Supreme Uprising Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Looming Storm

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Things remained the same back in the Glazed Titan Sect!

Not only was Yue Liuli the Sect Master of the Glazed Titan Sect, but she was also a high-ranking beauty that many people were head over heels in love with.

Recently, the Glazed Titan Sects status had been rising steadily due to Luo Yunyang. After Luo Yunyang defeated the 15th-in-rank elite on the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List, all the disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect were able to hold their heads high.

However, the Glazed Titan Sect became depressed when news of Luo Yunyang obtaining the Divine Sacred Halls inheritance arrived.

As the Sect Master of the Glazed Titan Sect, Yue Liuli knew that such an object might be a double-edged sword. After obtaining it, one might rise to the top or face an impending calamity.

It might even cause an endless calamity!

After discussing this with the elders of her sect, Yue Liuli began to contact the other subsidiary sects of the Three Era Supreme Sect that they were friendly with.

Although the trouble Luo Yunyang had gotten himself into was no small matter, the Glazed Titan Sect still felt that they could protect Luo Yunyang.

After all, there would be no need for the Glazed Titan Sect to exist if they couldnt even protect a genius disciple like Luo Yunyang.

However, just as Yue Liuli heaved a sigh of relief, more news came.

This time, it wasnt the people from the Three Era Supreme Sect that brought the news. It was Fu Niehua from the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect.

Yue Liuli had never had a friendly relationship with Fu Niehua. While both of them were on the Pure Sun Beauty Charts, they were basically enemies.

"Impressive! The Glazed Titan Sect actually achieved a shocking feat," Fu Niehua said immediately when she saw Yue Liuli.

Yue Liuli looked at the flirtatious, shy-looking Fu Niehua indifferently and snapped back, "You do not need to worry about the Glazed Titan Sects issues."

"He he I never wanted to worry, I just had to." As soon as she said that, Fu Niehua grinned and asked, "Have you heard of Chengfeng?"

Chengfeng? Yue Liuli frowned when she heard the name. She had not just heard of this name. She had actually even met him personally in the past.

He was the trusted servant of Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master. While he did not have an exceptional cultivation base, he had very arrogant mannerisms. He acted as if everyone in the Cosmos owed him money.

Yue Liuli did not like that person at all, but she had to deal with him courteously, albeit without sincerity, as she did not want him to badmouth the Glazed Titan Sect in front of Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master.

"What about him?" Yue Liuli, who knew that Fu Niehua wouldnt mention him randomly, decided to ask.

"Hes dead. Died rather pitifully too. He was executed by Profound Calm Zongzi!" Fu Niehua sounded delighted, as she obviously hadnt liked Chengfeng either.

Yue Liuli, who was shocked, then asked, "Is his death related to Luo Yunyang?"

"Of course!" Fu Niehua responded, "He was rude to Luo Yunyang and was in turn hung onto a flagpole by him!"

"Your disciple is truly exceptional. He spoke out about the conflicting views among the main and subsidiary sects and even claimed that Chengfeng insulted him by disrespecting all the subsidiary sects.

"Things got out of hand and, apart from making the Sect Master lose face, Chengfengs attempt at sowing discord among the main and subsidiary sects forced the Sect Master to order Profound Calm Zongzi to take Chengfengs life!"

The Glazed Titan Sect could still bear responsibility for killing Chengfeng. Furthermore, things had gone south. Although the main sect was still going to suppress them, they wouldnt do it too openly anymore.

After taking a deep breath, Yue Liuli responded, "Thank you, Sect Master Fu, for letting me know about this. Otherwise, I would have been kept in the dark!"

"You wouldnt. Sister Yue would hear about this very soon. In three days, Luo Yunyang is going to challenge Sky Origin Zongzi for the Eternal Sacred Mountain Zongzis position on the Everlasting Sky Podium!"

Fu Niehua said this at once with a solemn expression.

Yue Liuli was completely stunned when she heard, even though the Almighty of the Three Era Supreme Sect had mentioned the rules for challenging a Zongzi for their position before.

Every elite of the subsidiary sects knew that this was merely a form of courtesy, as nobody would dare challenge a Zongzi for this position.

However, Luo Yunyang was actually going to challenge Sky Origin Zongzi. This made Yue Liuli feel very conflicted.

"Sister, its very probable that Luo Yunyang will succeed, so you dont have to worry too much about it." Fu Niehua sounded excited as she added, "How many years have those three from the main sect dominated the Three Era Supreme Sect?"

"The subsidiary sects might sound cool, but it is very correct to say that we are just mere servants to the main sect."

"Now, we have finally produced someone capable of fighting for a Zongzis position, which is traditionally only available to members of the main sect. This is really a huge boost to the subsidiary sects prestige."

