Supreme Uprising Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Far Reaches Of Space

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The Queen Supremacy had fallen!

The endless Star Domains of the Bug Race seemed to have sensed the fact that one of their Queen Supremacies had fallen. Momentarily, all these Star Domains entered a state of extreme fear and anger.

Blood fell from the sky as if heaven was crying, and springs sprouted from the ground as if the earth was crying.

The wind raged on and thunder roared, while the suns and moons were dull and devoid of light

The two other Queen Supremacies of the Bug Race were looking at Luo Yunyang fearfully. They were very aware of their comrades strength and the exceptional strength Luo Yunyang had to possess to make her chill them to the bone.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy and the other Supremacies were very afraid as well. Their plan this time had been to kill Luo Yunyang. However, they had never expected a comrade to die after they were unable to kill him.

As first-stage Supremacies, their cultivation bases were mostly similar, so if that Queen Supremacy could die, the same fate could befall them too.

Their attention was shifted onto the Eternal Divine Pestle in Luo Yunyangs hands!

Although they only became aware of the Eternal Divine Pestle when Luo Yunyang started to use it, it was only now that they realized its prowess.

"How did you kill the Queen Supremacy?" Shenluo Supremacy asked with a slightly trembling voice.

Luo Yunyang wasnt surprised that the Eternal Divine Pestle had killed the Queen Supremacy, even if the Queen Supremacy had escaped the flow of time and wouldnt perish for eternity.

However, as the top-notch sect treasure of the Three Era Supreme Sect, the Eternal Divine Pestle possessed gargantuan amounts of power. Not only could the wielder receive the support of Inextinguishable Eternity from the Eternal Divine Pestle, but those that were killed by it would have their past erased by the Eternal Divine Pestle.

It could be said that the Eternal Divine Pestle and the three other treasures were the true hidden pillars of the Three Era Supreme Sect. However, the rules of the sect stated that only the Sect Masters could wield the three treasures.

"Murderers will get what they deserve!" Luo Yunyang held the Eternal Divine Pestle firmly in his hands and said indifferently, "I can give you all another chance."

Everyones face stiffened when they heard this. If the Queen Supremacy had not died, they would have thought that Luo Yunyang was just spewing nonsense.

However, they could now feel that Luo Yunyang had the means to back his words.

"Everyone, now that things have come to this, lets not pretend any longer," Shenluo Supremacy told Ignorant Supremacy and the two other Queen Supremacies that had appeared through a tear in the void. "Im afraid well end up having to hide in a corner if we continue to cower."

With that, Shenluo Supremacy shifted his attention to the two Queen Supremacies that had just arrived.

He was clearly saying all this to the two of them.

The two Queen Supremacies had a cold glint in their eyes, yet it was impossible to guess what they were thinking!

Just as Shenluo Supremacy completed his sentence, Wanluo Supremacy, who was flickering with a white brilliance, drew out an object that resembled a shattered stone.

Tianluo Supremacy hesitated for a moment before taking out a similar stone. Meanwhile, a sword had appeared in Shenluo Supremacys hand.

The moment the three Supremacies took action, Luo Yunyang was already hurtling towards Tianluo Supremacy.

Although Luo Yunyang did not know what sort of hidden trump cards those were, he felt that the best course of action was to prevent the Demigod Tribe Supremacies from using them.

Luo Yunyangs speed had reached a terrifying state. Thus, he arrived before Tianluo Supremacy could react. With the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands, he thrust heavily towards Tianluo Supremacy.

Tianluo Supremacy would definitely suffer a serious injury if the strike of the pestle made contact with him.

However, right before it hit, a faint white radiance suddenly emanated from Tianluo Supremacys body.

Although the white radiance was very peculiar, it managed to stop Luo Yunyangs Eternal Divine Pestle in the blink of an eye.


Momentarily, Luo Yunyangs power increased again and he shattered the white radiance. However, at the same moment, Tianluo Supremacy started backing off rapidly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Beams of light shot out of the ancient mirror controlled by Ignorant Supremacy and targeted Luo Yunyang.

Although the light beams caused little harm to Luo Yunyang, who was utilizing Inextinguishable Eternity, they were still able to slightly delay Luo Yunyangs pursuit.

"Summon the demonic intent that is asleep in the endless galaxy with my blood!" the Blood Lotus Supremacy bellowed mightily.

Trails of bloody streams gushed from the Blood Lotus Supremacys surroundings and gathered around him as he chanted.

