Supreme Uprising Chapter 764

Chapter 764 One Yuan Universe

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There were many guards around the cave abode where Luo Yunyang trained in seclusion. While they knew that no one would foolishly disturb Luo Yunyangs cultivation, they still had to be cautious and professional.

This was not just because of their reverence for the status of the person inside the cave abode, but also because of their respect for the man who had single-handedly brought the Human Tribe to its current position.

Luo Yunyang, who was inside the cave abode, did not know about the patrols outside. He didnt think that anyone would dare to disturb his training.

He was sitting with his eyes shut while his consciousness was inside his internal universe. In the middle of his internal Celestial Domain was the Eternal Divine Pestle.

The huge piles of precious material that surrounded the pestle had just turned into ashes.

They were replaced by spiritual essence that formed pillars that were thousands of meters tall.

Origin Seventh Metal Spirit Energy, Origin Gentle Water Spirit Energy, Origin Thick Earth Spirit Energy

Any Universe-Grade martialist would treat every single one of these Spirit Energies as an extremely precious treasure. However, large amounts of Spirit Energies had now gathered within Luo Yunyangs internal universe.

All these Spirit Energies were also trying to fuse together.

According to the records of the Eternal Divine Scripture, there were two methods of fusion. The first was to simply wait for it to happen.

It would take about 10,000 years for the Spirit Energies to fuse into the Primal Chaotic Qi, and when that happened, it would be very easy for it to condense into ones internal universe.

The second method was to use the Eternal Divine Pestle as a catalyst to lead the seemingly infinite amount of Spirit Energies into fusing as one. Then, the Spirit Energies would turn into Primal Chaotic Qi.

However, this method was very dangerous. Many elite martialists of the Three Era Supreme Sect had fallen while attempting it.

The second method was Luo Yunyangs clear choice, as he didnt have time and was also very confident about his own constitution.

Thanks to his attribute regulator, his constitution could be raised to a terrifying level.


With a booming roar, the Eternal Divine Pestle rose up into the sky like a menacing dragon. When it spiraled in the void, it created a massive vortex that rapidly enveloped all the spirit energies.

Luo Yunyangs inner universe began to crumble as the vortex engulfed it. Stars fell and the void shattered as everything started to collapse.

Without the restriction of the internal universe, the power flowed rapidly into Luo Yunyangs body. Instantly, countless cracks appeared on his body.

The unlocking of the eight gene seals had strengthened Luo Yunyangs body to the extent that he didnt need to activate the power of his internal universe to deal with elite Universe-Grade martialists.

However, his invincible body was now actually cracking.

Luo Yunyang hurriedly used his attribute regulator and transferred most of his attribute points to his constitution.

The increase in his constitution allowed him to survive the chaotic collapse of his internal universe, which was also the most dangerous part of building his One-Yuan Universe. However, it would also be very difficult to gather all the Spirit Energies to form the Primal Chaotic Qi.

Not only was it a meticulous task, but it also required a great amount of concentration. If one did not have enough mind power, the possibility of failure would be high.

Hence, even though the Three Era Supreme Sect had the Supreme Divine Scripture, its successor hadnt turned out to be the strongest in the entire Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

The huge vortex was slowly shrinking inside Luo Yunyang. Every time it shrank, the fusion of the Spirit Qi would improve a little.

It was relatively easy for Spirit Energies of the same element to fuse. However, the Spirit Energies that couldnt coexist would explode upon fusing.

Luo Yunyang was gradually manipulating his Divine Eternal Pestle to make the vortex shrink at a slower pace. A million miles, ten thousand miles a hundred miles.

When the Spirit Energy condensed into a sphere that was a hundred miles wide, its infinitely colorful appearance turned a jet-black color.

Although the Qi in the sphere had yet to turn into Primal Chaotic Qi, it was already very close to completion.

Some people might even consider it Primal Chaotic Qi!

According to the cultivation techniques of the Eternal Divine Scripture, Luo Yunyang could conjure that sphere and make it explode to form a One-Yuan Universe.

However, this universe would be very inferior compared to the universe formed if the sphere reached its true completion.

Hence, Luo Yunyang continued to condense the Primal Chaotic Qi. However, the strength required was humongous and the Eternal Divine Pestle, which had originally been spinning at a high speed, had slowed to a pitiful pace.

The Eternal Divine Lord carved on the Eternal Divine Pestle looked more life-like than ever, as it almost felt like he was going to fly out of the pestle to dominate the entire Primal Chaotic Qi.

10 miles When the sphere became 10 miles wide, Luo Yunyang felt like his mind was going to collapse.

