Supreme Uprising Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Inextinguishable Eternity

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As an ultimate guarded treasure of the sect, the reputation of the Eternal Divine Pestle was extraordinary. People might not know who the sect master was, but they certainly knew about the Eternal Divine Pestle.

The Eternal Divine Pestle guarded over the Eternal Sacred Mountain and the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master, who wielded it, was an entity close to a Heavenly Venerate.

Generally speaking, the Eternal Divine Pestle represented the entire Eternal Sacred Mountain and had always been in the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s possession.

However, the Eternal Divine Pestle was actually in Sky Origin’s possession now.

Momentarily, there was an uproar among all the subsidiary sect masters. They had always been holding in the injustice they suffered, but they had never thought that even the Zongzi’s challenge would be so filthily unfair.

It was filthily unfair indeed!

“Inextinguishable Eternity!” Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master shouted somewhat angrily.

Of course, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master was shouting at Sky Origin. He would bear the most responsibility for allowing the Eternal Divine Pestle to enter Sky Origin Zongzi’s body.

Although no one said that there was anything wrong with this matter, it was impossible to prevent this challenge from being seen as impartial.

Sky Origin Zongzi had a pained look on his face. The cracks that had appeared on his body were causing him severe pain, yet he still hurriedly conjured this technique when he heard his Master’s instructions.

Moments later, he was bathed in a bright radiance and the cracks on his body began to recover.

Even Sky Origin Zongzi’s depleted spirit, which had suffered during the battle, also reached its peak again.

“Inextinguishable Eternity. Indestructible, inextinguishable and invincible!” Yue Liuli, who was standing aside and observing the match, suddenly shouted out loud.

Yue Liuli’s exclamation seemed a lot more shocking, as it occurred while Sky Origin Zongzi executed Inextinguishable Eternity to intimidate everyone.

“Stop clamoring, you vile woman!” someone who looked like an elder of the Eternal Sacred Mountain yelled at Yue Liuli.

The elder had never treated Yue Liuli as worthy before. Hence, he couldn’t ignore Yue Liuli, who was trying to assist Luo Yunyang.

However, shortly after he yelled angrily at her, he didn’t receive a fearful apology. Instead, many people glared at him angrily.

The people who glared him weren’t only disciples of the Titan Sect, but disciples of all the other subsidiary sects. They glared like angry beasts about to devour their prey.

The elder started to pale. He wanted to yell at the crowd again, but there were simply too many people glaring at him, which caused him to shudder.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master, and Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master frowned at the same time as they all felt the same irreversible situation developing before them.

“It shouldn’t be wrong for a master to provide some guidance to her disciple!” a member of the crowd said casually. Although it seemed like this person had said something ordinary, the underlying mockery of his words was very obvious to everyone present.

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master had just provided the same guidance to Sky Origin Zongzi. Why was it wrong for Yue Liuli to do the same for Luo Yunyang?

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master frowned when he heard these mocking words. Given his temperament, he would normally have killed anyone that dared to behave in such a manner in front of him.

However, he felt helpless right now, as there were too many martialists from subsidiary sects present.

“All of you shut your mouths!” Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master bellowed in an overbearing manner that made everyone involuntarily submit. The martialists who wanted to continue making a ruckus suddenly went silent.

They were too inferior compared to Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master.

“Luo Yunyang, you’ll die this time!’ Sky Origin Zongzi was also aware of his situation after revealing his hidden trump card.

His status on the Eternal Sacred Mountain, as well as in the eyes of his master, was going to be threatened even if he beat Luo Yunyang.

However, the consequences would be unthinkable if he lost.

Before this, he had wanted to crush Luo Yunyang and erase the conviction of the subsidiary sects disciples. However, now, he couldn’t care less about these things any longer. He simply wanted to beat and kill Luo Yunyang.

As he brandished his arms, a vigorous yet desolate aura began to congregate around his body.

Due to the influence of the aura, the surrounding sky and everything under it came to a halt.

While the sky and everything under it slowed down gradually, Luo Yunyang was right in the middle of it all.

Eternal Wisdom Freezing Mark!

Luo Yunyang knew that this was the Eternal Wisdom Mark the moment his surroundings came to a standstill.

Upon successful cultivation, this Eternal Sacred Mountain ultimate technique would allow the cultivator to repeatedly revive himself even while facing a much stronger opponent.

