Supreme Uprising Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Number One On The Man Roll

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Song Yuange looked through the Man Roll excitedly. First on the Man Roll!

The man who was said to have fallen from grace had once again set foot on the apex.

Although Song Yuange had expected this outcome, the announcement still made her happy.

In the Qian Heng Dynasty, the first position on the Man Roll carried more weight than the last few positions on the Earth Roll. Furthermore, Mo Yunxiao had even defeated the Purple Green Twin Swords.

While Song Yuange was secretly rejoicing, the communication jade piece hanging on her waist suddenly lit up.

Song Yuange hesitated for a moment before eventually picking it up.

A short while later, Song Yuange arrived outside the transportation portal in the Soaring Dragon Union. A golden radiance illuminated it as three figures emerged from the empty portal.

"Ninth Princess, why have you come?" Song Yuange said warmly.

"I am here to congratulate Mr. Mo on becoming the number one person on the Man Roll. I also want to ask Mr. Mo to help me out," the Ninth Princess mumbled, "Sister Yuange, this time, youve suffered for what happened to the Soaring Dragon Union."

"I would never have let Lin Junwang go if Id known that he was so arrogant!"

Lin Junwang was already dead, so such a belated action would make no difference. Song Yuange did not feel strongly about such ways of expressing goodwill. She knew that her friendship with the Ninth Princess only existed because both of them were interested in reaping benefits from each other.

"Thank you, Ninth Princess, but Uncle Yun has been saddened by his wifes death. This time, he acted because of" Song Yuange explained to the Ninth Princess.

The Ninth Princess smiled gently. "Dont worry, I believe that my sincerity can make Mr. Mo change his mind."

As she spoke, her gaze shifted to the woman behind her.

Although the woman was wearing a veil, it couldnt conceal her graceful yet seductive figure. When the Ninth Princess turned to look at her, she gently took off the veil.

Song Yuange was shocked when she saw the appearance of the woman. She had never thought that there would be an identical person in the world!

Actually, this woman was more attractive than Mo Yunxiaos dead lover.

"Yuange, do you think shes alright?" the Ninth Princess asked as she grinned.

Song Yuange was silent, as she felt a little uncomfortable inside. However, she still led the Ninth Princess and her party to where Luo Yunyang lived in seclusion.

Luo Yunyang was soaking in the sun. After resolving the crisis in the Soaring Dragon Union, he had immediately returned to his residence.

Although Song Yuange did not dare disturb him, the treatment Luo Yunyang received had improved greatly. Hordes of treasures and many servants had gathered where Luo Yunyang lived.

"Mr. Mo, it is a great honor for Xinyu to meet you." The Ninth Princess sounded extremely modest.

Luo Yunyang saw through the Ninth Princess intentions with a glance. Although he had something to ask, he still appeared indifferent on the surface. "Im just a useless bump. The Ninth Princess thinks too highly of me."

"If the number one person on the Man Roll is a useless bump, then I am afraid there are not many elites in the entire world," the Ninth Princess said with a smile before signaling at her servants with a clap. "I know that you like to drink tea, so I brought a top-notch tea-brewing master here. Ill have them serve you, Mr. Mo."

The Nine Princess clapped her hands gently and the woman Song Yuange had seen strolled forward.

Luo Yunyang had already gotten all of Mo Yunxiaos memories. Hence, when the woman appeared, he knew instantly that she looked identical to Mo Yunxiaos late wife.

It seemed as if they had been made from the same mold.

Luo Yunyang was impressed by the Ninth Princess ability to find an identical person so soon.

In order to perform the role of Mo Yunxiao and also transition cleanly and enter the Battle Of Dragons, Luo Yunyang deliberately pretended to be intoxicated by the charm of the woman.

The Ninth Princess inwardly smiled proudly as she bewitched Luo Yunyang. She was confident that the number one martialist on the Man Roll was going to be in her team from now on.

"I owe you a favor." Luo Yunyang deliberately sighed and addressed the Ninth Princess emotionally.

Song Yuanges expression turned sullen momentarily, but she did not say anything.

Although she hoped that Mo Yunxiao would be recruited by the Ninth Princess, she still felt uncomfortable with the way the Ninth Princess went about it.

Everything went according to the plan. For example, Mo Yunxiao didnt like living in the Soaring Dragon Union. Hence, the Ninth Princess gave him an entire piece of land that stretched for 100,000 miles. Next, Mo Yunxiao said that he wanted a second residence, so the Ninth Princess presented him with an entire galaxy. Then

On the Immortal Lake Star, the clear and serene lake exuded a peaceful feeling that made it seem like a paradise. Luo Yunyang was standing on an island in the middle of the lake, quietly overlooking a ship with several decks.

The massive ship was brightly lit at the moment and the mesmerizing voice of a singer echoed from it.

