Supreme Uprising Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Accommodating The Four Seas

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Shenluo Supremacys 100,000-year-old birthday was a universal celebration for the entire Demigod Tribe.

In the small space of Shenluo Sky where Shenluo Supremacy resided, 3,000 top-grade spaceships from the Demigod Tribe were on patrol.

They were not there so much to ensure the safety of the celebration, but rather to welcome the guests that were arriving. All the guests and Shenluo Supremacy were considered domineering figures, so any troublemakers would basically be courting death.

"Machine Empire. Lord Black Shenzi is here!" A voice resonated by a special array formation echoed throughout the void.

Tens of thousands of young ladies from the Demigod Tribe began to play music with their respective instruments while platoons of soldiers clad in white uniforms saluted with blades and swords in their hands.

Black Shenzi didnt have a large physique, but the atmosphere created made him feel like he was a lofty figure.

He was the one that possessed the most authority below the Machine Empires Supremacies. These credentials alone were enough to make the smaller forces that had come to the celebration bow in respect.

While Black Shenzi emerged from the crowd, Dahai Saint also walked forward with a wide smile.

Although their status was similar, in the Divine Union, Dahai Saints prestige was without a doubt much higher than Black Shenzis.

Hence, some of those smaller tribes were looking at Black Shenzi in both fear and admiration.

Black Shenzi did not react to these stares of admiration. After exchanging greetings with Dahai Saint, both of them entered Shenluo Sky.

The arrangement was already completed! There was no use saying anything now. Success and failure wouldnt be decided by them.

The heads of the Purgatory, the Bug Race, and all the elites that came from all directions were pouring into Shenluo Sky like a torrential river.

The martialists from smaller tribes that were barred from entering Shenluo Sky were disgruntled. However, they didnt dare voice their discontent while facing the big figures that entered through the VIP entrance.

Of course, some of the youngsters from the other tribes that were brought along to gain knowledge and experience began to understand that things in the world changed rapidly and anyone could flourish or decline easily.

A thunderous roar echoed through the void as a huge chariot pulled by nine dragons suddenly emerged from the sky.

When the nine dragons appeared, the Demigod Tribe martialists in charge of welcoming guests had unsightly expressions on their faces.

The suppressive might exuded from the nine dragons was extremely overbearing.

"This is the arrival of" The Celestial Domain-Grade Demigod martialist was about to speak before someone interrupted him. "Yunyang Supremacy has graced the event with his presence. Its an honor for the Demigod Tribe to welcome Yunyang Supremacy."

Dahai Saint, who was dressed for the occasion, hurriedly rushed towards the entrance, which was a thousand miles away, and bowed respectfully before the nine-dragon chariot.

Luo Yunyang had arrived. Although Dahai Saint wanted to appear calm, his eyes gave away a hint of excitement.

Luo Yunyang stepped out of the chariot upon landing. The chariot had been prepared during the Human Tribes meeting 10 years ago to act as Luo Yunyangs personal vehicle. This time, it was finally put to use.

All nine dragons had a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base. If the Human Tribe hadnt improved by breaking the gene seals, it wouldnt have been easy for them to capture those dragons.

"Im here. Are you delighted?" Luo Yunyang eyed Dahai Saint as he spoke dully.

Dahai Saint glanced at the domineering Luo Yunyang with a hint of fear in his eyes.

When Dahai Saint had first heard of Luo Yunyangs name, Luo Yunyang had only been a puny ant within the Human Tribe. Although hed had the support of the Celestial World Supremacy, Dahai Saint still hadnt considered him important.

However, Dahai Saint had always tolerated Luo Yunyangs actions because he didnt want to offend the Celestial World Supremacy.

He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would be standing over everyone after just a few centuries. Now, the Demigod Tribe had made every effort just to remove the looming threat of Luo Yunyang.

Dahai Saint trembled lightly when Luo Yunyang spoke. The first thought that came to his mind was that maybe Luo Yunyang had heard something or had deduced that something was going to happen.

Although he was making wild guesses in his mind, he still replied almost naturally, "Yunyang Supremacy is an elder of the Divine Union and the first Supremacy of the Human Tribe. Its the Demigod Tribes pleasure to receive you. Naturally, I am delighted to see you."

Luo Yunyang glanced at the sincere-looking Dahai Saint and sneered in secret. He had long ago guessed the plan that Dahai Saint was hiding.

"Do you truly mean what youre saying?" Luo Yunyang said casually.

