Supreme Uprising Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Annihilation Star Sky Divine Incarcerate Tribe

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A fifth-level Heavenly Venerate could create a world with a thought. Although Luo Yunyang did not really understand how, he was certain about one thing: The chances of him exposing himself would increase if he encountered a stronger Heavenly Venerate.

The description of a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate was very vague. The phrase that left the deepest impression on Luo Yunyang was impossible to describe!

Impossible to describe!

These three words seemed peculiar, but only people like Luo Yunyang knew how terrifying they were.

He had entered the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos in secret, so his identity might be exposed if the three Great Heavenly Venerates noticed him obtaining too many benefits in the Battle Of Dragons.

Once that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable, as every Celestial Domain-Grade elite had been issued the warrant.

There were countless benefits in the Battle Of Dragons. However, if he was too involved

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath after thinking a lot. He felt that joining the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect was a pretty good opportunity.

Although the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect was still an unfamiliar place to Luo Yunyang, it had already given him a stable identity.

After thinking things through, Luo Yunyang made up his mind. In this Battle of Dragons, he would have to remain steady. Meanwhile, he would need to find other ways to gain resources for cultivation.

Luo Yunyang, who had made his decision, placed all his attention on the scripture hall of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect. Although there were no top-grade techniques in it, there were countless things concerning the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos.

Half a year passed in a jiffy. During the past six months, Luo Yunyangs cultivation had not progressed much, but he had become very familiar with the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos.

The Purple Cloud Great Cosmos was not as stable as hed thought. Although the eight Great Continents hadnt been threatened by anything before, a large number of indiscriminate killings were happening daily on the Annihilation Star Sky, which was situated outside the eight Great Continents.

"Purple Cloud Calendar Year 100,000. The Divine Incarcerate Tribe appeared for the first time. Mengxingtu and many other places fell. The galaxies were flooded with blood and the land wailed in sorrow!"

"Purple Cloud Calendar Year 200,000. The three Great Heavenly Venerates battled Heiqi, the Great Commander of the Divine Incarcerate Tribe on the Annihilation Star Sky. Hundreds of Heavenly Venerates fell and the Annihilation Star Sky was left in tatters. Great Commander Heiqi left with a serious injury and the Annihilation Star Sky became a wasteland"

"Purple Cloud Calendar Year 300,000. The Ten Legions of the Divine Incarcerate Tribe descended on the Annihilation Star Sky once again. The war was unceasing, as elites fought constantly."

"In order to inspire the elites of the Eight Great Continents, the merit system was put in place"

Information about the Annihilation Star Sky constantly appeared in Luo Yunyangs head. Although the Annihilation Star Sky was a dangerous place, there should be great opportunities there.

Besides, when the three Great Heavenly Venerates had fought against Great Commander Heiqi, many Heavenly Venerates had died. Even though most of their internal universes had exploded, plenty of them must have been preserved.

There should be countless opportunities inside

Luo Yunyang now felt very poor, as he had almost reached the point of being too stretched out. The One-Yuan Universe inside his body required tons of resources to improve. The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast required a lot of resources to improve as well. Even his Heavenly Venerate True Body was the same.

Although it seemed like he was very safe hiding in the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, Luo Yunyang was actually feeling pressured.

This unknown existence was really powerful, even though it was just some form of astral projection. If he were to try locating Luo Yunyang personally, it would be very plausible that Luo Yunyang would be discovered.

Without sufficient power and strength, both Luo Yunyang and the Milky Ways Human Tribe would need to continue hiding like mice.

Although hiding seemed safe, it was unsustainable when it came to ordinary people.

Becoming stronger was the only option. He had to rapidly become stronger!

Luo Yunyang believed that he could only truly settle down safely when both he and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast became Heavenly Venerates.

After leaving the scripture hall, Luo Yunyang walked to the main hall of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, where missions were issued. He was cursing inwardly, as he was unhappy with the management methods of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect.

In the Divine Union Void, a virtual universe would have solved the problem.

However, the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, which was obviously much stronger than the Divine Union Void, still had a special hall where people could accept missions.

Compared to the cold silence in the scripture hall, the mission hall was different, as many people were walking about. However, most of them were only Galaxy-Grade or early-stage Celestial Domain-Grade martialists.

When Luo Yunyang entered, his green robes attracted many respectful greetings from the people there.

Luo Yunyang could sense the sincere respect they felt. Although they did not know who Luo Yunyang was, this did not hinder their respectful treatment of Luo Yunyang.

The disciples who were responsible for releasing the missions had a pretty high status in the sect and usually gave the cold shoulder to the people requesting missions.

