Supreme Uprising Chapter 78

Chapter 78


Lu Xiu was Chief Instructor Lu’s name. He stared at the elderly man as he said coldly, “If the Nie Family is bent on fighting the Rising Dragon Army, then I can only say one thing. Anytime. Now, please leave!”

The elderly man shook his head as he looked at Lu Xiu’s strong body. “Is it worth risking the Rising Dragon Army’s future over a kid?”

Lu Xiu didn’t say anything. He only spoke when the old man was about the leave the room. “Definitely worth it.”

The elderly man’s face stiffened awkwardly.

“The Nie Family’s representatives shouldn’t even have been here in the first place, but someone important pulled some strings, so the commander agreed to let them have a word with you.” Lu Xiu patted Luo Yunyang’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, you are a member of the Rising Dragon Army, so the entire Rising Dragon Army will stand behind you!”

Lu Xiu’s words made Luo Yunyang feel a rush of warmth flood his heart.

“Follow me!” Lu Xiu led Luo Yunyang through a pair of tightly-guarded doors and into a room made entirely out of steel.

After opening over 10 locks and typing many combinations of different passcodes, a tiny bottle containing a gold fluid was revealed.

“This is the golden body fluid. If you absorb this, even the full strength of a martial master wouldn’t be able to hit you.”

“I have never used golden body fluid before, so I am not too clear on its attributes, but using it to change your physical abilities definitely won’t be a relaxing process. I think that the process must be similar to taking body-forging medicine. The more you absorb, the more painful it gets. You have to try your best to endure it as long as you can.”

Lu Xiu made his way out slowly. “I will be waiting outside. You better use it quickly. Any undue delay may cause you trouble.”

Luo Yunyang knew what Lu Xiu meant. As soon as the door was closed, Luo Yunyang opened the bottle and injected the fluid into his body.

Compared to body-forging medicine, the golden body fluid that entered his body felt like a thick metallic fluid. It was both heavy and scorching hot.

The area that came in contact with the golden body fluid, as well as his surroundings, seemed to ignite. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang felt as if his body had started to burn.

I have to reduce my Speed, Mind, and Power and increase my Constitution!

Power: 1

Speed: 1

Mind: 1

Constitution: 96

As soon as the adjustments were made, Luo Yunyang let out a huge sigh of relief. He felt the pain in his body quickly lessen. The burning sensation didn’t seem to be that intense anymore either.

Luo Yunyang shut his eyes as he slowly experienced these changes. He wasn’t aware that his body had already started to flush.

By the time it was over, his entire body had turned into a bright red ember on the verge of igniting.

At this point, all he could do was endure it.

Luo Yunyang silently encouraged himself and clenched his fists tightly.

“Hasn’t Luo Yunyang come out yet?” A voice close to a snarl rang out through Lu Xiu’s communication device.

Thunder could have roared next to Lu Xiu’s ears, yet he still wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow. Lu Xiu set the communication device down before replying calmly, “Not yet.”

“It’s already been four days. Why isn’t it over? I asked someone from the Sky High Military, and he said that the longest amount of time one has ever used the golden body fluid is only three days.”

“How would I know? Everything is possible when it comes to Luo Yunyang!” Lu Xiu replied coolly.

“If my schedule wasn’t so tight, I would have come over personally. You better take good care of my grandson-in-law!” The Eagle King’s voice carried a hint of a threat. “If anything happens to him, I will hold you responsible.”

“You are overthinking things. Luo Yunyang isn’t even your grandson-in-law at the moment!” Lu Xiu shook his head and ended the call.

Damn it! Why hasn’t Luo Yunyang woken up yet?

Lu Xiu was a top-notch expert, so he normally wouldn’t have been fazed by anything, yet he found it difficult to remain calm right now.

This was the first time in years that he had groomed such an outstandingly talented martialist. If anything happened to him, then

Nothing will go wrong. The golden body fluid is a treasured item. How could there be anything wrong with it?

All sorts of thoughts flickered through Lu Xiu’s mind as he looked at the electronic screen not too far away. Displayed on it was the basic situation inside the room.

Luo Yunyang’s vital signs were still fine.

As Lu Xiu pondered over this in his mind, he couldn’t help but call Xu Zhong over. These past few days, that fellow had been becoming more and more important to Lu Xiu.

“You were looking for me, sir?” Xu Zhong looked at Lu Xiu respectfully.

“Yes. Tell me once more what things are supposed to be like after absorbing golden body fluid.”

“The user’s vitality is enhanced a hundredfold. There is a divine glow, and then the user’s skin tightens!” By the time Xu Zhong was done explaining, his heart tightened.

“Sir, Luo Yunyang couldn’t have failed, right?” Worry flashed through Xu Zhong’s eyes as Lu Xiu remained silent.

Suddenly, Lu Xiu’s communication device started ringing. Although Lu Xiu didn’t want to answer the call, when he saw the caller’s ID, he clicked on the button.

“Lu Xiu, this is Nie Tianyuan. Long time, no see. I hope you are doing well.” A dull voice wafted through the communication device’s speakers.

Nie Tianyuan’s voice was really unique. Even though Lu Xiu hadn’t heard it in a long time, he could still recognize its owner right away.

“I’m calling to warn you that this particular golden body fluid is immensely potent. It is advised to use a Purple Yuan Fruit to neutralize its medicinal properties before using it.”

As soon as he heard this, Lu Xiu stood up and roared furiously, “Why Why didn’t you say so earlier? A talented genius could have gotten hurt because of you!”

“When I had Old Roc come over, I told him to pass on this information if he failed to purchase the golden body fluid. I didn’t expect that he would forget,” Nie Tianyuan said indifferently. “That’s really unfortunate. That child must have probably turned into a golden statue!”

The call ended. Lu Xiu had a crazy expression on his face as he struck the wall violently with his fists.

The room, which was made entirely out of metal, vibrated frantically and cracks started to appear in the interlinking steel.

Lu Xiu’s anger was no use to anyone. Things had already passed the point of no return.

As he stood up to rush in, check on Luo Yunyang and call for help, the door suddenly opened and a tired-looking Luo Yunyang walked out. Luo Yunyang, who had always had fair, delicate skin, now seemed to have a golden luster all over his entire body.

“How are you? Does it hurt anywhere?” Lu Xiu asked as he hurried over to Luo Yunyang.