Supreme Uprising Chapter 767

Chapter 767 Fourth Level Universe Space Creation Concept

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“Elder Lu, I want him alive!”

Longzun’s tone was sinister. To him, an alive Luo Yunyang was better than a dead one. After all, it was easier to derive pleasure by mistreating him!

“Don’t be impatient, Longzun Zongzi. I will definitely capture him alive. This fellow is rather interesting!” Elder Lu said earnestly, “His body’s cultivation base has only reached the Universe Grade, but…”

“Elder Lu, what are you saying? His cultivation base is only at the Universe Grade!” Longzun unceremoniously interrupted Elder Lu.

Elder Lu didn’t like people interrupting him most of the time. However, it was Longzun this time, so it was naturally different.

“Young Master Longzun, the cultivation base of his body is just at the initial Universe Grade, but the cultivation base of his spirit is at the Heavenly Venerate level. If such a person was placed in the Longlin Realm, he would definitely be an outstanding individual.”

“If he was sold as a slave, he would definitely garner a decent price. How attractive!”

Luo Yunyang had never imagined that Elder Lu would evaluate him like a slave that could be sold.

Longzun didn’t look very happy. He was a proud person, so losing out to a nameless person like Luo Yunyang in front of all his subordinates made him feel thoroughly displeased.

However, Luo Yunyang was a Heavenly Venerate, so losing to him actually wasn’t too disgraceful. This was what he had thought before Elder Lu’s words delivered this blow.

Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base was only at the Universe Grade, but his spirit was at the Heavenly Venerate level. This meant that Luo Yunyang wasn’t considered a Heavenly Venerate yet.

He was a peak Universe-Grade. He had actually been defeated by a martialist that had only recently advanced to the Universe Grade. This was really…

“Capture him. I want to extract the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood in his body and make him my lowliest slave.”

Longzun spoke with a slightly maniacal snarl. Elder Lu looked a little disappointed when he heard Longzun’s words.

Although Longzun’s basic skills were good, he was easy to provoke. He was simply someone who would lose control of his emotions easily. How would he amount to anything big? Based on what Elder Lu saw, Longzun wouldn’t amount to anything big and had very little value.

Meanwhile, Ignorant Supremacy and the others looked at Luo Yunyang with strange gazes. They had always felt that Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base was higher than theirs. However, Elder Lu had now let them know that Luo Yunyang wasn’t a Heavenly Venerate.

The Supremacies who were at a similar level with Heavenly Venerates had all submitted to this person, who wasn’t a Heavenly Venerate.

If this news spread, then the names of these Supremacies would hold no value at all.

Luo Yunyang had never imagined that Elder Lu would see through his cultivation base. However, he didn’t fear much. While he pondered how to deal with Elder Lu, Elder Lu stretched out his hands in a bid to grasp him.

“Come here!”

Although he just said two words, when Elder Lu’s palm made this grabbing motion, Luo Yunyang discovered that the space all around him seemed to be sliced up.

Besides this, what made Luo Yunyang feel the most threatened was actually the four different spaces of color that appeared all around him.

Each space represented a universe, and each of these four spaces implied that Luo Yunyang was already wrapped up in a seal of these four universes’ power.

These four universe powers weren’t simply different. They seemed to compliment one another like a whole entity. Although this power seemed inferior to the Four-Emperor Dragon Fist, it was actually the other way around.

“This is the true Space Creation Concept. Ha ha ha… Only someone who has reached the level of a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate can control this mystic ability!” Longzun roared with laughter as he watched Luo Yunyang get trapped within this space. He was unable to even struggle a little bit.

His voice was rather high-pitched, as he naturally was saying all this so that Ignorant Supremacy and the other two would hear.

Ignorant Supremacy had already experienced Elder Lu’s grasp before. At the time, he simply hadn’t been able to put up any resistance.

In Elder Lu’s hands, one was nothing more than a helpless chicken that could be slaughtered at any time.

Upon seeing Luo Yunyang get trapped in the four-colored spaces now, the three of them realized that what they had experienced hadn’t been much compared to what Luo Yunyang was experiencing now.

Luo Yunyang still had a calm expression on his face as countless thoughts went through his mind rapidly. He knew very well that breaking this four-colored space was of utmost priority.

If he couldn’t break it, regardless of how many techniques he had, he would only end up being captured.

After considering what he could do, Luo Yunyang made a decision. Right now, his ordinary techniques wouldn’t be of much use. Thus, Luo Yunyang got ready to use the Eternal Wisdom Pestle that was recorded within the Eternal Divine Pestle.

