Supreme Uprising Chapter 772

Chapter 772 A Decent Point

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Song Yuanges beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment. She had never doubted her ability to control the Soaring Dragon Union.

However, upon seeing all these familiar faces become hostile, her confidence suffered a blow she found hard to accept.

After watching a middle-aged man walk towards Lin Junwang, she was filled with disbelief.

"Second Uncle, why did you"

The man whom Song Yuange addressed as Second Uncle was a middle-aged man that looked both dashing and reserved.

The man, who was at the eighth level of the Celestial Domain Grade, was Le Zhangtian, who ranked 130th on the Man Roll!

Years ago, Song Bieli, Mo Yunxiao and Le Zhangtian had come together like three blood-sworn brothers. Following Song Bielis disappearance and Mo Yunxiaos retirement, Le Zhangtians role in the Soaring Dragon Union had gradually become more important.

He was known as the biggest pillar of strength supporting Song Yuange.

"Yuange, you are not fit to be the leader. I cannot bear to see the downfall of the Soaring Dragon Union under your leadership."

Le Zhangtian sighed. "On account of the brotherhood I shared with your father, there will be room for negotiation as long as you are willing to marry the Sixth Prince."

The Sixth Prince? The name immediately gave Luo Yunyang a better understanding of the situation.

Both Le Zhangtian and Li Junwang were considered subordinates of the Sixth Prince.

In the Qian Heng Dynasty, there were limitations to the position of the Divine Emperor. According to the directions of the Great Heavenly Venerates of the Immortal Tribe, this position could only be held by an individual for a maximum of 10,000 years, regardless of which generation they were from.

10,000 years later, anyone who was able to become a Heavenly Venerate would definitely have an opportunity to progress in other areas. The people who were unable to do so would automatically become a royal sacrifice.

Furthermore, according to the rules of the Dynasty, the position of the Divine Emperor was not only reserved for members of the royal family. Even people without a royal bloodline were also entitled to a chance to compete for the title.

The current Divine Emperor had served for a total of 9,900 years. In just 100 more years, it would be time for him to abdicate his position.

Le Zhangtian had joined the struggle for the throne. Unfortunately, Song Yuange had also found herself embroiled in this tussle.

"If I were to disagree, would Second Uncle have to be sacrificed for justice?" the calm Song Yuange said without hesitation.

"That is correct. Even though you are Elder Brothers daughter, you still arent suitable to take control of the Soaring Dragon Union." Le Zhangtian paused, his tone becoming even more assured. "I believe that Elder Brothers soul in heaven will understand."

Luo Yunyang stared at Le Zhangtian and nodded silently in his heart. Luo Yunyang had been able to sense his agenda from the moment theyd first met.

However, this matter was unrelated to Luo Yunyang, so he hadnt really cared.

Song Yuange glanced all over before her gaze eventually landed on Luo Yunyang. There was a tinge of grieve on her face.

"Uncle Yun, may I know what you have against me?" Song Yuange asked gently.

Le Zhantian raised his brows slightly and grinned at Lin Junwang. "The Union Master definitely doesnt need to worry about this. We would not dare trouble Third Master Mo."

"We cant lower our status under any circumstances," Lin Junwang said. This sentence carried a slightly profound meaning.

The martialists who were standing behind Lin Junwang burst into laughter. One of them even said, "We mustnt lower our status, no matter what."

"What is the point of roping in a cripple? Union Master Song has a great sense of humor."

Luo Yunyang waved gently his hand as he made eye contact with Song Yuange.

"Le Zhangtian, as the Union Master of the Soaring Dragon Union, we will never surrender to the likes of you," Song Yuange said, "The members of the Soaring Dragon Union, who were able to remain diplomatic against all other threats for many centuries, definitely wont be eliminated that easily either."

While Song Yuange was halfway through what she wanted to say, a silhouette flew in from the surroundings before landing heavily on the ground.

The person who had landed was an elderly man with a white beard and white hair. There was a fist-sized hole near his chest, where blood was flowing out profusely.

Luo Yunyang didnt know this old man, but Song Yuanges face became downcast when she saw him.

"My niece, your greatest reliance is actually Elder Brothers servant. We already knew about his existence ten years ago," said Le Zhangtian as he faced the hallway door of the Soaring Dragon Union "That was why we requested the famous Purple Green Twin Swords on the Earth Roll."

As Le Zhangtians spoke, two tall, well-built men strolled in unhurriedly. They gave off a terrifying vibe.

The Purple Green Twin Swords were Universe-Graded Martialists. This duo had never participated in any previous disputes for power.

However, they had just killed the Universe-Graded servant that Song Yuange had relied on and waltzed right into the Soaring Dragon Union with the intention to fight.

Many people in the Soaring Dragon Union lost any sense of resistance theyd had upon seeing these two Universe-Grade martialists.

