Supreme Uprising Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Human Exterminating Alliance

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Dahai Saint knew Black Shenzi all too well because, in the past hundred years, Black Shenzi had been very active and had started to take over a large portion of the Machine Empire’s authority.

However, it was also because of this that Dahai Saint’s apprehension had decreased considerably.

Generally speaking, in the Machine Empire, the entities that had the ability to advance to Supremacies would spend most of their time in cultivation. However, when Black Shenzi had assumed power, it had seemed as if his status had risen. Actually, it was…

“Black Shenzi, what do you have in mind?” Dahai Saint asked without batting an eyelid, hoping that Black Shenzi would have the same objective as him.

Black Shenzi smiled but didn’t reply. Suddenly, a tall martialist revealed himself beside Black Shenzi.

Dahai Saint knew this martialist even better. It was Qingliao Tribe leader and deputy union leader, Nanlin Saint.

Back when Jueluo Supremacy hadn’t yet died, Dahai Saint hadn’t really thought much of Nanlin Saint. In his opinion, Nanlin Saint was just a subordinate.

However, given the Human’s Tribe’s rise following Jueluo Supremacy’s fall, the Divine Union’s Supremacy ratio of 2:2 had already made the Qingliao Tribe a lot more important. Even though he was a union leader, Dahai Saint still had to be very polite to Nanlin Saint.

Although the way Nanlin Saint treated him hadn’t seemed to change, in reality, he only showed respect from a distance now. Meanwhile, this fellow had gotten more familiar with the Human Tribe.

What a backstabbing b*stard! This was Daihai Saint’s evaluation of Nanlin Saint.

However, he had never imagined that he would actually see Nanlin Saint at this secret gathering helmed by Black Shenzi.

Dahai Saint’s mind went to work and quickly guessed the motive Black Shenzi had for inviting these people over when he heard Nanlin Saint chuckle. “Greetings, Union Leader.”

Dahai Saint laughed. “Nanlin Saint, we haven’t had a private meeting in a long time.”

“I will definitely keep this in mind, Union Leader.” Nanlin Saint, who was all smiles, didn’t show any signs of being annoyed or angered by Dahai Saint’s sarcasm.

This type of fellow was more difficult to deal with! Dahai Saint thought to himself. People who didn’t show their emotions were definitely schemers!

After a few more flickers, five other figures slowly appeared out of the void. Actually, Dahai Saint knew all these figures. They were important characters from the Purgatory and the Bug Race.

These people were like Dahai Saint and also wielded authority. It could be said that they were the number one people beneath the Supremacies of their own factions.

“Everyone, you have been invited here because I have a document I would like each of you to see.” As the organizer of this meeting, Black Shenzi was the first to speak.

While Black Shenzi said this, a document landed in the hands of everyone present. Dahai Sant came to a slight understanding as he looked through the familiar contents of this document.

However, cold sweat broke out on his forehead when he saw some of the stuff at the end of the document.

Indeed, even Dahai Sant, who was a big shot, felt extremely afraid when he read the conclusion.

“Rubbish!” a tall martialist said disdainfully. “The Human Tribe could dominate this entire cosmos after a thousand years? Is that possible?”

“Wasn’t the Demigod Tribe rumored to possess boundless potential in the past? In the end, they only became one of the four great factions.”

The words of this tall martialist made Dahai Saint feel like killing someone. How dare this fellow actually make such a comparison!

Back at its most impressive point, the Demigod Tribe had swept everything before it and forced the Machine Empire and a few other large tribes to ally with them.

“This is different,” Black Shenzi said solemnly. “Everyone, ever since the last war, which lasted over a hundred years, the Human Tribe’s strength has risen at least a hundredfold!”

“The power of a newborn human can already reach the Planet Grade. Although all your tribes and factions can do this, even our numbers added up can’t compare to the numbers of the Human Tribe alone.”

Black Shenzi’s words made Dahai Saint’s heart sink.

The power Demigod Tribe newborns possessed wasn’t inferior to the Human Tribe. However, in terms of population, the Demigod Tribe had discovered that the gulf between it and the Human Tribe was enlarging.

The Human Tribe, which had once had only one-tenth of the population of the Demigod Tribe, now had two times their number.

“I believe I do not have to say anything for everyone to see the potential of the Human Tribe. With such numbers, as well as the support of Yunyang Supremacy, it won’t take too long for them to produce a second Supremacy or even a third one.”

Black Shenzi was somewhat worked up. “When that time comes, it will be difficult to move against them!”

Dahai Saint’s gaze met Nanlin Saint’s by accident. He could see some apprehension as well as a hint of killing intent in Nanlin Saint’s gaze.

