Supreme Uprising Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust

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The mark technique contained both light and dark elements. When it was executed, the surging wave of terrifying power silenced the surroundings.

"Run!" A Universe-Grade Saint who was millions of miles away suddenly activated his boundary and fled when he saw the developing scene.

He couldnt care less about his sect and disciples.

He wasnt a ruthless person, but he knew that he could still rebuild his sect and recruit new disciples. However, he only had one life.

If this terrifying power exploded, it would kill any Universe-Grade Saint without a doubt.

However, as long as the Universe Flower survived, no Saint would die!

Although this was a common saying, in fact, an overwhelming destructive force could destroy the flower within ones internal universe easily.

Many elites were fleeing for their lives. Galaxy-Grade and Celestial Domain-Grade elites might not be able to escape through the void like Universe-Grade martialists, but they could still conjure their fastest escaping techniques to leave instantly.

Momentarily, elite martialists from the nearby Star Domains had vacated their land.

Shenluo Supremacy and the rest were also retreating hurriedly. Their expectations and fear were written all over their faces.

They were expecting that Luo Yunyang would die, but they were also fearful, as they had never thought that they would see such formidable energy in their lives.

All of them felt that death was the only way out for them under the circumstances.

Shenluo Supremacy and the rest of the Supremacies were pleased that they had broken through the constraints of mortality.

Although they had never stopped cultivating, they werent exactly diligently pursuing greater heights. After all, after reaching their cultivation base level, they could absorb the endless stream of energy through the void for themselves and would thus only lose face if they met a stronger opponent.

Bitterly cultivating was already an old myth for them.

However, the boundless mighty congregation of energy that had appeared now gave them a faint glimpse of hope.

After this ended, they would definitely have to enter seclusion and cultivate bitterly!

The Supremacies were able to retreat, but Luo Yunyang couldnt do so, not because he didnt want to, but because the seven huge golden pyramids were blocking his path.

Should he force his way through?

That was Luo Yunyangs first thought, as it seemed like it was the only way out. However, his total attributes contained little more than seven yuan after the adjustments.

The power attributes of the Celestial who had devoured the Blood Lotus Supremacy were at 15 Yuan. After taking into account the amplification of the Inextinguishable Light And Darkness Mark, Luo Yunyang believed that he would have to convert an astronomical amount of attributes into Power.

Even though he had the Eternal Divine Pestle, even though his cultivation of Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture Hall had reached the Celestial Domain Grade, even though he had unlocked eight gene seals and the power in his body had reached new heights, continuing to fight head-on wouldnt improve his chances of survival. Luo Yunyang would have escaped if this had been a viable option. Unfortunately, this option was not on the table.

He might have an astonishing escaping speed, but it would never surpass the speed of the Inextinguishable Light And Darkness Mark. Furthermore, the seven golden pyramids had formed formless chains that were blocking his escape route.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to execute the Samsara Palm, a sudden thought appeared in his mind. Instantly, he began to check the attributes of the now demonic Celestial.

Power: 15, Speed: 10, Constitution: 0.1, Mind: 8

Luo Yunyang had a faint look of expectation on his face as he saw these four attributes. Although his own constitution attributes possessed only 1.2 Yuan after converting his attributes by using the Heavenly Venerate True Body and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, this was already enough.

He quickly decreased both his and the Celestials Constitution.

When he did this, the demonic Celestial smirking at Luo Yunyang suddenly opened his eyes in shock.

He looked as if he had encountered something terrifying

He glared at Luo Yunyang before exclaiming, "How is this possible? How can I" It seemed as if he was experiencing a nightmare.

Although he had formed the last hand, it seemed like the power of the Inextinguishable Light and Darkness Mark could not be released. Hence, it couldnt hit Luo Yunyang.


An endless radiance erupted from the demonic Celestials body, transforming into many small halos and dissipating in all directions.

Whatever it touched turned into nothingness. An ancient star hanging in solitude was fragmented.

There was no romantic night sky filled with stars. Only cruel destruction and madness.

Shenluo Supremacy and the rest, who were situated in another Star Domain, were watching everything coldly.

Shenluo Supremacy, Tianluo Supremacy, and Wanluo Supremacy all stood side by side. They could no longer feel any traces of the Celestial.

The two Supremacies from the Purgatory were also watching grimly. However, they were also slightly fearful of the consequences when they met the gazes of Shenluo Supremacy and the others.

