Supreme Uprising Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Ancient God Men

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Power: 1.3

Speed: 1.1

Constitution: 1.2

Mind: 0.6

Bloodline: 0.001

Luo Yunyang felt his teeth hurting when he saw that 0.001 figure. However, he knew that the Bloodline displayed on the attribute regulator wasnt something like the Blaze Dragon Bloodline, Ice Phoenix Bloodline or the others he had encountered through his cultivation.

A Bloodline that could be individually displayed in terms of black yuan would definitely be powerful.

The attribute regulator could make Bloodline adjustments!

When Luo Yunyang transferred his Speed Attribute to his Bloodline, Luo Yunyangs Bloodline Attribute instantly became 1.101!

When he tried to break through the fifth gene seal once more, Luo Yunyang accomplished it in no time.

There werent any obstructions or restrictions anymore!

After the fifth gene seal broke, Luo Yunyangs constitution rose and an essentially pure flame power was born in his body.

Although this flame seemed a little inferior to his Cleansing Glass Flame, it was way stronger than most ordinary flames.

Using his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang strengthened himself enough to break the other gene seals, as well as observe his progress after each gene seal was broken.

Sixth gene seal, seventh gene seal, eighth gene seal!

The instant Luo Yunyang broke through the eighth gene seal, a terrifying image was displayed in his mind.

Within an endless void, he heard what sounded like heaven and earth rumbling. While Luo Yunyangs mental state was strong, he felt like an insignificant ant amidst this rumbling sound.

"Dark Yellow Battle Race; Rulers are Humans. Now, I seal your body of primal chaos. From now on, you shall live a mortal life!"

"I seal your control of the vast earth laws. From now on, you wont control earth!"

"I seal your control of raging wind laws. From now on, you wont be kin of the wind sprites!"

"I seal your control of water-elemental laws. From now on, you will have no authority over the endless power of water."

"I seal your control of fire-elemental laws. Your control of fire will begin to ebb. I seal"

Vast, mighty voices were heard. As each seal descended, it made Luo Yunyang feel as though his body was continuously weakening within these seals.

Although this was merely a sensation, Luo Yunyang felt immeasurable fear when it appeared.

It seemed like the vast, mighty voices were still saying something. However, because of Luo Yunyangs cultivation base, he simply couldnt hear exactly what the voices were saying.

When all these voices completely disappeared from Luo Yunyangs consciousness, he had already broken through the eighth gene seal. As this gene seal was broken, Luo Yunyang felt his various attributes rising again.

However, the instant the eighth gene seal was broken, Luo Yunyangs internal universe seemed to experience a catalyst and the already vast internal universe within his body expanded once again.

Celestial Domain-Grade stage seven, Celestial Domain-Grade stage eight, Celestial Domain-Grade stage nine

While his internal universe was expanding, Luo Yunyangs cultivation base reached the ninth level of the Celestial Domain Grade. Just a bit more and his internal universe would become a full-fledged universe and he would become a Universe-Grade.

A martialists cultivation would experience rapid improvement once their full-fledged internal universe was formed.

However, breaking through to the Universe Grade wasnt easy. Luo Yunyang had spent a hundred years in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos and his Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base hadnt even advanced by a single level.

The reason he had progressed so quickly this time was entirely because he had broken the gene seal and liberated the potential within his body, causing his internal universe to advance.

Power: 1.7

Speed: 1.5

Constitution: 1.6

Mind: 1

Bloodline: 0.21

Luo Yunyang frowned slightly as he studied the changes to his various attributes via the attribute regulator. Although these figures had increased considerably compared to before he had broken the gene seals, the various attributes hadnt changed much because of his three-level Celestial Domain-Grade advancement.

Things had occurred this way because the energy within Luo Yunyangs body was too powerful. The progress of his own power due to the tiny advancements of his cultivation grade wasnt too big.

After consolidating what he had learned, Luo Yunyang didnt immediately try breaking the ninth gene seal. Although he wanted to, even if the various attributes of his body were added up, they still wouldnt be sufficient to break through the ninth gene seal.

The ninth gene seal was a contraindication.

Upon leaving his seclusion grounds, Lu Qubing saw Lu Qubing, Yunxi, Luo Donger and the others, who had been waiting for him.

Yunxi hadnt changed much. Donger still had her youthful charm, but her willfulness of years past seemed to have weakened.

"Big Bro, the Demigod Tribes Shenluo Supremacy has sent an invitation. Hes inviting you to Shenluo Sky for his 100,000th birthday celebration." Luo Donger produced an invitation as she spoke.

