Supreme Uprising Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Six Layer Yuan Lightning

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Elder Lu had an ugly expression on his face when he heard the words Yesterday Once More. Very quickly, that golden Mandara Eternal Formation was replenished, causing Elder Lu to appear a tad downcast.

When this array formation had first been activated, Elder Lu hadnt thought much of it, even though he knew that this array formation wasnt simple.

Entities like Elder Lu wouldnt think that there was anything capable of containing them in such a small void.

Elder Lu was even confident enough to take on all the powerhouses in this small cosmos. As long as he released a technique, everyone would go silent.

However, he had a bad feeling now. If Elder Lu were to be really suppressed, it would be an unimaginable disgrace that would shame his family!

"Release!" With a furious shout, the four-colored universe around his body shot out four streaks of light that converged to form a massive sky-splitting ax that cleaved heavily at the Mandara Eternal Formation, which was made out of golden light.

The four-colored ax contained the most condensed powers of the four internal universes within a fourth-level Heavenly Venerates body. It could be said that this ax strike could immediately break the Divine Union Void into two.

When this cleave struck the golden Mandara Eternal Array, a large tear started to appear on the golden array formation.

However, as Elder Lu was about to rip the void through that tear, he suddenly realized that streaks of golden light had already gathered and patched up the tear.

If anyone was observing the Divine Union Void from afar right now, they would realize that the Divine Union had already become a massive golden Mandara Flower.

Each time the golden Mandara Flower was attacked, its massive body would shrink rapidly and it would instantly become about the size of a galaxy.

On the Sky Vision in the virtual realms, the image of a massive golden Mandara Flower was already being projected. This time, nobody was trying to evaluate the Mandara Flower on the Sky Vision.

Martialists from the Divine Union, the Bug Race, the Purgatory and the Machine Empire were all watching everything that unfolded in silence.

Although they werent too sure about the situation unfolding, they all understood that this wasnt something they could discuss.

Nanlai Supremacy and the other Supremacies that relied on Luo Yunyang flew towards Luo Yunyang after the initial shock.

They were not devoted to Luo Yunyang, but their lives were in his hands, so they had no other choice.

In just a moment, they had already arrived where Luo Yunyang was. By that time, the golden Mandara Flower had already shrunk to about the size of a star.

Nanlai Supremacy and the others watched the Mandara Flower, which was full of hallowed inscriptions, with dread and disappointment.

Dread, because they simply couldnt comprehend this Mandara Eternal Array and if they fell within it, they would never be able to get out. Disappointment, because they realized that they would never be able to escape Luo Yunyangs control in their lifetime.

The people within the Divine Union Void could feel the Mandara Flower rapidly shrinking. However, Elder Lu, Longzun and the people within the Mandara Eternal Array felt that there were no changes to this array formation.

Elder Lu was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate and could be considered a high-level entity within the Longlin Great Cosmos. During his many years of cultivation, not only had he refined four boundaries within his internal universe, but he also had acquired a wealth of knowledge and understanding in regards to many things.

Array formations were basically useless to Elder Lu. However, Elder Lu had already tried over 30 different methods to no avail.

"Elder Lu, lets analyze this array formation for the time being!" Longzun said as he observed the golden light all around them.

Elder Lus gloomy face turned a little darker. As a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, he was also a high and mighty entity within the Longlin Great Cosmos.

Thus, accompanying Longzun to the Divine Union was just a small task in his opinion.

He had never expected that such a small task would get him in a tangle he would be unable to resolve. Although Longzun didnt say anything, Elder Lu could guess that Longzun definitely had some complaints in his heart.

Although he didnt feel too pleased, the current circumstances made him calm down gradually. With a wave of his sleeves, he used a mystic ability to make a protective four-colored ring of light shroud Longzuns flying ship before he entered it.

"Longzun Zongzi, whats your opinion on this array formation?" Elder Lu asked Longzun bluntly.

Longzun, who didnt recognize this array formation, frowned and looked at the refined, frail-looking man at his side.

"Elder Lu, Zongzi, I can confirm that this array formation definitely isnt an array formation that belongs to the Longlin Great Cosmos," the refined man said. After a short hesitation, he added, "However, I have a conjecture regarding the origins of this array formation."

Longzun gestured with his hand. "Share your theory. Even if you are wrong, Elder Lu wont blame you."

