Supreme Uprising Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Kong Tuo Seal Your Fate Lies With Me

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The Supremacies werent happy, as they werent able to kill Luo Yunyang despite doing their best.

Shenluo Supremacy and the other Demigod Tribe Supremacies knew that their relationship with Luo Yunyang was beyond repair. Even though Luo Yunyang might let the others go, he definitely wouldnt pardon them.

Hence, they had to remain true to their convictions from the beginning!

However, their concerns made them worry about being the first to make a move against Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at all the stern Supremacies before stopping at Shenluo Supremacy and saying, "Besides the Demigod Tribe, I can give the rest of you a chance. Submit to me and you will not only live, but youll also be able to protect your entire tribes."

Ignorant Supremacys eyes widened when he heard the offer. Although he had felt heartbroken when Luo Yunyang had destroyed the precious treasure of his tribe, he still felt very relieved when he heard Luo Yunyangs conditions.

I dont want to die!

That was Ignorant Supremacys most intense thought. As an elder of the Machine Empire, he was very well-versed in calculations.

Based on his calculations, the odds of him and the others defeating Luo Yunyang were really slim. Besides, even if they escaped for a while, the possibility of hiding totally from Luo Yunyangs pursuit was very small as well.

Furthermore, Ignorant Supremacy wasnt on his own. He still had the Machine Empire. Even if he was able to escape, he wouldnt be able to bring too many of his people with him.

Shenluo Supremacy felt his heart sink when he saw Ignorant Supremacys eyes lit up. He knew that he couldnt let this continue.

"Everyone, we are all evenly matched, so we cannot do significant harm to one another. We can be at ease with each other." After saying that, Shenluo Supremacy pointed at Luo Yunyang. "However, he is different. His strength is far superior compared to ours. If we surrender to him, I am afraid that not only will we get no share of any benefits, but we may even suffer a fate worse than death."

"Join me and we will kill our way out of here."

Shenluo Supremacy took flight after saying that, a sword-light with murderous intent immediately shooting out of his hands.

Shenluo Supremacy refused to reserve any more strength, as what he needed to do most now was keep himself alive.

Wanluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy were simply following Shenluo Supremacy blindly. Thus, upon seeing Shenluo Supremacy make his move, both of them followed him.

Wanluo Supremacys palms began to gather an endless brilliance from the stars as he executed the Sky Extermination Palm of the Demigod Tribe, which contained a mighty intent that could shatter galaxies. Tianluo Supremacy simply pointed at Luo Yunyang with her finger.

This simple act of pointing her finger was actually the Demigod Tribes top martial technique, the Divine Seizing Finger. It had always been executed by the senior figures of the Demigod Tribe, so it was rarely seen.

Unfortunately, in Luo Yunyangs opinion, the three of them were too inferior compared to him. Thanks to his attribute regulator, his strength exceeded theirs by far as he simply swung his Eternal Divine Pestle toward them.

The dazzling light shrouded the tiny pestle in Luo Yunyangs hands, transforming it into a massive pestle that contained a boundless overwhelming power. The trio had nowhere to run when the strike of the pestle approached.

Shenluo Supremacys sword-light, Tianluo Supremacys Divine Seizing Finger and Wanluo Supremacys Sky Extermination Palm struck the mighty Eternal Divine Pestle. Despite their combined efforts, they only managed to freeze the pestle in its tracks for a moment.

Shenluo Supremacy took flight immediately and retreated. Wanluo Supremacy acted in a similar fashion, while Tianluo Supremacy took advantage of the repulsive force and flew back.

The trio wasnt thinking of how to defend themselves, but rather how they could be faster and become the first to retreat.

They could save their own lives if they managed to outrun the other two!

Shenluo Supremacy was in a good position and he was the fastest off the block. When he retreated, he saw Wanluo Supremacy retreating frantically too.

Shenluo Supremacy didnt pity Wanluo Supremacy at all. He knew that pitying others was akin to committing suicide.

However, when he felt that he had managed to escape, a purple-and-black palm filled with absolute power descended upon him.

Although the palm contained absolute power, Shenluo Supremacy didnt give two hoots about it most of the time. Now, Shenluo Supremacy had no other way of countering the palm that was obstructing his way.

He had no choice but to send out a palm-strike in retaliation, thus expending almost all his energy.

Shenluo Supremacys body was flung away after the collision. He only regained his balance after being forced over 10 paces away.

Meanwhile, the divine radiance of the Eternal Divine Pestle struck his body.