Reaching the Supremacy Level would give him an unlimited life expectancy. Therefore, generally speaking, one would only have birthday celebrations every 100,000 years. Thus, Shenluo Supremacys 100,000th birthday was naturally a big deal in the Demigod Tribe.

However, Luo Yunyang looked at this elegant invitation made of fine jade with a mocking expression.

Given the rapid rise of the Human Tribe, this gathering would be the mother of all feasts! As he had these thoughts, Luo Yunyang had already made his decision. He took the invitation. "Say that I will be there on time."

Lu Qubing kept feeling somewhat ashamed whenever he was in front of Luo Yunyang due to the matter with Longzun. He would also avoid dealing with issues if he could. When he heard that Luo Yunyang wanted to attend this celebration, he immediately voiced his worry. "Yunyang Supremacy, if if you could skip this celebration, it would be better not to attend."

As soon as he said this, Lu Qubing immediately pushed any misgivings in his heart aside and advised Luo Yunyang sincerely. "I think that this 100,000-year birthday celebration seems off. I believe that sending a representative would suffice."

Yunxi and the others chimed in. "Senior Statesman Lu is right. Our relationship with the Demigod Tribe is tense. Plus, the Demigod Tribe and the Purgatory seem to have gotten closer recently."

"If they harbor ill intentions, then this celebration could be"

Luo Yunyang nodded. "It definitely wont be a nice feast. However, it isnt easy to gather all these people. Why not settle this once and for all when they are all together?"

There was a cold glimmer in Luo Yunyangs eyes when he said these words. At his level of cultivation, there was no such thing as home ground advantage in the Divine Unions void.

Furthermore, he had suppressed the demonic Qi in his body within the Bloodied Sea Clone and also cultivated the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture. Thanks to his recent gene seal breakthroughs, Luo Yunyang felt that he could even face a third-level Heavenly Venerate without losing.

The attribute regulator gave him the most confidence. Even if Shenluo Supremacy didnt hold this celebration, Luo Yunyang was prepared to declare war and unify the four factions to avoid being surrounded by enemies when Longzun and his people arrived.

Luo Yunyang might be confident, but he wasnt so self-absorbed that he wouldnt prepare. His Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone had already nurtured a third clone, so Luo Yunyang would be letting this clone take his form and go over for the time being.

Of course, these methods would be used just in case.

News of Luo Yunyang agreeing to attend only took half a day to reach Dahai Saint and the others. Dahai Saints hand was trembling when he saw the Human Tribes reply. To him, Luo Yunyang was just like a curse stuck to his body, making it hard for him to breathe.

Now, the chance to finally remove this curse had finally come!

"Patriarchs, Luo Yunyang has agreed to attend." Dahai Saint went into a small space that seemed separated from everything else and informed the three people sitting in a lotus position.

Although Dahai Saint lowered his head, he subconsciously glanced at the elder seated in the middle.

In the history of the Demigod Tribe, Wanluo Supremacy had already died. However, he had actually reappeared now. This astonished the Demigod Tribes leader, Dahai Saint.

After all, Wanluo Supremacy had vanished before countless Demigod people by recurring injuries before his internal universe was shattered.

Unexpectedly, he had actually appeared this time for the sake of dealing with Luo Yunyang. This was the best thing that could happen to the Demigod Tribe and Dahai Saint.

Wanluo Supremacy glanced at Dahai Saint and said indifferently, "Alright, you go ahead and start preparing."

The Demigod Tribe leader respectfully took his leave. Although he didnt know the secret plan of the three Patriarchs, he knew one thing. At this celebration, the Demigod Tribe wasnt the only one making preparations to kill someone. Even the Purgatory and other powers were in on it.

This time, Luo Yunyang would definitely be exterminated.

As Dahai Saint thought about all this, he quickly looked through a set of resources. Dahai Saint practically knew the contents by heart.

He had already obtained a copy of the secrets of breaking the nine gene seals a long time ago. Unfortunately, cultivating this gene seal breaker had no effect on the young geniuses of the Demigod Tribe or the powerhouses of other tribes.

According to a study conducted by some martialists, these nine gene seals mainly targeted the potential of the Human Tribe. Other tribes simply wouldnt have any use for it.

As he thought about the results of the Human Tribes cultivation of these nine gene seals, Dahai Saint recalled a line that Black Shenzi had said the four great factions were actually slaves of the Human Tribe.

Although Black Shenzi had taken out a lot of resources, Dahai Saint hadnt believed this at all. Now, his heart was starting to sway.

However, all this was no longer important. After the celebration, the Divine Union would no longer have a Human Tribe!