Supreme Uprising Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Fifth Level Heavenly Venerate One Thought One Realm

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Nine treasured lands, six desolate wastelands, and a single passageway!

Luo Yunyangs mind power quickly enveloped the vast broken universe and had a clear understanding of it in a few minutes.

It was also through this understanding that Luo Yunyang began to realize that the Battle Of Dragons that occurred every 10,000 years was in fact a way to nurture a Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyangs current strength was more than enough to fight against an ordinary Heavenly Venerate. However, it wouldnt be enough even if he added up all the attributes of his three clones when facing a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate like Elder Lu.

Besides finding a safe place to stay, he also wanted to further improve his cultivation base after fleeing from the Divine Union Void.

However, improving his cultivation wasnt an easy task, especially for the One-Yuan Universe inside his body. It was really difficult to advance by simply absorbing the spiritual energy in the world.

This was also why Luo Yunyang had not improved at all, even though he had cultivated hard for the past 20 years.

While exploring the Nine Treasured Lands, most people believed that the Tri-Flood Cauldron would be the most precious treasure there. However, in Luo Yunyangs opinion, the most important item in this broken universe would be the universes source, which had been left behind by Emperor Pan.

Although the universe source was broken due to the death of Emperor Pan and was considered useless by most people, Luo Yunyang was in need of universe sources.

They could enhance the foundation of his One-Yuan Universe.

Ten days later, Luo Yunyang walked out of the divine realm of Emperor Pan. He had basically ransacked the entire realm, and that seemingly damaged universe source had brought him great benefits.

However, when Luo Yunyang stepped out of the divine realm, he suddenly felt wary.

Apart from the man in the white robes, another middle-aged man was standing outside of the divine realm of Emperor Pan, watching him quietly.

The middle-aged man, who exuded a Heavenly Venerate aura, was a second-level Heavenly Venerate.

After secretly coming to the Purple Cloud Cosmos, Luo Yunyang did not want to come in contact with other Heavenly Venerates that soon. He was intending to cultivate slowly before advancing to a Heavenly Venerate and thus becoming a member of the Purple Cloud Cosmos.

His expression stiffened and he raised his guard.

"Ha ha ha Young man, arent you doing good?" The middle-aged man smiled faintly. "I originally thought that the Battle Of Dragons this time would be another fight between the Mysterious Sects. I never expected a surprise like you."

The middle-aged man shot a thorough look across Luo Yunyangs body and commented, "You have a good aptitude and an even better understanding. Are you willing to join the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect?"

Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect? Tons of information regarding the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect appeared in Luo Yunyangs head instantly.

The founder of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate who was considered a second-tier force in the entire Purple Cloud Great Cosmos.

Being invited to join the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect was definitely a good opportunity. Becoming a disciple of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect would allow him to take his time and cultivate slowly.

After pondering for a moment, Luo Yunyang asked, "Can you give me a better cultivation technique if I join the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect?"

"Of course!" The middle-aged man wasnt angry about the demand. Instead, his reply was loud and clear. "Not only will we provide you with cultivation techniques, but well even provide an astronomical amount of resources. While top-notch cultivation resources cant be provided, such items can be redeemed by completing missions or tasks."

Luo Yunyang had already decided to join. The reason hed asked these questions was just to make the middle-aged man feel more at ease.

"If thats the case, then I am willing to join the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect."

The middle-aged man wasnt surprised that he had recruited Luo Yunyang as a new disciple of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect. Although Luo Yunyang was well-known in the Great Qianbu Continent, he wasnt really of any significance to these middle-aged men.

How could he have the right to make these Heavenly Venerates take notice of him if he wasnt one himself?

"Mo Yunxiao, from this day on, you will become an inner disciple of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect. Youll be able to enter the mountain gate of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect with my seal for cultivation purposes." The middle-aged man waved gently and a seal fell into Luo Yunyangs hands.

Then, he said in a deep voice, "The opportunities present in the Battle Of Dragons are huge. Do not give up if you are participating in it. Try to improve your cultivation base and become a Universe-Grade during the secret cultivation period. After all, the protagonists of the Battle Of Dragons are Universe-Grade martialists."

As soon as he said that, he suddenly thought of something. "My name is Yuan Mo, and I am the second disciple of the Purple Luminous Heavenly Venerate."

When Luo Yunyang took the seal, he sensed that a mysterious array formation was contained within the seal, which was linked to a space in the endless void.

Yuan Mo shot a look at the cauldron in Luo Yunyangs hand before disappearing without a trace.

