Supreme Uprising Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Blood Light For 10000 Miles

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Luo Yunyang watched gravely as the overwhelming Eternal Divine Pestle approached him.

He felt that the power conjured from the Eternal Divine Pestle was too overbearing. Even the strongest Heavenly Venerates he had encountered before would have a difficult time stopping the attack.

The entire Everlasting Sky Podium was enveloped by the might of the Eternal Divine Pestle before a mysterious power ensued and sealed up the area surrounding Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang did not attempt to hide from it. However, when he tried to shift his body, he realized that he couldn’t move an inch, no matter how hard he tried.

Eternal Divine Pestle, Past Eternity!

This eternity was not only eternal for the attacker, but also for the person being attacked. Even if the target was extraordinary, it would still be difficult to escape from this eternity as long as the attack was somewhat skillful.

Mustering one’s strength might not necessarily destroy the seal of the Eternal Divine Pestle, as the power of the nomological law contained within was simply too powerful.

One would find oneself buried in a sea of attacks from the Eternal Divine Pestle if one couldn’t break through the Inextinguishable Eternity Law.

Luo Yunyang’s mind went into overdrive right away. The Six Divine Fist Technique, the Samsara Palms, and various other techniques came to mind. However, he realized that he had no confidence that any of them were going to break the Inextinguishable Eternity Law. Just as Luo Yunyang was prepared to go all-out against the Eternal Divine Pestle, a technique that was even more berserk than the Samsara Palm appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

The Blood Transformation Blade Technique! He could use the God Slaying Demon Sword to unleash the Blood Transformation Blade Technique!

The Inextinguishable Eternity Law that existed within the Eternal Divine Pestle and the demonic power inside the God Slaying Demon Sword definitely weren’t inferior in any way.

Although Luo Yunyang had just comprehended the Blood Transformation Blade Technique recently and the power of the God Slaying Demon Sword was highly contaminated, he had the Great Radiance Technique and the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique, so he could make use of this demonic power for a short period of time without suffering any backlash.


The massive blade in his hands was filled with murderous intent as it cleaved heavily towards the seal of the Divine Eternal Pestle.

Blood-light illuminated 3,000 miles when the blade-strike was released!

Sky Origin Zongzi had been laughing hysterically when the Divine Eternal Pestle had been conjured up.

This challenge had made him feel extremely wronged. He was a total disgrace to his sect.

Although he had conjured a physical form of the Eternal Divine Pestle outside his body, he was still beaten to a pulp by Luo Yunyang. At that moment, he realized that his Zongzi position was no longer his to keep.

Even if Luo Yunyang couldn’t become the Zongzi, the members of his sect would never allow a loser like him to be the Zongzi.

Luo Yunyang had to die! Luo Yunyang had to lose his life to compensate for all his losses!

The force that turned the void into eternity erupted forth from the Eternal Divine Pestle and entered Sky Origin Zongzi’s mind.

A sense of thrill and ecstasy began to emerge in his mind. This sense was so intense that he even disregarded the fact that he was going to lose the Zongzi’s position.

Eternal Divine Mountain Sect Master, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master, and Immeasurable Divine Mountain Sect Master watched the events that were unfolding in front of their eyes coldly.

This situation had exceeded their expectations. However, it could still be considered rather beneficial for the Three Era Supreme Sect.

Luo Yunyang was very strong, but it would be a disaster for the Three Era Supreme Sect if he became the Zongzi. This wasn’t the result they had been looking forward to.

Hence, no matter what, Luo Yunyang could not become a Zongzi. The three Sect Masters considered his death and Sky Origin Zongzi’s punishment beneficial for the Three Era Supreme Sect.

On the contrary, the subsidiary sect martialists were all unsatisfied and unreconciled as they looked on.

Rage, unwillingness, humiliation… All these emotions had made them develop a deep hatred towards the three Sect Masters of the Three Era Supreme Sect. However, they were unable to vent their rage.

The rules left by the Ancestral Master were the dream of all the subsidiary sect disciples. They had never thought that things would end this way.

It was a scam. A scam that had buried all their dreams along with it. Luo Yunyang, who had experienced all this unfairness and was just a step away from winning, was actually going to be killed by the Eternal Divine Pestle.

They wanted to vent their frustration and anger, but Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master and his domineering might shut everyone up.

Yue Liuli froze in her tracks, and so did Fu Niehua and Lu Xiaolian…

They were all unable to move an inch while facing Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s suppression. Although all of them were filled with different sentiments, their rage and anger were exactly the same.

