Supreme Uprising Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Domineering Longzun Severing Space

Chapter 765: Domineering Longzun, Severing Space
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In the ancestral land of the Machine Empire, Ignorant Supremacy was seated beside two other Supremacies from the Machine Empire.

It could be said that the Machine Empire had suffered the least from the previous great war, as they hadnt lost a single Supremacy.

However, none of the three Supremacies looked very happy now.

"The kids reported that its becoming increasingly difficult for lower-grade tribesmen to advance. Even talented geniuses" Ignorant Supremacy was reading off a set of information.

The two other Supremacies did not respond, as they knew why Luo Yunyang had gathered all the precious materials in the entire void, thus causing the Machine Empire martialists to face difficulties in advancing their cultivation because they required different types of materials.

"What can we do about it?" Great Wise Supremacy from the Machine Empire lamented.

Ignorant Supremacy was equally helpless. They could do nothing, even if the cultivation of their younger martialists was restricted.

After all, he was in control of their lives.

"Why is Luo Yunyang building such a large array formation?" Great Wise Supremacy asked, changing the topic.

All three of them were pretty well-versed in array formation. According to their estimations, although they did not understand the array formation, they knew that it was going to be insanely powerful.

"Of course, Luo Yunyang will dominate the void forever once the great formation is completed," Ignorant Supremacy said hatefully.

"Actually, no one in the entire void would dare to defy Luo Yunyang," Great Wise Supremacy said, "With the Kong Tuo Seal in our minds, our lives are in his hands. How could we even defy him?"

"In my opinion, seeing that hes constantly training in seclusion and making such a great effort to build that gigantic formation, he must be making preparations for a certain enemy. If thats the case, we might have a glimmer of hope or an opportunity."

The two other Supremacies eyes lit up instantly. They glanced at each other before Ignorant Supremacy said, "If thats true, Luo Yunyangs opponent must be coming from outside this void."

Suddenly, a provocative voice echoed from the sky and interrupted their conversation.

"Luo Yunyang, I have arrived!"

Ignorant Supremacy and his partners were delighted yet worried. They also felt hopeful when they heard the voice, as their thoughts invaded their minds

If this person was going to make a move on Luo Yunyang and Luo Yunyang remained apprehensive about them, their opportunity would finally arrive!

"Beep, beep, beep Respected Ancestors, theres an invasion happening on the New Three-Star Domain. Invasion of the New Three-Star Domain!" A worried, urgent voice was heard in the heads of all three Supremacies.

As the supreme leaders of the Machine Empire, they all had the best and most advanced communication devices.

Any news would be transmitted to them at the quickest time possible. Upon hearing such an emergency plea, the three of them hurriedly turned on a virtual projection screen.

The Machine Empire certainly possessed the most advanced technology within the void. When the screen lit up, it felt as if the viewer had entered an endless galaxy.

However, an astral wind was projected into their eyes. Wherever the astral wind went, everything in its path was fragmented.

The vessels from the Machine Empire disintegrated instantly, while countless star nuclei flew in a certain direction.

These star nuclei rapidly fell and entered the grasp of a huge palm.

Star nuclei were very precious and were considered a valuable treasure. However, at the same time, they were vital to the survival of a Nebula, as usually only a Nebula could produce a star nucleus.

When this star nucleus was taken away, the entire Nebula would crumble.

Although Ignorant Supremacy and the others did collect star nuclei to refine other treasures, this was a calculated procedure. They wouldnt overdo it.

However, every star nuclei now represented an entire collapsed star system.

"This is too"

Ignorant Supremacy started fuming with rage when he saw this. The obliteration of an entire Star Domain wasnt a big deal to the Machine Empire. However, he felt enraged as he looked on helplessly while so many of his tribesmen were suffering.

"Endure! We can only endure and wait." Great Wise Supremacy glared at Ignorant Supremacy and warned him.

Ignorant Supremacy understood why Great Wise Supremacy had cautioned him. After mulling this over for a moment, he mumbled. "What if Luo Yunyang wants us to make a move? What should we do?"

Great Wise Supremacy did not respond. He obviously had no clear answer to this question.