The Eternal Wisdom Mark was the matching counterpart of the Eternal Divine Scripture, which focused mainly on protection and cultivation. Freezing referred to stopping the flow of time, while eternal wisdom represented the incomparably powerful, vigorous and unmatched force.

Amongst the techniques Yue Liuli had given Luo Yunyang were many techniques that could deal with the Eternal Wisdom Freezing Mark. However, those techniques weren’t complete and were basically assumptions. Besides, different subsidiary sects might have a different interpretation.

For example, the Phaseless Flower Blossom Sect would prefer to execute the Phaseless Sacred Technique to escape the situation quickly. On the other hand, the Glazed Titan Sect would want to fight it out instead. There were all sorts of techniques, but even though Luo Yunyang understood them clearly, he wasn’t prepared to use them.

Just as the Eternal Wisdom Freezing Mark was unleashed, Luo Yunyang suddenly blasted out his Six Divine Fist Technique.

While he didn’t exactly know how powerful the Eternal Wisdom Freezing Mark was, he was very confident in his Six Divine Fist Technique.

Upon unleashing the Six Divine Fist Technique, a huge hexagonal disc appeared in the void, illuminating Luo Yunyang like a deity in the middle of the sky.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master and the rest looked gravely at Luo Yunyang. They had never paid much attention to the inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall before. After all, they hadn’t even cultivated their own Three Era Supreme Hall secret techniques to the peak yet.

However, after seeing the might of the Six Divine Fist Technique, they finally realized that it wasn’t inferior to their secret techniques of the Three Era Divine Scriptures at all.

“Go to hell!” Sky Origin Zongzi glared at Luo Yunyang and blasted a heavy punch at him.

The fist transformed into a huge mark, and its brilliance illuminated and suppressed the endless void. When the mark landed, almost all the disciples at or below the Universe Grade found themselves freezing in their tracks.

They couldn’t even muster any form of strength. Only then did they realize why the main sect was so much stronger than them.

The mark and hexagonal disc collided in the air, causing an explosion of light that cracked the void and made fragments fall from the sky.

The massive explosion made Luo Yunyang retreat 300 steps quickly before steadying himself.

Sky Origin Zongzi, who had executed the Eternal Wisdom Freezing Mark, wasn’t having an easy time either. His body, which had recovered, began to crack again.

There was only one reason why cracks were appearing on his body again. It was because of the Eternal Divine Pestle in his body. While the Eternal Divine Pestle took the brunt of the attack, it began to react adversely because it was so overpowering.

Inextinguishable Eternity!

Sky Origin Zongzi recovered his peak status once again after conjuring his hand seals to execute Inextinguishable Eternity. However, he didn’t start to attack Luo Yunyang once again. He simply sneered proudly, “I have the Eternal Divine Body. What can you do to me?”

Normally, it would be very discouraging for someone to face an indestructible opponent who could easily revive themselves and recover countless times. One might even lose their spirit and confidence while trying to defeat such an opponent.

However, Luo Yunyang wasn’t like most people.

His attribute regulator could still provide him with the necessary support. Thus, even though Sky Origin Zongzi was able to get revived constantly, Luo Yunyang was still confident that he could destroy Sky Origin Zongzi over and over.

Luo Yunyang did not respond to Sky Origin. He simply turned words into action by combining the Six Divine Fist Technique with the Great Radiance and unleashing the massive hexagonal disc at Sky Origin Zongzi.

“Eternal Freezing Mark!” Sky Origin Zongzi, who wasn’t going to take this lying down, executed his ultimate move once again.

Once, twice, thrice…

Both their bouts got fiercer each time. However, it always seemed like Luo Yunyang’s cultivation was a few points stronger than Sky Origin Zongzi’s. Thus, he had to repair his body again and again with Inextinguishable Eternity.

When Sky Origin Zongzi recovered for the 10th time, he started to show signs of fatigue. He was beginning to slow down.

“Fool, it’s time to use your final trump card, isn’t it?” Profound Calm Zongzi cursed inwardly while watching the battle.

Although Sky Origin Zongzi was the one saying that, he had a look of jealousy on his face as he watched Luo Yunyang.

The Great Radiance Technique should have been his! The Six Divine Fist Technique should have been his!

Maybe Profound Calm Zongzi’s curses were working, as Sky Origin Zongzi suddenly conjured a mysterious technique and decided against reviving his damaged body, which had been cracked by Luo Yunyang!