Supreme Uprising Chapter 769

Chapter 769 The Supreme Beings Arrival

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The four-colored sword contained the power of a universe. The convergence of these four powers would make anyone shudder.

It would be nearly impossible for Luo Yunyang to block the four-colored longsword without the Mandara Array Formation. However, with this array formation, Luo Yunyang was like a god.

Or rather, he was like a godly entity.

While he was brandishing the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands, Luo Yunyang’s body disappeared completely in an instant as the four-colored sword pierced the endless golden radiance.

Elder Lu’s expression turned sour.

The Six-Layer Yuan Lightning was his unique treasure, so he found it very painful to use it.

However, what he found the most unacceptable was that he had failed to achieve the outcome he had expected despite using this treasure.

“Longzun Zongzi, you should have seen this coming!” Elder Lu snapped. “Shouldn’t it be time for Zongzi to make his move?”

Longzun was shocked. He had invested a lot to have Elder Lu here to help him successfully collect the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood.

Although Elder Lu had treated him with respect until this point, he had actually just dared to threaten him. How dare he!

Longzun’s expression turned ugly momentarily. However, the refined-looking man beside him suddenly said, “Zongzi, there’s no more time!”

There was a hint of urgency and advise in his words. Longzun pondered for a moment before snorting coldly. “Fine, this time, I’ll show you all the Long clan’s vast foundations,” Longzun said in what sounded like a warning tone.

The only one he was warning right now was Elder Lu.

Elder Lu did not respond as he continued to squint his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking.

Longzun swiped across his storage bracelet gently and a piece of golden paper appeared in his hands. Longzun held the golden paper with both his hands, as if it was the most important object in the world.

“Respected ancestors, unfilial disciple Longzun would like to invite you to…” Longzun knelt on the ground and recited this sentence by sentence.

As he read it aloud, the golden paper combusted and turned into ashes. The moment the golden paper disappeared, a surge of boundless energy immediately filled the Eternal Mandara Array Formation.

Everyone that experienced this energy felt an urge to kneel before it.

When this energy appeared, cracks suddenly formed on the Eternal Mandara Array Formation, which had shrunk until it was a thousand miles wide.

Even the formation foundations rooted in the entire Divine Union Void were starting to appear damaged.

The Eternal Mandara Array Formation that was in the Eternal Divine Scripture was rumored to be able to recover infinitely. However, Luo Yunyang knew that this formation would collapse immediately once an energy that was much greater than the formation entered it.

Luo Yunyang felt a little afraid when he saw this uncontrollable energy. Everything was going as planned. However, Luo Yunyang had never thought that Longzun would possess such a terrifying energy.

There was simply no way of retaliating against such overwhelming energy.

What can I do?

Luo Yunyang made a decision after mulling this over for an instant. The only thing he could do now was rely on the small silvery tower to escape from this place quickly.

Luo Yunyang had prepared two options to deal with Longzun. The first option was to seal Longzun, and the second option was to escape with those he could bring along with the help of his internal universe if the first option was impossible.


Luo Yunyang made this decision almost without any hesitation. Even though he wanted to fight it out, the extreme differences in strength eliminated any possible ways of retaliation.

Hence, Luo Yunyang turned to look at Ignorant Supremacy and the others immediately.

Ignorant Supremacy and the others also felt this intimidating might. Although they were Supremacies, they still felt like puny insects in front of such a supreme energy.

A great catastrophe was imminent!

Although they understood this, none of them dared to flee, as they were aware that the Kong Tuo Seal within them was still active. They might suffer a worse fate if they fled in panic.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyang wasn’t a kind, forgiving person.

Suddenly, a blurry figure appeared in the center of the Eternal Mandara Array Formation.

The figure crossed the spatial barrier and arrived directly at the center of the Eternal Mandara Array Formation before pointing at it heavily.

Although this seemed like a gentle action, the Eternal Mandara Array Formation fragmented immediately, as if the most powerful force in the world had collided with it.

Instantly, the golden Mandara Flower was destroyed in the void.

