Supreme Uprising Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Controlling The Sky And Earth

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A Dragon Soars Into The Sky Over A Ten-Thousand-Mile-High Mountain.

Luo Yunyang lay lazily on an old broken rocking chair, gazing far into the distance. Those words had been carved on the miles-tall peak by an unmatched sword Qi.

On the surface, Luo Yunyang appeared like he was daydreaming. However, he was actually alert and deep in thought. He was pondering about the Purple Cloud Cosmos.

In terms of laws and other aspects, the Purple Cloud Cosmos wasn’t a really exceptional place.

The cultivation paths here were stronger compared to the Divine Union Void. However, it was still way behind in comparison to Luo Yunyang’s Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture.

According to the memories of the former owner of this body, the Purple Cloud Cosmos did not seem to have any Martial Path Heavenly Tribulations. However, it had an area called the Nine Tribulation Thunder Lake, which allowed martialists to rid themselves of whatever shortcomings they had.

Unfortunately, one had to pay a hefty price to use this Nine Tribulation Thunder Lake, as well as to meet certain training standards.

Luo Yunyang had assumed the identity of Mo Yunxiao, the third manager of the Soaring Dragon Union, who had only entered the first level of the Nine Tribulation Thunder Lake.

After cultivating in the Thunder Lake, his cultivation level had increased by yet another notch.

It had been three months since Luo Yunyang had arrived at the Purple Cloud Cosmos. He had not done much throughout the past three months except go through Mo Yunxiao’s memories and analyze the universe he was in.

As one of the major tribes in the Purple Cloud Comos, the Immortal Tribe occupied one-third of the territory within the Cosmos. In fact, the territory they occupied was the best.

This territory helped ensure that the Immortal Tribe was the most dominant tribe in the Purple Cloud Cosmos. Of course, this dominance was limited given the strength of the other two major tribes.

Although the Immortal Tribe remained united against the invasions of the other two rival tribes, the Immortal Tribe itself was segregated into two major factions.

The Soaring Dragon Union, which Luo Yunyang was in, was the second power in the current Qian Heng dynasty. Although it was hard to compare it to the first, being able to influence the dynasty in some ways allowed them to have some dominance over certain things.

A hundred thousand Galaxy-Graders and a million elites composed the strength of the Soaring Dragon Union.

Mo Yunxiao, whom Luo Yunyang had transformed into, had been close friends with the leader of the Soaring Dragon Union, Song Bieli, and enjoyed a rise in status within the union.

As Song Bieli had entered the Universe Grade, the Soaring Dragon Union had flourished even more. This flourishing process had lasted until thirty years ago, when Song Bieli had entered a search for a treasure left behind by a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate and never returned.

The person in charge of the Soaring Dragon Union right now was Song Bieli’s daughter, Song Yuange!

Many people thought that, after the death of Song Bieli, young Song Yuange would definitely make a mess out of the Soaring Dragon Union. However, they had not expected that the handover would instead continue to allow the Soaring Dragon Union to flourish.

The union did even better than during Song Bieli’s reign.

Luo Yunyang realized that Mo Yunxiao was a sentimental individual after going through his memories.

Fifty years ago, Mo Yunxiao had gained the favor of one of the female disciples of the Cloud Sky Palace, the number one power in the Qian Heng Dynasty, Liu Qingyun. Ever since, their hearts had been beating as one, as the couple had led an enviable life together.

However, ten years ago, Liu Qingyun had suddenly died by being viciously poisoned. Mo Yunxiao, who had been extremely devastated, had vowed to take revenge and spent his days relentlessly searching for the killer to no avail.

Mo Yunxiao, whose spirits had begun to crumble slowly, had initially been a Galaxy-Grade and ranked ninth in the Qian Heng Dynasty’s man roll. However, after that incident, he had dropped so much that he had been completely removed from the rankings.

Luo Yunyang felt slightly regretful about Mo Yunxiao’s cultivation level. However, he was still more interested in using this new status of his to find a habitable place for the Human Tribe.

In terms of size, the Purple Cloud Cosmos was a hundred times the size of the Divine Union. Although it was not as large as the Pure Sun Great Cosmos or the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, it still had eight great continents which were way larger than many stars combined.

The Immortal Tribe occupied the second Qian Heng continent out of the eight great continents. The Qian Heng dynasty occupied over three thousand Star Domains besides the entire first Qian Heng continent.

However, these star domains were weak in spiritual influence and had very little output. That was why most of the major powers in the Immortal Tribe called the main great continents their foundations.

As for the other stars, this was where the logistics and other operations lay.

One could also say that these Star Domains weren’t too important in the eyes of the Immortal Tribe.

Luo Yunyang could fully understand what they were thinking. Back in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, the sect serving him had owned quite a number of Star Domains too. However, they still wouldn’t even have the right to own a mountain here.

