Supreme Uprising Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Such Impudence

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Who was this person?

Luo Yunyang thought that he did not have many friends in the Three Era Supreme Sect. Actually, it would be correct to say that he had more enemies than friends.

Moreover, the number of opponents he had in the Three Era Supreme Sect further exceeded the number of friends he had. Hence, he was curious about who had warned him.

Was this Sky Origin Zongzis ploy to let him off first before catching him later, or was it

Although he was thinking deeply about these possibilities, his expression remained indifferent. He still talked and laughed, and he even bought a few things while shopping around with Qing Mo.

Of course, the things he bought werent very useful to him.

"Where did the two of you go?" a boy in blue robes asked sternly when Luo Yunyang returned to his cave residence.

The boy was only an early Galaxy-Grade, so he was much weaker than Qing Mo. However, Qing Mo appeared slightly fearful when he saw him.

Obviously, Qing Mo was afraid of the boys status and the person backing him.

"Chengfeng, Senior Brother Yunyang felt a little bored, so I took him to visit the market." Qing Mo smiled gently as he spoke.

There was no point in smiling, as the boy snorted coldly. "This is the Three Era Supreme Sect, not a place where any random person can enter freely. Youre a Senior of the sect, yet you dont even know this rule?"

The boy, who was named Chengfeng, sounded like he was reprimanding Qing Mo. However, he was indirectly referring to Luo Yunyang as a random person.

Luo Yunyang knew that he was being targeted. Although he did not know how he had offended Chengfeng, he knew that it would be impossible for them to coexist in the same space together.

In other words, Chengfeng was an enemy.

Suddenly, a huge force arrived at Chengfengs face just as he was about to continue chastising him. The force was so heavy that his entire body flew a few meters away.

Chengfeng was full of disbelief as he landed heavily on the floor. Although he was only a boy, he still had an exceptional status in the Three Era Supreme Sect.

He was a servant of Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master. Even though he was just a servant, the elders in the Three Era Supreme Sect had to treat him politely.

After all, he represented Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master.

That was what fueled Chengfengs haughtiness and made him throw his weight around so much so that even core disciples like Qing Mo were bullied by him.

This time, he had been ordered to look for Luo Yunyang, so he had been prepared to display his authority to gain favor. He hadnt expected to receive a slap across the face right after finishing his sentence.

"You hit me! How dare you hit me!" Chengfeng yelled furiously at Luo Yunyang.

Qing Mo was also shocked. He had never expected Luo Yunyang to react so strongly to a Sect Masters servant.

This was akin to slapping the Sect Masters face as well. He shuddered in fear at the thought.

"Such impudence! Yes, I hit you! You lowly servant, how dare you spout nonsense in front of me, a core disciple of the Glazed Titan Sect and a future Sect Master! You were asking for it!"

Luo Yunyangs voice wasnt too loud. It was just loud enough to echo throughout his surroundings. The Three Era Supreme Sect disciples who had rushed over looked on disdainfully.

They were all direct disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect who enjoyed a high status. Hence, they didnt even care about stronger subsidiary sects, let alone the Glazed Titan Sect.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually announced that he was from the Glazed Titan Sect bluntly.

Was he trying to embarrass himself? Wasnt this akin to slapping himself in the face?

Just as someone was about to laugh at Luo Yunyang, Chengfeng interrupted him. "How dare you Im Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Masters servant!"

Chengfeng was already an irritating fellow on the Buddha Sacred Mountain. He often followed Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master and he also represented the Sect Master in handling internal affairs. Therefore, almost all the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect knew him.

However, most people were delighted instead of shocked upon seeing his swollen face.

After all, they were equally annoyed by him, as they did not like being ordered around by a servant when they were the Three Era Supreme Sects direct disciples.

"Servant of the Sect Master? Why does the Sect Master even have an impudent servant like you? Are you implying that the Sect Master doesnt regard subsidiary sects as important sects? Is that why hes allowing a servant like you to humiliate us?"

Luo Yunyangs voice became louder as he watched the crowd growing. "If this is the case, I would like to ask the Sect Master if he still considers us a part of the Three Era Supreme Sect!"

The disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect were no fools. They had initially thought that Luo Yunyang was going to cause trouble irrationally, yet they discovered this matter was much more troublesome than they had expected.