The ball of Qi that was almost turning into Primal Chaotic Qi had already reached completion and was at a peak state.

According to the Eternal Divine Scripture, condensing the sphere of Qi to 10 miles was already pushing the limit. However, Luo Yunyang felt that he had yet to fully exert all his effort.

"Ill compress it one more time!" The thought popped into Luo Yunyangs mind as he conjured the Eternal Divine Pestle again.

The pestle spun rapidly while a massive counter-force that came from the sphere tried to reverse the direction the pestle was spinning from. The force was boundless and nearly irresistible.

While jostling with the formidable force, Luo Yunyang felt like his mind was going to collapse as his body started to crack up again.

The cracks were increasing, and it seemed like his entire body would collapse at any moment.

However, at the most critical moment, the Eternal Divine Pestle completed its final contraction and the 10-mile-wide sphere became 9 miles wide.


Luo Yunyang shouted as he sensed that his internal void could no longer hold on. That Primal Chaotic Qi, which had been condensed to its limit, exploded immediately. Momentarily, the nearly infinite amount of Primal Chaotic Qi diffused in every direction.

Every part of the void touched by the Primal Chaotic Qi would give birth to a planet. However, in the middle of the entire void, a piece of land bigger than the size of ten thousand planets was beginning to form.

Luo Yunyang, who had been to the Mysterious Great Sky Cosmos and the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, knew that the great land forming was the center of his universe and also the foundation.

Luo Yunyang was completely expressionless as he looked at the formation of his universe quietly. His consciousness was floating above the formation of his great universe without making any sound or movement.

When the black Primal Chaotic Qi stopped expanding, the black flower of this universe gradually blossomed on the mountain peak in the center of the great land.

When the flower of the universe blossomed fully, a small man could be seen sitting in the middle of the flower, holding on to an Eternal Divine Pestle.

In the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, on the Eternal Sacred Mountain, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master, who was in a fit of rage, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

As a peak Universe-Grade existence, even though he wasnt considered undying, normal attacks shouldnt be able to cause any harm to him.

However, he had actually just coughed up a mouthful of blood in front of so many people.

Momentarily, everyone turned to look at him with differing looks of worry and delight.

"Luo Yunyang, I will kill you!" Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master howled in rage. His expression was cold. However, upon taking a second look, one could see a hint of fear in his eyes.

The Eternal Divine Pestle represented his supreme status, yet he was unable to sense it.

After Luo Yunyang had left with his Eternal Divine Pestle, he had still had a trace of connection with the pestle, even when he couldnt exactly pinpoint where it was. In other words, he had still been the owner of the Eternal Sacred Pestle

However, that trace of connection had now vanished and the small imprint hed had of the Eternal Divine Pestle had disappeared completely.

"It must be you, you vile being!" A roar echoed throughout the void before a towering figure appeared in the huge hall of the Eternal Sacred Mountain.

When the sound of the roar faded, a huge palm appeared out of nowhere and landed heavily onto Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Masters body, sending him flying away.

While facing the huge palm that was radiating with four different sacred flashes of brilliance, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master couldnt muster up any form of resistance. It could be said that he didnt even have the courage to resist.

The rest of the disciples of the Eternal Sacred Mountain looked at the huge palm respectfully.

The Heavenly Venerate Patriarch of the Three Era Supreme Sect also felt the changes in the Eternal Divine Pestle. Intoxicated by rage, he lashed out at Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master directly.

After the Patriarch left, Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master looked towards the void and cursed, "Damn you, Luo Yunyang! Damn you even more, Profound Calm Zongzi!"

Luo Yunyang didnt know about the events happening on the Eternal Sacred Mountain. After his One-Yuan Universe formed, he quickly turned on his attribute regulator to see the changes.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 17 Speed: 15 Constitution: 16 Mind: 10 Bloodline: 0.31

Heavenly Venerate True Body: Power: 1.1 Speed: 1.2 Mind: 0.8 Constitution: 0.9

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 0.7 Speed: 0.5 Mind: 0.4 Constitution: 0.9

Luo Yunyang was filled with excitement when he saw the changes. The cultivation of the One-Yuan Universe had expended most of the resources in the four great factions of the Divine Union Void but had also increased Luo Yunyangs attributes by 10 times.

The higher the consumption, the larger the rewards.

"Luo Yunyang, Im here!" A voice echoed suddenly throughout the entire Divine Union Void just as Luo Yunyang was drowned in excitement.

Although the tone was delightful, it also contained a hint of disdain!

Longzun. This voice belonged to Longzun from the Longlin Great Cosmos!