"Sister, its not just me. Many other subsidiary sects support the Glazed Titan Sect fully."

Upon saying that, Fu Niehua produced a jade scroll. "These are the records of the Eternal Wisdom Mark Technique. They were collected from all our sects. Sister, please ask Luo Yunyang to have a look when you have the opportunity."

The Eternal Wisdom Mark had previously been the Eternal Sacred Mountains secret technique. If all the sects had provided this technique, it meant that they had offended the Eternal Sacred Mountain and Sky Origin Zongzi. Yue Liuli did not reject the offer. Instead, she accepted it. "Thanks."

Yue Liuli pondered this for a moment after Fu Niehua left and immediately relayed her orders. She ordered all the elders of the Glazed Titan Sect that had at least a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base to follow her to the Three Era Supreme Sect.

The Glazed Titan Sect had to support Luo Yunyang in this challenge, no matter what the outcome was going to be. They had to be present even if he were to lose.

However, just as Yue Liuli was about to move out, an envoy from the Three Era Supreme Sect arrived with a decree.

Although the envoy appeared arrogant, he still greeted Yue Liuli upon arriving.

The two of them had a similar cultivation base. In the past, if Yue Liuli had decided not to return the greeting, the envoy might have gotten upset. However, now, the envoy acted in a very respectful manner.

"Sect Master Yue, according to the instructions of our three Sect Masters, every subsidiary sect will need at least 10 elders to attend the event at the Long Sky Podium." Although the envoy spoke in a very polite manner, his tone was unquestionable.

Yue Liuli had already been prepared to head to the Three Era Supreme Sect. Hence, she agreed immediately. However, she felt that what the envoy had said was a little odd.

Every subsidiary sect had to send people over? What was this? Were they trying to kill off one of them to intimidate the rest?

Although Luo Yunyang had a communication amulet, it had been impossible to contact him for unknown reasons. Therefore, after sending the envoy away, Yue Liuli and the elders of the Glazed Titan Sect boarded a flying ship and departed for the three great Sacred Mountains.

Yue Liuli met various subsidiary Sect Masters along the way. Some had a pretty good relationship with her, while others harbored some past resentments. However, all of them acted rather ambiguously.

They were neither close to her nor hostile to her. It actually felt like they treated the Glazed Titan Sect as if it didnt exist.

However, Yue Liuli was able to sense that they must have been granted many conveniences along the way.

These secret conveniences also involved some problems.

Yue Liuli even saw some jade scrolls regarding the secret techniques of the Eternal Sacred Mountain by accident.

In the depths of the Eternal Sacred Mountain, lava bubbles popped on the surface of the lava pool and 999 scarlet fire dragons could be seen weaving among the lava pool like crazy. Their bright red scaly bodies created tall flaming pillars whenever they weaved around in the pool.


A figure emerged from the lava pool forcefully, his body glimmering in the maroon light. The fire dragons playing in the pool instantly retreated as if they had seen a predator.

However, despite retreating quickly, the maroon aura expanded much faster. In an instant, it had shrouded all 999 fire dragons.

Every fire dragon froze in its tracks momentarily.

"They are considered part of the scenery of the Eternal Sacred Mountain. It isnt too nice to treat them in such a manner." Profound Calm Zongzi clasped his hands behind his back as he spoke.

The figure enveloped in the maroon glow was Sky Origin Zongzi. Compared to Profound Calm Zongzi, he appeared much more powerful and tyrannical.

However, he still quivered slightly when he glanced at Profound Calm Zongzi.

"Since you spoke on behalf of those vile creatures, Ill let them continue to have fun." When he calmed down, the aura that shrouded the lava pool dissipated completely as well. The Galaxy-Grade Fire Dragons were like captured loaches escaping the net as they dived deeper into the lava pool.

"Brother Profound Calm Zongzi, is that loach trying to incite trouble again?" Sky Origin Zongzi sounded very confident when he spoke.

Profound Calm Zongzi actually felt that Sky Origin Zongzis confidence was no longer as respectful as it used to be. He disregarded these tactics and replied faintly, "He merely killed Chengfeng."

"However, the subsidiary sects are getting lively again. Junior Brother, youll be the Three Era Supreme Sects sinner if you lose!"

Sky Origin Zongzi snorted in response. "Lose? How am I going to lose? Ill show those bumpkins the true difference between the main sect and a subsidiary sect!"

"I will make them lose the will to even think of trying to challenge our position for 1,000 years!"

It seemed like the clouds that had gathered over the Eternal Sacred Mountain had heard his words, as a thunderclap ensued shortly afterward!