Supreme Uprising Chapter 746

Chapter 746 The Blood Demon Must Be Slain

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The greatest use of the Inextinguishable Eternity of the Eternal Divine Scripture was that it could rapidly recover. Even at death’s door, the user could use it to immediately return to their original condition.

This sort of use allowed the Eternal Divine Scripture to be called one of the three great divine scriptures of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

It might be inferior to the Buddha Divine Scripture in terms of might and have fewer variations than the Immeasurable Divine Scripture, but a cultivator of the Eternal Divine Scripture was like an unkillable cockroach that would make others feel helpless.

Sky Origin Zongzi’s body and soul no longer recovered quickly. Even though he frantically used the technique, a vast darkness had already welcomed him.

The Eternal Divine Pestle had returned, yet Sky Origin Zongzi remained on the ground. The might of the Eternal Divine Pestle had been reduced by 90%.

After using the attribute regulator to get the ultimate speed to kill Divine Origin Zongzi, Luo Yunyang picked up the Eternal Divine Pestle at the first possible moment.

He didn’t care whether he could use the Eternal Divine Pestle. He just couldn’t allow the opportunity to obtain such an item slip by.

As Luo Yunyang killed Sky Origin Zongzi, the face of Profound Calm Zongzi, who had been treating this battle as an entertaining spectacle, was dark.

He glared at Luo Yunyang furiously.

Besides anger, he felt a hint of apprehension and fear.

The three Zongzis existed side by side. Although Buddha Sacred Mountain took the lead, this was mainly because Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master was the strongest.

In the future, if the three main sects vied for control over the Three Era Supreme Sect, how could he beat Luo Yunyang, who would become the Eternal Sacred Mountain Zongzi and master of the Eternal Divine Scripture?

This thought was like a venomous snake coiling up and glaring at him covetously, ready to deliver a mortal strike. Profound Calm Zongzi felt cold sweat breaking out on his body when he had this thought.

Wise Elegant Zongzi couldn’t help but squeak in surprise when the body of Sky Origin Zongzi hit the deck. Wise Elegant Zongzi could naturally see that Sky Origin Zongzi had already died.

Amongst the three great Zongzis, Sky Origin Zongzi had been the one Wise Elegant Zongzi had looked down on the most. There were even times when he had wished that Sky Origin would just hurry up and die.

However, now, he couldn’t help but feel sympathy and sadness for the dead Sky Origin.

If Sky Origin Zongzi had died, then what about him? If a genius like Luo Yunyang emerged in the future and challenged him, would he also die during such a challenge? Wise Elegant Zongzi’s hand trembled as he imagined this scenario.

“The Blood Transformation Blade Technique! It’s the Blood Transformation Blade Technique!” A voice that resembled resounding thunder echoed throughout the void.

It was Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master that had spoken. His voice was filled with immeasurable fury and dense killing intent.

Luo Yunyang had an ominous feeling when Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master spoke.

He sensed that this matter was going to become a lot more troublesome.

The main reason was that he had killed Sky Origin Zongzi!

“You vile being, I thought that yet another exceptional genius had emerged in the Three Era Supreme Sect. I never imagined that you would actually be the Blood Demon’s descendant!” Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master bellowed furiously.

The words ‘Blood Demon’ shocked many people, especially Profound Calm Zongzi, who quickly glanced at his master.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s expression was still as calm as ever. He was actually somewhat expressionless, so it was simply impossible to know exactly what he was thinking.

However, when Profound Calm Zongzi looked at Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master, he could see a hint of a smile on his face.

He was smiling as though everything was under control.

His faint smile made Profound Calm Zongzi suddenly understand. His heartfelt respect for his master deepened.

“This… This is the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate’s Sacred Blood Transformation Blade. What’s wrong with it?” Yue Liuli immediately exclaimed when she heard what Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master had said.

Right now, her tone was questioning.

The Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate was a memory. His reputation in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos wasn’t the greatest. In most people’s opinion, he was just a legend that had been passed down over the ages.

Yue Liuli’s question made all the subsidiary sect disciples around fall silent. Although nobody stepped forward to voice their support for her, they all looked at her respectfully.

She was questioning a sect master. This was the overbearing Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master!

The disciples of the Buddha Sacred Mountain now had angry looks on their faces.

