Supreme Uprising Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Can I Afford To Offend Them?

When he saw the disobedient Luo Yunyang infuriate the fat man, the martial master barked out an order to seize Luo Yunyang. Deep down, he was extremely displeased as well.

He had always disliked this fat man, who acted pragmatically. He would usually nimbly worm his fat maggot-like body up whenever he saw a superior. He would just smile wholeheartedly and act all enthusiastic. However, whenever he had to deal with people of a lower status, he would immediately reveal his true colors.

Do you think a martial master like me would be happy being ordered around by someone like you? No way! Just as the martial master was about to leave, the door was pushed open once again and an unhappy voice said, "The Old Master's birthday celebration is about to start. Why haven't you settled this matter yet?"

The person who had spoken was a middle-aged man. Although he appeared furious, he had a dignified demeanor as the martial master looked at him reverently.

Suddenly, the lady standing beside him saw Luo Yunyang.

The lady had not followed the middle-aged man in. She had just been standing outside the door, merely passing by.

As soon as she saw Luo Yunyang, a look of astonishment appeared on her face and she walked over quickly. "Luo Yunyang! What are you doing here?"

When Shi Zhenxiang saw the lady walk in, he was shocked. However, he managed to calm down right away.

"Aide Qin! Do you know this man? He he... This guy is really rude. I'm going to lock him up for two days and kill some of that cockiness of his!"

A pleased smile formed on Shi Zhenxiang's face as he said this. He had already explained his actions to the Rising Dragon Army.

Unfortunately, Qin Yuemeng, who didn't get what the fat man meant, walked over to Luo Yunyang with a smile. "I just heard what you did. Congratulations! I was just saying that I wanted your signature, but I would have to wait until you returned. I didn't expect that I would run into you here!"

Luo Yunyang, who could guess what Qin Yuemeng was talking about, didn't find it surprising that she knew about it.

This wasn't a secret after all.

Luo Yunyang grinned and pointed at Shi Zhenxiang. "He said he wants to lock me up. Does he have that kind of authority?"

"No, he doesn't!" Qin Yuemeng glanced at Luo Yunyang before she said respectfully, "You are an A-rank elite of the Da Alliance and a First-Class Lieutenant Colonel of the Rising Dragon Army. If anyone wants to lock you up, they would need an order from one of the great generals."

Qin Yuemeng's tone wasn't sharp, but it was very emphatic. As soon as Shi Zhenxiang heard this, he started trembling uncontrollably. He turned around quickly, shock written all over his face. His mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.

Luo Yunyang was an A-rank elite?

There was no shortage of elite martialists in Chang'an City. Actually, people joked that, if one threw a pebble in Chang'an and hit 10 people, eight of them would be elite martialists.

However, this number didn't include high-rank elites.

In fact, there were very few A-rank and B-rank elites, especially A-rank ones, so their status was very respectable.

How could this young man actually be an A-rank elite?

If nothing went wrong, a young A-rank elite like him would perhaps become one of the Rising Dragon Army's generals 20 years down the road.

Although he was considered a middle-rank person in the Rising Dragon Army, the fat man was inferior compared to a martialist like him, who was destined to reach the top.

Shi Zhenxiang shot a resentful look at the martial master as he brought his feet together and saluted Luo Yunyang respectfully. "Lieutenant Colonel, Major Shi Zhenxiang was blind. Please forgive me."

The martial master and the imposing middle-aged man looked at him angrily. Meanwhile, the two young men from the Koi Guard turned around and left quietly.

They were secretly rejoicing in their hearts. If they had struck Luo Yunyang, the consequences would have been dire!

"Sir, I am Ling Tianya, Deputy CEO of the Ling Clan Corporation. I was very fortunate to be able to meet you today. My father is celebrating his 80th birthday, so I would like to invite you over to have some wine and let me play my part as a host."

The middle-aged man was no ordinary person. His tone suddenly changed as he was speaking, becoming warm and friendly.

Luo Yunyang watched Ling Tianya with a half-smile for a bit before he asked Qin Yuemeng, "Is the Ling Clan Corporation very powerful?"

Qin Yuemeng frowned as she said softly, "They are considered one of the top 100 financial groups in Chang'an City."

"Can I afford to offend them?" Luo Yunyang asked with a deadpan expression without moving.

Qin Yuemeng and the Ling Clan Corporation had a mediocre relationship. She had only attended that celebration because a friend of a friend had passed the responsibility on to her. She was a smart person, so she could tell that Luo Yunyang was displeased based on his tone. Given the circumstances, how could Qin Yuemeng, who was extremely good at reading situations and facial expressions, take the wrong side?

"Of course you can!" she said without hesitation.

Luo Yunyang nodded. "Alright, listen up then! I want everyone out of this hotel in 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can't blame me for being impolite!"

As he said that, Luo Yunyang took out his gold-plated A-rank elite chest badge and fiddled with it. "The Eagle King says that one should embrace joy and pleasure every day of their life. He told me I should indulge every once in a while. How about we have a smash at Chen Yong's hotel?"

Shi Zhenxiang's face had turned green. He knew what sort of person the Eagle King was. He was so high up the hierarchy that he was almost a god.

If this sort of man actually indulged this Luo Yunyang fellow, then one could only imagine the extent of his power.

Ling Tianya's expression was ugly. Luo Yunyang's words were like a hard slap across his face.

However, the dazzling gold A-rank elite chest badge in Luo Yunyang's hand and the people he had just mentioned made him feel an immense pressure.

"One should always allow some leeway, my friend. Why..." Ling Tianya hadn't finished speaking, when Luo Yunyang's gaze landed on his face.

His gaze made it hard for Ling Tianya to breathe.

"I said 10 minutes. If you haven't left in 10 minutes, Big Sister Qin will help me call people over!" Luo Yunyang giggled as he looked at Qin Yuemeng.

"The Flame Emperor has ordered me to follow your instructions. If you really need me, I will help you call people over," Qin Yuemeng said helplessly.

"Just be aware that the Flame Emperor will scold you!"

Luo Yunyang laughed, but said no more.

Ling Tianya walked out self-confidently, although deep inside he was boiling with rage. Five minutes later, he came back ashen-faced.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Luo. This whole incident was really rude on our corporation's part. We will leave right away. Your expenses will be covered by my family," Ling Tianya said differentially.

When he was done speaking, he raised his hand and slapped the martial master hard across the face.

The martial master didn't dare dodge. He just endured that strong slap.

His future prospects had suddenly become very dim.

Luo Yunyang looked around at his stunned relatives, who were staring at him flabbergasted, before he said with a laugh, "I think we should go ahead and take a seat!"