Supreme Uprising Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Limitless Brilliance

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Most people’s eyes were filled with jealousy.

According to the estimation of a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, the supreme inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall was not any weaker than the various other inheritances of the supreme great sects.

Many people came to the Divine Sacred Hall for the inheritance, not for the precious treasures in it.

Although they were not very likely to get the inheritance, they couldn’t help but dream about it.

They had never imagined that the inheritance, which was admired by so many people, would actually fall into the hands of a disciple from a subsidiary sect of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

“Luo Yunyang, why didn’t you execute the Three-Man Substitution Technique?” Sky Origin Zongzi was full of rage as he yelled at Luo Yunyang.

His tone was also evident in his expression as he added, “Do you intend to hog the supreme inheritance by yourself?”

Luo Yunyang wasn’t affected by Sky Origin Zongzi’s fury, as he had expected this reaction.

Hence, he grinned and said, “This was the first time I entered the Divine Sacred Hall and I wasn’t too sure about the situation inside.”

“According to Senior Brother Profound Calm, the opponents inside the hall would get increasingly stronger after entering it. I wanted to share the burden with Senior Brother Profound Calm, so I was prepared to defeat several guardians. However, I did not expect that the situation inside would be completely different from what Senior Brother had said. That inheritance chose me, even though I didn’t even think of it.”

Luo Yunyang glanced at Profound Calm Zongzi and added, “Senior Brother, I never thought that this was going to happen!”

“Lies! Why didn’t you execute the Three-Man Substitution Technique when Senior Brother Profound Calm asked you to do so?” Sky Origin Zongzi shouted, “Do you think we are fools?”

“What? Did Senior Brother Profound Calm inform me? How come I don’t know about it?” Luo Yunyang’s expression remained as calm as ever.

A horrifying aura that was exuded from Sky Origin Zongzi immediately engulfed Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, a giant figure that looked like an ancient spirit appeared behind Sky Origin Zongzi.

Luo Yunyang felt a looming fear in his heart when he saw the giant figure.

The Eternal Divine Lord! This was the Eternal Divine Lord cultivated from one of the three great ancient records of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

The Eternal Divine Lord controlled the eternal world and had 13 seals that could sweep everything before it. This was considered a supreme technique.

Although Luo Yunyang’s Cleansing Glass Flame had advanced into a Sacred Flame, it was still considered much weaker in the face of the Eternal Divine Lord.

“Why, do you want to have a go at me?” With a thought, the power inside Luo Yunyang’s body transformed into the Great Radiance Technique. When his internal universe unfolded, an idol made of Glass Flame condensed into the void.

The idol was significantly inferior to the Eternal Divine Lord, yet because of the Great Radiance Technique, its inferiority was greatly reduced.

“Enough!” Upon seeing that the two of them were about to start a fight, Profound Calm Zongzi shouted.

Profound Calm Zongzi’s expression quickly returned to its initial calm state. After mulling this over for a moment, he grinned. “Junior Brother Yunyang, this is a joyous event for the Three Era Supreme Sect. You were able to obtain the inheritance this time. Thus, why not take a trip with me and return to the Three Era Sect’s Sacred Mountains to meet our elders?”

Enter the Three Era Sect’s Sacred Mountains? Luo Yunyang nodded his head in agreement. “It would be my honor to be able to meet the elders of our sect.”

Although Sky Origin Zongzi looked dissatisfied, he didn’t dare object in front of Profound Calm Zongzi.

If looks could kill, Sky Origin Zongzi would have massacred everyone present countless times.

“The inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall was discovered by the elders of all our parties. It wouldn’t be right for the Three Era Supreme Sect to hog it, would it?” Mu Yuanzhang from the Eternal Sky Sect said coldly.

Many people agreed with him, as most of them were jealous of Luo Yunyang for obtaining the inheritance.

They would never give up on the opportunity to obtain a tiny benefit from the Divine Sacred Hall inheritance if they were presented with the chance. Thus, in an instant, almost everyone involuntarily took a step towards Luo Yunyang.

Profound Calm Zongzi remained indifferent as he commented, “The elders have said before, when they opened the Divine Sacred Hall, that the inheritance of this hall depends entirely on luck. Do you think that the Three Era Supreme Sect is a pushover?”

As soon as he said that, a golden ocean rose around his body and a Buddha-like Divine Lord appeared, standing over the sky on top of the golden ocean. Along with the appearance of the Golden Divine Lord, an overbearing atmosphere immediately shrouded the surroundings.

The Eternal Divine Lord appeared once again behind Sky Origin Zongzi and the figure of the Immeasurable Divine Lord appeared behind Wise Elegant Zongzi.

The appearance of the three Divine Lords immediately exerted extreme pressure and dominated the surrounding atmosphere.

