyang determined almost instantly that the Raging Flame Law was a complete Cosmos Law.

In a complete universe, it could be said that nomological laws spread far and wide, covering the entire region like pillars of support for the entire Cosmos.

The nomological laws that were able to support an entire Cosmos were considered the highest form of nomological laws in the Cosmos.

Although a Universe-Grade elite had formed an internal universe inside them, it was only a small universe in their body with a considerable gap compared to the huge Cosmos.

Only a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate possessed an internal universe comparable to those that were formed naturally.

There were plenty of nomological laws in the great Cosmos, but this sort of forceful extraction of a nomological law still put Luo Yunyang to shame.

Although his Heavenly Venerate True Body was strong, he could only utilize a few Origin Source Laws in the Divine Union Void by using his True Body. He would never be able to extract an Origin Source Law, even if he wanted to.

If he chose to extract an Origin Source Law by force, he would definitely fail and probably cause a kickback.

Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before he conjured the Great Radiance Technique immediately.

While cultivating, Luo Yunyang felt an immeasurable amount of spirit essence pouring into himself at a rate at least ten times faster than his Cleansing Glass Flame Technique.

In Luo Yunyangs opinion, the Cleaning Glass Flame Technique had exceeded many techniques he had learned in the Divine Union. However, the Great Radiance Technique was actually 10 times better!

After conjuring the Great Radiance Technique, the Raging Flame Law began to enter Luo Yunyangs internal universe gradually.

His internal universe had yet to transform into a cosmos, so it only included the cultivation paths that Luo Yunyang had pursued and didnt contain complete nomological laws.

When the Raging Flame Law entered the internal universe filled with the Purple Sacred Flames, it began to expand as if it had taken in a huge load of supplements.

Double, triple, quadruple

In a quarter of an hour, Luo Yunyangs internal universe had expanded more than 10 times in size.

The larger the area of a martialists internal universe was, the more likely it was that it would lead to a much more powerful increase in their power.

However, Luo Yunyang was much more delighted about the improvement of the cohesiveness of his internal universe. After an entire nomological law entered him, the various forces inside him began to converge around the nomological law, instantly increasing the amount of power that he was able to unleash by 10 times.

Luo Yunyang was still slowly comprehending the magical effect of the Great Radiance Technique as the Raging Fire Law entered his body. However, as his cultivation of it deepened, Luo Yunyang slowly started to find himself feeling sort of detached.

He awoke after some time. When he opened his eyes, two fiery blazes shot out of his eyes and soared into the sky.

The overwhelming power, which he found hard to suppress, immediately filled his heart again. With a thought, he turned on his attribute regulator.

Power: 1.2

Speed: 1.0

Constitution: 1.1

Mind: 0.5

The four main attributes had experienced great improvement, except for his Mind Attribute, which had gone through a relatively smaller improvement. In particular, his Power Attributes had increased by more than ten times.

Luo Yunyangs various attributes had begun to catch up to his Heavenly Venerate True Body and his cultivation base had reached the sixth level of the Celestial Domain Grade.

It was basically impossible for a level-six Celestial Domain-Grade martialist to possess the power of a Heavenly Venerate in the Divine Union Void. However, the impossible had happened in Luo Yunyangs body.

Although he had yet to comprehend the Time and Space Nomological Laws, hadnt escaped the flow of time, and seemed rather inferior to a true Heavenly Venerate, this gap was basically non-existent for Luo Yunyang.

He had truly been a Heavenly Venerate before.

"Respected Master of Great Radiance, you have completed the inheritance. You can leave now." The mechanical voice spoke just as Luo Yunyang was ready to explore the other benefits of the inheritance.

Then, Luo Yunyang saw a flash of light and soon reappeared in the Divine Sacred Hall once again.

Before he could even stand steadily on his feet, he noticed people staring at him from all directions.

Among the people staring at him were Qin Wuliang, Profound Calm Zongzi, and many geniuses from various large sects. These stares didnt seem to be benign.

Luo Yunyang understood instantly when he noticed these death stares. It was impossible for him to hide the fact that he had received the inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall.

Based on the anger and jealousy on Profound Calm Zongzis face, Luo Yunyang could feel that this was going to be a problem!

"Why are you all looking at me like this?" Luo Yunyang asked as he glanced around.