Supreme Uprising Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Nine Gene Seals

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Inside the Senior Statesman Hall, Luo Yunyang was quietly browsing through the records of breaking the gene seal. According to what Lu Qubing had said, Longzun had researched breaking nine gene seals.

If most humans cultivated according to this method, they would be able to break the first five gene seals in no time.

Breaking the first gene seal would result in a great increase in strength; breaking the second would greatly improve speed; breaking the third would improve the mind; breaking the fourth would improve the constitution.

Once these four gene seals were completely broken, not only would a cultivator experience great upgrades, but these upgrades would be passed on to the cultivator’s descendants.

Toddlers now had a Planet-Grade cultivation base because their parents had already broken the first four gene seals.

After looking through the first four gene seals, Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up. Given his Heavenly Venerate deduction, the secrets to breaking the Human Tribe’s first four gene seals that Longzun had provided didn’t have any harmful effects.

It could even be said that it was simpler and more effective than the basic fist techniques Luo Yunyang had personally created to increase the strength of the Human Tribe.

If Longzun didn’t come from the Longlin Great Cosmos and if he didn’t have such treacherous intentions, Luo Yunyang felt that this person would definitely be someone who would help the Divine Union greatly.

However, when he thought about him, as well as this flawless method he had provided, Luo Yunyang felt that an unimaginable conspiracy was about to threaten the Human Tribe.

Although he couldn’t guess what this person’s intentions were, if he could provide such a valuable method that had greatly benefited the Human Tribe, then his objective would be even greater.

Now, the entire Human Tribe cultivated the gene-seal-breaking method. Although the matter had been brought to Luo Yunyang’s attention, there was no longer any way of backing out.

As these thoughts went through his mind, Luo Yunyang continued browsing through the remaining five gene seals. These five gene seals targeted Star-Grade, Nebula-Grade, Galaxy-Grade, Celestial Domain-Grade, and Universe-Grade individuals!

Compared to the first four gene seals, the next five were extremely difficult to break.

After breaking the Nebula-Grade gene seal, not only was a strong will and cultivation base required for breaking the Galaxy-Grade seal, but a certain degree of power within the cultivator’s bloodline was also required.

Bloodline power!

Luo Yunyang continued looking at the Galaxy-Grade, the Celestial Domain-Grade, as well as the Universe-Grade gene seal. These three also mentioned bloodline power.

The stronger the bloodline power, the easier it was to unlock the gene seal. If the bloodline was weak, there wouldn’t be any hope for the later gene seals.

The Human Tribe’s bloodline power…

Luo Yunyang drummed his fingers gently on a jade stone desk. Although he had the small silver tower, which was a top-notch tool for grooming elites, he had never mentioned that silver tower or bloodline power.

As many thoughts went through his mind, Luo Yunyang made a decision. Although the gene-seal-breaking method wouldn’t be very effective on him, he still decided to try cultivating it.

Unlike the cultivation of the inner universe within the body, the focal point of the gene seal breaker was unearthing the potential within the body. Of course, without a powerful bloodline power, the cultivation of the gene seal breaker would only stop at the Star Grade.

The first gene seal raised strength. Although strength was the focus of Luo Yunyang’s physical body cultivation, his physical body’s level of strength had already reached a frightening level. Thus, the first gene seal wasn’t of much use to Luo Yunyang.

However, as Luo Yunyang followed the cultivation technique and used the pure power of his physical body to break through the first gene seal, he suddenly found that the first gene seal was actually like a steel wall that was difficult to break.

How could this be?

Because of the studies of the gene seal, Luo Yunyang had already analyzed the majority of Human Tribe powerhouses that had broken through thanks to gene seal cultivation.

By following this process, some broke through quickly and others were slow. However, on a whole, they had very easily broken the gene seals.

Luo Yunyang himself couldn’t even break through the first step. If this news circulated, he would definitely become a laughing stock.

Luo Yunyang thought about this and went through the gene seal research once again before following the method to break through the first gene seal.

Boom! With a thunderous boom, Luo Yunyang felt something like a barrier within his body get destroyed. Besides flourishing strength, Luo Yunyang felt a powerful vitality flowing through his body.

If Luo Yunyang’s previous cultivation had required absorbing the energies all around to cultivate his own internal universe, then all the energy that flowed into him was his own body’s strength.

