Supreme Uprising Chapter 751

Chapter 751 A Projection Dark Yellow Supreme Blood

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"Are you done?" Although Luo Yunyangs gaze fell on Dong Changsheng, it seemed devoid of any emotion.

Dong Changsheng felt an instinctive fear. He wouldnt have said such things if he hadnt been forced.

His heart trembled uncontrollably upon hearing Luo Yunyangs reply. Afterward, he said feebly, "Supremacy, my opinion expresses the wishes of many other senior statesmen."

"Senior statesmen?" Luo Yunyang glared coldly at all the vehement figures standing before him.

He hadnt returned in 100 years, so these changes were considerable.

"In the future, you will no longer be senior statesmen," Luo Yunyang said calmly.

These words left Dong Changsheng and the other senior statesmen dumbfounded. They had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually make such a decision.

As their expressions changed and some of them started to clamor, Luo Yunyang turned to Longzun, who stood aside, and said, "Which great cosmos do you come from? Why have you actually come here to stir trouble?"

"Ha ha ha No wonder you became the number one Supremacy in this cosmos. You can actually sense my origin." Longzun chuckled heartily. "I am from the Long family of the Longlin Great Cosmos. This expanse of space is the territory of the Long family."

"Although your cultivation base is just slightly weaker, your perception is alright. I can be the master and you can become a vassal of the Long family."

"I have already given you this opportunity. As long as your performance satisfies me, you will be rewarded accordingly."

The Longlin Great Cosmos!

Luo Yunyang thought about the appearance of the small little boat as well as the coordinates of various cosmoses. Amongst those coordinates had been the Longlin Great Cosmos.

Compared to the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, the Longlin Great Cosmos could not be considered inferior in any way. This was also why Longzun had known how to break the Gene Seal.

The moment Longzun spoke, the senior statesmen that had been clamoring looked as though something had been clamped around their necks.

They had supported Longzun. Even though Longzun had provided the method to break the gene seal and allowed their cultivation to rise, they had also supported him because they too had even higher aspirations.

However, they had never imagined that this person, who had unraveled the mystery of the gene seal, would actually come from the Longlin Great Cosmos, which they had never heard of.

Luo Yunyang didnt care about those senior statesmen. He moved his arm and a golden palm enveloped Longzun.

Longzuns eyes glowed brightly when he faced Luo Yunyangs attack. He immediately returned the punch.

Fist-light flashed just like a huge dragon soaring to the sky. This huge dragon, which contained an extremely majestic power, hurtled frantically towards Luo Yunyang.

Unfortunately, even though it was majestic, the huge dragon was still smashed to smithereens when it clashed with Luo Yunyangs Great Titan Mark.

As the huge dragon was shattered, Luo Yunyangs Great Titan Mark went on to smash into Longzuns body.

His body was just like a glass pane. Countless cracks appeared on it just before it shattered. However, at the moment, Longzun seemed to be smiling.

"Luo Yunyang, I remember your name. When my original body arrives, I will definitely make you grovel at my feet." Longzun made this confident remark before his body shattered.

However, the instant Longzun shattered, a massive ship was reflected in Luo Yunyangs vision.

Compared to the spaceships of the Divine Union, these sort of ships were more like the flying ships of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. On that massive ship stood Longzun, who was dressed in purple robes while standing proudly on the deck.

By his side stood seven or eight other people. Each of these people seemed to emanate the aura of a Heavenly Venerate.

As if sensing that Luo Yunyang was currently watching him, Longzun grinned at Luo Yunyang.

Anybody would get chills just by seeing his smile.

Although Luo Yunyang felt a chill deep down, he had an unperturbed expression on his face.

Senior Statesman Dong Changsheng and the others, who had been supporting Longzun, were now exchanging glances, trying to find a solution.

Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor and the others had also turned pale. Although they hadnt been aware of Longzuns origins, one thing was certain. Longzun definitely wasnt a good person.

"Supremacy, we have all been deceived by Longzun. We are begging you to give us another chance. We will surely"

Dong Changsheng hesitated for a moment before kneeling and pleading Luo Yunyang. The other senior statesmen who had followed Longzun did the same.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and these people were immediately sent into his internal universe. Although they had extraordinary cultivation bases, they wouldnt be able to cause any ripples if they were suppressed within Luo Yunyangs internal universe.

The gigantic Senior Statesman Hall became much emptier when they left.