Even Mu Yuanchang grimaced when he saw the scene. While he dared to voice his displeasure, as he had the means to back it up, he still couldn’t help but feel the urge to shrink back slightly while facing such a domineering pressure.

Luo Yunyang looked at the three Divine Lords. His eyes glittered when he saw the Eternal Divine Lord that seemingly possessed an endless amount of pure energy.

The Eternal Divine Lord was an eternal existence!

Any damage received by the Eternal Divine Lord would quickly dissipate. It could be said that the Eternal Divine Lord was the most useful to Luo Yunyang right now.

Cultivating the Eternal Divine Lord would mean that all the problems in his body would be resolved once and for all!

“Scram!” Profound Calm Zongzi looked at the retreating Mu Yuanzhang and shouted, making Mu Yuanzhang back away a few more steps.

As the second-in-rank martialist of the young generation of the Eternal Sky Sect, Mu Yuanchang was very proud. However, at the moment, his expression was very ugly. After all, he had been forced to retreat by Profound Calm Zongzi’s shout.

He turned to look at Qin Wuliang, as Qin Wuliang was the only person capable of stopping Luo Yunyang and the others with him.

However, Qin Wuliang shook his head and remained silent.

The rest of the people who had been about to persecute the Three Era Supreme Sect started to retreat as well. They had stepped forward originally because of their bigger number and Mu Yuanzhang.

However, after seeing Mu Yuanzhang retreat and noticing the overwhelming power of the Three Era Supreme Sect Zongzis, everyone started to feel fearful.

Some people knew ​​Qin Wuliang’s intention, but they did not say it out loud.

“Impressive… I’m being taught a lesson today.” Mu Yuanzhang snorted coldly.

However, just as he was about to leave, Profound Calm Zongzi blasted him with a punch. An endless brilliance escaped Profound Calm Zongzi’s fist and landed mercilessly on Mu Yuanzhang.

This was the number one sacred technique of the Three Era Supreme Sect, the Endless Brilliance Mark!

When the endless brilliance was blasted out of Profound Calm Zongzi’s fist, that domineering power felt boundless.

After receiving the Six Divine Fist Techniques, Luo Yunyang realized that he had obtained another worthy, useful technique that he could utilize often. However, only now did he truly feel the power of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

The power of the Endless Brilliance Mark was not inferior to the power of his Six Divine Fist Techniques.

A sword-light flew out of Mu Yuanzhang’s hands and transformed into a sword mountain in the void. In an instant, 81 sword mountains had appeared and begun to converge into a pagoda, slamming forward to meet the Endless Brilliance Mark.

The massive golden light, however, demolished the pagoda as if it was destroying a pile of junk. Mu Yuanzhang, who was slammed far away, landed heavily on his bum.

Mu Yuanchang staggered to his feet and glared at Profound Calm Zongzi. He wanted to voice his displeasure but chose to swallow his words after seeing the awe and might of Profound Calm Zongzi.

“Is there anyone here that still wants a piece of the Divine Sacred Hall inheritance?” Profound Calm Zongzi glanced around him.

No one dared to say a word, as the Endless Brilliance Mark had made them feel extremely afraid.

“Let’s go!” Profound Calm Zongzi glanced at the silent crowd and left swiftly with the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

After waiting for Profound Calm Zongzi and the others to disappear, Mu Yuanzhang glared at Qin Wuliang and lamented. “Brother Qin, are you going to let them go just like that? The situation could still be salvaged if you made your move now!”

Qin Wuliang shot a cold glance at Mu Yuanchang and snapped, “I can’t take on the Three Era As One!”

The Three Era As One? Qin Wuliang was very serious when he said that. While looking at Qin Wuliang’s stern expression, Mu Yuanchang decided to swallow his grievances again.

“Senior Brother, Mu Yuanzhang is very annoying!” Sky Origin Zongzi lamented after leaving the Divine Sacred Hall. “We should just kill him if he tries to attack us again.”

Profound Calm Zongzi nodded in agreement. “First, he should be punished. If there is a second time, we’ll just kill him.”

As soon as he said that, he turned his attention to Luo Yunyang. “Junior Brother Yunyang, the Three Era Supreme Sect is able to stand tall and strong in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos because of the Three Great Divine Records. Junior Brother, please do not forget your roots during your pursuit of greatness. That wouldn’t be good.”

Forget his roots? Profound Calm Zongzi acted rather frivolous when he said this, but the warning hidden in this sentence was glaring.

The 36 white-jade sacred elephants began to move. Three huge sacred mountains came into sight after they’d traveled for half an hour.

A sudden thought struck Luo Yunyang as he gazed upon these imposing mountains. Should he follow Profound Calm Zongzi and the others and enter this sacred mountain again?