"Of course. In my opinion, every Supremacy is my senior, so I must treat them all with the greatest reverence." Dahai Saint was feeling slightly panicky, yet he still remained calm on the surface.

Luo Yunyang just smiled gently at Dahai Saint, who was spewing all this nonsense, before entering Shenluo Sky under the thundering welcoming cheers of the crowd.

Dahai Saint was elated when he saw Luo Yunyang enter Shenluo Sky. Once Luo Yunyang entered Shenluo Sky, things would no longer be up to him.

While Dahai Saint was delighted inwardly, news of Luo Yunyang entering Shenluo Sky spread like wildfire.

Of course, the people that heard the news were well-respected in their tribes and were only concerned about Luo Yunyangs movements.

After Luo Yunyang entered Shenluo Sky, servants started leading the way. Luo Yunyang soon arrived in a massive palace hall that glowed with white brilliance.

"Your presence brings light to the Demigod Tribes humble dwellings, Yunyang Supremacy," Tianluo Supremacy said with a grin.

Although Tianluo Supremacy was a woman, her status in the Demigod Tribe was not inferior to Shenluo Supremacys status at all. However, she was currently smiling politely, as if she wasnt an imposing Supremacy but a hostess welcoming an honored guest.

"Youre too polite," Luo Yunyang replied as he glanced calmly at her.

Tianluo Supremacy eyed Luo Yunyang before gesturing with her hands. "Yunyang Supremacy, this way, please."

There were only a few guests in the hall when Luo Yunyang entered. However, he was familiar with most of them. He saw Ignorant Supremacy from the Machine Empire, Nanlai Supremacy from Qingliao Tribe, and a Queen from the Bug Race.

The few of them stopped talking among themselves when they saw Luo Yunyang entering the hall.

Shenluo Supremacy was seated at the end of the huge hall. "Yunyang Supremacy, its my honor that you graced my birthday celebration with your presence. However, before we begin, theres something I would like to discuss with you," Shenluo Supremacy said in a serious tone.

Upon saying that, he glanced at Nanlai Supremacy.

Nanlai Supremacy, who was at a loss, eventually stood up and said, "Yunyang Supremacy, we have discussed among ourselves and we think that the Human Tribes population is becoming too high. It is threatening the survival of other tribes. Hence, we hope that Yunyang Supremacy can take the initiative to reduce the Human Tribes numbers."

Reducing the size of the Human Tribe was akin to controlling the Human Tribes power. Luo Yunyang, who had come prepared, chuckled. "So how high do you think the Human Tribes population should be, Nanlai Supremacy?"

It was impossible for Nanlai Supremacy to get out of the predicament he was in. Hence, he could only grit his teeth and push on. "Weve discussed and reached a conclusion. We think that the number of the Human Tribe shouldnt exceed one billion."

The surrounding air turned cold and silent when Nanlai Supremacy said this number.

One billion sounded like a large number. However, the Human Tribe already exceeded that number. There were at least trillions of humans.

Even though the Human Tribe was guarded by Luo Yunyang and would still be a formidable force even if it reduced its number to one billion, the threat it posed to the Demigod Tribe and the other factions would be greatly reduced.

"Nanlai Supremacy, my tribe has a big population. It is very difficult for me to reduce it to a billion. Do you have any better options?" Although Luo Yunyangs voice was calm, it was laced with a slight hint of killing intent.

Nanlai Supremacy could sense this looming killing intent!

The other people present felt the same. Shenluo Supremacy did not respond, yet a wave of boundless intent moved over to envelop Luo Yunyang.

"Luo Yunyang, the Machine Empire can help you with that." Ignorant Supremacy spoke. "This time, well achieve our objective even if great sacrifices need to be made."

After saying that, Ignorant Supremacy added firmly, "We have arranged places for elites within our own internal universes. You can do as you please when it comes to other aspects."

The battle between Luo Yunyang and Jueluo Supremacy had caused the Demigod Tribe to lose a great deal of territory. It was precisely Luo Yunyangs ferocious attacks that had made the Demigod Tribe surrender.

However, Ignorant Supremacy was now implying that the same method would no longer be useful in dealing with them.

Luo Yunyang sneered when he heard that. "Im actually here to discuss something with all of you as well."

"Oh. What do you want to discuss?" Shenluo Supremacy asked.

"I think that our void is too small. Theres endless battling everywhere that disrupts the order and peace of our void. Everyone, why not become my subordinates and live peacefully with one another? Wouldnt it be better this way?" Luo Yunyang chuckled.