Luo Yunyang took the seal but did not use it immediately. Instead, he turned to the white-robed man standing aside.

The man congratulated him graciously. "Mr. Mo, you have ascended into a huge sect. Your future will be limitless!"

Luo Yunyang smiled at the man before casually taking out the azure small cauldron and said, "This is what your master wanted. You can take it back now. Tell her that we are even from now on."

The man still wanted to talk, but Luo Yunyang did not give him the opportunity to do so, as he disappeared without a trace with a wave of his hand.

Luo Yunyang was sitting in lotus position within an internal space. This time, he was inside the body of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and was manipulating Mo Yunxiaos body, making it walk around.

Yunxi was seated opposite Luo Yunyang, brewing tea. The fragrance of the tea diffused towards Luo Yunyang.

"Speaking of that, it was quite dangerous this time!" Luo Yunyang took a sip of tea as he lamented.

Yunxi filled up Luo Yunyangs teacup again and mumbled, "Heavenly Venerate Yuan Mo isnt your match. Just deal with him directly if he appears to discover anything."

"If worse comes to worst, well just leave the Purple Cloud Cosmos again."

Yunxi knew some of the secrets of Luo Yunyangs small silver tower and thus had some confidence when she suggested that.

Luo Yunyang, who was also confident in the small silver tower, chuckled. "Thats easy to say, but if an Almighty is watching, he might even notice that Im using the silver tower if we use it too many times."

"Furthermore, the majority of the Human Tribe has started to live and work here in peace. If there is another great migration, there may be some unexpected complications. In any case, I dont want to run anymore."

Yunxi nodded gently. "You have to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself."

"Although I dont know what Yuan Mos intention was for recruiting me, I must not let the rare opportunity of this Battle Of Dragons slip by."

"I also have to pay a visit to the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, no matter what happens. Ill have to see what benefits are involved."

After activating the token through Mo Yunxiao, a golden radiance enveloped him instantly.

The golden radiance flashed. When it dimmed, Luo Yunyang found himself outside of a gigantic purple mountain.

The purple Qi all around was majestic. Even Luo Yunyangs cultivation felt a little oppressed while he was standing under the gigantic purple mountain.

Mo Yunxiao had been invited by Yuan Mo, so he was welcomed inside the gigantic purple mountain. The young man responsible for hosting Luo Yunyang seemed to be in his twenties and had a peak Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base.

The young man, who was named Qingfu, was very warm to Luo Yunyang. Not only did he explain most of the situation in the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, but he also arranged a place for Luo Yunyang to live in.

Then, he talked in detail about the important places in the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect and led Luo Yunyang to the scripture hall.

As an inner disciple of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, Luo Yunyang could enter the first six floors of the scripture hall and he also had the right to transfer a maximum of 100 Primal Chaotic Crystals within the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect.

There werent many people in the entire Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, so Luo Yunyang had only encountered a few during his tour.

"Senior Brother Mo, if there is nothing else, I will leave to handle some other things first. If there is any other assistance you require, feel free to look for me," Qingfu politely told Luo Yunyang before leaving.

After sending away Qingfu, Luo Yunyang went into the scripture hall again. Although he had gained some understanding of the eight Great Continents thanks to the Ninth Princess in the past few years, there ought to be something different that a large prestigious sect could provide.

Because of his identity as an inner disciple, the entire scripture hall was open to Luo Yunyang. He quickly found some information and took his time looking at it.

A day later, he got up from his seat. The information in the scripture hall, especially the description of the Heavenly Venerates, was an eye-opener for Luo Yunyang.

This was also the first time he had come into contact with such a careful and detailed differentiation of the Heavenly Venerates.

First-level Heavenly Venerates could condense a universe and leave the river of time and space! They basically had the power of One Yuan.

Second-level Heavenly Venerates could condense the power of a universe as well, but this sort of condensing process was not easy. A low-level refinement occurred, whereby one plus one equaled two. However, a higher-level refinement could surpass that. After becoming a second-level Heavenly Venerate, one could transform into millions of things and possess thousands of clones.

Third-level Heavenly Venerates could have three condensed internal universes and also receive multiple power boosts.

After condensing four internal universes, fourth-level Heavenly Venerates had the ability to split the void! Elder Lu was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

After condensing five internal universes, fifth-level Heavenly Venerates would attain One Thought One Realm.

There was no record within the scripture hall about sixth-level Heavenly Venerates. However, when Luo Yunyang read about One Thought One Realm and some descriptions of Great Heavenly Venerates, he suddenly felt his hair stand on end.

He had been walking on the wrong path. This was very dangerous!