Supreme Uprising Chapter 773

Chapter 773 Walkers Nine Secrets

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Purple Sword fell to the ground heavily!

Although he took flight again immediately after touching the ground, he now started looking a little pale.

Purple Sword was at the Universe Grade and, although he was only at an early stage, he was still way more superior than an ordinary Celestial Domain-Grade.

Furthermore, he was a martialist on the Earth Roll, which meant that he should possess abilities that exceeded those of normal Universe-Grade martialists.

Green Sword, who was constantly holding back Purple Sword with his mind power, hurriedly walked towards Purple Sword and asked, "Junior Brother, whats going on?"

Purple Sword did not respond as he stared at Luo Yunyang and asked, "What sort of move is this?"

"How did Walkers Nine Secrets become so powerful?" Le Changtian interrupted. He was Mo Yunxiaos sworn brother, and Walkers Nine Secrets was a technique obtained by the three of them while they had been out on an adventure.

However, even though this technique was pretty good, the three of them had been unable to comprehend it and Le Changtian and Song Bieli had decided to give up.

Back then, Mo Yunxiao had also decided to give up. However, now that he was at the peak Universe Grade, Mo Yunxiao had broken Purple Swords 3,000 Sword Rain with his Great Titan Mark.

This shocked Le Zhangtian very much and made him realize that he might have given up on a formidable technique.

Luo Yunyang wasnt surprised that Le Zhangtian knew about Walkers Nine Secrets. If one cultivated just the Walkers Nine Secrets, even a top genius wouldnt amount to anything significant. However, Luo Yunyang possessed the Eternal Divine Scripture and had even mixed the Samsara Palm and the Life Death Resounding Fate into it, causing the power of Walkers Nine Secrets to exceed its potential by far.

"Yes, its Walkers Nine Secrets." Luo Yunyang looked at Le Zhangtian as he muttered.

The murderous intent on Purple Sword suddenly became boundless. This time, he had lost face.

"Junior Brother, lets take him down together!" A green sword appeared in Green Swords hand when he spoke.

Purple Sword wanted to accept Green Swords support, but getting beaten during the previous attack by Luo Yunyang was still a great disgrace for him.

He wanted to recover the face hed lost and he had to do it alone. He would never be able to stand proud again if he failed to do so.

"Senior Brother, Ill handle this by myself!" Purple Sword smirked. "Mo Yunxiao, seems like I underestimated you."

"Today, Ill show you the vast difference between a Universe-Grade and a Celestial Domain-Grade." Purple Sword brandished his arms after speaking and the sword in his hand transformed into three blooming purple flowers in the void.

The three purple flowers were distinctly different from one another. Each of them felt like a small universe when they appeared.

"Tri-Flower Sword!"

Luo Yunyang stiffened while facing this technique, which transferred the destructive power of the force of the universe into the three different flowers.

He could feel the nearly perfect force of the nomological law of the three blooming flowers. As long as Purple Sword wanted to, these three blooming flowers could cover millions of kilometers.

Luo Yunyang could blow the Tri-Flower Sword technique away instantly if he used the power of his body in an unbridled manner. However, he only needed to use the power of a peak Celestial Domain-Grade and execute Walkers Nine Secrets. This was a harder task.

Of course, it was only a little harder.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone possessed all the beasts power. Things were just beginning and Luo Yunyang didnt want to immediately expose the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts insane power all at once.

Hence, he gathered the Wisdom Fist Seal Technique in his fist while facing Purple Swords Tri-Flower Sword strike. Immediately, the three sword-flowers that shrouded him were projected into his mind clearly.

Luo Yunyang even felt that the three sword-flower had started to slow down.

When the Wisdom Fist Seal was completed, Luo Yunyang executed his Great Titan Mark again. The huge shadow of a titan appeared instantly and smashed against the three sword-flowers of Purple Sword.

This time, the massive titan hand did not smash the sword-flowers from the top. Instead, it struck from the side. Although it seemed like there was no difference, the three sword-flowers were shattered by that casual strike.

The massive titan hand struck Purple Swords body once again.

Purple Swords body was smashed into pieces by the titan hand.

Although a purple Universe Flower bathed in blood-light bloomed before Purple Sword reappeared as if he wasnt injured, he now had a fearful look on his face.

Purple Sword had never expected to meet such a formidable opponent who could instantly identify his weakness and swiftly capitalize on it to attack him.

Now, Purple Sword remained silent. After meeting Green Swords gaze, both of them took flight at the same time.

