Supreme Uprising Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Crushing Four Factions

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The first thought that entered Shenluo Supremacys mind was that Luo Yunyang must have gone crazy! He wouldnt dare say such words to all of them if he were sane!

Dominating the Divine Union and consolidating everyone under him was an utterly unrealistic scenario. Did he not know that everyone acted against him, not because of his present strength, but because his potential was too great to ignore?

"Luo Yunyang, seems like youre hell-bent on swallowing us up," Ignorant Supremacy said indifferently.

"You can put it this way." Luo Yunyang glanced at Ignorant Supremacy in disdain. "Everyone is here today to make a move on me, right? Instead of letting everyone worry, its better that I take the initiative. Am I not right?"

Nanlai Supremacy and the rest were completely silent. Nanlai Supremacy had been leading the way to pressure Luo Yunyang, forcing Luo Yunyang to fight when he had no other choice before finally killing him.

All this had been part of their plan. However, now.

"Luo Yunyang, arent you very confident about this?" The Blood Lotus Supremacy emerged from the far end of the hall. However, his face stiffened when he saw Luo Yunyang.

He felt a feeling of incomparable familiarity coming from Luo Yunyangs body, which was something he shouldnt even have.

"You You actually" The Blood Lotus Supremacy glared at Luo Yunyang as if he wanted to swallow him whole.

Luo Yunyang eyed the Blood Lotus Supremacy and casually said, "Im simply recycling waste material."

"You must die!" The Blood Lotus Supremacy snorted coldly. "This time, Ill kill you even if I must destroy the entire void!"

"You people are far from capable of doing so anytime soon!" Luo Yunyang stood up suddenly and a grand aura erupted from his body.

The power of the Heavenly Venerate True Body, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, and his own body converged as one, instantly alleviating all his attributes to greater heights.

The power attributes of the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the others were only one Yuan. Nanlai Supremacys Power Attribute didnt even possess one Yuan.

Under this enormous pressure, every supremacy present gritted their teeth.

Even though they had the numbers, they were still inferior to Luo Yunyang. By relying on the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyangs Power Attribute had doubled. However, their combined power attributes were still incomparable.

In particular, the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who seemed to have the same roots as Luo Yunyang, felt an urge to surrender when Luo Yunyang exuded this might.

"Kill!" The Blood Lotus Supremacy couldnt accept being suppressed. Thus, he roared in rage and brandished his arms, conjuring blade-shadows formed by nomological laws that cleaved towards Luo Yunyang viciously.

A Supremacys full-force attack could decimate an entire galaxy.

Now, the Blood Lotus Supremacys seemingly crushing force was congregated in a blade-shadow.

If the power within the blade-shadow erupted, the attacking strength would be unimaginable.

Luo Yunyang remained as cool as a cat while facing the Blood Lotus Supremacys attack. It actually seemed as though he was simply oblivious to the attack.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy was puzzled. As a Supremacy, he had a lot of battle experience.

Usually, under these circumstances, the opponent would either be worried about something or start gathering power to make an attack.

There were no misgivings between the two of them. Hence, Luo Yunyang had to be gathering power for a devastating strike. However, the Blood Lotus Supremacy wouldnt retreat given his status.

Hence, while treading a little more carefully, the Blood Lotus Supremacy increased the intensity of his blade-shadow to its maximum might.


The blade-shadow produced an ear-piercing screech when it landed on Luo Yunyangs body. Meanwhile, the Blood Lotus Supremacy backed away rapidly after unleashing the blade-shadow.

Retreat, retreat, retreat!

The Blood Lotus Supremacy backed away extremely swiftly and reached Ignorant Supremacy in the blink of an eye. His expression turned unsightly as he saw the seemingly unhurt Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang did not pursue him. He just remained unmoving, allowing the Blood Lotus Supremacy to attack him as much as he wanted. However, his ferocious attack wasnt enough to break Luo Yunyangs defense. How was that possible?

Confusion filled the Blood Lotus Supremacys mind, making him look way more solemn.

Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy had unsightly looks on their faces too. They knew that Luo Yunyang was going to be a tough nut to crack after analyzing him before they attacked.

However, Luo Yunyang was now behaving in an unexpected manner that scared them.