Using the Eternal Wisdom Pestle Technique required very high power and cultivation base.

There was a total of nine moves in the Eternal Wisdom Pestle Technique, each move for each level of Heavenly Venerate. Right now, Luo Yunyang could only unleash the second pestle technique with some difficulty.

Luo Yunyang quickly transferred his various attribute points to his Power and Mind. The Eternal Divine Pestle in Luo Yunyang’s hand suddenly radiated with a brilliant glow.

Shadow projections like holy figures appeared all around Luo Yunyang and finally transformed into a golden-and-silver glow.

Eternal Wisdom Pestle, Sky Overturning Pestle!

The divine pestle contained an overwhelming power that struck the four-colored space heavily. Many tiny cracks appeared on the four-colored space, making it seem like glass on the verge of shattering.

Luo Yunyang frowned. He had already used all his power, yet this four-colored universe had not shattered.

With this thought in mind, Luo Yunyang once again brandished the Eternal Divine Pestle and a golden glow blasted against that broken glass-like surface.

This time, the four-colored space shattered instantly.

Luo Yunyang rushed out of the shattered four-colored space and soared. However, he didn’t advance towards Elder Lu this time. Instead, he retreated several hundred meters.

One could say that Luo Yunyang had truly experienced the power of fourth-level Heavenly Venerate Elder Lu. Although the method that created a space cage was a special fourth-level Heavenly Venerate method, Luo Yunyang used two top-notch techniques as well as the power of the Eternal Divine Pestle before dealing with this situation. His heart shuddered.

He had truly realized what the gulf between him and Elder Lu was at this moment.

Elder Lu, who appeared more serious upon seeing his Space Creation Concept get shattered, said solemnly, “Brat, that treasured pestle seems rather nice. However, it will be mine soon. Since you escaped my Space Creation Concept, that gives me the right to attack. Take this sword!” Elder Lu said frostily before he disappeared in an instant. Before Luo Yunyang could react, a sword-light had already pierced his body.

Luo Yunyang felt his body shivering.

He had tried to move the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands to meet this strike, but his speed had been a tad slow.

Although the sword-light didn’t cause Luo Yunyang grievous harm, its speed sent chills down Luo Yunyang’s spine.

Despite the huge improvements in his cultivation base, he still wasn’t a match for a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. Although Luo Yunyang didn’t feel too dejected, he wasn’t in a very good position either.

Thus, he retreated rapidly. He only stopped after backing away more than a hundred miles. Elder Lu didn’t pursue him. The sword is his hand was flashing as he said calmly, “You can’t escape.”

“I can’t escape, but neither can you!” As Luo Yunyang spoke, he waved the Eternal Divine Pestle and a golden Mandara Flower rapidly closed in on the area where Elder Lu and Longzun were.

Elder Lu appeared to think of something the instant he saw the golden Mandara Flower. However, as he was about to back off, the golden Mandara Flower enveloped all of them.

“You are overestimating yourself by trying to use an array formation to trap Elder Lu. Do you really not know that Elder Lu is…” Longzun mocked him in a venomous tone.

However, as he was speaking, streaks of golden light appeared around the golden Mandara Flower. It seemed as if layers after layers of Star Domains were bound within the golden Mandara Flower.

“Open!” Elder Lu shouted. His palm instantly was enlarged many times as he unleashed a palm strike toward the Golden Mandara Flower.


His palm struck the golden Mandara and the entire void of the Divine Union trembled. However, the instant that everything started shaking, pillars of golden light sprouted in the Divine Union void.

These pillars of light shot straight into the horizon. They were like a stabilizing force towering over the sky. These pillars were actually forming a massive Mandara Flower made of light.

“You have some moves, but just relying on these is still insufficient.” Elder Lu didn’t seem the least bit panicked. His palms moved again and the powers of the four-colored universes formed a huge mountain peak that barreled toward the Mandara Array.


Cracks appeared in the huge golden Mandara Formation three times in quick succession. As those cracks intensified, Elder Lu’s body turned into a tall four-colored giant.

“Eternal Divine Pestle, Yesterday Once More!” Luo Yunyang brandished the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands and shouted. As he spoke, the Mandara Array Formation, which had been full of cracks, was rapidly restored to its previous state.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t relax. He knew that using the Mandara Eternal Formation in this fight with Elder Lu was just the beginning!