As the authoritative figure of the Buddha Sacred Mountain, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master was a high and mighty figure in their eyes. He was an entity that couldn’t be questioned or challenged. However, Yue Liuli had actually publicly spoken up against him.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master remained unperturbed as his killing intent intensified. Although he simply didn’t care about Yue Liuli, a massive jeweled mark appeared above his head.

The instant this jeweled mark started to take shape, everyone saw that it was only the size of a fist. However, as it flew out, it suddenly expanded to the size of a small moon.

Carved above the jeweled marks were diagrams. Inside these diagrams were Heavenly Venerates wielding the powers of heaven and earth. There were emperors wielding supreme powers, as well as enlightened saints and…

36 diagrams signified the 36 types of supreme authorities. These authorities gathered on the Buddha Sacred Mark, which seemed to contain an imposing, unparalleled power.

The Buddha Sacred Mark was the Three Era Supreme Sect’s number one divine weapon!

The person unleashing this Buddha Sacred Mark wasn’t an ordinary, insignificant individual like Sky Origin Zongzi. It was Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master, who could truly be called an unparalleled existence.

As that Buddha Sacred Mark descended, Luo Yunyang and all the subsidiary sect disciples felt an extremely frightening force.

While they sensed this terrifying power, all everyone could think of was submitting.

In the face of this mark, Luo Yunyang felt as though he was dealing with a peak Heavenly Venerate. Although he didn’t know exactly how strong a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate was, he felt that it would be really difficult to withstand Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s power.

Luo Yunyang quickly made up his mind.

The massive blade in his hands cleaved towards that giant mark. The first form of the Blood Transformation Blade, the 1,000-Mile Tracking Blood, was sent forth.

“Sect Master, why do you have to attack Luo Yunyang?” Yue Liuli’s shrill voice rang out again.

This time, Yue Liuli, who was always graceful, seemed like a sorry figure. Blood was flowing out of all the orifices on her face.

With each drop of blood that trickled out, the Glass Fairy’s cultivation base fell rapidly. Every single drop of blood was a foundation of the Glass Fairy’s cultivation that she had spent many years building up.

“Do you all think that I shouldn’t attack Luo Yunyang? Listen to me, he is the descendant of the Blood Demon.”

“Did you all think that the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate died because of his Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation? No, he died at the hands of the Three Era Supreme Sect’s previous generations of Heavenly Venerates. He was slain because he was extremely evil and used the blood of common people to cultivate his own martial path.”

“All this time, the Three Era Supreme Sect has followed a decree. Any disciples or descendants of the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate have to be killed.”

A majestic intent filled the surroundings as Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master said that.

“Those who obey me will survive, and those who oppose me will die!”

Upon hearing Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s words, Luo Yunyang knew right away that Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master was lying.

The small jade scroll that the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate had left behind had indeed recorded that the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate had perished due to martial path Heavenly Tribulation.

Although the Three Era Supreme Sect didn’t really have much of a relationship with the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate, they didn’t have any grudges against him either. The situation that Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master had painted simply didn’t exist.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master had said all this for one purpose: to kill Luo Yunyang.

Any explanations would be futile. However, as he watched that massive mark that seemed extremely difficult to ward off, Luo Yunyang steeled his resolve.

He knew that he didn’t have much time. However, he was extremely unwilling to fall like this.

Immediately, the jade scroll that contained the records of the Blood Transformation Technique crumbled in the sky. The records on the jade scroll, which were shown to everyone present, included the Blood Transformation Heavenly Venerate’s death due to Heavenly Tribulation.

The expressions of the subsidiary sect martialists turned unsightly. On the other hand, the martialists of the main sect had gloomy looks on their faces.

They had already been skeptical about Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s words, yet they had never imagined that they would actually all be false.

Even though Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master saw the image displayed in the sky, he didn’t show any signs of panic. He actually acted as if that image simply didn’t exist.

“Young Blood Demon, how dare you resort to tricking people!” Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect master’s voice was calm yet unquestionable.

Falsifying such an image was difficult even for a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. However, once Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master said this, the main sect disciples all shouted fanatically. “The Sect Master is wise! Slay Blood Demon Luo Yunyang!”

Although the disciples of the subsidiary sects were livid, nobody stepped forward in the end.

Luo Yunyang watched the large mark falling from high above and said, “I just wish to know why you have to do this.”

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master’s voice rang out in Luo Yunyang’s mind immediately. “If I want you dead, you should just die!”

His voice carried an air of superiority and an unquestionable tone!

When Luo Yunyang heard this, his eyes flickered coldly. “You can’t kill me!”