Supreme Uprising Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Attribute Adjustment A Battle Between Life And Death

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The violent crash shook the vast space while the closest galaxy trembled tremendously.

Some galaxies even began to show signs of cracking.

The scene, however, was ignored by the Human Tribe and the Demigod Tribe, which were instead staring closely at the image in the virtual realm.

“A struggle to the death!”

This was someone’s review on the Sky Vision. Although this person’s reviews weren’t well-received usually, this time, many people agreed with him.

For both the Human Tribe and Demigod Tribe, this was a battle of life and death. However, the two tribes reacted differently to it.

Amongst the Human Tribe, most people were afraid of this fight, yet they also looked forward to it eagerly. However, things were vastly different in the Demigod Tribe.

Most of its members couldn’t accept the truth. The Demigod Tribe had all along been the dominating force of the Divine Union, so it had been able to control the fate of all the other large tribes.

They had never imagined that the puny Human Tribe would actually one day force the Demigod Tribe into such a situation. How could they accept this? However, no matter what, they had to face reality.

The cracking sound of metal rang in the ears of the crowd before the huge figure of the Celestial took nine steps back.

The Celestial was retreating? How could it be?

The Demigod Tribe elites found this unbelievable, and the Supremacies that surrounded Luo Yunyang didn’t think it was possible.

While they knew that Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base exceeded theirs, they were also certain that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be a match for the Celestial.

However, the head-on crash of Luo Yunyang and the Celestial had put the celestial being at a disadvantage.

Every step taken caused a tear to appear in the void. After nine steps, nine different ruptures had appeared.

The people watching the battle through the Sky Vision could even see the surging space turbulence caused by these ruptures, as well as the frenzied collision of the energy in it.

“If our great Celestial couldn’t endure this massive collision force, then Luo Yunyang must have turned into ashes,” a Demigod Tribe martialist commented on the Sky Vision in a bid to save the Celestial’s reputation.

The comment received support from many Demigod martialists immediately. However, most people were looking at Luo Yunyang’s position.

The collision force had caused a massive dust cloud to shroud Luo Yunyang, so no one could see his figure clearly.

As many people were watching the dust cloud in anticipation, the now blood-red Blood Lotus Supremacy muttered, “What a disgrace. To think that you, an elite from the Celestial Tribe, were still beaten by a mere mortal…”

This sentence made everyone realize that the Celestial was the one who had suffered a setback during the clash.

The Celestial Body, who stood in the void, remained expressionless. “My strength has already weakened greatly. However, you are not his match either!” The Celestial lamented.

Following what the Celestial said, the dust cloud shrouding Luo Yunyang dissipated, giving everyone a clear view of what had happened. During the clash, Luo Yunyang had only been pushed back three steps.

The difference between three and nine steps could be imagined easily.

“Die!” the Blood Lotus Supremacy bellowed as he cleaved his blade at Luo Yunyang while the demonic intent summoned by him took over his mind.

The blood-red long blade swept crossed the sky, heading towards Luo Yunyang’s nape.

Luo Yunyang did not retreat at all while facing the seemingly berserk blade. Instead, he lifted the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hand and an illusion of the pestle that was thousands of miles long suddenly appeared to meet the blade-light.

In seconds, the illusion of the Eternal Divine Pestle collided with the blade-light and the blade-light swiftly shattered in the void.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy did not launch another attack against Luo Yunyang immediately. Instead, he quickly retreated to the Celestial’s side.

“Seems like I found a match. I would have been able to take him down in my prime. However, I think the four factions should join forces and take him down together now.”

“Alright.” The huge Celestial agreed to this suggestion.

After acknowledging it, his physical body shrank quickly. In the blink of an eye, he had become as big as a normal Demigod martialist. However, after shrinking in size, his body became much more condensed as well.

At the same time, a huge looming figure that resembled a spider with the face of a Queen Supremacy gradually moved out of the queen hive. Many people felt really terrified when it emerged.

The humongous spider-like object shot a glance at the Celestial and the Blood Lotus Supremacy but did not say a word. However, it felt like it had sealed the space around itself when it appeared.