In many people’s opinion, Nanlin Saint was a good old person. However, Dahai Saint knew that his heart was vicious. He was definitely the sort to hide a dagger behind his smile.

“Black Shenzi, you should know that the rise of the Human Tribe was mainly caused by Yunyang Supremacy. If we kill him, everything else won’t be a problem,” a charming lady from the Bug Race with three sets of cicada wings on her back said in a chilly tone.

Black Shenzi didn’t find this statement surprising. After all, when it came to the Human Tribe’s might, Luo Yunyang was simply an immovable mountain.

Any plan for dealing with the Human Tribe had to involve dealing with Luo Yunyang.

“Luo Yunyang is powerful, but I know that every tribe possesses its own trump card.” Black Shenzi grinned. “The reason everyone was able to endure the previous time was because they didn’t dare use these taboo powers.”

“Luo Yunyang would have been dead long ago if the Demigod Tribe had been hell-bent on doing it.”

Dahai Saint felt glances from every direction. Deep down, he knew that the taboo powers of his tribe far surpassed the God Slaying Demon Sword.

However, the existence of such an object was confidential in the entire Demigod Tribe. The moment it was used, the entire Demigod Tribe would have to live in slight fear.

Otherwise, back then, Shenluo Supremacy and the others wouldn’t have let Jueluo Supremacy disgrace himself and do his utmost. Thus, Jueluo Supremacy had used the God Slaying Demon Sword in the end.

The powerful God Slaying Demon Sword had eventually taken Jueluo Supremacy’s life.

Using trump cards to kill Luo Yunyang didn’t seem too bad. However, this wasn’t something that he could decide.

“The reason the four great factions have never used their emergency trump cards is because of a mutual stalemate.” Black Shenzi’s bewitching voice rang out once again. “Now, if we all use our forbidden trumps, the situation between the four great factions will still remain the same.”

Everyone present thought that Black Shenzi’s reasoning seemed to make sense.

Dahai Saint pondered this. Although, deep down, he was really anxious about the extermination of the Human Tribe, he really couldn’t make this decision.

“Everyone, the rate at which the Human Tribe grows is increasing rapidly. I fear that the figures I just gave you might not even account for other factors.”

Black Shenzi continued. “For example, out of the 18 Primary Tribes within the Divine Union, there are already five that are devoted to the Human Tribe.”

“He he… All this happened in a hundred years. What about a thousand years or ten thousand years later? Dahai Saint, do you think that the Demigod Tribe will really continue to exist?”

Dahai Saint hadn’t said anything yet. However, now that Black Shenzi had used his name, Dahai Saint felt too passive and unhappy.

He totally agreed with what Black Shenzi had said.

Black Shenzi glanced at the dumbstruck Dahai Saint, feeling a little delighted. He paused for a moment before he said, “I only wanted to speak out regarding all this data. However, everyone’s reaction has really disappointed me.”

“Oh well… I have some stuff from the Machine Empire’s original primitive database here. Everyone can take a look and get a pleasant surprise.”

As Black Shenzi said that, a light screen appeared before everyone. The image on the screen was really fuzzy. Given the current technology, this imaging was simply trash.

However, the content was simply terrifying.

There were more than 30 images, each one depicting humans. Some of them were unleashing magnificent powers, some were bathing in thunder and lightning, and some even seemed to possess mystical strength with every move they made.

Based on these images, Dahai Saint could sense that these humans were very powerful. There were over a hundred people who were at a Supremacy Level.

Were they really from the Human Tribe?

Amongst these images of the Human Tribe, Dahai Saint saw some of his own tribesmen. There was an image of one wielding a golden longsword and standing guard that actually rocked Dahai Saint’s mind.

How was this possible?

The Demigod Tribe guard wielding the golden long sword had actually been Dahai Saint’s ancestor. According to Demigod history, this ancestor had been a famous, unparalleled existence.

“Everyone, I was also thoroughly shocked when I saw all these. However, I believe that these images definitely aren’t fake.”

“Too much time passed and the powerful Human Tribe became a mere tiny tribe within the Divine Union. This is why we gradually forgot about their existence. Now, they are already showing signs of recovering. If the four great factions continue to adopt a non-interfering attitude, then these images from the past will become a reality.”

Dahai Saint’s palms smashed against a virtual rock in front of him as he said in an unquestionable tone, “If these images are real, then the Demigod Tribe will join the alliance to exterminate the humans.”

“The Qingliao Tribe will also join the alliance!” Nanlin Saint said.

“I represent the Purgatory and I agree to join for the time being!” a Purgatory leader said.

“The Bug Race has no objection either!”