Supreme Uprising Chapter 774

Chapter 774 The Once In 10000 Years Battle Of Dragons

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Lin Junwang was a Celestial Domain-Grade martialist. His identity and cultivation had landed him in a very important position for the next Battle of Dragons.

This time, he had come to take over the Soaring Dragon Union in high spirits, as he believed that he would take them down in one swoop. The Soaring Dragon Union Master would be handed over to the Sixth Prince, but he also had his own plans.

However, he had not expected that Mo Yunxiao, who had already been treated as a crippled cultivator, would suddenly become so overwhelmingly powerful and even defeat the Purple Green Twin Swords. Furthermore, he had also been seized by Mo Yunxiao.

"Mo Yunxiao, let me go and this matter will end here!" Lin Junwang yelled after mulling this over for a moment.

Upon listening to Lin Junwangs helpless bellow, Luo Yunyang smirked. Meanwhile, the memory of Lin Junwang filled his mind.

Battle of Dragons occurred every 10,000 years!

Luo Yunyang had only a vague understanding of this battle that took place every 10,000 years. However, after gleaming through Lin Junwangs memory, he realized that this battle was not only related to the throne of the Qian Heng dynasty. It was also a rare opportunity.

With the impetus of the person behind this Battle Of Dragons, various treasures and a rare opportunity to become a Heavenly Venerate would arise.

This rare opportunity could only be obtained if one participated in the battle. Therefore, every time the Battle of Dragons occurred, it attracted all the elite martialists in the great Qianbu Continent.

Although many died each time, some people used this opportunity to become a Heavenly Venerate!

Another common saying related to the Battle of Dragons was that "lives were like blades of grass in this great tribulation for martialists". All participants, even if they were royalty or members of large sects, might die during the battle.

However, their family or sect would never make a big fuss, even if their exceptional geniuses died during this battle.

"Battle Of Dragons, huh?" Luo Yunyang cleaved directly at Lin Junwangs head after saying that.

When Lin Junwangs body was severed at his head, his consciousness and internal celestial domain were also fragmented instantly by Luo Yunyang.

Le Changtian grimaced. He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would kill his backer that easily. The Purple Green Twin Swords were also horrified by what had just happened.

"You You killed Lin Junwang!" The Purple Green Twin Swords glared at Luo Yunyang.

"Its the Battle of Dragons. You should all know that." Luo Yunyang turned to look at the Purple Green Twin Swords and added, "Since both of you have already come, dont leave."

After speaking, Luo Yunyang recited the "soldier" chant and tore apart the void, arriving instantly in front of the Purple Green Twin Swords. Then, the massive Titan illusion of the Great Titan Mark smashed against Purple Sword.

Purple Sword roared as his sword-light transformed into a light barrier to shield the top of his head. However, Luo Yunyangs superior maneuver still shattered the sword-light.

Upon seeing Purple Sword in distress, the green sword in Green Swords hand vibrated and turned into countless fragments that rained down at Luo Yunyang like an endless stream of meteors.

Luo Yunyang did not feel very threatened by Green Swords attack, as it was very easy for him to kill both of them instantly. However, in the end, he still executed a hand seal, conjuring a golden gourd that absorbed all those meteors instantly.

At the same time, the Purple Green Twin Swords tore apart the void and flew away. The martialists that had come with them also ran helter-skelter.

The members of the Soaring Dragon Union wanted to chase them, but Song Yuange quickly said, "There is no need to chase scorned enemies!"

This wasnt because Song Yuange was soft or merciful. There were just too few elites left in the Soaring Dragon Union. Besides failing to capture these enemies, they might even be killed if they gave chase.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the fleeing Le Zhangtian and shook his head gently before strolling out of the Soaring Dragon Hall.

"Uncle Yun, are you going to" Song Yuange, who had been observing Luo Yunyang all this while, started to ask.

"This matter is over. I will go back and rest." Although he was very interested in the Battle Of Dragons, Luo Yunyang pretended to speak as if he wasnt interested in order to maintain Mo Yunxiaos identity.

Song Yuange bit her lip and said, "Uncle Yun, we still need you to manage things here. If you"

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and left swiftly.

The Soaring Dragon Union was in chaos and its strength had been greatly affected. However, Mo Yunxian, who had been considered a crippled cultivator, had experienced a sudden power spike and even defeated the Purple Green Twin Swords. This news had already spread and reached the participants of the Battle Of Dragons.

In the Imperial City of Qianyuan City, a gloomy young prince was staring coldly into the sky. The people in the same hall did not dare to even make a squeak.

The Purple Green Twin Swords were standing in the middle of the hall with their heads bent down. Both of them were early-stage Universe-Grade martialists, so in the young princes opinion, they were supposed to be distinguished guests. However, they were unable to hold their heads up right now.

"Your Highness, although both Purple Sword and Green Sword failed this time, they did actually discover what was truly going on. Hence, they deserve some merit. They shouldnt be blamed." A faint voice rang in the middle of the hall.

