Supreme Uprising Chapter 77

Chapter 77: 100 Million Dayuan

"Can we really live in a big house, Big Brother?" Qin Yuemeng was once again driving the car on the journey back. Luo Yunyang was riding shotgun, while Luo Dong'er was like a lively little bird happily chirping away in the back.

Luo Yunyang didn't open his mouth. He let Qin Yuemeng reply with a laugh instead, "That's right. It's a bungalow with a garden."

"It might not compare to a villa, but it's quite nice."

"Great! That's great!" Luo Dong'er almost jumped up cheerfully.

Shen Yunying was smiling wide. Her beloved son's future prospects were really gratifying.

"One should always try to be lenient, Yunyang. Those people were just having a birthday party. Don't you think that kicking them out might have offended them?"

Luo Yunyang forced a smile helplessly. He knew that his mother was just worried about him.

"That's not an issue, Aunt Shen. The Ling Family was at fault to begin with. Although they lost a lot of face, they wouldn't dare do anything to Luo Yunyang! Plus, the Rising Dragon Army would never stand by idly and watch Luo Yunyang get bullied."

Qin Yuemeng was really good at reading others. As soon as she heard this, Shen Yunying let go of her worries. She liked Qin Yuemeng overall, but she didn't like the way she addressed her.

We are both adults. You might be younger, but that doesn't mean you can call me aunt. Can't you call me big sister instead? She sure treats my son very well. Could she like Yunyang?

"When I became a martial master, I received quite a number of messages. I think I also got one from a company called Rapid Gem Automobiles. They gave me a free car," Luo Yunyang said as he watched Qin Yuemeng's skillful driving.

"How could you believe that? Are you dumb, Brother? My teacher says that there's no such thing as free lunch in the world. If someone tries to give you something for free, they most likely want something from you." Luo Dong'er pouted as she talked like an experienced adult.

Luo Yunyang reached out and patted his sister's head.

"Mom! He is bullying me!" Luo Dong'er pouted as she leaned on her mother.

"Your brother isn't lying to you. Rapid Gem Automobiles really offered him a free car."

Qin Yuemeng smiled and added, "When you wake up tomorrow, you will find a car outside your house."

Just as Qin Yuemeng said, when Luo Dong'er woke up the next day, she saw a beautiful car outside. The family moved almost in a dream-like state. Many relatives and close friends came to visit their new house.

Luo Dong'er, who was praised and pampered by everyone, felt as though she had become a little princess. However, there was one thing that made her unhappy.

Her big brother was going to leave!

Luo Dong'er didn't want her brother to leave, but she didn't have much say in the matter. She could only watch helplessly as Luo Yunyang boarded a monstrous-looking car and left.

Xu Zhong and the others welcomed Luo Yunyang back to Base 7. However, Luo Yunyang still felt some regret over this short visit home.

He hadn't gotten to see Zhu Yan and Gu Qianqian. He had heard that Zhu Yan was away on a mission and Gu Qianqian was busy working.

"Come with me, kid!" Xu Zhong said in a hushed voice after giving Luo Yunyang a dramatic bear hug. "You will be meeting someone later, but you cannot agree to anything he suggests! Do you understand?"

Who will I be meeting? Luo Yunyang could tell from Xu Zhong's tone that the man didn't get along with this person.

Luo Yunyang nodded and followed Xu Zhong's lead as they walked to a large meeting room at Base 7's central district.

"Are you Luo Yunyang?" asked an old man who appeared to be in his 60s. He had a warm expression on his face, yet there was an imposing, dignified air about him.

Next to him were a few sharply-dressed young people, who were waiting on him. As the old man was talking, one of them served Luo Yunyang a glass of water.

His movements were as smooth as flowing water, which led Luo Yunyang to believe that the server had not been trained in just a couple of days.

"I am." Luo Yunyang didn't feel anything in the old man's suppressing aura. His Mind Attribute was currently at 4, so he wasn't afraid of the man.

"You are a unique person. Please sign these documents," the old man said as he shot the boy next to him a look.

The clean, neat boy quickly handed Luo Yunyang a black file. Inside the file was a golden felt tip pen.

The contents of the file were simple. Luo Yunyang would voluntarily give up the golden body fluid, and the other party would compensate him with 100 million dayuan.

Luo Yunyang glanced up and instinctively looked at the old man as he heard him say calmly, "I have to hurry back to Shenjing, young man. Please be fast."

"What's written here?" Luo Yunyang asked indifferently as he glanced at the elderly man.

The old man didn't say anything. He just shot an impatient look at the young man next to him. The young man snorted. "Can't you read? The Nie Family is willing to spend 100 million dayuan to purchase your golden body fluid."

"No wonder I couldn't read it. It turns out that this wasn't written by humans." As Luo Yunyang spoke, he tossed aside the file and turned to leave.

"Don't act so shamelessly, kid. We are just trying to give you some face. The golden body fluid doesn't even belong to you. The Nie Family just wants to show some respect to the Rising Dragon Army. If you walk out of this door today, then you will become an enemy of the Nie Family!"

As the elderly man spoke, his eyes were full of menace.

Luo Yunyang looked at the old man, who seemed very strong, before he said, "Some people are really adept at playing dumb. I will grant your wish. From this day on, the Nie Family is an enemy of mine!"

"How dare you speak to the old master this way!" One of the young men, who was infuriated by Luo Yunyang's frivolous manner, leapt up and extended his hands in an effort to seize him.

The young man's technique was exquisite, and his cultivation base had already reached the level of a martial master. As he waved his hands, a layer of cold Qi enveloped Luo Yunyang.

Although the young man's speed was really quick, he was unfortunately facing Luo Yunyang, who was even faster. The instant the young man moved, Luo Yunyang used his attribute regulator.

If he didn't use it, he might not have been a match for the martial master.


Right before the young man could seize Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang's fist landed on his nose.

The essence of the young man's body was very strong, but he was unable to guard himself against this kind of strike, so he was sent flying.

When the other young men saw this, they rolled up their sleeves and got ready to fight. Suddenly, the door was pushed open again. Chief Instructor Lu strode in calmly and stared at the group of young men surrounding Luo Yunyang. "Whoever dares to try anything will have their arms broken," he said coldly.

His grand master rank made his words sound even more imposing.

"Why are you protecting this kid, Lu Xiu?" The elderly man, who had been sitting up until now, stood up all of a sudden.