The more he behaved like this, the firmer their resolve to kill Luo Yunyang became. As a mighty Supremacy, each of them was a domineering figure in their own right. Thus, they would never allow someone that could suppress them to exist.

"Luo Yunyang, I never thought that you would choose this route. However, our four great factions have dominated this void for eons. Do you think that we do not have similar means to suppress this cosmos as well?"

Shenluo Supremacy turned towards Ignorant Supremacy and the others before exclaiming, "Lets begin!"

Ignorant Supremacy nodded his head and brandished his arms to conjure an ancient mirror from the void. This ancient mirror, which was only a foot wide, was also cracked at the corners.

However, when the ancient mirror appeared, Luo Yunyang immediately sensed a destructive energy pouring out of it.

The Queen Supremacy from the Bug Race also moved, releasing a long ear-piercing shriek. A small white bug flew forth from the Queen Supremacys storage bracelet.

The seemingly harmless flying bug revolved around the Queen Supremacy like a toy.

Meanwhile, an armor that looked like it was assembled from fragments had appeared on the Blood Lotus Supremacys body. When the Blood Lotus Supremacy was encased in the armor, it seemed as though his whole appearance had changed completely.

He was as towering as a mountain and as profound as the abyss!

Although he hadnt made his move, the destructive intent exuded by him made everyone present shiver in fear.

"Go!" The Queen Supremacy made a low buzzing noise before sending the tiny white bug toward Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt underestimate the tiny bug. After all, this was the trump card of a supremacy so it definitely wouldnt be anything ordinary.

The white bug, which was very fast, did not react when Luo Yunyang probed it with an attack. It seemed as if the attack hadnt struck it at all.

"Great Titan Mark!"

Luo Yunyang executed the Great Titan Mark instantly. Although this clone wasnt Luo Yunyangs true body, the might of the Great Titan Mark remained as majestic as ever after he utilized the attribute regulator to adjust his attributes.

The mighty Great Titan Mark landed heavily on the small white bug, yet it merely swayed in the void slightly before hurtling towards Luo Yunyang again.

"Luo Yunyang, this is the Bug Races most valuable treasure, the Duya True Bug. Even a Supremacy like you will not be able to harm it at all." The Queen Supremacy sounded very pleased with herself as she added, "It is good fortune to die in the mouth of the Duya True Bug!"

As the Queen Supremacy was going on about her trump card, the Blood Lotus Supremacy was also making his way towards Luo Yunyang. Clad in his armor as he was, his attacks contained a boundless blood-light that seemed capable of sweeping aside everything before him.

Luo Yunyang, whose cultivation base had more than doubled, was observing the Duya True Bug closely and also paying attention to the Blood Lotus Supremacys movements.

The Blood Lotus Supremacys execution was both furious and intense, and his powers were rising constantly.

As he faced the Duya True Bugs pursuit and the Blood Lotus Supremacys interception, Luo Yunyang executed the Life Death Resounding Fate immediately.

When this sound echoed, the white bug froze for a moment. Capitalizing on this, Luo Yunyang brandished his arms, sending a Great Titan Mark that transformed into the Mahkyapa Titan Mark toward the Blood Lotus Supremacy.


Blood-light and purple radiance exploded in the void at this collision and Luo Yunyang stumbled five steps backwards. Meanwhile, the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who was clad in his armor, was pushed back three steps.

However, the Blood Lotus Supremacys expression was even more shocked than Luo Yunyangs. He knew his armor inside out, yet he only managed to obtain a slight advantage after donning it.

"Luo Yunyang, die!" A figure emerged from the back of the hall suddenly. When it emerged, a terrifying massive intent started to descend on Luo Yunyang.

The figure was a Demigod Tribe elder that Luo Yunyang did not know. However, his cultivation base was at the Supremacy Level. The elders body was wrapped in white brilliance, so Luo Yunyang was certain that he was in some sort of special state.

When he moved his palms downwards to suppress Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang actually felt paralyzed by this suppression for a moment. At the same time, Ignorant Supremacy gently pointed his finger forward and the ancient mirror that had been looming overhead suddenly shot out a beam of light.

The light beam swept across, turning everything it passed into dust. The Demigod elder that was suppressing Luo Yunyang wanted to evade it but couldnt do so in time.

The light beam swept through Luo Yunyangs body as well.

In an instant, Luo Yunyangs body was shattered into fragments!