Supreme Uprising Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Purple Cloud Cosmos Warrant For Capture

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The figure that had appeared in the Divine Union Void jested scornfully as his hands moved rapidly, causing a virtual mock-up to appear in his palms.

In this mock-up, all the Cosmoses were represented by small balls that were bobbing up and down.

The tiny icon representing Luo Yunyang was seen weaving through the various Cosmoses. When the figure was about to discover Luo Yunyangs location, one of the small balls exploded in his palms.

This figure was a lofty person that controlled the life and deaths of countless people. Upon seeing his own mock-up get destroyed, his expression turned deadly cold.

Even Elder Lu, who had the highest cultivation base around, shuddered uncontrollably as he watched the figure.

The figure snorted coldly again before glaring at Longzun. Before it could speak, the figure suddenly shattered.

Longzun sighed in relief when the figure disappeared completely. He had been terrified of that silhouette.

After tidying up his attire, he turned to Ignorant Supremacy and the rest. However, he didnt feel like paying any attention to them, as he was very unhappy with Luo Yunyangs escape.

15 minutes later, Longzun arrived at the gathering point for the Human Tribe. Upon seeing the completely empty territory of the Human Tribe, Longzun felt like vomiting blood.

He had expended great resources to enter the Divine Union Void this time and even used his most important Golden Imperial Decree. However, not only had he failed to find the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood, but he couldnt even see a single human.

"Luo Yunyang, I will kill you!"

Longzuns hysterical cry echoed through the empty Human Tribes space and shattered many planets.

Luo Yunyang was sitting on top of a hill, overlooking his surroundings quietly.

Despite his peaceful expression, a massive upheaval was taking place in his heart. The events that had unfolded frightened Luo Yunyang greatly and made him very upset.

He had made a miscalculation while preparing for Longzun!

Although he had constructed the Eternal Mandara Array Formation and executed his plan flawlessly while dealing with Longzun and Elder Lu, Longzun had actually summoned that silhouette, which had traversed through countless voids.

He was a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate or possibly even an Almighty.

If it had not been for the silvery towers ability to travel to different Cosmoses by taking on missions, Luo Yunyang would have never survived this predicament.

After seeing how excited the figure was about the Eternal Divine Pestle, he had also become very interested in it.

Luo Yunyang knew that, even if he offered up his Eternal Divine Pestle to the silhouette, he would still be definitely annihilated for being a defiant person.

This sort of scenario was pretty common.

After all, he was just a tiny ant in front of that lofty supreme being. An ant whose life was insignificant.

However, being considered important by the supreme being was also scary. Although the silvery tower was able to traverse between different Cosmoses, it shouldnt be too difficult for the figure to track his whereabouts.

After calming down, Luo Yunyang waved his arms and entered his internal universe.

The Bloody Blade Monarch, Yunxi and the rest had been waiting for him patiently.

They didnt know explicitly what was going on with the battle in the Divine Union Void, but they could sense that Luo Yunyang must have lost based on his sullen expression.

"Yunyang, where are we now?" Yunxi asked gently when Luo Yunyang walked over.

After thinking for a moment, Luo Yunyang managed to see their location through the small silvery tower and replied, "We are now in the Purple Cloud Cosmos."

"For now, keep the people you brought with inside your internal space temporarily. Well think of something after I scout out the situation."

Yunxi nodded her head in agreement. Luo Yunyangs suggestion was the only plausible plan in an unknown cosmos.

Without the Divine Union Void, the Milky Ways Human Tribe was like a homeless child. Although Luo Yunyang was with them, nobody dared to attract any attention in an unknown void.

"Alright, the space in our internal void is limited and it is not suitable for a long-term stay. The best option would be" Yunxi understood that it was going to be hard for Luo Yunyang to find a decent place to stay for a while, but she still decided to voice her thoughts.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head in acknowledgment. After consoling his sister and the people around him, he appeared again at the peak of the hill.

What he needed now was a place where the Human Tribe could settle.

Luo Yunyang did not know much about the Purple Cloud Cosmos, yet according to the ranking list of the small silvery tower, the Purple Cloud Cosmos should rank between a Great Cosmos and a small void.

If the size and depth of the cosmos remained small, then it would be unlikely for an existence like that formidable figure to appear.

However, the level was still higher here than it was in the Divine Union Void and Luo Yunyang knew that this strange figure would not let this matter slide that easily. Hence, he couldnt afford to be too high-profile in the Purple Cloud Cosmos.

