Supreme Uprising Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Establishing Universe

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Breaking through the Universe Grade shouldnt be too difficult for Luo Yunyang, as he had experienced advancing to the Heavenly Venerate Grade. However, what Luo Yunyang wanted wasnt just a simple breakthrough, like his Heavenly Venerate True Body did.

If the Galaxy Grade and the Celestial Domain Grade were like a small region, then the Universe Grade would be an entire world.

In the past, it had been very easy for him to break through to the Universe Grade during his 10 Samsara Cycles. After achieving the Heavenly Venerate level, he had only been a little stronger than the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the rest.

Only after entering the Pure Sun Great Cosmos and the Great Mysterious Sky Cosmos had Luo Yunyang realized that his Heavenly Venerate True Body was commonplace there.

He could even be suppressed by someone like Profound Calm Zongzi.

The reason Profound Calm Zongzi, who only possessed a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation, had a similar level of power attribute as his Heavenly Venerate True Body of about one Yuan was because Profound Calm Zongzi had an exceptional foundation.

According to the Divine Unions cultivation path, one should choose a suitable nomological law from all the laws available in the Divine Union and eventually fuse this nomological law into ones own cultivation path.

After this cultivation path formed into a universe, the cultivator would advance and become a Supremacy.

However, this was just a theory. In fact, many cultivators would not find their own cultivation path in their entire lifetime. Some cultivators might not even comprehend a nomological law.

Of course, some would eventually find their cultivation path but would still face extreme difficulties in advancing to the Celestial Domain Grade, let alone forming their own internal universe.

The number of martialists becoming Universe-Grade Saints here was abysmal. Therefore, many people didnt expect too much during their cultivation journey.

However, in the Three Era Supreme Sect, it was rumored that the beloved Supreme Divine Scripture had given the descendants of the Three Era Supreme Sect a direct path to greatness right from the beginning.

Although, on most occasions, self-created things belonged to oneself, many a time a path to greatness that was established in the beginning could save a lot of unnecessary detours.

Now, Luo Yunyang was going to follow the contents of the Eternal Divine Scripture and mold himself into the strongest Universe-Grade martialist possible.

A One-Yuan universe with Primal Chaotic Divine Stones as foundation could open up an entire new universe filled with primal chaotic power. The power harnessed from such a method would also result in a very powerful One-Yuan Universe cultivator.

Luo Yunyang had decided to rely on the One-Yuan Universe cultivation method. This method was rarely attempted in the Three Era Supreme Sect.

This wasnt because the Three Era Supreme Sect didnt wish to use it, but because the cultivation of the One-Yuan Universe consumed too much. Even a top sect like the Three Era Supreme Sect would need to ponder if it was worthwhile.

This, of course, wasnt the main reason. The main reason was that, when advancing from a Universe-Grade to a Heavenly Venerate, the cultivator would have a really deep foundation that would result in awkwardly failing to break through.

The reason Luo Yunyang decided to choose the One-Yuan Universe cultivation method, apart from the massive amount of resources he had, was because the One-Yuan Universe would be able to provide him with the strongest power while he faced the mysterious Longzun.

Luo Yunyang had also already considered what would happen after. However, after a lot of consideration, he still decided to go ahead with the One-Yuan Universe.

According to the records of the Eternal Divine Scripture, breaking through to the Universe Grade ranged from one Yuan to nine Gong. Each type of breakthrough also required different grades of precious treasures.

Of course, the Nine Gong Universe formed by nine different precious treasures would be incredibly strong, but it was still very inferior compared to the One-Yuan Universe.

After leaving the Senior Statesman Hall, Luo Yunyang slowly strolled through the void toward a rather large expanse of space. Within this space was a pile of dark mountains.

Luo Yunyang studied the huge mountains quietly. Suddenly, Dahai Saint appeared hurriedly to greet him.

After arriving in front of Luo Yunyang, Dahai Saint kneeled down respectful and greeted Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang felt some admiration for Dahai Saint after seeing his sincere and courteous attitude. Dahai Saint was willing to lower himself down and be very respectful not only because he was trying to protect himself, but also to fight for an opportunity for the Demigod Tribe to survive.

Although Luo Yunyang hated the Demigod Tribe, he had never intended to annihilate them completely. Without a Supremacy at the helm, the Demigod Tribe would forever submit to Luo Yunyang.

"My Lord, these are all the Demigod Tribes valuables. This mountain is the Seventh Immemorial Metal. This over here is Blazing Flame Crystal, and this is"

As the Demigod Tribe leader, Dahai Saint knew everything about his tribes treasure trove. Back when he had become the tribe leader, he had nearly drowned in ecstasy when he had first seen the treasure trove.

However, the massive treasure trove was now changing ownership. If the new owner wasnt satisfied, the Demigod Tribe would face an instant calamity.