Nine golden pyramids tore the void apart and arrived above Ignorant Supremacy. Each of the pyramids was many miles tall and covered in weird, peculiar inscriptions.

Those inscriptions were absorbing the surrounding essence from the air, causing some nearby planets to even wither from this absorption.

“Life and death will be decided by one move!” The Celestial looked at Luo Yunyang and said, “I only have an hour. This void will belong to you if you survive. If you fail, you will die!”

Luo Yunyang wasn’t paying attention to the celestial. Instead, he was looking at the nine humongous golden pyramids. His consciousness told him that the nine pyramids were the biggest threat to him.

Hence, Luo Yunyang did not wait for the Celestial and the Blood Lotus Supremacy to make their move. He lifted the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands again to smash at one of the golden pyramids.

The nine golden pyramids lit up together at once and a light shield immediately rose in the void to cover all nine of the golden pyramids.

When the Eternal Divine Pestle landed heavily on the light shield, a crack started to appear on the shield.

Luo Yunyang’s expression turned grave when he realized that the light shield had actually survived a strike from his Eternal Divine Pestle. However, just as he was about to smash the light shield again with his pestle, the Celestial dashed towards him.

The Celestial, who could destroy galaxies with one palm, did not use his destructive powers for the time being. Instead, a long pike appeared in his hands. The dazzling pike-light looked like falling stars illuminating the void.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy, who was controlled by the demonic intent, wielded twin blades in his hands, the surging blade-light transforming into streaks of blood in the void.

Although he looked rather contradictory to the Celestial, both of them were so well-coordinated that they seemed flawless.

Woosh, shoosh, shoosh!

The spider-like beast from the Bug Race shot an ink-like thread out of its mouth and enveloped Luo Yunyang’s surroundings.

It was weaving a web that could envelop Luo Yunyang completely. Although it didn’t pose much of a threat for now, once the web was completed, it would be more threatening than the nine golden pyramids.

Luo Yunyang immediately made a decision. He hastily turned on his attribute regulator, surprised to find that the Heavenly Venerate True Body, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, and his own attributes were lined up side by side. He did not release his Heavenly Venerate True Body and Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clones. Instead, he took all their attribute points and added them to his own.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 1.7 Speed: 1.5 Constitution: 1.6 Mind: 1 Bloodline: 0.21

Heavenly Venerate True Body: Power: 1.1 Speed: 1.2 Mind: 0.8 Constitution: 0.9

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 0.7 Speed: 0.5 Mind: 0.4 Constitution: 0.9

It didn’t just end there. After adding the attributes of his clones, he also transferred all the original attributes in his body to his Power Attribute. Instantly, Luo Yunyang’s Power Attribute became a terrifying 7.5 Yuan. As for his Speed and other attributes, they were supplemented by the attributes of the Heavenly Venerate True Body and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. Hence, instead of weakening, they also increased a lot.

“Life and Death!” After completing all these adjustments, Luo Yunyang executed his Life Death Resounding Fate against the impending attack.

Although it only consisted of two words, the might of this move was enough to freeze the Celestial for a moment.

At the same moment, Luo Yunyang brandished his Eternal Divine Pestle again, causing countless divine mountains to appear behind him. An illusion of the Eternal Divine Lord even appeared directly behind Luo Yunyang.


The Eternal Divine Lord behind Luo Yunyang mimicked Luo Yunyang’s brandishing motion of the Eternal Divine Pestle as they smashed towards the nine golden pyramids together.

A deafening explosion ensued while the light shield covering the nine golden pyramids shattered in the void like glass receiving a massive blow.

At the same moment, the Eternal Divine Pestle transformed into a huge pillar as it continued to smash at one of the defenseless golden pyramids.

In an instant, the golden pyramids crumbled and turned to dust.

Concurrently, the spider, which had been weaving its web, suddenly spat out a white sword-light from its mouth that shot over at Luo Yunyang.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy attacked as well, aiming at Luo Yunyang’s body!