Shenluo Supremacy knew what they were afraid of. The Celestial had fallen and the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who had been devoured, couldnt be alive either. Luo Yunyang had also killed one of the three Bug Race Supremacies, and the other two were nowhere to be found. The Machine Empire had also suffered great losses.

Finally, the Divine Union, which had four Supremacies, had become the top force in the void.

If Shenluo Supremacy acted against all the other forces, no one would be able to stop the Divine Union.

"Everyone, our hard work has paid off. We have finally eliminated the imminent danger of Luo Yunyang," Shenluo Supremacy said faintly, "Now, its time for us to deal with the aftermath."

"The Divine Union contributed the most in killing Luo Yunyang. Well need half of what the Human Tribe possessed."

There were four factions, so under normal circumstances, the loot of the war would be divided into four equal shares. However, Shenluo Supremacy actually demanded half of the pie.

This was akin to daylight robbery. Thus, Ignorant Supremacy snapped, "Dont even think about it."

The Purgatory only had two Supremacies left, but the Supremacy who always yearned for battle snorted in response. "We should take advantage of the situation. Since the battle hasnt ended yet, we can duke it out."

Shenluo Supremacy glanced around him. When he realized that the three other forces were banding together, he pondered for a moment and said, "How about we split it into three parts?"

There were four great factions, so Shenluo Supremacys suggestion to split the spoils three ways made everyone present feel confused. When Nanlai Supremacy and the rest looked at the Bug Race, everyone understood instantly.

"Alright!" said a Supremacy from the Purgatory. The Purgatory had suffered greatly during the battle and naturally wouldnt reject a large compensation.

As for the Bug Race, it was practically impossible for them to obtain a slice of the pie without a Supremacy present.

Just as the four factions came to an agreement, a gentle voice spoke in their ears. "What? Are you guys trying to dissolve the Bug Race too?"

Two Queen Supremacies from the Bug Race appeared after this voice was heard. Their murderous eyes were fixed coldly on Shenluo Supremacy.

Shenluo Supremacy had never thought that both of them would survive. While he was slightly annoyed, an idea suddenly hit him.

"Is Luo Yunyang truly dead?" His expression turned really unsightly when he had this thought.

He ignored the two Supremacies from the Bug Race and hurriedly instructed, "Quick, search! Luo Yunyang might still be alive."

Shenluo Supremacy took flight immediately after speaking, heading towards the epicenter of the battle. The other Supremacies joined him immediately.

If Luo Yunyang was still alive, they would be really unlucky.

Hence, they couldnt care less about splitting the spoils of the war as they scoured through the battle zone in search of Luo Yunyang. Although the aftermath of the battle still lingered on, their cultivation bases were high enough to prevent them from suffering any damage.

"Shenluo, you dont have to piss your pants. We were both able to escape because the Sacred Bug led us out before falling into a deep slumber."

"Shenluo, are you scared sh*tless?" The Queen Supremacy who stood on the left teased him.

The mighty, imposing Shenluo Supremacy actually remained calm as he was teased. He stopped in mid-air and breathed a sigh of relief. "Everything is negotiable as long as Luo Yunyang is dead."

The two Queen Supremacies looked at each other for a moment and decided not to press this topic. Instead, they demanded an explanation. "The Demigod Tribe must give us a reasonable explanation for what happened earlier."

Shenluo Supremacy hesitated for a moment before replying, "Since both Supremacies have returned, well revert to our original agreement and split the loot equally, alright?"

"Equally? I object!" A faint voice echoed from the void suddenly.

Shenluo Supremacy and the rest simultaneously turned their heads and saw Luo Yunyang walking over with the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands.

Luo Yunyang was in extremely good shape. Based on Shenluo Supremacys estimation, his condition should be exactly the same as before he had entered the battle.

Although a Supremacys power was considered inexhaustible, there was still a limit to how much could be expended. Once that limit was exceeded, even a Supremacy would need to recover slowly.

Many thoughts flooded Shenluo Supremacys mind before he said resolutely, "Everyone, Luo Yunyang will never let us off. Lets fight it out with him. That way, we might have a way out of this predicament. Otherwise, we will become a powerless piece of meat that he can cut up however he wants!"

Ignorant Supremacy and the other Supremacies quickly put their guard up when they heard Shenluo Supremacy. However, their faces were fraught with worry, so they didnt act right away.