In an instant, Shenluo Supremacy felt his body exploding. This was the first time he had suffered such a serious injury ever since he had become a Supremacy.

He almost instinctively tried to enter the river of space and time in a bid to rejuvenate himself. However, when he merged into the river of space and time, he realized that no matter how hard he tried, there was always an energy present that constantly shattered his consciousness.

Finally, his last trace of undying will was obliterated along with his imprint within the river of space and time.

"Shenluo, do not blame me! It was Yunyang Supremacy that wanted to kill you. I had no other choice!" The person who spoke had a very stiff expression on his face.

Shenluo Supremacy knew this face very well. This was probably the person hed had the best relationship with in the Machine Empire, Great Benevolent Supremacy.

However, after executing this strike, Great Benevolent Supremacy then turned to Luo Yunyang and surrendered. "I am willing to submit."

Ignorant Supremacy and the rest shook their heads as they watched the first Supremacy submit to Luo Yunyang before breathing a sigh of relief.

They werent the ones Luo Yunyang wanted to kill. Now that someone had taken the initiative to surrender, it would be the ideal time for them to follow.

Hence, Ignorant Supremacy and the two Queen Supremacies acted almost simultaneously and prevented Wanluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy from escaping. Although they didnt exchange blows, the implied meaning was very obvious.

"Queen Supremacies, I know were acting on behalf of our tribes, but we had a long friendly relationship. Do both of you not care about our relationship at all?" Tianluo Supremacy cried out, addressing both of the Queen Supremacies.

The two Queen Supremacies merely glanced at each other without responding. Their attitude implied where they stood.

Tianluo Supremacy smirked once more before her entire body crumbled in the void.

The might of a self-imploding Supremacy was very powerful. When Tianluo Supremacy chose to end her life in that manner, Wanluo Supremacy followed her footsteps and self-imploded as well.

In a moment, the bodies of two top Supremacies exploded, generating an explosive energy that swept across the void.

Luo Yunyang grinned when he saw this. "Do the two of you think that youll be able to escape by using such means?"

He brandished his Eternal Divine Pestle immediately, sending an endless wave of divine mountains towards the explosion caused by their self-destruction. The Eternal Divine Lord even sent out a dazzling ray of divine light to illuminate the entire land.

The mournful shrieks of those two resounded in the void. However, before any of them could say anything, they dissipated due to the radiance of the Eternal Divine Pestle.

Three great Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe had fallen, sending all territories of the tribe into a turmoil as bloody rain fell from the sky while the sun and moon disappeared from the land.

However, this scene of destruction and violence didnt seem to affect the situation at hand. Almost all the Supremacies respectfully expressed their willingness to serve Luo Yunyang as they surrendered.

"I have a seal called the Kong Tuo Seal. Since you chose to submit to me, then allow me to fuse the Kong Tuo Seal into all your minds," Luo Yunyang said unceremoniously to all the Supremacies.

Ignorant Supremacy and the rest grimaced when they heard that. They were willing to submit, but not to the extent of surrendering their lives and having someone control them.

After hesitating for a moment, all of them peeked at each other before Ignorant Supremacy took the initiative to object. "Yunyang Supremacy, this"

"Are you trying to say that there is no need for this since you have all submitted to me?" Luo Yunyang glared at Ignorant Supremacy before he added, "This isnt a request. Im informing you of my decision. Submit and live. Defy me and die!"

Ignorant Supremacy eventually swallowed his grievance. Although he had never heard of the Kong Tuo Seal before, he knew for sure that once it entered his body, it would be impossible for him to run.

"I am willing to accept this." The first to speak was a Purgatory Supremacy who sounded very decisive and resolute.

After him, a second Supremacy agreed. As Luo Yunyang infused the Kong Tuo Seal into those Supremacies, the tense atmosphere began to loosen up.

"Yunyang Supremacy, what about the Demigod Tribe" The Supremacy from the Purgatory sounded like he was expecting some form of compensation. After all, they had suffered quite a major loss this time.

However, before he could complete his sentence, Ignorant Supremacy interrupted him. "The Divine Union belongs to our Master. Demigod Tribe matters will of course be settled by him."

The other Supremacies did not dare to object. Their lives were in Luo Yunyangs hands, so there was no room for bargaining.

After a quarter of an hour, Ignorant Supremacy and the rest left after receiving instructions from Luo Yunyang. Only after seeing them leave did Luo Yunyang breathe a sigh of relief.

He had finally suppressed all the factions this time. Thanks to this foundation, he felt more confident in dealing with the Longzun that was approaching the Divine Union Void at an alarming speed.