Longzun did not appear pleased, despite managing to escape the seal. The golden imperial decree was very important for him. Hence, he would rather find someone to help him and not use the golden imperial decree unnecessarily.

This time, his losses would be tremendous even if he managed to obtain the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood.


The sinister-looking Longzun shrieked in a frenzy, losing all the poise and elegance that the Long Family’s Zongzi should have.

Elder Lu, who had escaped the array with Longzun, glared at Luo Yunyang like a venomous snake.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t paying a lot of attention to Longzun and Elder Lu. He was focused on the figure that had appeared instead.

It was impossible to make out what the figure was, as it was too blurry. However, it still ruined all the preparations Luo Yunyang had made.

After the collapse of the Eternal Mandara Array Formation, coupled with the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate Elder Lu, Luo Yunyang was certain that it would be impossible for him to protect everything this time.

He believed that he could still delay things if he went up against Elder Lu. However, Luo Yunyang was totally powerless while facing the Almighty that had traversed across the void.

The figure overlooked the void as if nothing was worthy of his time. However, when he saw the Eternal Divine Pestle that Luo Yunyang was holding on to, he became agitated.

“Hand it over!”

The voice echoed like a divine law. Luo Yunyang felt an impulse to offer up his Eternal Divine Pestle without any resistance.

However, just as he was about to offer up his Eternal Divine Pestle, the last ounce of sense in his mind made him sober up. Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang traveled directly to the Milky Way using the spatial jump nodes within his internal universe.

The formation of the internal universe allowed Luo Yunyang to quickly shift his position through the spatial nodes. After realizing that his plan had failed, he had hurriedly moved to the Milky Way.

“Puny ants! How dare you resist!” The faint majestic voice echoed as that blurry silhouette waved an arm.

When the palm was brandished, Ignorant Supremacy and the other Supremacies who were standing aside, felt that the space they were in was already under the control of this figure. Although they could move around, they still ended up within the grasp of the huge palm, no matter where they wandered to.

What sort of mystic ability was this?

As Heavenly Venerate existences, they had always reckoned that they were separate from time and space and in control of the fate of everything in their region. These characteristics made them basically unrivaled. However, this situation made them understand that they had been too ignorant.

Although Luo Yunyang was a little stronger than them, he was also ignorant!

Luo Yunyang also felt as if there was nowhere to run. The figure that overlooked them was like an invisible celestial who controlled everything. No matter how hard they tried to shift, they were still within his palms.

However, Luo Yunyang still had a final trump card, so he remained hopeful.

The moment he appeared in the Da Alliance, Luo Yunyang saw the Bloody Blade Monarch and hundreds of people who had gathered. All of them looked worried and anxious.

“Is everything ready?” Luo Yunyang asked before swiftly waving his sleeves and sending a grayish light that enveloped the Bloody Blade Monarch, Lu Qubing, Yunxi and the rest before bringing them into his internal universe.

“Everything has been taken care of,” Yunxi replied.

Luo Yunyang breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that. He glanced at his surroundings with a trace of reluctance and then quickly let his consciousness enter the small silver tower.

Suddenly, the mighty figure seemed to feel that something was amiss, as he sent a wave of energy that tried to seize Luo Yunyang.

This seizing power was remarkable. Even though Luo Yunyang’s attribute regulator constantly enhanced his power, he still found it very difficult to move.

The massive looming threat of death filled Luo Yunyang’s heart momentarily.


Luo Yunyang, who had no time to consider anything else, directly selected the next mission from the control panel of the small silvery tower.

After he selected the mission, the rest would be up to fate.

If the silvery tower failed to work, then there would be really nothing he could do. Fortunately, after selecting his mission, an invisible force pulled his body and made it disappear into the void.

“Come back!” The figure sensed Luo Yunyang’s disappearance and roared in anguish. He grabbed at the void in anger and Luo Yunyang, who had already exited the Divine Union Void, suddenly felt a formidable energy start to envelop his body, which had already begun to leave.

Fortunately, the power pulling Luo Yunyang away from the Divine Union Void was more powerful. Thus, in an instant, the formidable energy of the figure disappeared without a trace!