Supreme Uprising Chapter 748

Chapter 748 An Attack On The Human Tribe

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Luo Yunyang felt a bit frustrated as he looked at the familiar expanse of space. A hundred years had just passed in the blink of an eye.

His jaunt into the Pure Sun Great Cosmos had been quite fulfilling in terms of rewards.

However, the Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Masters relentless tyranny had ultimately destroyed Luo Yunyangs plans.

He had initially intended to set a foundation in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. However, this plan had been ruined.

The reason that Luo Yunyang was unhappy was because, even though he had obtained the Great Radiance Technique and the Blood Transformation Blade Technique, what he needed the most was to use the Eternal Divine Scripture to sort out the harm within his body.

The Eternal Divine Pestle!

After sensing the situation within his body, Luo Yunyang took out the Eternal Divine Pestle. He didnt know how far away he was from the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, so the brand of the Eternal Divine Pestle wouldnt be of much use.

After infusing the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique into the Eternal Divine Pestle, Luo Yunyang realized that there wasnt much of a reaction from the Eternal Divine Pestle.

Luo Yunyang seemed delighted upon realizing that there wouldnt be many obstructions. Being able to smoothly refine the Eternal Divine Pestle would definitely be of great help to him.

However, after 15 minutes, Luo Yunyang suddenly opened his eyes!

His eyes were full of rapt ecstasy, disbelief and the delight of recovering something that had been lost.

Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture!

The Eternal Divine Pestle wasnt just wondrous. Luo Yunyang had even discovered a tiny space within the pestle.

This small space was only about a foot long and wide. However, within this space existed a golden scripture.

Although the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture was called a divine scripture, it was actually just a golden foot-long board that had two sides.

One side of the board was infused with power from 3,000 past Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture wielders, and the other side contained records of countless techniques.

Amongst these techniques was the Cleansing Glass Flame Technique that Luo Yunyang had learned.

No wonder the records within the Glazed Titan Sect that concerned the three great Divine Scriptures werent really clear. People had actually even begun to question the existence of these three great divine scriptures.

Now, Luo Yunyang understood one of the reasons for this. Besides the wielder, it would be very difficult for anyone else to get a glimpse of the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture that only existed within this tiny space derived from the Eternal Divine Pestle.

Although he somewhat regretted this, in a sense, the Eternal Divine Scripture had compensated for a large portion of Luo Yunyangs losses.

In a moment, Luo Yunyang had already infused his state of mind into the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture. Although he greatly needed the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture, he did not immediately engage in cultivation upon seeing it.

Although there didnt seem to be an issue with the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture, Luo Yunyang still chose to slowly deduce the implications of cultivating it.

He spent ten years trying to comprehend the Inextinguishable Eternity Divine Scripture. Throughout this process, Luo Yunyang changed himself as well as his line of thinking.

He appeared very peaceful as he opened the door to his cave abode. He glanced at the surroundings and an understanding of the situation outside appeared in his mind instantly.

A million people stood on guard, including three Universe-Grade martialists, as well as sixty Celestial Domain-Grade Martialists.

The Bloody Blade Monarch was amongst the three Universe-Grade powerhouses guarding this planet.

While Luo Yunyang was in seclusion, the Bloody Blade Monarch had still been working hard on his cultivation. Although his blade techniques hadnt improved tremendously, every day the Bloody Blade Monarch would try his hardest while cultivating blade techniques.

The sweep of the blade seemed to be dull, yet the strength of the move was hidden within the blood-colored blade itself. If this power didnt erupt, then the move itself would just look really ordinary.

However, once this explosive strength was deployed, a single cleave would be able to reshape the environment.

As the Bloody Blade Monarch was executing this move, he noticed the change in the surroundings and immediately tried to sheathe his blade.

Unfortunately, this was very difficult while his blade was still in motion. Furthermore, since the Bloody Blade Monarch was already invested in this blade-strike, the frenzied power was overflowing.

"Master!" the Bloody Blade Monarch exclaimed loudly. At the same moment, Luo Yunyang appeared and was split in half by the Bloody Blade Monarchs blade strike.

Luo Yunyang was already an entity on par with the Supremacies in the eyes of the Bloody Blade Monarch. He would never have imagined that his blade would cause Luo Yunyang to get split into two.

Some fear started to emerge in his heart when Luo Yunyang moved his hands to make seals and his severed body rapidly recomposed itself in the sky.

"I am sorry. I did not know about your arrival. I seek your redemption for my earlier impulsiveness," the Bloody Blade Monarch explained while trembling.