"A great Star Domain Core. Not too bad!" An old man appeared on the virtual projection screen after the three Supremacies had gone silent.

The old man made a grabbing motion at the void and a scarlet fist-sized crystal stone flew directly into his hand.

The crystal seemed as though it contained an inexhaustible amount of energy as it landed in the old mans hand.

A Star Domain Core was the core of an entire Star Domain. Not only could it balance all the energies in the Star Domain, but it could also turn into a star nucleus.

Even if the Star Domain was shattered, it could still gradually regain its former state as long as the Star Domain Core was intact.

In the Machine Empire, there was a written pact that, no matter what happened, one would never use the Star Domain Core without explicit approval.

Even supreme beings like Ignorant Supremacy wouldnt use the Star Domain Core without a good reason, as this was the true foundation of the Machine Empire.

"Ha ha ha There are actually a few bugs over here. The lot of you look like pretty good materials that I can use to refine my battle avatar." The apathetic old man glared straight through the void at Ignorant Supremacy and his comrades.

To refine his battle avatar? That phrase sent chills down Ignorant Supremacys spine.

They had imagined that Luo Yunyangs enemy would be their savior. They had never thought that the so-called savior would say such a thing right away.

Just as the three Supremacies were pondering how to deal with the sudden unexpected situation, a gigantic four-colored hand descended upon them.

The four-colored hand possessed an infinite might. Time and space didnt seem to affect it.

The great power hidden in the four-colored hand frightened the three Supremacies. They even felt like they were puny mayflies in the face of that hand.

What was going on? They were Supremacies. They could exchange blows and had never felt this helpless while facing Luo Yunyang.

However, this old mans palm had left them totally helpless.

"Heaven Earth Rending!" Ignorant Supremacy roared in anguish as the three Supremacies unleashed their strongest move together.

Three magnificent blade-lights traveled across the void towards the four-colored hand. The blade-light, which contained the destructive forces of the three Supremacies, clashed against the four-colored palm. When the two energies clashed, the blade-lights shattered.

"Puny flies How dare you resist me! How dare you call yourselves Heavenly Venerates!" the old man snapped in disdain.
"Get over here!"

The four-colored hand immediately surrounded the Supremacies and severed the space they were in from the rest of the void. Then, the three Supremacies could only look on helplessly as they and the space they were in flew rapidly towards the elder.

This was a mystic ability that could sever space, teleport and directly confine someone within a space.

These abilities belonged to Heavenly Venerates, so the three Supremacies could use them as well. However, they would need to expend a lot of energy to execute those techniques.

Most of the time, it was easier for them to appear before their enemies if they wanted to deal with them.

The four-colored hand would definitely consume a lot of power to grab the void and confine the three Supremacies.

"What exactly are you?" Ignorant Supremacy glared at the cold elder while convulsing in fear.

"You must be the Machine Empires Ignorant Supremacy. He he Ive been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time!" A scoffing voice spoke in Ignorant Supremacys ears.

Ignorant Supremacy stiffened when he heard the voice. He had never expected that the person who had seized him would know him.

"Stop resisting. All of you will be given to Elder Lu as a reward. Its your honor that Elder Lu thinks youre worthy of becoming his battle avatars." The image of a young man donning golden dragon robes entered Ignorant Supremacys eyes.

Ignorant Supremacy was confused as he exclaimed, "You Youre Longzun. The Longzun of the Human Tribe, who discovered the gene seal?"

"Thats right, Im Longzun. However, the person you mentioned was just my clone."

"Your void is merely a small mud pool to me. How could it have been worthwhile for me to visit it personally?" Longzun said haughtily.

Ignorant Supremacy wanted to speak, yet before he could, the space he was in began to shrink rapidly. In an instant, it became only 3 meters wide.

Although Ignorant Supremacy and his comrades were pissed, they knew that they simply had no way of retaliating.

When the space became the size of a fist, they would be completely sealed in it.

Just as the three Supremacies started feeling completely disheartened, a boundless energy struck the space severed by the four-colored hand. Like broken glass, the space shattered in an instant.