Although it was a common secret that the main sect looked down on its subsidiary sects, a sect master wasnt supposed to have this sort of ideology.

As a Sect Master, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master couldnt disregard the subsidiary sects, as doing so would invoke the wrath of hundreds of subsidiary sects.

Even the 9 Heavenly Venerates, who usually wouldnt care about mundane things, might have to come forward personally to talk things out with Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master.

Momentarily, the noisy environment became deadly silent, while some of the Three Era Supreme Sect disciples who had tried to please Chengfeng also stopped.

This situation had evolved into an issue that they could no longer control or solve. It had become a muddy flood that could drown everyone involved.

Chengfeng was also shaking. After hearing what Luo Yunyang had said, hed realized that the situation was troublesome. He had originally wanted to do Sky Origin Zongzi a favor. However, he had never thought that the situation would lead to a conflict between the main sect and a subsidiary sect.

He might die a miserable death if things were not handled adequately.

He no longer had any intention of continuing to argue with Luo Yunyang. Thus, he made his resolution. "Alright, this ends here. Now, let me go."

By saying this, Chengfeng had basically admitted defeat. However, how could Luo Yunyang, who had already sensed the scheme underneath, let Chengfeng leave that easily?

He brandished his arms, causing a golden flagpole to rise from the ground instantly. As it appeared, a purple rope immediately wrapped itself around Chengfeng, tying him onto the flagpole.

"Well, since you said that you are a servant of the Sect Master, I will wait for the Sect Master to send someone to pick you up. I want to see if the Sect Master really asked you to come and humiliate the Glazed Titan Sect!"

Chengfeng wanted to struggle but had no strength to break free. He felt the urge to cry, as things had spiraled out of his control. He was going to suffer deeply if this matter reached the Sect Masters ears.

Meanwhile, Profound Calm Zongzi was sitting calmly on a faraway mountain. However, a murderous intent soon escaped his body when he saw Chengfeng hanging from the flagpole.

One had to consider the owner before beating a dog. Chengfeng was the servant of Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master and thus represented him. Hanging Chengfeng on a flagpole was akin to giving the Sect Master a slap across the face.

However, he also began to sense the tricky situation developing after listening to his subordinates report. There were too many subsidiaries in the Three Era Supreme Sect, so while the situation could be solved resolutely and decisively with power, the aftermath and cracks in these relationships wouldnt be solved in the short term.

"Zongzi, Sect Master is asking you to go and resolve this situation." A servant beside Futu Sacred Mountain Sect Master instructed him.

Profound Calm Zongzi did not pay attention to the servant. Instead, he asked, "Did Sect Master leave any instructions?"

"Sect Master said that the friendship between the main sect and the subsidiary sects must not be damaged by a presumptuous servant!" Although the servant knew what this sentence meant, he still decided to say it.

After all, he knew that if he didnt say it, he would be the one losing his life.

Profound Calm Zongzi nodded with a grim expression. He glanced at the servant after acknowledging this and rushed towards Luo Yunyangs location.

"Brother Yunyang, Sect Master has always been impartial when dealing with the main sect and a subsidiary sect. Today, this insolent servant acted with willful, reprehensible ignorance."

Profound Calm Zongzi ignored Chengfengs pleading expression totally as he said coldly, "According to the rules of our sect, this person is guilty of sowing discord and shall have his consciousness destroyed as a warning to others!"

Profound Calm Zongzi gently pointed at Chengfeng and disintegrated his body instantly.

Chengfengs death made the audience watching leave quickly. They knew that although Profound Calm Zongzi had killed Chengfeng, he was still extremely angry.

Continuing to linger around in order to watch the commotion was basically suicide.

Luo Yunyang grinned as Chengfeng passed away. "Although he is guilty, he is still a young kid. Zongzi should just teach him a lesson. Why punish him so severely?"

"Rules are rules. I cant change them." Profound Calm Zongzi snorted coldly again, "Oh, by the way, Chengfeng was here mainly to congratulate you, Brother Luo. The three Sect Masters have accepted your challenge. It will happen in three days on the Long Sky Stage. I hope you will come out victorious and ascend on the Zongzis throne!"