Supreme Uprising Chapter 776

Chapter 776 Emperor Pans Divine Realm The Tri Flood Divine Cauldron

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The sand glittered like gold dust in the endless desert.

Luo Yunyang stood above the great desert and overlooked the vast sea of sand with a cold expression.

This time, he was able to make a small gap appear within the space barrier in the vast desert. Inside this gap was a vibrant world.

Actually, one should say that a ruined universe was inside it.

Ancient God Emperors had appeared before the three sixth-level Heavenly Venerates that had unified the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos. Although they had also been Heavenly Venerate elites, they had died for one reason or another.

The Ancient God Emperor known as Pan was a third-level Heavenly Venerate according to the information collected by the Ninth Princess. The treasure he had left behind, the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron, was an artifact that had been able to suppress the entire Great Qianbu Continent in the past.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron was one of Emperor Pans most precious treasures.

The Battle Of Dragons, which happened once every 10,000 years, required the participants to rely on their abilities and obtain certain Ancient God Artifacts. Only this way could they become potential dragons that qualified to advance further.

"Mr. Mo, these are the martialists that Her Highness the Ninth Princess has invited to accompany you. After the divine realm of Emperor Pan opens, youll need their assistance to obtain the treasured cauldron for the Princess." The man pointed at the seven or eight martialists who were waiting in the desert and introduced them.

The martialists introduced by the white-robed man all looked different. However, every single one had a level-seven or level-eight Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base. The strongest one was a half-step Universe-Grade.

However, what caught Luo Yunyangs attention was their similar aura.

In other words, they all came from the same sect.

Luo Yunyang simply nodded casually at them. However, some of the men were looking at Luo Yunyang in a provocative manner.

"I thought the number one person on the Man Roll would be outstanding. Seems like thats not the case. If Senior Brother had not taken time off his cultivation, would he have been this famous?" a handsome young man said provocatively.

The man in the white robes frowned when he heard that. He did not want Mo Yunxiao to have any conflicts with the disciples of the Changshan Sect. After all, the Changshan Sect was very important to the Ninth Princess.

"Everyone, the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron is very important. The Ninth Princess success in the Battle Of Dragons will benefit all parties quickly. Thus, I think"

Luo Yunyang made his move before the man in the white robes could finish his sentence. He executed the Dou seal of the Walkers Nine Secrets and conjured a huge golden lion, making it fly forward menacingly.

The young man who had spoken was terrified. He was a Celestial Domain-Grade martialist, so he could use his internal celestial domain to substitute the nomological laws around him.

However, he actually found it very difficult to move his body under the imposing might exuded by the ferocious golden lion.

"Dont hurt him!" The young mans companions shouted. Although they were ready to retaliate, they realized that they were unable to exert any strength.

At the moment, they felt that they werent facing Luo Yunyang, but a powerful and terrifying Universe-Grade elite.

"Mr. Mo!" The golden lions claws had already struck some of the martialists when the white-robed man shouted. Those martialists instantly shattered like glass and disappeared from the void.

"Mr. Mo, these were disciples of the Changshan Sect. You actually killed them! The Changshan Sect will never let this matter slide." The man in the white robes warned him.

He had begun to consider what to do next.

Luo Yunyang looked at the man and replied disapprovingly, "So what? Ill kill whoever pesters me."

Although Luo Yunyang had spoken calmly, this did not sit well with the man.

His party had started to fight among themselves even before the Battle Of Dragons began. This time, the chances of obtaining the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron would be

"Mr. Mo, according to the information we have gathered, these are the people that have been gathered by the other princes to fight for the Divine Cauldron"

As the man was reporting in a monotonous tone, Luo Yunyang took flight and dashed towards the spatial crack that had appeared.

He seemed slow, yet he had completely understood the Walkers Nine Secrets, so he arrived instantly at the front of the crack.

When Luo Yunyang appeared in front of the crack, other figures also arrived from every direction. These people belonged to more than 10 other factions. Among them were even fifth-level and sixth-level Universe-Grades.

"Scram!" a sinister-looking old man yelled in a murderous tone.

When the old man arrived, many people hurriedly avoided him. Fearing that they might get acquainted with him, some of them even quickly retreated.

"Its Shentu Feixue! Why is he here?" The man in white shuddered slightly as he spoke.