Otherwise, besides causing trouble for himself, he might even attract the attention of the terrifying figure.

In the end, Luo Yunyang decided to explore the new cosmos.

He had already gathered a lot of information in three days. In particular, he had learned a lot after hypnotizing a Universe-Grade martialist to find out the basics of the Purple Cloud Cosmos.

Luo Yunyangs priority was to discover the level of the highest-ranking beings in the Purple Cloud Cosmos. According to the memory of the Universe-Grade martialist, there were three high-level existences there.

Three sixth-level Great Heavenly Venerates! They belonged to the three major tribes of the Purple Cloud Cosmos: the Immortal Tribe, the Mysterious Valiant Tribe and the War Demon Tribe!

By using the Eternal Mandara Array Formation, the most Luo Yunyang had been able to do to Elder Lu was entrap him. If he was to face a sixth-level Great Heavenly Venerate, it would be very unlikely that he would escape.

Fortunately, these sixth-level Great Heavenly Venerates did not appear often. In the Purple Cloud Cosmos, they were basically the stuff of legends.

Below the three sixth-level Great Heavenly Venerates were fourth-level and fifth-level Heavenly Venerates. Although they did not possess the title of a Great Heavenly Venerate, they were still considered high-level existences that dominated their respective regions. Thus, they were figures no one would dare provoke.

Memorizing all the third-level and lower-level Heavenly Venerates would be simply too much information. Hence, Luo Yunyang only remembered some of these names.

Although there were hundreds of third-level and lower-level Heavenly Venerates, each of them still enjoyed a respectable status.

After understanding the situation in this cosmos. Luo Yunyang began to think about how he would integrate himself into this place to occupy an area so that the Human Tribe he had brought with him could have a place to live.

The three major tribes occupied most of the Purple Cloud Cosmos. The places that were not occupied by the three major tribes were either desolate mountains or filthy waters. While this would be enough for Luo Yunyang to survive on his own, it wasnt a good place for most of his people.

Among the three tribes, the Immortal Tribe was very similar to the Human Tribe in terms of appearance. If he hadnt lived in a different void, Luo Yunyang might have even thought that the Immortal Tribe could be called the Human Tribe.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang immediately thought of exploiting the Immortal Tribe.

However, finding a suitable identity wasnt easy. Besides supporting Luo Yunyangs rapid rise to power, this identity would also need to allow a natural transition into the Immortal Tribe.

Luo Yunyang was wondering what he should do while strolling on a desolate mountain peak when he suddenly saw a person walking over from the foot of the mountain.

Peak Galaxy-Grade cultivation. No, this persons heart was filled with a decaying decadence and the galaxy inside him was about to collapse.

"Yuner, I am coming to find you. After you left, leaving me alone in this world, everything has been really boring!" The man sat down on a rock unsteadily as he mumbled to himself, looking depressed. "Ever since you left, I havent had the willpower to do anything."

"I have even experienced Qi deviation. Very well then This is a perfect opportunity for me to join you!" The mans mind started to fall apart as he muttered to himself.

How could Luo Yunyang miss such a great opportunity? He had found a suicidal peak Galaxy-Grade martialist. Before the mans body could collapse, Luo Yunyang controlled his shattered mind and obtained a drop of his blood essence.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was able to create a clone with just a drop of blood essence. Although the mans mind was shattered, the memories inside were still intact as Luo Yunyang quickly extracted them.

In a short while, Luo Yunyang had already transferred all the memories in the mans mind into his own. The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast also managed to create a fourth clone by using that drop of blood essence.

When all this was done, Luo Yunyang discovered a warrant in the mans memories.

The warrant showed only a figure that looked exactly like Luo Yunyang.

"Report at once if found!"

Luo Yunyang felt his heart tighten when he saw the contents of this warrant. He did not know who had issued it, but he suspected that this had to be related to the figure summoned by Longzun.

"Hey! Cant you even take a blow? Are you still a man? How can someone so weak be the third manager of the Soaring Dragon Union?" A scornful rant was heard from a distance while Luo Yunyang was deep in thought.

Instantly, Luo Yunyang fell directly to the ground. This was exactly in line with what the man whose identity he had assumed would have done.

"Oh, stop complaining. Were not the ones to decide. The Union Leader did not want him to disgrace us either. Lets just take him back and keep him alive." The two figures who had appeared were walking towards Luo Yunyang.