Supreme Uprising Chapter 762

Chapter 762 The Mandara Array Formation

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Everyone gathered in the Senior Statesman Hall of the Human Tribe was smiling wide. The title of master of the Divine Union had finally become the Human Tribes.

Furthermore, it wasnt just the Divine Union. Even the Machine Empire and the Bug Race had submitted.

Unlike trusted aides like the Flame Emperor and Lu Qubing, the senior figures that had gathered were thinking about how many benefits they could receive after gaining control of the entire Divine Union.

"The Demigod Tribe was in control of over 300 Star Domains. I think that the Human Tribe should send a governor to each of these Star Domains!" a suave man told Lu Qubing excitedly.

Lu Qubing saw through the mans intention but didnt have any ideas himself.

Although the Human Tribe had gone through a massive advancement by breaking the seal, as well as due to the resources handed down by Luo Yunyang, it would still be very tough to control all the Demigod Tribes possessions.

The suave man was ambitious, yet Lu Qubing knew that, with Luo Yunyang around, the man would never succeed.

However, Lu Qubing wasnt willing to approve of the idea of this man, whod had a rather close relationship with Longzun in the past.

"This should be decided by Yunyang Supremacy. We should first handle our task before doing anything else," Lu Qubing said in a deadpan manner, addressing the few overly ambitious senior statesmen around.

The Flame Emperor and the rest of the people who followed Lu Qubing werent worried about where they would be heading. On the contrary, they were more concerned about the people who were eyeing the Demigod Tribes territories.

"The Supremacy wants to see chief senior statesman Lu Qubing and senior statesman Flame Emperor," a well-dressed lady who approached Lu Qubing said respectfully.

Lu Qubing nodded his head in acknowledgment before heading towards the inner hall with the Flame Emperor. However, the surrounding people who had originally been talking among themselves seemed discontented.

"Shouldnt all the statesmen discuss this matter together?" Someone lamented.

No one responded, as most of them treated him like a fool.

The man didnt appear happy when he saw the mocking stares of the crowd. He wanted to argue that he had said this to benefit the rest but he eventually chose to remain quiet.

This was the first time Lu Qubing and the Flame Emperor were seeing Luo Yunyang after the great war. Luo Yunyang, who was wearing a long robe and holding the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands, sat quietly on the black jade throne, looking gentle yet very imposing.

"Greetings, Supremacy." Although Luo Yunyang always told both of them to skip the formalities, they knew that some rules had to be upheld.

Luo Yunyang had become a Supremacy, so they had to show him his well-deserved respect. Otherwise, other people would gossip and say that they lacked manners.

"You dont have to be so courteous!" Luo Yunyang raised his hands in acknowledgment. "Ive called you both here because I have some matters to entrust you with."

Luo Yunyang gently pointed at a chart that was unfolded.

The chart was massive. Lu Qubing and the Flame Emperor were shocked when it was unfolded.

"Is this an array formation?" Lu Qubing, who had been the top senior statesman for many years, had seen plenty of things. Hence, he was able to identify this.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head, "This is a Mandara Eternal Array Formation. I need both of you to set this formation up in 20 years."

Luo Yunyang pointed at the regions covered by the formation and added, "Every part of the formation must be built according to my requirements. No mistakes can be made."

"Besides an astronomical amount of resources, many of the locations that belonged to the Purgatory and the Machine Empire will be necessary to build this formation. If someone were to obstruct us, are we supposed to exercise the right to kill them?"

Lu Qubing saw the serious look on Luo Yunyangs face and realized instantly that the array formation had to be exceptional. Hence, he raised his concerns about completing this mission.

"Of course!" Luo Yunyang said faintly. "Ill even kill a Supremacy if anyone dares to defy my orders."

A Supremacy was like a celestial entity to Lu Qubing. Thus, Lu Qubing had no qualms after hearing Luo Yunyangs words.

After all, many Supremacies had fallen at Luo Yunyangs hands during the last war.

After raising a few more detailed questions about the formation, Lu Qubing decided to let Luo Yunyang know about the ambitious intention of a few senior statesmen of the Human Tribe.

Ever since the incident with Longzun, Luo Yunyang already roughly knew the majority of the senior statesmen. Upon listening to Lu Qubing, he instructed, "Youll be in charge of the matters of the Divine Union. As for the Demigod Tribe territories, Dahai Saint from the Demigod Tribe will continue to handle them."

"As long as there are no discrepancies in the tributes made by the Demigod Tribe, you need not worry about them."

"If the Demigod Tribe is defiant" The Flame Emperor wanted to express his doubts but decided against it.

