Supreme Uprising Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Gene Seal

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Inside the splendid Wuzun City, Luo Yunyang stood at the shore of a man-made lake, watching the koi swimming about leisurely.

Each of these carp was at least 10 meters long. As they swam, their bodies were covered with a slight layer of spiritual energy.

Autumn Hill Dragon Koi was an ornamental fish species that originated from the Purgatory. Within the Purgatory, the value of a 10-year-old koi was akin to the value of a Star-Grade slave.

Now, there were thousands of Autumn Hill Dragon Kois in this man-made lake!

The Koi King, which was hidden in the depths, had already reached a peak Star-Grade cultivation base. However, as Luo Yunyang walked over, the Koi King had already sensed Luo Yunyangs aura and shrunk back deep into the water.

"Students, in the first year of the god calendar, Yunyang Supremacy fought the Demigod Tribe and allowed our Human Tribe to escape calamity. This is a time every human has to engrave in their memory."

"This is just as important Sir Longzon unraveling the secret of the gene seal within our human bodies and allowing our Human Tribe to advance rapidly."

"Now, all of you possess a Planet-Grade cultivation as soon as you are born. However, you might not know that, a hundred years ago, our precursors only possessed 1% of the power of a Planet-Grade when they were born."

"The majority of them wouldnt even be able to reach your level if they spent an entire lifetime cultivating."

"Therefore, Longzun Saints discoveries were really important to the rise of the Human Tribe."

This wasnt the first time Luo Yunyang had heard Longzun Saint being mentioned. His brows furrowed slightly when he heard these words.

During the 100 years he had spent isolated in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, the progress of the Human Tribe had exceeded his expectations.

Gene seal!

"Teacher, Yunyang Supremacy is amongst the strongest in the world. It is said that Supremacies are the strongest powerhouses. Why didnt he discover the gene seal that was inhibiting the development of the Human Tribe?" a smart youth around 13 years of age asked.

Although the students questions addressed the most ordinary topics, Luo Yunyang could tell that the two of them had a clear tacit understanding.

"He he Who can say for sure? However, I reckon that Sir Luo Yunyang must probably have known about the gene seal limiting the human body." That teacher sounded a little pleased with himself.

A cold glint flashed across Luo Yunyangs eyes. Although this person hadnt said anything bad about him, this discussion had already planted a seed of doubt in the hearts of the students.

Luo Yunyang didnt really care about the people talking. However, as that teacher was leaving, a tiny bit of Luo Yunyangs consciousness enveloped that persons body.

Half an hour later, the teacher returned to his own residence and entered the virtual realm with familiarity. Luo Yunyang didnt continue following him. Instead, he studied some of the stuff in his residence.

The Soaring Dragon Meet!

"My lord, I heard that you left seclusion. All the various senior statesmen wish to pay their respects." The Flame Emperors voice was respectful and delighted.

Due to the current influence of the Human Tribe, the Flame Emperor was amongst the people Luo Yunyang had the best relationship with. Luo Yunyang replied, "Alright then."

The Milky Way Human Tribes Senior State Assembly was established in Wuzun City in the Da Alliance. After obtaining Luo Yunyangs approval, the various members of the Human Tribes Senior State Assembly dispersed amongst the Human Tribes territories and started to quickly gather in Wuzun City by using space jump points.

In just a day, all 500 senior statesmen of the Human Tribe had already gathered at Wuzun Citys Senior State Assembly.

The chief senior statesman of the assembly was Lu Qubing. Although he didnt have the highest cultivation base amongst all the Human Tribe martialists, Lu Qubing was still the chief senior statesman.

As for Luo Yunyang, he simply wasnt considered part of the Senior Statesmen Assembly.

The Human Tribes Senior Statesman Hall, which was made entirely out of black stone, gave off a magnificent vibe. Usually, only 3,000 people were stationed in the Senior Statesman Hall, yet today, more than 10,000 elites were gathered there.

This was also the first time Luo Yunyang had entered the Senior Statesman Hall. Luo Yunyang didnt think much of this rather grand hall though.

Although the Senior Statesman Hall had definitely cost a lot to build, it really wasnt considered a big deal by the Human Tribe, which possessed over a hundred star domains.

When the huge clock outside the Senior Statesman Hall chimed continuously, the gathered senior statesmen came out in full force.

At the front was Lu Qubing, who was wearing white robes. He carried himself with an elegant and impressive air.

"Greetings, Yunyang Supremacy. The Senior Statesman Hall is honored to be graced by your presence!" A chorus of voices reverberated as all the senior statesmen arched their backs and bowed.

Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and said calmly, "Everyone, please, theres no need for formalities."

While Lu Qubing and the other senior statesmen escorted him, Luo Yunyang walked up to the Senior Statesman Hall. Countless people watched as he sat down on a throne designated for him.