These bloody streams came pouring in from barren hills, wild rivers, and wells in the city. Some even came from the bodies of the Purgatory martialists.

"Now, all the Supremacies have executed their ultimate moves. Luo Yunyang will never escape his fate, no matter how great he is!" a 10-meter-tall man whose body was covered in black demonic inscription told his comrade confidently.

His partner, who was watching the virtual projection, replied, "Luo Yunyang used to be a small figure. He must have obtained exceptional treasures in order to rise to the top."

"If I could obtain the treasures in his hands, that would be"

Before his comrade could complete his sentence, he turned rigid. His body shattered instantly and a trail of scarlet blood-light shot out of his body towards the void.

The towering man with the demonic inscriptions on his body watched the blood-light fearfully. The Blood Lotus Supremacys ultimate move and the blood-light that shot out of his partners body signified that there was also a latent demonic intent within that body.

A terrifying sensation crept into that persons mind as he remembered that his comrades cultivation was still inferior to his.

If demonic intent was present in his partners body, then what about his? Just as the man became terrified and tried to shut his communication device, uncontrollable energy suddenly erupted from his body.

Brilliant streaks of blood shot straight through the skies.

The two remaining Queen Supremacies of the Bug Race exchanged glances before grabbing each others hands tightly. A mysterious light suddenly shot out from their surroundings and a huge queen hive appeared in an instant.

The black queen hive seemed like a shadow, yet black radiance began to congregate as soon as this queen hive appeared.

Although Ignorant Supremacy was constantly utilizing his ancient mirror to attack Luo Yunyang, his eyes also turned bloodshot when he saw the queen hive appear.

Upon seeing that Luo Yunyang was approaching, Ignorant Supremacy suddenly threw his mirror at Luo Yunyang before hurriedly retreating.

While the ancient mirror wasnt the Machine Empires final trump card, it was considered a precious treasure by the Machine Empire, as it had been heavily utilized at such critical junctures.

Luo Yunyang did not hesitate at all. While facing the ancient mirror that shot at him like an arrow, he wielded the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hand and smashed it against the ancient mirror.

The mirror shattered instantly.

Meanwhile, a figure with the body of a Demigod Tribesman that was thousands of meters tall appeared in the void.

His eyes flickered with a look of superiority.

"Celestial True Body! Its really the Celestial True Body. I always thought that the Celestial True Body was only a myth. The Demigod Tribe can summon the Celestial True Body indeed!" a Demigod Tribe martialist exclaimed frantically.

He wasnt the only one. Practically the entire Demigod Tribe was getting worked up. Although they knew that their celestial ancestor lay in slumber in the depths of space, they had started to feel that this myth was nothing but a hoax.

After all, they had never seen the Celestials true form.

However, they had finally seen the Celestial True Body. The celestial ancestor that came had been awakened from the depths of space!

"You people shouldnt have woken me up right now." The celestial, who was thousands of meters tall, reprimanded them.

Although his voice was gentle, when it echoed, it seemed as if almost everyone in the void could hear it.

"Ancestor, this man is too threatening to the Demigod Tribe. Please assist us in slaying him!" Shenluo Supremacy was kneeling on the ground while imploring with reverence.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy interrupted before Shenluo Supremacy could continue. "Old fart, I thought you were destroyed in the far reaches of space. I never expected you to still be alive."

The Blood Lotus Supremacys tone was barbaric, and the person he was speaking to was the mighty celestial!

"Ha ha! How can I die when youre still alive?" The celestials attention shifted to the queen hive hanging in the sky before he looked at Ignorant Supremacy, who was creating a formation array with the other Supremacies from the Machine Empire.

Finally, he turned to look at Luo Yunyang and commented, "You must be exceptional if these young ones summoned me. Still, youll have to die!" The celestial brandished his arms while speaking and a massive wave of energy was sent towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs expression turned grave when he saw the emergence of the celestial. However, when he activated his attribute regulator to take a look at his opponent, his worry turned into confidence right away.

"How dare a wild lonely soul show off in front of me?" After saying that, Luo Yunyang directly blasted a punch towards the fist of the celestial.

Great Radiance Technique, Six Divine Fist Technique!

When the punch was sent out, two intense lights collided vigorously in the void.

Meanwhile, the being that occupied the Blood Lotus Supremacys main body did not make a move. Instead, it kept observing excitedly.