Supreme Uprising Chapter 736

Chapter 736 The Eternal Pestle

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Luo Yunyang hadnt felt any danger when hed entered the sacred mountains for the first time. However, this time, he possessed the inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall.

This also meant that he possessed the utmost treasure that many elites in the Three Era Supreme Sect desired. Thus, the possibility of encountering a problem upon re-entering would be very high.

Although Luo Yunyang had many thoughts in his mind, he made a decision very shortly.

He still had to enter the Three Era Supreme Sect again. Although there were some threats, the dangers were not enough to deter him from visiting the Eternal Hall.

As soon as Luo Yunyang made up his mind, 36 jade white sacred elephants landed on a huge mountain.

"Junior Brother Qing Mo, please arrange some accommodation for Junior Brother Yunyang and let the rest of our disciples return to their residences." Profound Calm Zongzi instructed a young man with a handsome face before taking flight towards the main peak of Buddha Sacred Mountain.

Both Wise Elegant Zongzi and Sky Origin Zongzi followed Profound Calm Zongzi and headed towards the main peak as well.

"Junior Brother Luo, this way, please!" Qing Mo grinned as he addressed Luo Yunyang.

Although Qing Mo looked young, he also had a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base. Although he would have been a domineering figure in the Divine Union, he was merely an ordinary disciple that was in charge of receiving guests here.

Luo Yunyang smiled gently in response. "Ill have to trouble Senior Brother Qing Mo then."

"Junior Brother Yunyang is too polite. Didnt you just obtain the Divine Sacred Hall inheritance? Even without it, youll be able to become a formidable figure in our sect. Given your cultivation base, you will only be inferior to the three Zongzis. In the future, Ill be the one asking you for your guidance."

Both of them expressed their goodwill as they conversed. Qing Mo was obviously a person who was very good at communicating. As a result, in a short while, he began to talk to Luo Yunyang as if they were old friends.

Qing Mo arranged for Luo Yunyang to stay in a cave residence carved out of the middle of a mountain. The spirit energy outside the cave was very strong, so one would be able to cultivate much faster when residing in it.

The spirit energy even transformed into many spiritual lifeforms that ran around the cave when Luo Yunyang entered it.

"Junior Brother Yunyang, you just received the inheritance so you must have many things to handle. I will take my leave and not bother you any further."

After explaining some matters to Luo Yunyang, Qing Mo said politely, "Junior Brother, please let me know if theres anything you need. Ill do my best as long as its within my capabilities."

After replying courteously, Luo Yunyang bid farewell to Qing Mo. However, upon looking at Qing Mos figure, who had just turned to leave, he felt an invisible pressure.

His gaze inadvertently shifted to the mirror hanging in the void before he shook his head and entered the cave.

It was true that Luo Yunyang had to get organized after receiving the Great Radiance Technique. After thinking about it for a while, he sat down on the cloud bed and cultivated quietly.

Within a tall palace hall, three thrones were floating in the void. Three middle-aged men who looked like deities were sitting on them.

Profound Calm Zongzi, Wise Elegant Zongzi and Sky Origin Zongzi stood quietly below the thrones respectfully.

The auras exuded by these three people were different. The three of them looked very noble, as if they possessed a very high ranking. On top of their heads were floating objects that looked like a pestle, a seal, and a disc.

The three men looked indifferent, but their auras were overwhelming.

"Sect Masters, the matter is as is." Profound Calm Zongzi, who had reiterated the events that had happened, retreated to the side respectfully.

Profound Calm Zongzi held a high position in the sect. Some elders would even be very respectful when they greeted him. However, he was like a mouse facing a cat when he met the three Sect Masters.

The Sect Masters, who were very pleased with his sincere, subdued actions, nodded their heads after listening to the report.

In the Three Era Supreme Sect, Heavenly Venerates were mighty figures that generally would not care about such normal issues. Therefore, the three Sect Masters possessed great authority regarding matters like this.

All three of them had Universe-Grade cultivation bases. Because they cultivated the Three Divine scriptures, their combat powers were exceptional.

They didnt fear the Heavenly Venerates in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, and it was even rumored that they could rival the Heavenly Venerates with their powers.

They could kill an ordinary Heavenly Venerate with their combined efforts while conjuring the treasures left behind in their sect. This had truly happened before.

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master, who sat on the right, cast a blaming glance at Sky Origin Zongzi.

