Supreme Uprising Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Treasured Fan Blood Transformation Blade Technique

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Luo Yunyang opened his eyes after cultivating the Great Radiance Technique for a day. He had managed to gain complete control of the technique and was very satisfied with its power and cultivation path.

Luo Yunyang was the Master of Radiance and had also achieved a higher level of compatibility in combining his other techniques with the Great Radiance Technique.

However, he was still very unsatisfied with the demonic aura that plagued his Heavenly Venerate True Body. Although the Great Radiance Technique was obviously better at suppressing the demonic Qi than the cleansing Glass Flame Technique, it was still unable to eradicate the demonic Qi.

It would be difficult for the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and the Heavenly Venerate True Body to cultivate if the demonic Qi continued to exist. Besides, Luo Yunyang would suffer a great loss if both of his clones were unable to improve.

It seemed like it was still necessary to obtain one of the three great techniques of the Three Era Supreme Sect to remove the demonic Qi completely.

Luo Yunyang knew that it was too difficult for disciples from subsidiary sects to obtain such techniques. Although the Ancestral Master of the Three Era Supreme Sect had promised so, many of these promises were simply empty.

However, no matter what, he had to get at least one of the three great scriptures.

"Senior Brother Yunyang, Junior Brother Qing Mo wants to see you." A faint voice penetrated the layers of seals and entered Luo Yunyangs ears.

Luo Yunyang had a pretty good impression of Qing Mo. Although Qing Mo was not destined to stand by his side, his resourcefulness and sociable attitude had still left a good impression on Luo Yunyang.

"It seems like Senior Brother Yunyang is looking better than yesterday. Congrats!" Qing Mo cupped his fists as soon as he saw Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang smiled courteously but changed the topic. "Brother Qing Mo, is there anything for me?" he asked.

"Im just here to see if you need anything." Qing Mo grinned as he added, "Senior Brother Yunyang, you are destined to be a top elite in our sect. Please feel free to let me know what you need."

"Ill definitely let you know if I need something. Its just that theres nothing I need now," Luo Yunyang replied.

"Why not head over to the market with me for a walk if you have nothing to do now? You might be able to find something useful."

Qing Mo invited Luo Yunyang out.

Market? Luo Yunyang mulled this over for a moment and understood the meaning behind the word market. It was basically an area where disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect exchanged goods and items.

Although Luo Yunyang knew that it would be very hard to find anything useful there, he still accepted Qing Mos invitation happily, as he would not cultivate.

Being bored was one reason he said yes. However, more importantly, he wanted to take this opportunity to take a look at the situation of the Three Great Sacred Mountains. He could escape immediately if anything fishy was to happen.

"Okay, Ill have to trouble you then, Brother Qing Mo."

Qing Mo was delighted when Luo Yunyang accepted his invitation. Although he knew it was unlikely that Luo Yunyang would replace Sky Origin as a Zongzi, he believed that it was necessary to have a good relationship with Luo Yunyang after seeing his exceptional strength.

If Luo Yunyang managed to ascend to the top one day, other people would be very eager to flatter him. By that time, it would be too late, as Luo Yunyang might not even pay attention to so many people. Hence, now was the most appropriate time to get close to Luo Yunyang, as he had not reached the peak yet.

Qing Mo secretly applauded himself inwardly and unknowingly walked a tad faster than he normally did.

Under his guidance, Luo Yunyang crossed three mountain peaks and reached the foot of a flat mountain. There was only a path along the foot of the mountain that was filled with all sorts of small stalls with disciples from the Three Era Supreme Sect, who entertained their customers.

"300-Year-Old Golden Carp! It contains Supreme Dragon Blood!"

"Take a look here! Blood Transformation Blade Technique left by the Blood Devil Heavenly Venerate. It costs 200,000 Divine Crystals now! Im taking a loss for this!"

"Elder Brothers, Young Brother here has a seed of the miracle medication called Dragonscale Fruit. Youll be able to grow the Dragonscale Fruit if youre patient enough."

The market was bustling with all sorts of hawking voices. Qing Mo looked towards the bustling market and grinned at Luo Yunyang. "Senior Brother Yunyang, theres a hidden rule at the market. A transaction is completed when an item exchanges hands. The seller bears no responsibility after that."

"This is a test for your judgment. You can see if you can spot the greatness behind the item. However, you cannot blame anyone but yourself if you buy a counterfeit item. This rule was set by Profound Calm Zongzi to test the ability of our sects disciples."

No responsibility after the item exchanged hands! Luo Yunyang subconsciously mouthed the words a few times in admiration.

Profound Calm Zongzi was really talented in this aspect.