Two sword-lights converged into one like a soaring divine dragon in the void, slashing viciously at Luo Yunyang.

The joint attacks of two Universe-Grade elites could crush almost all Celestial Domain-Grades. Furthermore, the Purple Green Twin Swords were famous for combining their attacks.

Luo Yunyang remained indifferent while facing the Purple Green Twin Swords. He had long ago understood Walkers Nine Secrets and was wondering how he should act in order to avoid exposing his true identity.

The moment the two sword-lights were about to strike Luo Yunyang, he quickly incited the Descending Soldier Fourfold seal, which then formed a huge titan mark that smashed towards the two-colored sword-lights.

This time, the technique was both overwhelming and frenzied.

Apart from their many uses, there were also many unexpected benefits to combining different Walkers Nine Secrets.

In order to impress and intimidate his new-found home in the Purple Cloud Cosmos, Luo Yunyang combined four hand seals and moved against the Purple Green Twin Swords head-on.

In terms of power, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base was vastly superior to an ordinary Universe-Grade. Furthermore, the four different seals had increased Luo Yunyangs power by more than eight times.


The sword-light shattered under the firm and ferocious force of the mark as the two energies collided.

Both the Universe-Grade Purple Green Twin Swords had their bodies destroyed once again. Although their Universe Flower allowed them to recover quickly, they had ugly looks on their faces.

"This Is this also one of the techniques of Walkers Nine Secrets? How can it be?" Le Zhangtian said in disbelief.

Luo Yunyang simply ignored Le Zhangtian, turned towards the Purple Green Twin Swords and said, "Ill destroy both of you if you still wish to fight."

The Purple Green Twin Swords ignored Luo Yunyangs words. They were Universe-Grade elites after all.

While there had been incidents of Celestial Domain-Grades beating Universe-Grades in the Qian Heng Dynasty before, this kind of incident usually only occurred in famous sects.

Those geniuses had received exceptional guidance, so the hidden power in their internal celestial domain was much stronger than the internal universe of ordinary Universe-Grade martialists. Hence, they werent at a disadvantage while facing Universe-Grades.

However, even though Luo Yunyang did not belong to such a famous sect, he was still able to defeat them. Hence, the Purple Green Twin Swords were very unhappy. Unfortunately, they could only swallow their grievances in response.

Lin Junwang was obviously much warier of Luo Yunyang. The strongest elites he had brought this time were the two Universe-Grade Purple Green Twin Swords.

In most cases, a Universe-Grade was dominating enough. Those Universe-Grade elites were on the Earth Roll and could even become the backbone of a major power or sect. However, the defeat of his two Universe-Grade elites had caused his plan to fail.

"Lets go!" Lin Junwang said while glaring at Luo Yunyang.

The people that followed Lin Junwang heaved a sigh of relief right away. Those who had betrayed the Soaring Dragon Union also felt relieved. They had realized that the Third Union Masters cultivation had reached a scary level after seeing him defeat the Purple Green Twin Swords so easily.

Attacking the Third Union Master would be like walking on the road to hell.

"The others can leave, but you cant." Luo Yunyang looked at Lin Junwang as he spoke. "The Soaring Dragon Union has lost many lives. Someone must remain here to explain why to me."

"You would dare to kill me?" Lin Junwangs voice was a little apprehensive.

After carefully studying the Purple Cloud Cosmos, Luo Yunyang had discovered that, regardless of whether he was trying to integrate himself into the cosmos or acquire more resources, he had to act in accordance with the rules of the cosmos. As a result, he couldnt keep a low profile.

Hence, he told Lin Junwang coldly, "He he Thats my intention."

"Protect me!" Lin Junwang started trembling when he heard this. Although he was a ruthless man, deep down in his heart, he was a coward that feared death.

Lin Junwangs trusted aides rushed to his side instantly. However, at the same time, Luo Yunyang also formed a Bing handseal1and transformed into a lightning bolt that zapped to Lin Junwangs side and appeared beside him in an instant. Then, he incited the Outer Binding hand seal, which sent a golden thread from his hand, aiming for Lin Junwang and restraining him.

Although Lin Junwang wanted to struggle, Luo Yunyangs supreme technique gave him no opportunity, as he was bundled up tightly.

Lin Junwangs subordinates, who were all holding on to their weapons, didnt react in time. Just as they were about to retaliate, Luo Yunyang took the bound Lin Junwang and appeared before the Soaring Dragon Unions crowd.

The Purple Green Twin Swords, Le Zhangtian, and the rest could only look bitterly at Lin Junwang, who had been captured.