"Because my familys 13th Prince invited him here, of course," said a man with a cold demeanor. The sides of his lips curled upwards as he added, "He ranks 36th on the Earth Roll. What a high ranking"

"The Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron is worth everything, isnt it?" The man sounded very pleased with himself.

The moment he spoke, Shentu Feixue, who was wearing red robes, had already rushed over to Luo Yunyang. When he waved his hand, the giant claws that covered the sky swiped at Luo Yunyang.

Shentu Feixues cultivation was pretty good. If he had been in the Divine Union Void, he definitely wouldnt have been weaker than the six Sacred Emperors.

It was a pity that he was now facing Luo Yunyang, who had already practiced the Walkers Nine Secrets and possessed the Eternal Divine Scripture. The moment the elderly man made his move, Luo Yunyang quickly formed seals with his hands.

Instantly, seven wordseals1were formed by Luo Yunyangs hands. The moment Luo Yunyang flipped his palms out, an extremely powerful force exited his palms and struck the massive claw.

In an instant, the giant claws were shattered and the blood-colored figure was smashed into smithereens.

A Universe-Grade was difficult to kill. A scarlet Universe Flower emerged from Shentu Feixues body and bloomed 300 miles away.

In order to better integrate himself into the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, Luo Yunyang was prepared to stir up trouble.

Hence, after shattering Shentu Feixues body, he naturally wouldnt allow the flower of the universe to bloom again and thus conjured another seal to create a treasured gourd that sucked in Shentu Feixues Universe Flower.

As the treasure gourd shattered, Shentu Feixues soul was also completely destroyed.

The other martialists who had originally wanted to rush into the sacred realm of Emperor Yuan stared blankly at what had happened. Their original plan had been to rush inside before taking small steps towards finding the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron.

Luck would then determine who obtained the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron. They had never imagined that such a fiery situation would occur before they had even entered.

Shentu Feixue, who had been killed with one slap, was a Universe-Grade that ranked 36th on the Earth Roll.

The man in the white robes stared at Luo Yunyang in disbelief. A subordinate of the 13th Prince even said through chattering teeth. "How is this possible? How can Shentu Feixue die? How could he die like this?"

"The Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron is mine. Get lost if you dont want to die!" Luo Yunyang stared at the thousands of people that had gathered as he shouted.

The people sent by various sects to obtain the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron were all elites from the Great Qianbu Continent. However, they were all reluctant and fearful now.

"Everyone, lets join forces. I dont believe he can inhibit all of us by himself." Someone tried to spur the crowd.

This persons words were well-received. Give the great benefits on the line, not many people could remain calm.

"Yes, lets do it together! Lets kill him!" Thousands of people shouted at once. They were elite martialists, so they were prepared to act whenever it was required.

The man in the white robes, who was the Ninth Princess subordinate, was unhappy as he said, "So what if you have a higher cultivation? Why are you trying to show off?"

"Once you enter the realm of Emperor Yuan, everyone will be free to kill one another. Even if you do not obtain the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron, you could receive a lot of benefits. You might not amount to anything significant if you escape now with your life."

While the man in the white robes was lamenting, Luo Yunyang made a move again. His hands started forming two hand seals quickly, making countless golden threads appear in the void.

In an instant, a huge spider web appeared in the void. The stronger martialists that were dashing towards Luo Yunyang were restricted by the spider web, while those with weaker cultivation bases were killed instantly.

"What sort of move is this? Run!"

"Mo Yunxiao, I have no intention of competing with you. We do not want the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron anymore. Please let me go."

"Mr. Mo, my master and the Ninth Princess are friends. If you let me off, well definitely assist you in obtaining the Tri-Flood Divine Cauldron."

Luo Yunyang did not give two hoots about these pathetic pleas. His hands moved in a similar fashion and the golden thin thread shrank rapidly, killing the entrapped people in the blink of an eye.

The entrance to the divine realm of Emperor Yuan was formed. However, at the moment, no one was able to enter.

Luo Yunyang smiled at the man in the white robes, who was staring at him in shock, before strolling into the divine realm of Emperor Yuan.

Although the divine realm of Emperor Yuan was called a divine realm, it was actually a broken universe with countless shattered stars and cracks in the spatial void. All sorts of astral winds and raging flames engulfed the realm, giving off a deadly atmosphere.

However, Luo Yunyang saw a lot of things that caught his interest in the Divine Emperors Realm!