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master was the teacher of Sky Origin Zongzi. Thus, he hadnt been too happy when Luo Yunyang had said that he was able to replace his disciple as a Zongzi.

Sky Origin Zongzi, who knew what his teacher was thinking, felt rather ashamed of himself.

Of course, he also felt bitterly resentful toward Luo Yunyang.

"Anyone who is different from our race has a different heart!" Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master hesitated for a moment before lambasting in an unquestionable tone.

"Luo Yunyang is a disciple of the Glazed Titan Sect, but he does not feel like he belongs to the Three Era Supreme Sect. I can even say that he may be harboring evil intentions. The Three Era Supreme Sect will gain nothing if he is allowed to inherit the Zongzi position of the Eternal Sacred Mountain. Theres even a possibility that our sect will suffer incalculable losses."

Sky Origin Zongzi grinned when he heard what his teacher said. Although his teacher had blamed him moments go, he still stood by his side during crucial moments.

This made Sky Origin Zongzi relax greatly after feeling tense for so long.

His teachers words might not hold as much weight as Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Masters, but as one of the three Sect Masters, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master still had to take his words into account.

It could be said that his teachers comment had basically removed any possibility that Luo Yunyang would replace him as the Zongzi of the Eternal Sacred Mountain.

Status was very important to the Zongzis. If they lost it, it would be very difficult for them to assume the position of a Sect Master and their allocated resources would also be reduced greatly.

Resource reduction was tantamount to death.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master did not draw a conclusion. Instead, he set his sights on Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master and asked, "Junior Brother, what do you think of this?"

The relationship between Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master and Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master wasnt very good. There had been some disputes between those two when both of them had been young. Now, after hearing the decision-maker, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master asked Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master for his opinion. Sky Origin Zongzi began to feel anxious again.

He would surely have nothing good to say.

Just as lots of thoughts flashed through Sky Origin Zongzis mind, Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master said, "I agree with Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master. After all, the Glazed Titan Sect has been independent for too long."

"It will not necessarily be a good thing for us if Luo Yunyang becomes a Zongzi. However, if Luo Yunyang challenges us and we refuse, the other subsidiaries might see us in a different light. You must handle this matter appropriately, Senior Brother."

The reason the Three Era Supreme Sect was stellar wasnt only because of its Three Divine Scriptures. It was also because they had a huge amount of subsidiaries that would offer money and men as long as the Three Era Supreme Sect demanded them.

It was said that the prestige of the Three Era Supreme Sect was built on the subsidiaries under them. Although their abilities were very inferior compared to the Three Era Supreme Sect, they had many people. Hence, it would be troublesome if things werent managed properly.

"How can a mere little Glazed Titan Sect member create such a mess for us?" Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master said disdainfully.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master did not respond immediately. It was Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master who responded, "I am talking about all the subsidiaries, not just the Glazed Titan Sect."

After a moment of silence, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master shifted his gaze to Profound Calm Zongzi and asked, "Profound Calm, what do you think about this matter?"

Sky Origin Zongzi, who had originally felt nervous after hearing Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Masters words, breathed a sigh of relief. After all, he knew that Profound Calm Zongzi would help him.

"Master, I always thought that it was just an empty promise when the Ancestral Master mentioned before that one can become a Zongzi regardless of whether they are from a subsidiary sect or from the main sect."

"It is precisely because of this that those subsidiaries could work together with us to make the Three Era Supreme Sect more prosperous than ever."

"If that promise continues to be empty, it may adversely affect our sects power, even if nobody dares to disagree."

Sky Origin Zongzis facial expression twitched when he heard what Profound Calm had said. He had not expected that Profound Calm Zongzi would not help him or say such unfavorable words.

If the three Sect Masters hadnt been there, he would have asked Profound Calm Zongzi to explain himself.

Sky Origin Zongzi could only wait after glaring at Profound Calm Zongzi.

"The Zongzis are the foundations of the Three Era Supreme Sect. Wouldnt the Three Era Supreme Sects roots be harmed if it fell into the hands of an outsider?"

"In my opinion, Uncle Master Eternal should lend the Eternal Pestle to Sky Origin Zongzi for a period of time and let him accept the challenge."

Sky Origin Zongzi nearly drowned in ecstasy when he heard that. This would make him nearly invincible. Luo Yunyang would be courting death if he came to challenge him for the Zongzi position.

Despite his utter delight, he looked at his teacher hopefully.

"Alright." Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master slammed his palms on the throne as he agreed!