"Supremacy, I am responsible for this," Lu Qubing said somewhat sorrowfully. "It was I who"

Luo Yunyang didnt let Lu Qubing finish before he said, "Senior Statesman Lu, you cant be faulted for this matter. We can only blame Longzun for being too crafty."

At this point, Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and said, "Besides Senior Statesman Lu, Senior Statesman Flame Emperor and the others, everyone else is to leave."

The crowd dispersed like flowing water. Luo Yunyang looked at the Flame Emperor and said, "Discovering Longzuns origin is also a good thing."

"I thought that the greatest threat to the Human Tribe would be the Demigod Tribe or the Purgatory. I never imagined that this expanse of space would still be discovered by others."

"Yunyang, is this Longlin Great Cosmos very powerful?" The Flame Emperor immediately focused on the importance of the Longlin Great Cosmos.

The Longlin Great Cosmos and the Pure Sun Great Comos were at a similar level. Therefore, the strength of the Longlin Great Cosmos would naturally be extraordinary.

"Very powerful!" Luo Yunyang mulled this over for a minute before replying honestly.

The fact that Luo Yunyang, who was basically a god to these people, actually said this about the Longlin Great Cosmos made everyone present stiffen up.

"Then what do we" The Flame Emperor didnt finish his question in the end.

Luo Yunyang chuckled when he saw the Flame Emperors reaction. "There is a solution to every problem. Longzuns projection was projected from more than a thousand years away. Even though he can surpass the speed of light and rush here, we will probably have 30 years to prepare."

After voicing his estimation, Luo Yunyang changed the topic. "Now, the most important problem we are facing is the Demigod Tribe and the Purgatorys attack."

"At the rate we are advancing, I fear those other factions wont be able to sit still."

Lu Qubing and the others werent fools. Now that they possessed the secrets to unraveling the gene seal, they knew that the Demigod Tribe definitely wouldnt adopt a laid-back approach to the Human Tribes rapid progress.

However, upon hearing Luo Yunyang mention the Purgatory and the Bug Race, they sensed that things werent normal.

Lu Qubing and the others trembled when they thought about the power the four factions possessed.

"Then what do we do?" Lu Qubing finally finished the words the Flame Emperor hadnt been able to.

"Rather than take a beating, why not find them and have a chat?"

Deep in a distant cosmos, onboard the ship where Longzuns projection had originated from, Longzun and a delicate-looking man were seated facing each other. A chessboard with black and white pieces lay between them.

Unlike the chess played in the Da Alliance, the chessboard the two were using had 36 rows and columns. The lit-up black and white chess pieces were dense and numerous.

"Zongzi, we cant look down on Luo Yunyang if he was able to sense your existence," the man opposite Longzun said as he placed a white piece down.

Longzun replied calmly, "Indeed, Luo Yunyang is an important person. In the Longlin Great Cosmos, he would probably have been a person with great luck within his body."

"Although the cultivation base of his body is only at the Celestial Domain Grade, he was still able to produce a Heavenly Venerate body from who knows where. This allows him to be like a Heavenly Venerate." There was clear disdain in Longzuns voice.

The man seated opposite him said, "Regardless of whether or not his real body has reached the Heavenly Venerate Level, we still have to view him as a Heavenly Venerate."

"So what if he is a Heavenly Venerate? You should understand what Heavenly Venerates of that small void are like. A first-level Heavenly Venerate from the Linlong Great Cosmos could probably kill off 10 of their Heavenly Venerates," Longzun said coldly, "I still wish to force him into submission. He disrupted my interests."

The other man no longer spoke. As Longzuns most competent subordinate, he thoroughly understood Longzuns character.

Disrupting Longzuns interests was an extremely terrifying thing to do. That man had personally seen the fate of some people who had disrupted Longzuns interests before.

"He he This time, it was only a projection, but its not like there were no gains. The Human Tribe in the small void has already started to recover."

Longzun then added in an eager voice, "Say, when we arrive at that small void, do you think the recovery of their bloodline could cause the Dark Yellow Supreme Blood of the 10 heavenly drops of blood to appear?"

Longzun said the words Dark Yellow Supreme Blood with great care.

The man seated opposite Longzun pondered for a moment before replying, "The gene seal has already been broken. Although the bloodlines of those people are extremely week, perhaps a drop can still be obtained after going through the refinement of the World Smelting Forge."

"However, if you refine this drop of Dark Yellow Supreme Blood, there wont be a second drop. How about slowly"

The man was cut short by Longzun. "How can other people share what is mine?"

"One drop is already enough for me!"