The throne, which was made entirely out of violet crystal, was both magnificent and luxurious. Luo Yunyang rubbed the engraved dragon armrest as he looked at Lu Qubing and the others.

"Supremacy, during your last seclusion, massive changes occurred in the Human Tribe. Now, I will introduce Supremacy to a senior statesman that has made great contributions to the Human Tribe."

As Lu Qubing said that, he gestured to the man in white by his side. "This is Saint Longzun. 90 years ago, he discovered the gene seal inhibiting the entire Human Tribe. As soon as these gene seals were unlocked, the strength of the Human Tribe increased a hundredfold."

Lu Qubing then continued. "After an election conducted by all the senior statesmen, Senior Statesman Longzon is now our Deputy Chief Senior Statesman."

Senior Statesman Longzun spoke up respectfully after Lu Qubing introduced him. "I would like to pay my respects to you, Supremacy!"

"I have long heard of your great reputation. I regret that I wasnt able to pay my respects to you for all this time, sir."

Luo Yunyang glanced at the elegant Longzon and said rather indifferently, "Longzun, your ability to discover the way to solve the gene seal has been a tremendous contribution to our entire tribe.

Longzun Saints eyes twitched, revealing a slight bit of dissatisfaction. However, this action was hidden well, so most people simply wouldnt have been able to detect it.

When he bowed again, Longzun Saint, who had once again gone back to his poised and elegant demeanor, said, "Sir Supremacy, I was just doing my duty."

Luo Yunyang didnt say anything else. Suddenly, a senior statesman stepped forward and said respectfully, "Sir Supremacy, I have a matter to report."

Luo Yunyang glanced at this unfamiliar senior statesman and nodded. "Go ahead."

"Sir Supremacy, the Human Tribes progress has been astoundingly quick. Although our strength still isnt comparable to the Demigod Tribes, the gulf between us and the Demigod Tribe isnt too big."

The senior statesman then added in an agitated manner, "Therefore, I believe that the Demigod Tribe will attack our tribe soon."

"This time, the Human Tribe shouldnt just respond to the Demigod Tribes attack. We should attack them preemptively and assume more responsibility within the Divine Union."

Luo Yunyang glanced at Lu Qubing and realized that Lu Qubing had a slightly baffled look on his face.

Clearly, Lu Qubing hadnt arranged for this senior statesman to step forward.

He was the person Luo Yunyang had put in charge to oversee all important matters of the Human Tribe, so the current scenario, which actually wasnt within his control, was a jibe at him.

Luo Yunyang did not continue looking at Lu Qubing. Instead, he turned back to the speaking senior statesman and waited for him to continue.

"Although the Human Tribe is united under your leadership, you undergo seclusion frequently. We have to maintain the Human Tribes strongest ability if you arent present. The Senior Statesmen Assembly will find it difficult to respond to such a scenario if you arent present. Thus, I implore you to agree to select a leader to lead us against resisting the Demigod Tribe."

Although the senior statesmans tone wasnt very sharp, the words he had chosen were extremely piercing!

"Quiet!" Lu Qubing shouted. "Dong Changsheng, the Supremacy has made his own decision regarding this matter. Since when was this your place to spout rubbish? Return to your spot."

Dong Changsheng didnt really fear Lu Qubings berating tone. Thus, he rebutted with conviction. "Chief Senior Statesman, although you are the chief, my position as senior statesman means that I am responsible for the entire Human Tribe. The Supremacy is wise, so I believe that he will surely understand my pain!"

Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor and the others scowled. They had originally thought that they would present Luo Yunyang with the developments and the results of their strives in the past 100 years. However

Their inability to control the situation wasnt a good sign.

Luo Yunyang waved Lu Qubing off with his hand and said dully, "So what you are saying is that I should let Senior Statesman Lu Qubing assume this leading role? If that is the case, I dont have any objections."

Dong Changsheng hesitated slightly but immediately steeled his resolve, "Sir Supremacy, although Sir Lu Qubing is very good, I think that he tends to follow tried, tested ways and lacks initiative. I suggest that Senior Statesman Longzun, who unraveled the gene lock and contributed greatly to the Human Tribe, become this leader."

"As for the Chief Senior Statesman, he can continue holding his current position."

Dong Changshengs words made Lu Qubing look downcast. When Dong Changsheng was done, a number of senior statesmen voiced out their opinion. "Senior Statesman Dong is right. We support Senior Statesman Longzun. He should become the leader."

Luo Yunyangs expression was extremely still. He had already discovered that some problems had come up within the Human Tribe when he had arrived in Wuzun City. However, he now realized that the situation was even more serious than he had imagined.

Longzun was a person who had caused a huge surprise!

As he cast a glance at Longzun, Luo Yunyang could feel that this person seemed to have a natural poise.

It seemed as though everything was under his control!