Luo Yunyang smiled slightly and consoled him. "That wasnt your fault. You had to test your blade technique."

The Bloody Blade Monarchs heart shuddered. Although that blade-strike of his was filled with killing intent, testing his own blade technique this way made him shiver.

"Master, I" The Bloody Blade Monarch was about to speak, yet he was unsure of what to say at the moment. While his heart was pounding, Luo Yunyangs gaze had already settled far away. "Have there been any issues in the past 100 years?"

"If there was something, that would be the rise of the Human Tribe. Right now, even within the Divine Union, the Human Tribe is nearly on par with the Demigod Tribe in terms of fighting strength." At this point, the Bloody Blade Monarchs tone became more somber. "Of course, the greatest news for you, master, should be the level of cultivation of their Highnesses Yunxi and Luo Donger, who have already advanced to the Universe Grade."

Luo Yunyang nodded gently. He was not really surprised over the fact that they both had attained a Universe-Grade cultivation base, as both of them had access to superior resources, as well as the great number of resources that Luo Yunyang had obtained from the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

"As of now, the entire Human Tribe has nineteen Universe-Grade martialists and 100 Celestial Domain-Grades." The Bloody Blade Monarch showed some envy as he talked about the Universe-Grade martialists.

The Bloody Blade Monarch had initially been able to crush the others, yet he had only recently ascended to the Universe Grade, while Yunxi and the others were already considered powerhouses amongst the Universe-Grades.

Luo Yunyang smiled gently and said, "There is still quite a number of you, right? Did any major incidents happen within the Human Tribe recently?"

"Your Excellency, the Human Tribe has been at peace lately. However, the news about the Demigod Tribe seem rather unsettling," the Bloody Blade Monarch said coldly. "I actually heard that the Demigod Tribe intends to once again join forces with the Purgatory to move against you. They seem to be cooking up a plan!

The Demigod Tribe and the Purgatory!

Luo Yunyang had relied on his attribute regulator and Heavenly Venerate True Body to single-handedly quelled these two great powers. Now, it seemed like these two forces obviously did not want to continue being suppressed by him.

Luo Yunyang smiled slightly upon hearing the Bloody Blade Monarchs report. "If they wish to pick a fight, I would be more than pleased to give it to them."

As he was speaking, many thoughts went through his head. People had already started appearing where the Da Alliance had been in the past, and this had already become the holy ground of the Milky Ways Human Tribe.

Wuzun City. People came and went, making it very crowded, thus displaying the prosperity of the entire Wuzun City.

"Ha ha! I, Jueluo Supremacy, will definitely have to eliminate you, Luo Yunyang!" A child who appeared to be no more than three or four years of age shouted at his companion.

His companion did not seem to shy away from the challenge, and the two kids continued to play in the bustling Wuzun City.

Although the two kids were only toddlers, they fought in a rather dazzling manner. Their fist techniques were truly fine and exquisite, and they had already acquired a Planet-Grade cultivation base.

Back in the days of the Da Alliance, a Planet-Grade cultivation base would certainly have allowed one to take on a leading role on the planet. However, right now, ordinary children already possessed such a cultivation base.

These two kids werent geniuses. In Wuzun City, there were tens of thousands of other children with this level of cultivation.

Universe-Grade powerhouses were overseeing the place.

Just as Luo Yunyang was entering the martialist city, a crucial report was being automatically transferred in front of the Dahai Saint.

The Human Tribes population had increased a hundredfold over the last 100 years! Humans born recently already had an innate Planet-Grade cultivation base. Although this report wasnt noteworthy, these simple words were enough to make Dahai Saints blood run cold.

Dahai Saint knew what this meant. If he simply allowed the Human Tribe to carry on this way, the Demigod Tribe would be consumed by the Human Tribe sooner or later.

Although the Human Tribe made him apprehensive, he was never going to speak out unless he was absolutely confident about eliminating them.

"Share this report with the various Ancestral Masters," Dahai Saint told his attendant, who stood respectfully by his side.

Dahai Saint let out a huge sigh as his subordinate left. He did not have a very positive outlook on the fate of this report.

Suddenly, a sharp beeping sound interrupted Dahai Saints train of thoughts. Upon hearing that sound, Dahai Saint quickly entered the Virtual Realm.

This Virtual Realm was boundless. Other than several rocks that were scattered across the region, there were almost no other objects or beings. When the Dahai Saint arrived, a man in the background laughed and said, "It has been a while, Saint. Our purpose for getting you to come here is to ask you to join our newly-formed alliance."

The man who had just spoken was Black Shenzi. However, there was a purple mark on top of his head now.