Song Yuanges hands trembled uncontrollably. She had never expected that everything she had would be used in this conspiracy against her.

As an intelligent and independent lady, she had always felt that she would be able to bring the Union her father had left behind to even greater heights. She had never expected that this would actually be the final outcome.

"We do not kill the fallen," the Purple Green Twin Swords said. However, their strong killing intent flooded the area and caused great discomfort and fear amongst the Soaring Dragon Union members.

"My dear niece, things are really tough right now given the situation you are in. Just give up. We have already sealed up all the areas surrounding the union in a 10,000-mile radius. You wouldnt be able to escape even if you possessed the ability to transcend to another void,"

Le Zhangtian said in a cold, stern voice, "Dont even think about getting help from the Ninth Princesses. They have their own matters to attend to."

Song Yuange chose to ignore Le Zhangtian and focused her attention on Luo Yunyang. She gently said, "Uncle Yunxiao, please let bygones be bygones. I hope you can live a happier life from now on."

After she was done, she turned her head and looked at Le Zhangtian solemnly. "Since you claim that you are my fathers blood-sworn brother, you should know his temper well. He would rather die than surrender. I am cut from the same cloth. I dont fear death!"

Lin Junwang snickered. "It is difficult to advise brats that ought to die. If you long for death, go to hell!" Then, he focused his attention on Song Yuanges Soaring Dragon Union members and said, "Those who surrender will not be killed. If you dont, there will be a bloodbath."

After his speech, a handful of Soaring Dragon Union martialists seemed hesitant and a few Hall Masters even pondered and walked away from Song Yuange.

Song Yuange wasnt bothered by their departure. She bit her lip and tried hard to avoid showing any signs of weakness.

Luo Yunyang sighed upon seeing this. He needed to interfere, as he was unwilling to discard Mo Yunxiaos identity yet.

Moreover, this was an opportunity for Luo Yunyang to rise openly.

"Is there a need for this, Le Zhangtian?"

Le Zhangtians expression turned ugly when he heard Luo Yunyang. He turned to him and said, "Old three, you may leave! We were brothers before, so you may leave now. However, you have to remember that a cripple like you doesnt deserve to be part of the Soaring Dragon Union."

Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively. "It is too early to say such things. Nevertheless, I am still part of the Soaring Dragon Union, while you will no longer be a part of it."

At this point, he turned and glared at the Purple Green Twin Swords before he snapped, "Scram!"

The Purple and Green Dual Swords, who were on the Earth Roll, werent considered big shots. However, they were still powerful.

A Soaring Dragon Union member was considered second-tier in terms of power. The support of these two Earth Roll experts would allow the union to get better. However, the two of them believed that their talents were too good for the union.

Unexpectedly, they had just been chided by Luo Yunyang!

There was a vicious glint in their eyes. Purple Sword, who had always been arrogant, looked particularly vicious. "Die!" he shouted.

Then, a purple sword-light flew forth, transforming into a rain of 3,000 sword-lights that enveloped Luo Yunyang.

Every single one of these 3,000 swords was majestic and contained the overwhelming might of a Universe-Grader. It seemed as though it had the ability to control the surrounding sky and land.

Although the 3,000 sword-lights were only being controlled within a certain area, as long as Purple Sword wanted to, he could always turn them toward a larger area and obliterate the entire place.

From the looks of it, Purple Sword believed that using his 3,000 daggers was definitely overkill. However, he thought that it was necessary in order to instill fear and intimidate the majority of the Soaring Dragon Union!

The ultimate goal was to have a complete Soaring Dragon Union, not a handicapped one with few remaining members. Under the circumstances, intimidation was necessary.

Le Zhangtian watched the resplendent rain of 3,000 swords hesitantly. However, he eventually chose not to say anything.

Song Yuange stared at the swords in mid-air, ready to soar up. However, she was being closely scrutinized by Green Sword, who was standing right beside Purple Sword.

If she made even the slightest movement, she would be facing an attack from Green Sword.

Most of the Soaring Dragon Union martialists stared at Luo Yunyang unsympathetically.

Even though Mo Yunxiao had shown that he had a backbone, it still seemed to them as if he didnt know where he stood.

Even though Mo Yunxiao used to be on the Man Roll, that status was incomparable to the Purple Green Twin Swords status.

Just as they were wondering how Mo Yunxiao was going to meet his end, Luo Yunyang sighed and uttered the word "soldier".

His gentle tone made Purple Sword shiver. Before he could react, Luo Yunyang joined his hands to form a hand seal, causing an extremely huge guardian to appear behind him. By using one palm, the guardian slapped the rain of 3,000 swords.

In just an instant, the sword rain was routed and everything seemed to become peaceful. Purple Sword had also been sent flying during this clash.