Supreme Uprising Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Fifth Level Heavenly Venerate Internal Universe

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In the central point of the Annihilation Star Sky, Luo Yunyang was standing on a meteorite. It seemed as if his entire body had fused with the meteorite.

He was like a hunter with great patience waiting quietly.

One year had passed ever since he had entered the Annihilation Star Sky, but Luo Yunyang had gained a lot in that year.

He had killed a dozen Divine Incarcerate Tribe elite martialists and obtained various resources that had allowed his cultivation to enter the second-level Universe Grade.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 18 Speed: 16 Constitution: 17 Mind: 11 Bloodline: 0.31

Thanks to this advancement, most of Luo Yunyangs attributes had increased by one yuan. Although this improvement was relatively small in contrast to his previous improvements, his attributes had still increased considerably.

After all, Luo Yunyangs attributes were now represented with black yuan figures. A plus one was equivalent to gaining one yuan.

Luo Yunyang wasnt too satisfied with improving by a level after more than 20 years of cultivation and the use of massive resources.

What made him even unhappier was his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone, which was still unable to advance to the Universe Grade.

Of course, this was partly because Luo Yunyang had used most of his resources on himself.

A faint sound suddenly rang in Luo Yunyangs ears. Like a sensitive hunter, Luo Yunyang reacted to it. The person he had been waiting for had finally appeared!

"Ha ha ha! A dead Heavenly Venerate How dare she scare us, damn it! Feels so good to shatter that female Heavenly Venerates consciousness!" a Sacred Purgatory martialist whose head was covered in dark purple scales said delightedly.

Luo Yunyang was able to remain very calm while facing the Divine Incarcerate Tribe. Although the hatred in his blood still existed, killing them for a whole year had made him feel somewhat numb.

"Old Worm, we have to be careful. Those damn bugs might appear suddenly out of nowhere."

Next to the Divine Incarcerate Tribe martialist was his partner, who appeared more well-built. He said in a serious tone, "Over the past year, we have lost contact with 10 of our small teams."

"According to the analysis of the headquarters, the indigenous people of the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos should have sent a top hunting squad into this area. We have to be careful."

The five Divine Incarcerate Tribe martialists walked out slowly. The scales on their bodies were covered in different patterns. Luo Yunyang had a deep understanding of the Divine Incarcerate Tribe after a full year of encountering them. The different patterns represented different powers of the Divine Incarcerate Tribe.

They had a different approach to cultivation than the Human Tribe. A Divine Incarcerate Tribe martialists cultivation path was decided when they were born.

Different patterns represented different ways of cultivation.

There was no communication with the Divine Incarcerate Tribe. Although both factions were intelligent, they only fought and killed each other.

Saying too much nonsense might even cost a life. Usually, it would cost the life of the person who spoke too much.

Walkers Nine Secrets! Luo Yunyang instantly made two hand seals and a golden light shrouded the five Divine Incarcerate Tribe elite martialists.

Although they were vigilant right from the start and the patterns on them were like a natural array formation that was glowing brightly in the void, Luo Yunyang was a peak Universe-Grade, so the gap between them was too large. When Luo Yunyang executed the Life Death Resounding Fate along with a sun seal, all of them were destroyed.

The souls of the Divine Incarcerate martialists were instantly shattered.

After killing this small team of Divine Incarcerate Tribe elite martialists, which could be considered pretty strong, Luo Yunyang quickly gathered all the loot and flew away.

Just ten minutes later, at the location where the battle had taken place, a Divine Incarcerate Tribe battle squad that was glowing with a golden light arrived quickly.

Every member of the Divine Incarcerate Tribe battle squad had a peak Universe-Grade cultivation base. However, the aura they exuded was much stronger than a first-level Heavenly Venerates aura.

"Its the same person!" a slim, soft-spoken female Divine Incarcerate Tribe elite said while conjuring some hand seals to reverse time with a ray of light.

However, they could only see their five dead tribesmen who had been silently killed by a golden thread. They were unable to see the eerie Luo Yunyang.

"One day, I will catch this hunter!" a towering Divine Incarcerate Tribe elite yelled in rage as the pattern of his scales transformed and something that looked like the imprint of a small tripod appeared on his forehead.

This pattern represented the royal family of the Divine Incarcerate Tribe. Usually, members of the royal family wouldnt appear on the Annihilation Star Sky.

They did not lack resources after all.

Luo Yunyang did not care much about the appearance of this battle squad. The reason he did not want to meet this battle squad, besides safety, was because he did not want to expose himself too much, as this would increase the danger of his time on the Annihilation Star Sky.

"A broken Heavenly Venerates Weapon!" Luo Yunyang toyed with the long sword in his hand as his eyes glimmered.