Luo Yunyang was pondering how it would be possible for him to tactfully own a few Star Domains and eventually use these Star Domains for the Human Tribe’s settlement.

Although there was quite a number of Star Domains in the Purple Cloud Cosmos and it wouldn’t be difficult for Luo Yunyang to take ownership by force, he still decided to be prudent due to the fearsome power of the figure that had been searching for him.

“Third Union Master, a distinguished guest will be arriving in the city today. His Highness would like all masters to be at the Soaring Dragon Union hall’s entrance to welcome him.”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. Although he was not too concerned about the matters of the Soaring Dragon Union, he still had to keep up this pretense to avoid blowing his cover.

The hall of the Soaring Dragon Union stood atop the center of 1,000-mile-high mountain that had once been split into three portions by a single blade! Its surroundings were flat and plain and gave the grand hall an intense finish.

As the Third Union Master of the Soaring Dragon Union, Luo Yunyang had his own chariot, which was driven by a Three-Headed Devil Dragon Beast.

However, when Luo Yunyang reached the chariot, he discovered that the Three-Headed Devil Dragon Beast that was supposed to pull his chariot had actually been replaced by two Golden Tigers with a Star-Grade cultivation base.

He frowned and looked at the young chap who had brought his chariot over.

“Third Master, the Beast that was supposed to bring the Grand Master died and the council has instead decided to loan your beast to him temporarily.” The young man smiled gleefully.

This was a slightly scheming contentment that Luo Yunyang seemed unable to do anything about.

Luo Yunyang had already seen right through this person’s traits. Given Luo Yunyang’s temperament, this chap would be taught a good lesson.

However, he gave up this thought, as the person he was portraying had lost the love of his life and saw no meaning in anything else.

Although Luo Yunyang could slowly craft a new personality, the changes couldn’t be too sudden or he would be at a disadvantage.

After all, the person fetching him was someone who had managed to get Mo Yunxiao on his side. Hence, in line with Mo Yunxiao’s character, Luo Yunyang just lazily waved his hand.

Then, he began pondering Mo Yunxiao’s cultivation methods while he was on the chariot. Although Luo Yunyang did not think too much of Mo Yunxiao’s cultivation, one technique in Mo Yunxiao’s memories caught his attention.

Unfortunately, Mo Yunxiao’s understanding of this technique was very basic so he had yet to develop it further.

This was how Mo Yunxiao had managed to rank ninth on the man roll.

This cultivation made Luo Yunyang ponder even deeper. He believed that both this technique and the Eternal Divine Scripture complemented each other well.

Although the Eternal Divine Scripture was way more developed and advanced, as long as he continued to advance the technique Mo Yunxiao possessed, he believed that he would be able to amalgamate the two techniques seamlessly.

Furthermore, by using the combined strength of the Eternal Divine Scripture and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, this new cultivation technique would definitely help his current power increase tenfold.


Just as the two Golden Tigers pulling his chariot were charging forward rapidly, Luo Yunyang formed a seal. Although he didn’t say anything, this expansive might caused the two Golden Tigers to stop in their tracks.

Then, the two Golden Tigers slowly pulled Luo Yunyang’s chariot towards the Soaring Dragon Union Hall.

Regardless of how the young man urged them, the two tigers did not seem to increase their speed one bit.

Finally, Luo Yunyang’s chariot arrived at the Soaring Dragon Union Hall. The hall was filled with people, including masters and other distinguished guests.

Luo Yunyang walked in at that moment and attracted the attention of everyone else in the room. A beautiful lady in green was amongst them.

Upon seeing Luo Yunyang, her eyes expressed a mix of emotions ranging from gentleness to anger. These emotions puzzled Luo Yunyang greatly.

“To be honest, it does not matter to us whether the Third Master comes or not,” said a young man wearing yellow overalls. There was clear sarcasm in his tone.

The lady in green, who was Song Yuange, said, “Lin Junwang, Master Mo is the Third Union Master of the Soaring Dragon Union, so please show the level of respect he deserves.”

“Respect? Ha ha ha… I only respect the ninth-in-rank Master on the man roll, not some useless cripple. Good thing there won’t be any need for respect next time,” Lin Junwang said.

“The Soaring Dragon Union is going to collude with the other tribes to topple my dynasty. This is definitely an offense that cannot be overlooked. Men, arrest the members of the entire Soaring Dragon Union and terminate them accordingly.” A series of chaotic motions came from all directions when that order was issued.

Almost all the martialists from the Soaring Dragon Union seemed stupefied. They had never expected that the distinguished guest visiting them would actually say something like that.

Song Yuange, who was stunned, said, “Nonsense, Lin Junwang. The Soaring Dragon Union cannot be messed with easily.”

The moment Song Yuange spoke, someone interjected. “Union Master, you cannot be saved even if you collaborate with other tribes!”

Then, over a hundred figures started to attack the comrades beside them viciously.