Supreme Uprising Chapter 756

Chapter 756 With The Divine Pestle My Body Is Eternal

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Upon seeing Luo Yunyang’s body get pierced, the several Supremacies weren’t relieved. On the contrary, they expressed a hint of fear.

“It’s a clone indeed!” Ignorant Supremacy stared at the body that had dissipated with a sigh.

Luo Yunyang had the ability to create a clone of himself, so those present weren’t stupid. This was to be expected. However, they had never expected a mere clone to have such great power.

Wanluo Supremacy, whose body emitted a white power, said indifferently, “Since things have turned out this way, the only way for all four of us to survive is to completely kill this person.”

As he spoke, he waved his hands and appeared in the boundless expanse of space. He gazed piercingly into the distance and endless sword-light flew towards the Celestial Domain, where the Human Tribe was.

These pure-white swords were extremely sharp, so the stars shattered wherever they went. It was like a flood of torrents, really grandiose and difficult to hold back.

Upon seeing Wanluo Supremacy take the initiative, Shenluo Supremacy and the others did not hesitate either. They moved their arms and vast power took various forms, shooting through the endless space.

Outside Shenluo Sky, some of the warriors who were prepared to attend Shenluo Supremacy’s birthday celebration watched this mighty scene via the virtual realm.

They had only wanted to participate in a joyous occasion. They had never expected that the joyous occasion would turn into a battlefield.

The mighty storm that swept through the void sent chills down many people’s spines.

Fortunately, this storm was not directed at them. If their own tribe was targeted, the result would be obvious.

“No!” An inexperienced young man who seemed to have come out with his elders to gain knowledge and experience pleaded.

As he said this, a huge planet that had already been swept away by the endless white sword-light was instantly turned into ashes.

The youth had an unwilling, furious expression on his face!

He was familiar with that planet. Although he was separated by the virtual world, he knew that this was where he had been born and raised. He had become a talented person within his tribe and thought that he would one day be able to return home. However, he had not expected that the planet where he had been born would turn into dust before he could realize this dream.

The boy’s heart felt like it had been stabbed with a knife.

Just as he was about to vent his feelings, a palm covered his mouth, rendering him unable to make a sound.

“Do you want to get us killed?” The young man was dragged into a corner by his master, a man with a rigid face and small black horns growing on his head.

The boy’s voice contained a hint of sorrow. “Master, my home, my…”

Without letting the boy finish, his master said, “Shut up! Don’t even talk about yourself. Some tribes were totally exterminated. So what! Now isn’t the time for you to throw a tantrum. If you dare to say one more sentence, I’ll kill you!”

The master uttered the words ‘I’ll kill you’ resolutely, without any hesitation. The youth trembled as he heard his master’s words.

He was quite favored by his master, so he understood his master’s meaning very well. If his master really said that he would kill him, then he would really die if he still showed no sense of propriety.

However, the teenager did not notice that his master had a pained look in his eyes after turning away.

Although this pain was quickly covered up, it still hurt badly.

Even though he was angry, the youth’s eyes were also filled with fear as he watched the entire galaxy get lit up by sword-light.

He realized that there was no way of resisting this devastating power. He could only be in awe of it.

Just as the young man clenched his fists tightly, he saw a figure appear on the scene of that boundless sword-light. This figure waved his hand gently at the endless sword-light. This sword-light had destroyed countless stars, yet it instantly disappeared with a single wave.

How was this possible?

The young man stared closely at this person. There was a flash of intent in his eyes. If he could be accepted as a disciple by this person, then his hatred and vengeance…

“It’s Yunyang Supremacy!” someone whispered. Although this voice was deliberately suppressed, the admiration welling from his heart could not be hidden.

The youths of small tribes considered Yunyang Supremacy their idol. They looked up to him and hoped to become him in their lives. With his own strength, he had led a small tribe in the Milky Way to becoming the second largest tribe of the Divine Union.

Who could beat this feat?

“Luo Yunyang, you’ve finally appeared. Today, the Human Tribe will die. You’ll have to die!” As Wanluo Supremacy spoke, a third eye appeared between his eyebrows and a pale white ray of light shot over at Luo Yunyang.

The moment Wanluo Supremacy made this move, the Blood Lotus Supremacy slashed a hole in the void and instantly reached Luo Yunyang’s side before throwing a punch.