Luo Yunyang understood that it was very difficult to obtain a huge amount of Primal Chaotic Divine Stones, as they werent common within this void to begin with.

However, it was possible to create Primal Chaotic Divine Stones using various top-grade precious materials. For example, if the Seventh Immemorial Metal, Blazing Flame Crystal, and a few other materials were combined, they would produce Primal Chaotic Qi. Then, the Primal Chaotic Qi would enter Luo Yunyangs internal universe to transform into the foundation of a One-Yuan Universe.

"Great. You did a great job. As long as you send your offerings on time, the Demigod Tribe will remain the same."

Dahai Saint thanked Luo Yunyang sincerely again, even though he knew inwardly that things would never return to the way they had been before. How could they, when someone was constantly observing them? They would have to behave obediently from now on!

After Dahai Saint left, Luo Yunyang waved his arms and arrived instantly at an area filled with all sorts of metal.

Although Ignorant Supremacy was a Supremacy, he was currently waiting earnestly and respectfully for Luo Yunyangs arrival. When he arrived, he also began to introduce Luo Yunyang to the heaps of precious materials piled up like mountains.

Luo Yunyang visited the Bug Race and the Purgatory as well. His storage bracelet was quickly filled with precious materials by the time he returned to his seclusion ground.

Luo Yunyang waved his arms again, sending the huge amount of materials surging into his internal universe.

After arranging the materials according to the records of the Eternal Divine Scripture, Luo Yunyang began to sketch the outline of his universe carefully.

Time flowed like water and 20 years in the Divine Union passed in a jiffy. During those 20 years, some people within the Divine Union rose to power and others fell. However, all in all, things remained very peaceful.

Of course, ordinary martialists didnt know that a supreme being was arriving and werent aware of what the four great factions were busy with.

On a faraway planet, thousands of Demigod Tribe Galaxy-Grade martialists were conjuring their power to refine an array formation platform.

The array formation platform wasnt completed yet, but it looked very sturdy and all of the inscriptions that were on the formation platform felt extremely mysterious.

"An elder from the Demigod Tribe spat a mouthful of blood as he fell to the ground. Someone hurried over and helped him up while feeding him spirit pills.

"Let him rest for 10 days!" The Celestial Domain-Grade supervisor furrowed his brows while giving instructions.

"Sir, Ya Longsi has been working for 10 years. If he continues to refine this formation platform, his cultivation will suffer in the future." A Galaxy-Grade martialist pleaded him.

The Celestial Domain-Grade elite snapped as he glared at the Galaxy-Grade martialist. "I know all about Ya Longsis plight. However, are you aware of the consequences if we fail to finish it on time?"

"The Demigod Tribe will need to pay an extra 10% of the offerings if we delay the completion even by a day!" The Celestial Domain-Grade elite was very stern. "Do you know how much 10% of the offerings is?"

Although the Galaxy-Grade martialist knew the astronomical amount, he still sounded reluctant as he tried to argue. "Could it be that Theres no way for the Demigod Tribe to"

"Fool! Our three great Supremacies have fallen. If the Demigod Tribe wasnt under the protection of that savior, we would have perished!"

The Celestial Domain-Grade elite slapped the face of the Galaxy-Grade martialist and said fearfully, "Furthermore, who in this world could oppose him?"

None of the Galaxy-Grade elites present dared to object. Instead, the speed at which they were refining the huge array formation platform increased.

These scenes were a common sight in the Purgatory, the Bug Race and the Machine Empires territories, especially so in the Purgatory. After one of their elites had killed 10 of the Universe-Grade Saints that had been delaying the completion of the formation platform, their refining speed had increased tremendously.

A massive flying ship was traversing through the endless void. Whatever came in contact with the flying ship disintegrated.

Longzun, who was sitting atop the flying ship, was in high spirits.

"Congratulations, Longzun Zongzi, for advancing to a peak Universe-Grade. Once you obtain the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood, youll be able to break through to the Heavenly Venerate level and become the number one existence among the Bloodline Heavenly Venerates."

The speaker was an elder with a very cold demeanor and a four-colored radiance emanating from his body.

Although the colors of this radiance were different, when they flashed, they seemed to contain powerful laws.

If Luo Yunyang had been here, he would have known that this old man was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

A middle-aged man who was Longzuns trusted aide also looked at this old man in reverence.

"Elder Lu, Im going to rely on you heavily this time. There are some formidable beings in the Human Tribe that I will need you to take down." Longzun spoke in a very courteous fashion.

Although he was a proud man, he knew that Elder Lu was showing him respect by helping him on accord of Longzuns family.

"Ha ha! They are just some pests from a small place. They wouldnt fly even if we gave them wings!"

"Its a pity that the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood had to fall in their hands!" Elder Lu sounded very disdainful.