Luo Yunyang was looking at the copy of Mo Yunxiao that he had created through the void. Mo Yunxiao was walking leisurely on the main deck of the massive ship, deeply engrossed in a dancing and singing woman who looked exactly like Xiaoyun.

The scene was both peaceful and beautiful.

Upon sensing that Luo Yunyang was looking at him, the doppelgnger of his late wife glanced over.

The glance was very subtle, but the meaning was obvious. It felt like no words were needed to describe it.

Luo Yunyang smiled, his eyes drifting to the far end of the Immoral Lake Star, where a bustling village was located.

Some people were resting, some people were cultivating, and some people were

It had been ten years since Luo Yunyang had come to the Immortal Lake Star. He had quietly transferred most of the Human Tribe from his internal universe into different stars of the Immortal Lake Galaxy.

Ordinary people didnt know what had happened. As for anyone below the Nebula Grade, they didnt even know that they had left the Divine Union Void.

The memory of most of the people that knew they had left the Divine Union Void had been sealed. Although Luo Yunyang did not think that there would be any problems if they knew, there was also nothing wrong with being careful.

Under the management of Luo Yunyang and Lu Qubing, the entire Immortal Lake Galaxy was almost no different from the Milky Way.

The overbearing, exceeding powerful figure summoned by Longzun did not appear again. Luo Yunyang did not hear any news about him either. However, even so, he still dared not take this matter lightly.

After all, the gap between him and that figure was too wide.

In the past ten years, Luo Yunyangs cultivation had not changed much. This was because Luo Yunyangs body had attained the Universe Grade for a very short time and it was inherently difficult to cultivate after one attained the Universe Grade.

The required resources were also astronomical.

In the past ten years, he had not used the silver tower because of the strange figure, but also because he had been waiting for the resources for the Battle Of Dragons.

In the past ten years, the Ninth Princess had sent offerings to the Mo Yunxiao that Luo Yunyang had created but had not given him any missions at all. This wasnt because the Ninth Princess was afraid of the consequences of using Mo Yunxiao, but because she felt that her trump card should only be utilized at a crucial point.

Although Mo Yunxiao acted like he didnt care about anything, Song Yuange still sent people to convey various news from time to time.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang still had a clear picture of what was going on in regards to the Battle Of Dragons, which attracted many elites. The Battle Of Dragons had been getting fiercer each day during the past 10 years and many elites from different places were constantly emerging.

The Man Roll and the Earth List Roll kept changing. Just a few days ago, the Purple Green Twin Swords, whom Luo Yunyang had dealt with before, had fallen.

A ray of light suddenly cut through the sky!

Luo Yunyangs eyes glimmered with anticipation when he saw the ray of light. He knew that this was the Ninth Princess way of notifying him that she was going to employ his help.

After smiling faintly at the signal, Luo Yunyangs figure disappeared in the void like a stream of water.

As Luo Yunyang had expected, the ray of light was the Ninth Princess request for help. As the Battle Of Dragons intensified, the Divine Emperor Artifact, which was extremely important to the Qianlong Sect, had begun to appear in the world.

This time, it was in a broken palace that had belonged to an Ancient God Emperor from the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos millions of years ago.

The palace was located in the desert west of the Great Qianbu Continent. The Ninth Princess hoped that Luo Yunyang would head over and enter the palace ruins to obtain the Divine Emperor Artifact so that she could maintain the upper hand among the participants vying for it.

"Yunxiao, the Ninth Princess has been kind to both of us. That" the woman who looked very similar to Xiaoyun said pitifully.

Luo Yunyang was well aware of the womans intentions. He was merely using the woman as a cover. After listening to what she requested, he nodded his head immediately, "Ive always wanted to return the Ninth Princess favor. Now that shes mentioned her conditions, Ill help her."

After speaking, he walked towards the transportation portal of the massive ship. Before leaving, he said, "Ill return soon. Wait for my good news here."

Upon completing that extremely fake action, Luo Yunyang stepped into the transportation portal and returned to the Great Qianbu Continent in half an hour!

"You must be Mr. Mo Yunxiao. I am the Ninth Princess subordinate, Li" A man in white was waiting for Luo Yunyang outside the transportation portal. He greeted Luo Yunyang respectfully when he saw him.

"Cut the crap. Where are the palace ruins of the Ancient God Emperor? I need to hurry back after retrieving this thing." Luo Yunyang did not wait for the man to finish his sentence. Instead, he snapped at him loudly.

The man, who had a high status as a subordinate of the Ninth Princess, was a little dissatisfied with Luo Yunyangs impatient tone.

He scoffed inwardly to himself."Do you think this is 10 years ago? Youre the number one person on the Man Roll, huh? Such impudence!"

However, on the surface, he smiled and said, "Mr. Mo, please come with me."