The instead he threw this punch, it seemed like a thousand blood dragons were roaring within the fist mark of the Blood Lotus Supremacy, which eventually gathered into a scarlet mark.

The Duya True Bug appeared silently behind Luo Yunyang the moment he emerged.

The only thing that didn’t move was the ancient mirror manipulated by Ignorant Supremacy. Although this mirror didn’t move, it remained a huge deterrent.

When the Duya True Bug got close to Luo Yunyang, a divine pestle appeared in Luo Yunyang’s hand. The divine pestle was brandished lightly, smashing at the body of the Duya True Bug.

The Duya True Bug froze in midair as if nothing had changed. However, the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s Divine Blood Light Mark and Wanluo Supremacy’s strange sword-light were already close to Luo Yunyang.


Like thunder, the blood-colored light mark smashed heavily against Luo Yunyang’s body, instantly creating cracks. Meanwhile, Tianluo Supremacy’s sword-light left a fist-sized hole in Luo Yunyang’s shoulder.

This tragic situation occurred so fast that it surprised Tianluo Supremacy and the others.

However, they also felt that what was happening was normal. Although Luo Yunyang was very strong, they were using four prohibited powers.

“Die!” The Blood Lotus Supremacy, who hated Luo Yunyang the most, shouted. He was ready to take advantage of Luo Yunyang’s injury and end the battle right away.

When the Blood Lotus Supremacy struck, Wanluo Supremacy did not hesitate either. His hands were once again pointed at his own forehead as two sword-lights slashed at Luo Yunyang.

While he faced this strong alliance, Luo Yunyang seemed to be dealing with a crisis.

However, just after their attack was delivered, Luo Yunyang, who was holding the divine pestle, suddenly took a step forward. Although this step wasn’t very wide, Luo Yunyang’s injuries had already recovered by then.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy had a grave look on his face when he saw that Luo Yunyang had returned to his earlier state.

He could sense that Luo Yunyang’s recovery wasn’t just superficial. Luo Yunyang was currently at his peak both in spirit and mind.

“Take this too!” Luo Yunyang’s voice was mild, but the divine pestle did not stop at all. Instead, it pounded at the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy’s attack and Luo Yunyang’s Eternal Divine Pestle clashed in the void. The Blood Lotus Supremacy was not too worried about his defense. After all, he was wearing the Purgatory’s most valued treasure, the divine armor.

Even if a Supremacy attacked, this divine armor would block most of the attack. However, the moment the Eternal Divine Pestle came crashing down, he unexpectedly felt his hands, which were in contact with the Eternal Divine Pestle, blow up. Then, a crack appeared on his armor.

Although the crack was tiny, it made the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s heart ache. This set of divine armor was what gave the Purgatory confidence. Every little crack that appeared was a step closer to destruction for the armor.

While Luo Yunyang attacked the Blood Lotus Supremacy with his full force, Wanluo Supremacy’s two sword-lights hit Luo Yunyang’s body.

Luo Yunyang’s arm was even sliced open in half.

Luo Yunyang seemed to be in a more difficult position now. However, when Wanluo Supremacy once again tried to use the sword-light between his eyebrows, Luo Yunyang took another step forward.

His injuries were completely restored after he took this step.


The moment Luo Yunyang took that step, the Duya True Bug was hit by Luo Yunyang and shattered into pieces in the void.

Countless spots of light that looked like the most beautiful of fireworks were sprinkled in all directions!

“No!” The Queen Supremacy’s voice was filled with fear. Her originally beautiful appearance became as sinister as a malevolent spirit’s.

With this loud cry, the Queen Supremacy rushed towards Luo Yunyang frantically. However, as her silhouette was approaching Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang’s body appeared eerily beside her.

Without giving her a chance to fight back, Luo Yunyang smashed the Eternal Divine Pestle into the Queen Supremacy’s head.


The body of one of the three Supremacies of the Bug Race, who had been dominating for many years, was shattered by the bombardment of the Eternal Divine Pestle.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy and the others were not that shocked by the Queen Supremacy’s shattered body. After all, a Supremacy would not die as long as there was still a trace of vitality.

However, when they gradually couldn’t sense the Queen Supremacy’s breath, a frightening speculation filled their hearts.

The Queen Supremacy had fallen.

Although she was only one person, the Queen Supremacy, who had conspired with them, had been killed by Luo Yunyang’s divine pestle!

How was this possible?