The speaker was a scholar dressed in white robes. He seemed confident and relaxed and exuded an elegant, casual demeanor.

The Sixth Prince was instantly roused from this setback.

The Purple Green Twin Swords were considered a top-notch offering. If he were to lose their support because of this defeat, it would be an incalculable loss for him.

Furthermore, the person behind the Purple Green Twin Swords was his most important supporter. He couldnt offend that person, no matter the cost.

"Ha ha ha Mr. Yu is right. Although we did not take down the Soaring Dragon Union this time, luring out a hidden enemy is also a great achievement."

The Sixth Prince waved his hand immediately while he said, "Someone get both our distinguished guests a seat!"

The Purple Green Twin Swords exchanged a glance before Purple Sword took the lead and said, "This time, its our fault that we lost. Hence, we have decided to leave you to return to the Qianshan Sword Sect and cultivate for a period of time."

The Sixth Princes expression changed suddenly. Before he could speak, Mr. Yu interrupted. "Although the Battle Of Dragons has not officially begun, the prelude has started."

"The Sixth Prince cannot allow both of you to leave. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the Sixth Prince to answer to the two figures behind him if he fails to obtain the Hidden Dragon Tablet."

The Purple Green Twin Swords found themselves in a dilemma when they heard this. In the end, they exchanged a glance but remained silent.

"Mr. Le, you and Mo Yunxiao are sworn brothers. Please tell us about Mo Yunxiao, especially about the Walkers Nine Secrets. What is this about?" Upon seeing that Purple Sword and Green Sword werent going to speak, Mr. Yu decided to ask Le Zhangtian, who was standing aside.

Le Zhangtian had originally wanted to make the Soaring Dragon Union rely on the Sixth Prince. However, he had now become a homeless dog.

He felt sour when he thought of the man that had destroyed his great plan. Thus, he lamented. "Sixth Prince, when I became sworn brothers with Mo Yunxiao, his cultivation base was on par with mine. It was the same all these years."

"Walkers Nine Secrets was obtained by me and Song Bieli when we stumbled on the remnants of a Heavenly Venerate by accident. However, Song Bieli and I couldnt decipher the mystery behind Walkers Nine Secrets."

Le Zhangtian hesitated for a moment before adding, "Mo Yunxiao also cultivated the Walkers Nine Secrets but did not make much progress. At the time, all of us felt that Walkers Nine Secrets was too difficult to cultivate."

"I never expected that he would successfully cultivate the Walkers Nine Secrets after all these years. I am guilty of underestimating Mo Yunxiaos cultivation base and causing your plan to fail."

The Sixth Prince chuckled. "Who would even imagine that a useless cripple would leap over everyone and become such a powerful individual? Mr. Le, youre not to be blamed for this."

The Sixth Prince hesitated for a moment before adding, "The reason Mo Yunxiao acted against us is because we wanted to gobble up the Soaring Dragon Union, not because he wanted to make an enemy. He even let Mr. Le off."

"Mr. Le, I wonder if you can help me by making a trip back and inviting Mo Yunxiao to assist me in winning the Battle Of Dragons!"

The Sixth Princes words shocked Le Zhangtian, who looked at the Sixth Prince in admiration.

"I will do my best, but this isnt an easy task by any means. Mo Yunxiao has been mourning the death of his wife every day. Im afraid"

"Based on what I know about Mo Yunxiao, he wouldnt cause us trouble as long as we dont target the Soaring Dragon Union," Le Zhangtian mumbled.

"There have to be two identical leaves in this world," the Sixth Prince said with certainty. "Try to recall the appearance of Mo Yunxiaos wife and I will get someone to search the Great Qianbu Continent! I believe the world will not let me down."

In another palace a hundred miles away from the Sixth Prince, a group of people was also talking at the same time.

Seated at the main seat of the palace hall was a woman in a yellow dress who said gently, "I didnt expect that there would be such a person in the Soaring Dragon Union."

"Princess, the world is vying for the Battle of Dragons. Random people will emerge, and lucky people will also rise to the occasion," said an elder with glimmering eyes. "Mo Yunxiao was able to grow in adversity, so he is definitely talented. If you can ensure his assistance, the effort required to win the Battle of Dragons will be cut in half."

The charming woman nodded her head in agreement. "I will write a letter now to Sister Song and have her bring Mo Yunxiao to the capital."

"Ninth Princess, do you think Song Yuange can order Mo Yunxiao around? I am sure that Mo Yunxiao acted like this because the survival of the Soaring Dragon Union was on the line."

"I believe it would be better for you to befriend such a top individual personally."

"Is he really worth it?" The Ninth Princess was a little skeptical.

"Princess, I" Someone interrupted to make a report before the elder could finish his sentence. "Princess, theres a change on the Man Roll. This time, someone new has entered the rankings!"