“What a terrifying talent we are witnessing. However, he’s just like a trail of light…” Jin Wuxie was mumbling to himself. He was a Three Era Supreme Sect elite. Therefore, he wasn’t muted.

Jin Wuxie was losing some prestige in the Three Era Supreme Sect, as Luo Yunyang’s rise was partly his fault.

Jin Wuxie had refused to accept this unexpected calamity in the beginning. However, he had calmed down by now.

Unlike his unfortunate encounter, a genius was actually going to die like this!

Just as he thought that it was a pity that Luo Yunyang had to die, the blood-light of the blade shot through the Eternal Divine Pestle’s seal within the void.

The blood-light illuminated an area of 3,000 miles!

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master watched the blood-light and sneered, “How can the light of a mere lamp compare to the moonlight of the night sky?”

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master was very familiar with the power of the Eternal Divine Pestle. Even a first-level Heavenly Venerate would lose unjustly to the Eternal Divine Pestle, let alone Luo Yunyang, who was only a Celestial Domain-Grade.

The reason Sky Origin Zongzi was able to conjure the Eternal Divine Pestle with such mastery was that he had secretly altered something when he had inserted the pestle into Sky Origin Zongzi’s body.

The alteration had caused no harm to Sky Origin Zongzi, but it had allowed the Heavenly Venerate to wield the Eternal Divine Pestle easily.

However, the moment the blade-light clashed with the Eternity of the Eternal Divine Pestle, a trace of fear crept up onto Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s face.

He didn’t sense anything in the blood-colored blade-light. Instead, it was the Eternal Divine Pestle he had possessed for eons that shivered and showed excitement.

The pestle was excited to battle yet also afraid of this fight. This made Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master feel very unsettled.

What was going on with Luo Yunyang?

As these thoughts troubled him, the blade smashed heavily onto the Eternal Divine Pestle.

The blood-colored blade-light contained a dark aura, and the boundless intent within the Eternal Divine Pestle was like a long streak of gray.

The collision of the two weapons instantly shattered the surrounding void and sky into pieces.

The sky and earth shattered, laws broke, and everything was turned to pieces.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s seal also disappeared completely as many elites began to conjure their powers to set up the most powerful defense.

The earth-shaking strike of the pestle was actually contained! Actually, it was Luo Yunyang’s blade that sent the overwhelming pestle flying away. This was something that nobody had thought of.

How was this possible?

It had unbelievably really happened!

The Eternal Divine Pestle had been sent flying away. Although Luo Yunyang was as fast as lightning, he wasn’t dashing towards the Eternal Divine Pestle. Instead, he headed for Sky Origin Zongzi.

Sky Origin Zongzi was stupefied. He felt like his mind had stopped working completely. How could this be? How?

Why had his ultimate move ended up this way? He had bet everything on his final move.

If he wasn’t punished for using the Eternal Divine Pestle during the challenge over the Zongzi’s position, he couldn’t imagine how he was going to make his people accept him in the future.

However, as he thought that anything was worth a try, he did not expect that his Eternal Divine Pestle would be sent flying away by a blade-strike from Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was coming for him. Luo Yunyang was going to kill him! A deluge of thoughts flooded Sky Origin Zongzi’s mind as he hurriedly executed hand seals to conjure the Eternal Divine Pestle and cover his front.

This technique was profound and very difficult to execute. However, it was relatively easy for Sky Origin Zongzi to use it.

In an instant, the Eternal Divine Pestle reappeared in his hands and blocked Luo Yunyang’s incoming attack. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang’s astonishing speed increased once again!

It exceeded the speed that Sky Origin Zongzi used to conjure his technique.

“Luo Yunyang, what are you doing? Stop!” Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master roared in an imposing manner.

However, this was of little use in stopping Luo Yunyang, as the huge bloody blade in his hands had already struck.

The blade was incomparably frantic!

Blood Transformation Blade, Blood Purging The Nine Skies!

As blade-light erupted, Sky Origin Zongzi, who wasn’t protected by the Eternal Divine Pestle, felt his body and everything within him get severed in two by the blade-light.

“Inextinguishable Eternity. Undying, unyielding!” Sky Origin roared hysterically. He couldn’t die! He didn’t want to die!

However, the technique that had always succeeded in the past suddenly failed, as if a mysterious energy had restricted it.

“I’ll never die!” Sky Origin Zongzi bellowed in rage as he was severed in two in the void!