Supreme Uprising Chapter 75

Chapter 75


The martial master’s gaze landed on Luo Yunyang. “Take him away. Do not disturb our honored guests’ meal,” he grunted coldly.

Two men suddenly rushed over. In their eyes, Luo Yunyang was just a worm they could torment as they pleased.

Luo Yunyang was displeased with the way that vicious man had acted, as well as those people’s attitude. Even the men who rushed in didn’t seem like nice fellas.

In the blink of an eye, the five men who had rushed in were tossed out one after the other.

Luo Yunyang’s movements were really quick, so the whole process was over in an instant.

The martial master watched Luo Yunyang’s clean moves in astonishment. He hadn’t expected someone with such skills to exist among these insignificant beings.

“That’s some skill, but following your impulse is a bad thing, kid. You have no idea who you have offended!” As he spoke, the martial master snickered and said something into his communication device.

The second eldest son of the Mu family was a cool-headed person who had seen the entire world. Given the circumstances, he realized that things weren’t looking good and hurried over. “This entire matter is our fault, sir. We will leave right away. Please forgive him. He is still very young and inexperienced!” he said politely.

As he spoke, he pulled Luo Yunyang over and said, “Hurry up and apologize to this gentleman!”

Luo Yunyang knew that he was doing this for his own good, but he had his own principles.

Perhaps the person celebrating his birthday was really influential, but Luo Yunyang’s background wasn’t shabby either.

“Are you begging for forgiveness now? Too late! If young people don’t get a little roughed up, they’ll never know right from wrong.” As the martial master spoke, two young men walked in. As soon as they entered, they asked the martial master, “Who is causing trouble here, Old Lee?”

“It’s him! He was hitting people!” Old Lee pointed at Luo Yunyang. “It’s the old master’s birthday today, so I’ll have to trouble you two.”

“Piece of cake.” One of the pimply-faced teenagers rushed over at Luo Yunyang. “We are from the Da Alliance’s Koi Guard Let’s fight for a round!”

The Koi Guard was among the Da Alliance’s Eight Armies and Three Guards. Unlike the eight armies, which took care of all sorts of dire beasts, they handled internal affairs.

It was a universal truth that, when people were taken away by the Koi Guard for an investigation, they would usually suffer, if not die.

Luo Yunyang, who had heard loathsome things about the Koi Guard, immediately used the words he had heard Chen Yong say about them.

“Oh, it’s a bunch of stinky fish!” As he said this, he took his Rising Dragon Army chest badge out of his pocket and pinned it on his chest. “Scram!”

The pimply-faced young man’s expression changed. What the members of the Koi Guard hated the most was others calling them stinky fish. However, when he saw the Rising Dragon Army Insignia, his hands, which had been about to swing out, moved back.

The Koi Guard couldn’t afford to offend the Rising Dragon Army.

The martial master’s expression turned slightly grim when he saw the Rising Dragon Army Insignia. He could not let this go, though.

His own dignity wasn’t important, but the corporation’s prestige just couldn’t be risked.

“You are a member of the Rising Dragon Army? Very well. I will let you meet your own officer then!” As he spoke, the martial master picked up his communication device once again.

“As people say, it’s better to squash enmity than keep it alive. I am willing to compensate you 10 million dayuan. He is still a child. Please forgive him for being immature!” Mu Junsheng’s father said softly after thinking silently for a bit.

To the Mu family, who were small merchants, 10 million dayuan was quite a big sum, but for Luo Yunyang’s sake, they were willing to generously fork out that much money.

When Mr. Mu saw that the martial master wasn’t tempted, he added sincerely, “20 million dayuan.”

20 million dayuan was a small fortune for the martial master. This troublemaker from the Rising Dragon Army wasn’t such a big problem anyway.

However, when the martial master saw the dark faces of the two members of the Koi Guard, he snorted. “Are you frightened now? It’s too late!”

He picked up his communication device and said a few words.

“Don’t bother, Uncle. I want to see what sort of officer they will bring!” Luo Yunyang sneered.

“This kid…” Mu Junsheng’s father felt helpless. Although their family was quite well off, their hands were bound when it came to the family clan having a birthday reception next door.

Luo Yunyang was only a kid who had just joined the Rising Dragon Army. What could he do against those influential men? He was afraid of the consequences. At the end of the day, he is just a young man full of energy…

Just as he was contemplating which of his friends or acquaintances he could contact to help resolve this situation, a fat man pushed open the door and walked in. He was wearing ordinary clothes and as soon as he made eye contact with the martial master, his eyes landed on Luo Yunyang.

On Luo Yunyang’s chest was a badge with the Rising Dragon Army Insignia.

“Who are you? Which division do you belong to? Who is your officer? I am the vice-section chief of Military Discipline Division 3, Shi Zhenxiang. I order you to follow me to solitary confinement, soldier!” Shi Zhenxiang told Luo Yunyang in an overbearing manner the moment that he walked in.

Luo Dong’er, who was standing next to her brother, started to cry.

“Don’t cry, Dong’er. It’s alright,” Luo Yunyang whispered, squatting down to pacify his sister. “It’s nothing. It’s only a dog barking. Believe your brother.”

Luo Yunyang had never really heard of Military Discipline Division 3. However, he had been at Base 7 for quite some time, so he understood the rules of the elite classes very well. Plus, his status in the entire Rising Dragon Army was already different.

The Eagle King, who was one of the grand generals of the Rising Dragon Army, had guaranteed that, as long as Luo Yunyang didn’t commit any outrageous atrocities, he would take responsibility for whatever happened to him.

Although Chief Instructor Lu hadn’t taken a verbal vow, Luo Yunyang knew that, no matter what happened, the grand master would not just stand aside and watch.

Besides, Luo Yunyang had already become an A-rank elite.

The fat man’s body seemed weak, so he definitely wasn’t very strong. In a place full of powerful men like the Rising Dragon Army, how important could he really be?

Luo Yunyang had already made a decision. The fat man was extremely furious. Although he wasn’t a big shot in Chang’an City, he relied on money, power, and other people to maintain his dignity.

How could a Rising Dragon Army member actually have the audacity to call him a dog? This was simply too much!

“You are f*cking asking for it! I will kick you out of the Rising Dragon Army, if it’s the last thing I do! Please seize this kid!” the fat man instructed the martial master with a flustered face.

The martial master had not expected Luo Yunyang to actually be so insolent. This was a good thing, though. If the kid infuriated the fat man, then the methods the man would employ would be even more ferocious. This was a very good outcome.