Elder Lu didnt say anything. Deep down, he was disgusted with the way Longzun was meddling and making decisions on other peoples behalf.If you are speaking in my stead, then am I just here to act as a flower vase?

"Elder Lu, Zongzi If my guess is on point, this array formation should be a type of array formation of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos!" The refined man then added with some doubt, "But how could such a supreme array formation end up here, in the Divine Unions void?"

The words Pure Sun Great Cosmos intrigued Longzun. "Are you certain?"

"I wouldnt dare say that I am certain. However, in the records of the Longlin Great Cosmos was a supreme Almighty that was once sealed by this sort of array formation." The refined man grimaced.

His words had caused the faces of Elder Lu and Longzun to darken. Almighty? The refined man had mentioned an Almighty.

What was an Almighty? Heavenly Venerates that detached themselves from time and space and could refine their own internal universe and become practically immortal considered Almighties a myth.

What was an Almighty? An Almighty was the top existence in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos. With a mere thought, they could obliterate a Heavenly Venerate.

According to the myths, an Almighty could make a cosmos collapse by exhaling and cause the sky and earth to overturn. Basically, an Almighty was someone in full control of the vast sky and earth.

This array formation had actually trapped an Almighty? This really shocked Elder Lu and Longzun!

If this was really such a great array formation, then they would basically have no way of getting out. As he mulled this over for a moment, Elder Lu asked, "Are you certain it is that kind of array formation?"

"It should be a portion of that great array formation. Otherwise, we would have already been turned to ashes."

The refined-looking man then added, "However, according to my estimations, if we do not escape quickly, we might end up being sealed in this array formation for a long time."

Longzun had his own ambitions, so he wasnt willing to be sealed up here. At once, he told Elder Lu. "Elder Lu, now isnt the time to hide any secret moves. If you can break this array formation, this entire void will be yours."

A faint glint flashed across Elder Lus eyes before he said, "Fine, I have never been willing to use this treasure, but perhaps I will have to use it today."

As he said that, Elder Lu tapped his storage bracelet and a six-colored sphere that seemed to contain a boundless might appeared in his hands.

"Six-Layer Yuan Lightning!" Longzun said excitedly. He had an extraordinary status so he naturally knew many things.

This Six-Layer Yuan Lighting was a condensation of the lightning formed during a sixth-level Heavenly Tribulations martial tribulation. All living things would turn to dust in the face of this lightning.

Even a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate would stay far away from this sort of sacred lightning.

"Release!" Elder Lu shouted. The Six-Layer Yuan Lightning flew forth from Elder Lus hands and shot towards one side of the Mandara Flower.

Luo Yunyang was observing the movements of Longzun, Elder Lu, and the others. He was somewhat wary of Elder Lu and had thus used his greatest mind powers to observe him.

Although he had never seen this Six-Layer Yuan Lightning or even heard of it, an ominous foreboding formed in Luo Yunyangs heart when he saw the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning shoot towards the left side of the Mandara Flower.

This strange sacred lightning would definitely be able to destroy the Eternal Mandara Array.

Luo Yunyang rapidly made a decision. He waved the eternal pestle in his hands and time was reversed within the golden Eternal Mandara Array.

As time flowed backwards, Luo Yunyang rushed into the Mandara Flower and tried to grab the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning.

The power of the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning had already been unleashed. Luo Yunyang knew that his current cultivation base simply wouldnt be able to contain it.

Thus, without any hesitation, he waved his Eternal Divine Pestle and entered the Eternal Mandara Arrays core, which was called the Eternal Hidden Land.

This tiny place was the Eternal Mandara Arrays core and also where the crux of the Eternal Mandara Arrays indestructible power lay.

Time was eternal there!

Luo Yunyang wanted to suppress the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning in this place, where time was at a standstill.

Elder Lu and Longzun had already prepared to blow up the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning and escape. However, they had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would grab the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning in his hands and make it vanish amid the surging golden light. Elder Lu couldnt even sense the Six-Layer Yuan Lightning anymore.

A boiling rage burned inside him.

Elder Lu glared at Luo Yunyang, who had personally entered the Eternal Mandara Flower, and bellowed. "Die!"

The four-colored universal powers transformed into four strange swords that slashed at Luo Yunyang, who had reappeared.