Heavenly Venerate Weapon was a term used in the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos. All Heavenly Venerate elites had their own weapons.

After all, a weapon was directly related to a Heavenly Venerates combat abilities.

The Heavenly Venerate Weapon in Luo Yunyangs hands had an origin of two universe marks and two elements: water and fire.

This meant that the owner of this weapon had once been a second-level Heavenly Venerate that had managed to condense two different universes of water and fire.

Luo Yunyang had not yet condensed his own Heavenly Venerate Weapon.

However, a Heavenly Venerate Weapon was much more valuable than a Universe Source. Although Luo Yunyangs One-Yuan Universe could also refine the Heavenly Venerate Weapon, it would be too wasteful to do so.

"An annual gathering." Luo Yunyang recalled the announcement of the allied forces when he had first arrived on the Annihilation Star.

During the gathering, there would be extremely unstable black astral winds and exchanges on the Annihilation Star Sky.

He might be able to obtain something during the exchange.

Just like a fish swimming through the waves, Luo Yunyang was flying very fast across the Annihilation Star Sky. Cultivators like Luo Yunyang should be able to tear apart the void and traverse across it to a certain point. However, on the Annihilation Star, even a Heavenly Venerate wouldnt dare traverse through the void.

It was too dangerous.

The Annihilation Star Sky was filled with the broken internal universes of many fallen Heavenly Venerates. Most of these universes were in the cracks of the void, so if someone unknowingly traversed the void, they might be cut into pieces by the fragments of those internal universes.

There was even a rumor that a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate had once been trapped in the Annihilation Star Sky and had been forced to rely on his great perseverance to walk back step by step.

Three days later, Luo Yunyang reached a meteorite that looked just like a gigantic stone mountain. He looked at the bare, lifeless stone mountain while walking towards it.

"Token!" A black shadow strangely appeared by Luo Yunyangs side and shouted.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and the token appeared in his palm. This was his identification, so it was very important in the Annihilation Star Sky.

The man glanced at Luo Yunyangs token before shaking his head. "It seems like youre really lucky. You are the sole survivor of a five-man team."

There were so many dangers in the Annihilation Star Sky that even most elites from the larger sects would form an alliance or a team with one another after entering.

Lone rangers like Luo Yunyang were almost non-existent in the Annihilation Star Sky. Luo Yunyang did not bother explaining his situation before going right in.

Inside the meteorite were thousands of miles of space. Not only were there pavilions and buildings, but there were also various kinds of entertainment. Many people bowed respectfully in Luo Yunyangs direction when he came in. While people of different cultivation grades were inside, most of them were Galaxy-Grades.

They were considered service crew here.

After entering a fine house that had been prearranged, Luo Yunyang was led by a waiter to a very luxurious hall.

In the hall, some people were drinking, some were chatting, and some were even fighting!

The sinister dangers of the Annihilation Star Sky even made peak Universe-Grade martialists feel pressured. Thus, when they arrived at the safe haven guarded by the Heavenly Venerates, they could finally relax.

Luo Yunyang had been hunting for the past year. Hence, he did not need to vent his emotions and decided to relax instead.

He was paying attention to a white jade wall west of the main hall. There were plenty of exchangeable items written on the wall.

"Broken Universe Source, 10,000 Primal Chaotic Crystals!"

"Defensive Heavenly Venerate Battle Armor. Damaged, in exchange for an offensive Heavenly Venerate Weapon. Exchange only. Other inquiries not welcome. Please do not disturb."

"Not accepting Primal Chaotic Crystals!"

"Heavenly Venerate Origin Source Tree. Small defects!"

"Corpse of a Divine Incarcerate Tribe. Headless, divine inscriptions complete!"

Just as Luo Yunyang was looking through the information and pondering what he would like to exchange, he heard someone ask, "Is that Junior Brother Mo Yunxiao?"

Upon hearing that, Luo Yunyang turned his head and saw the rough-looking man he had met at the transportation portal of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect. He already knew the name of the man, so he replied with a smile, "Oh, its Senior Brother Teng Hao. Greetings, Senior Brother."

Luo Yunyang looked beside Teng Hao and realized that there was only one man and two women left in their group.

Teng Haos team had been comprised of three men and two women. Now, Teng Hao included, there were only two men and two women. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang seemed to understand something.

"Junior Brother Yuan Ming has fallen," Teng Hao, who seemed to understand why Luo Yunyang was glancing at his team, said bitterly.

Luo Yunyang remained silent. After all, it was normal for one or two people to die in the Annihilation Star Sky. "Junior Brother Mo, were lacking a team member. Join us!"