"How dare you still try to sell this Blood Transformation Blade Technique! Damn it, whats the use of it if every move in there only contains one-third of the blade intent? Stop standing here and lying!" A man clad in flowery battle robes sneered at a Three Era Supreme Sect disciple who was selling a blade technique.

The disciple, who wasnt annoyed by it, chuckled. "Brother, it is true that my Blood Transformation Blade Technique is flawed, but you have to agree that it was passed down by a Heavenly Venerate, right?"

"He he It would have been stored in our secret scripture trove if hadnt been for its flaws. How would I be able to sell it if it wasnt?"

"You might not be able to recreate the Blood Transformation Blade Technique after buying it, but other geniuses may be able to do so."

"This technique is not inferior to our sects Great Brilliant Mark Technique, you know!"

"You are just sweet-talking it out here. Who can master the technique when only one-third of its intent is left?" The man in the flowery robes snorted.

"Youre just deceiving people!"

The disciple who was selling the blade technique did not bother arguing further. He simply shrugged this off.

Luo Yunyang had always loved blade techniques. Thus, he walked over to the disciple who sold it and asked, "Senior Brother, can I take a look at the Blood Transformation Blade Technique?"

The disciple looked back at Luo Yunyang with a hint of doubt.

Although most of the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect were scattered across the three great sacred mountains, the majority of them still remembered one another by relying on their exceptional memory.

Luo Yunyangs Celestial Domain cultivation base was a rare phenomenon among the disciples, so he felt very surprised that he did not know Luo Yunyang.

However, when he saw Qing Mo, he hurriedly cupped his hands and greeted him. "Greetings, Senior Brother Qing Mo."

Qing Mo smiled gently. "Junior Brother Lin, this is Senior Brother Luo Yunyang from the Glazed Titan Sect. Please let him have a look at your blade technique."

Junior Brother Lin sneered slightly when he heard him mention the Glazed Titan Sect. Although Luo Yunyang had a higher cultivation base, he was still from a small sect.

However, he was astonished when he heard Luo Yunyangs name. Thus, he hurriedly handed over a blood-red jade stone to Luo Yunyang.

The jade stone wasnt complete, as it had been sliced apart by a sharp weapon. When Luo Yunyangs consciousness scanned the jade stone, he sensed that there were seven or eight kinds of severely-damaged move sets.

One of the best moves was missing one-third of its portion.

Even so, Luo Yunyang could still sense the devastating might of a few of the simpler blade moves in it.

He mulled this over for a moment before asking, "Junior Brother Lin, how many crystals do you want?"

"Senior Brother Luo, if you like it, you can have it for 30,000 Divine Crystals." Junior Brother Lin brandished his arms wildly.

Luo Yunyang saw the craftiness in Junior Brother Lins actions. However, just as he was about to negotiate for a better price, something else in Junior Brother Lins stall caught his attention.

It was a fan made from the feathers of various birds. Upon seeing the fan, Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of something.

The task he had received upon entering the Pure Sun Great Cosmos was to obtain the feathers of five different Divine Birds. However, he had neglected this task because he had been focused on cultivating the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique.

Now, he had inadvertently encountered the feathers. Luo Yunyang immediately smiled and responded, "Add this fan in and we have a deal."

The fan made from the feathers of the various divine birds was considered a pretty good weapon, but it wasnt that useful to a Celestial Domain-Grade elite.

Junior Brother Lin had no intention of selling the fan expensively as it was flawed. Thus, he was delighted when Luo Yunyang actually offered 200,000 Divine Crystals to buy the two items. "Alright, they are yours!"

Qing Mo was standing aside. Although he believed that Luo Yunyang had been duped, he didnt say so.

He had said earlier that Luo Yunyang could not blame anyone if he was duped. Furthermore, 200,000 Divine Crystals were nothing to people like Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang casually threw the fan made of divine bird feathers into his storage space and picked up the Blood Transformation Blade Technique.

However, he was actually relieved that he had obtained this feather fan.

After all, he would have the ability to leave the Pure Sun Great Cosmos anytime he wanted with the feather fan. Hence, it was a very reliable item.

Luo Yunyang sighed inwardly to himself. He had been overconfident. Thus, he decided that, in the future, when he had to cross the void for his task, he would first find the task items in case he had no time to deal with them later.

"Excuse me, excuse me!" A voice spoke in Luo Yunyangs ears as someone walked past him.

"You must not agree to the Zongzi challenge! Do not attempt to provoke them, or you will die a horrible death." A soft voice spoke in Luo Yunyangs heart when that person walked past him.

This wasnt a sound transmission technique, but true telepathy.

It was a telepathic technique that relied on proximity. Not many people utilized such techniques in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, as they werent effective at all.

However, such a technique was also very hard to detect.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to ask why by using telepathy, the person disappeared quickly into the crowd.