He knew that this was only an assumption. The possibility of such things happening under Luo Yunyangs rule was very slim.

Without a Supremacy, the Demigod Tribe would be a toothless tiger. How would they be able to cause any trouble?

Luo Yunyang chuckled. "They wouldnt dare!" he said very casually, sounding fully confident.

Before leaving, Luo Yunyang instructed Lu Qubing again. "The Bloody Blade Monarch and the rest have had nothing to do recently. Ill let them follow you!"

Lu Qubing had an exceptional cultivation base, but his status wasnt similar to the Bloody Blade Monarchs. The Bloody Blade Monarch and the rest had followed Luo Yunyang for eons. Almost everyone treated the Bloody Blood Monarch as Luo Yunyangs shadow.

Luo Yunyang sending the Bloody Blade Monarch over was the greatest assistance Lu Qubing could receive.

After returning to the front hall, Lu Qubing was about to announce Luo Yunyangs decision. However, someone interrupted him. "Elder Lu, have you received the plan? Please let us know so that we can discuss it and distribute the tasks."

When that person spoke, a commotion was created among the crowd. Lu Qubing wasnt pleased with the ruckus, yet he remained composed as he said, "The Supremacy has made his decision. The Demigod Tribe territories will remain under Dahai Saints rule."

"Everyones role will remain the same!"

Lu Qubing was firm when he announced the decision. Some senior statesmen appeared very disappointed when they heard the news.

They had originally thought that they would get a share of the vast Divine Union. Even a galaxy would be enough to satisfy them and their families.

They had never thought that Luo Yunyang would actually allow Dahai Saint to continue to control the Demigod Tribe.

It was very difficult for them to accept this!

The suave man expressed his intentions with a grim smile. "Divine Union matters concern the whole Human Tribe. We respect Yunyang Supremacy, but we cannot accept this decision or comply with it."

The mans words were like a spark. Soon, many others started to voice their objections. "Yes, this is absurd. Well never accept this!"

"Lets go talk to Yunyang Supremacy. If he doesnt change his mind, well kneel to our death in front of him!"

All sorts of objections and cries echoed through the hall. Lu Qubing looked at the mess in front of him and frowned. Although he had expected this, he still felt rather hesitant to handle this ruckus.

As he felt troubled by this scene, he suddenly saw a blood-red blade-light flashing past him. Standing behind him was the Bloody Blade Monarch, who had just cleaved the suave man that had been protesting. Instantly, the man dropped down and lay motionless in the huge palace hall.

"You How dare you murder someone!" Someone pointed at the Bloody Blade Monarch while trembling in fear.

"The Supremacys words are absolute. Defy his orders and youll die!" the Bloody Blade Monarch snapped. "Now, scram!"

Their angry, unwilling looks turned into fearful expressions immediately as the people making a scene hurriedly fled the hall.

Lu Qubing sighed deeply as he looked at the people that ran away. "Sorry to make a scene in front of you, Sir Bloody Blade Monarch."

"Elder Lu, just let me handle this sort of matters in the future. You dont have to be polite to those greedy bastards."

Luo Yunyang, who was sitting at the back of the inner hall, had seen everything clearly. However, he only shook his head silently.

Greed often blinded people.

Longzun was going to arrive in less than 30 years. Although Luo Yunyang did not know how strong Longzun was, he believed that he wouldnt be a match for Longzun even now that the other Supremacies had submitted to him.

Thus, he had decided to use the Mandara Eternal Array Formation from the Eternal Sacred Scripture to ambush Dragon Supremacy.

According to what was written in the Eternal Sacred Scripture, the Mandara Eternal Array Formation, in combination with the Eternal Divine Pestle, could seal a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang did not know how powerful a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate was. However, according to his estimations, even if Longzun had formidable support, he wouldnt have a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate acting as his bodyguard.

After all, fourth-level Heavenly Venerates were rare even in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos and the Great Mysterious Sky Cosmos.

Even a domineering sect that possessed a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate would be hard to come by.

However, setting up the Mandara Eternal Array Formation wouldnt be that difficult. It was a formation that required the galaxies and nebula to act as a chessboard while the stars and planets acted as chess pieces.

Although it would be impossible for the Human Tribe to set up the formation alone, now that the four factions were on their side, completing the formation would be much easier.

After handing down the instructions for creating the array formation, Luo Yunyang began to train in seclusion. Although he had reached a Heavenly Venerate level of power, his own cultivation base was still too inferior.

In order to activate the Mandara Eternal Array Formation, one would need both power and a cultivation base. Luo Yunyang wasnt hoping to become a Heavenly Venerate right away, but he was ready to take this opportunity to advance to the Universe Grade.