However, when they saw Luo Yunyang coming, almost everyone stood up respectfully and said, "Greetings, Uncle-Master."

"Are there any missions to the Annihilation Star Sky?" Luo Yunyang didnt really care about respectful greetings.

"Uncle-Master, there are always missions to the Annihilation Star Sky, but that place is too dangerous. Thus, the Patriarch has cautioned fellow disciples who are below the Universe Grade before they take on missions to the Annihilation Star Sky."

Universe-Grades and weaker martialists should consider this carefully.

Although it was implicit, these words actually meant to order disciples not to enter the Annihilation Star Sky unnecessarily. It wasnt a place for anyone below the Universe Grade.

"I will take a mission to the Annihilation Star Sky!" Luo Yunyang said.

The disciple, who was shocked, wanted to persuade Luo Yunyang out of it, but Luo Yunyang said firmly, "I have already made up my mind."

"Well, Uncle-Master, the transportation portal to the Annihilation Star Sky will be open tomorrow. If you must go there, then you can bring this token with you to the transportation portal tomorrow," the disciple who was serving Luo Yunyang said helplessly.

"Uncle-Master, elders who go to the Annihilation Star Sky usually form teams before going. You may join other elders, as it would give you a greater hope of survival."

Luo Yunyang nodded, acknowledging the disciples kind intentions. However, he wasnt going to team up with anyone.

He really didnt need to join a team.

Although his clone was only at the peak Celestial Domain Grade, the cards he had up his sleeves were enough to make him no weaker than an ordinary peak second-level Heaven Venerate.

According to the records in the scripture hall, most of the killings occurred between Universe-Grade martialists. Hence, he wasnt going on a risky expedition but most likely a walk in the park.

"I got it." Luo Yunyang nodded at the disciple and left with the token.

"Uncle-Master looked a little familiar." Discussions were heard in the hall after Luo Yunyang left.

"Thats right. Although I have never heard of this Uncle-Master, he was wearing the logo that represents Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect elders."

"Mo Yunxiao. His registered name is Mo Yunxiao. He ranked first on the Man Roll some time ago. I did not expect him to come to the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect."

"He actually dares to venture to the Annihilation Star Sky after joining us merely half a year ago? Isnt it too risky?"

Luo Yunyang did not mind the discussions that were taking place. It was normal for those Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect disciples to be unfamiliar with him since he was rather new there.

He wouldnt have joined the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect if he hadnt met Yuan Mo Heavenly Venerate. Although Luo Yunyang had a respectable status in the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, he still felt like an outsider.

After a day of rest in his cave residence, he arrived at the transportation hall. Because the transportation hall was not open every day, there was already a big number of people waiting in the hall when Luo Yunyang entered.

While Luo Yunyang frowned at the scene, almost all the disciples who saw him quickly greeted him. "Uncle-Master, please go ahead first."

Luo Yunyang naturally did not refuse this act of courtesy and strolled into the transportation hall.

Besides chairs, there were also various kinds of flowers and fruits in the transportation hall. Three men and two women were sitting on chairs made of white jade and chatting among themselves.

Although they appeared rather at ease, the disciples around them remained very respectful and did not dare to make a sound.

When Luo Yunyang walked over, a man with a sixth-level Universe-Grade cultivation base glanced at him and said, "Mo Yunxiao, I think you should forget about taking on a mission to the Annihilation Star Sky. Our team is full, so it is impossible for you to join."

Anyone would be pissed out by the way the man spoke, but Luo Yunyang could feel that the man was giving him a piece of advice out of goodwill.

Luo Yunyang could understand why the man would not allow him to join them. After all, a strong team wasnt made up of many people. If the strength of the team wasnt balanced, it might even decrease the teams overall effectiveness.

"Thank you, Senior Brother, but I still want to take a look."

Luo Yunyangs insistence made the rough-looking mans face turn slightly dark. He snorted in response. "Whatever. As your Senior Brother, Ill still give you a warning. It is best not to go more than 300,000 miles into the Annihilation Star Sky. However, you can test your luck outside of that perimeter."

Seeing that the man still gave him some advice out of goodwill, Luo Yunyang had a more favorable impression of him. He smiled and said, "I got it, Senior Brother."

"Uncle-Masters, the transportation portal is open. You may depart now," the disciple in charge said respectfully.

The rough man smiled and said, "Okay, lets set off."

"Oh, Mo Yunxiao! As a Senior Brother, I will give you another piece of advice. Even if you encounter people from the same sect or tribe, dont be too trusting. This advice might even save your life when the time comes!" The man chuckled as he entered the portal.