After this energy had completely calmed down, Luo Yunyang quickly opened his attribute regulator and looked at the changes in his body.

His Power had increased by 0.1 yuan!

Luo Yunyang’s eyes glowed as he saw the black digits. An increase of 0.1 yuan through cultivation was a very difficult thing to do for Luo Yunyang.

After all, 0.1 yuan was practically one-tenth of a Heavenly Venerate’s power.

Ordinary people would have their power increased ten times, and some might even amplify their power more than 20 times.

However, that was because these people had a low cultivation base.

Given Luo Yunyang’s current state, even though he could raise his cultivation grade, many ordinary cultivation techniques were basically useless to him.

If breaking through the first gene seal had such great benefits, then what about breaking through the second one?

As he had this thought, Luo Yunyang started itching to break through the second gene seal by using the cultivation technique.

Ten days later, he came out of seclusion. Luo Yunyang now seemed to have a strange glow in his eyes.

In the past, people had felt that Luo Yunyang gave off the vibe of a dangerous beast. However, now, Luo Yunyang was like an extremely dangerous beast.

In ten days, he had broken through a total of four gene seals. As the last gene seal was broken, Luo Yunyang felt a massive upgrade.

Actually, based on the cultivation of the star core, planets and stars within his internal universe, Luo Yunyang would still be able to make progress.

However, this progress would occur over time.

Meanwhile, the upgrades he gained from breaking the gene seals were an upgrade to his origin source laws. He was like an ant becoming an elephant.

Although both ants and elephants existed in ordinary worlds, the difference in strength between them might be more than 10,000 times apart.

If Luo Yunyang could use a point reference, then it would be the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. His own body and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were both at the Celestial Domain Grade, but the difference in power was very clear.

His original body had been able to catch up by relying on martial path heavenly tribulation as well as his gains and experiences in the two Great Cosmoses he had visited.

Although he was already familiar with the power in his own body, Luo Yunyang felt a little intoxicated when he harnessed the great power within his physical body. He even felt that the gene-seal-breaking cultivation method was the most suitable for the Human Tribe.

However, after breaking the fourth gene seal, the fifth seal and the next seals would start to get really difficult.

The first four gene seals would allow at least five out of ten people to succeed. However, when it came to the fifth gene seal, at most one out of 10,000 people would successfully break it.

Many times, there might not even be one successful person out of 10,000.

Lu Qubing didn’t break through the fifth gene seal. Although the Flame Emperor had broken through the fifth gene seal, he had only gained half the benefits because it had been a little forced. Even so, he had still obtained a mystical ability called Abyss Poison Flame.

Abyss Poison Flame was combined with the flame paths within the body to allow the Flame Emperor’s cultivation base to soar to new heights.

Luo Yunyang wondered whether he could break through the fifth gene seal. However, even his Heavenly Venerate abilities weren’t very effective against the fifth gene seal.

After going through the crux of the gene-seal-breaking method in his heart, Luo Yunyang started to try to break through the fifth gene seal.

According to the studies on gene seals, Luo Yunyang found that this method for unlocking gene seals was flawless. As long as he followed the cultivation method and broke through each gene seal, he would gain massive benefits.

He failed!

After trying to break through ten times in a row, Luo Yunyang couldn’t help but accept the reality that he had failed to break through the fifth gene seal.

The reason he had failed wasn’t that he was not familiar enough with the method for breaking the gene seal, but rather because his bloodline concentration hadn’t been high enough during the process.

His bloodline concentration was insufficient, so he lacked the impetus to break the gene seal. Luo Yunyang’s strength simply couldn’t match up to the bloodline density required.

Exactly what sort of bloodline was in his body? Could it be the clan bloodline that the Martial God had talked about, or…

Luo Yunyang pondered this as he opened his attribute regulator and once again took a look at his attributes.

Power: 1.3

Speed: 1.1

Constitution: 1.2

Mind: 0.6

The four lines of black base attributes had experienced an increase of 0.1. This increase meant that Luo Yunyang possessed much greater power for future battles now.

However, there wasn’t anything concerning bloodline adjustments amongst these attributes. Even the sub-attributes of the Origin Source Laws and Mystic Abilities couldn’t catch up with the pace at which Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base was advancing and were thus no longer displayed.

If only his Bloodline could be adjusted.

When Luo Yunyang had this thought, a bloodline button appeared beneath his Mind Attribute!