Supreme Uprising Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Where A Sixth Level Heavenly Venerate Fell

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Luo Yunyang would not accept Teng Haos invitation. What he had obtained during the past year vastly exceeded what most teams would gain in decades.

Besides, he wasnt willing to let too many people in on his secrets.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to reject Teng Haos kind offer, the man standing behind Teng Hao suddenly reminded him, "Senior Brother Teng, I forgot to tell you that that Li Yong has agreed to join our team."

Teng Hao frowned when he realized what his Junior Brother was trying to imply. He was rejecting the idea of letting Mo Yunxiao join the group.

There was no person named Li Yong who wanted to join their group.

Although Teng Hao wasnt comfortable with this decision, their team had been formed based on each others common interests.

Although he was the leader of the team, he couldnt ignore the opinions of the other members. Hence, he could only endure the dissatisfaction he felt.

Luo Yunyang was secretly delighted. He had never thought that a solution would appear just as he had started to get worried. However, on the surface, he still acted like he had been humiliated and muttered bitterly, "If thats the case, then well team up next time, Senior Brother!"

Then, Luo Yunyang turned and walked away.

Teng Haos two female companions were very attractive. Although the two of them did not express their opinion, it was clear that they were reluctant to let a stranger join their team.

Luo Yunyang went to look for a place where he could continue browsing. Just as he found an item that could improve his One-Yuan Universe, the hall, which had originally been rowdy, suddenly fell silent.

Seven or eight people entered the hall when Luo Yunyang turned his head to check out this weird situation. The man at the front of the group seemed very familiar to Luo Yunyang.

Although he was very certain that this was the first time he was seeing that man, this sense of familiarity felt very real.

The mans handsome face and scarlet eyes were filled with aggression. However, compared to his prideful grandeur, what was even more shocking was the person behind him.

It was a third-level Heavenly Venerate!

Third-level Heavenly Venerates were not only powerful but also formidable. Heavenly Venerates rarely appeared in the Annihilation Star Sky. Hence, it was absolutely shocking that a third-level Heavenly Venerate had appeared there.

"Ha ha ha! I am very happy to meet all of you!" The handsome young man, who had a fifth-level Universe-Grade cultivation, laughed proudly. "My name is Long Xin, but you can call me Third Young Master."

As soon as he said that, he waved his hand and a figure condensed in mid-air.

"This person is Luo Yunyang, a fugitive from the Longlin Great Cosmos. He is wanted by the Long Familys patriarch," Long Xin said coldly, "If anyone has information about him, please tell me immediately. Of course, you will be rewarded."

Luo Yunyang remained calm. He finally understood why Long Xin seemed so familiar.

"Young Master Long, we will definitely notify you immediately if we see this man." A man who looked like he was in his thirties stood up and assured Long Xin.

Long Xin laughed heartily and said, "Thank you so much." After saying that, Long Xin scanned his surroundings and added, "I have a piece of information that I would like to give everyone here free of charge.."

"A Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate died in this region. His internal universe is going to appear now. Im here to inform everyone that this Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates internal universe is going to appear within a million miles from the Annihilation Star Skys central point. No one is allowed to enter until I obtain the items in that internal universe."

Long Xin then said in a resolute, decisive tone, "If anyone dares to enter without my approval, Ill kill them without showing mercy!"

No one dared to make a sound in the huge hall. Anyone who was able to enter the Annihilation Star Sky was basically a martialist with some support.

All of them had some understanding of the power behind Long Xin as well. Besides, a third-level Heavenly Venerate was standing behind him right now.

In the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, a third-level Heavenly Venerate was considered a formidable figure, so all the people present were far inferior compared to Heavenly Venerates.

Luo Yunyang didnt even look at Long Xin. He looked just like an ordinary spectator staring blankly at the scene.

However, as soon as Long Xin appeared, Luo Yunyang had a thoughthe had to keep Long Xin in the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, no matter what.

That would allow him to take revenge and get something he needed that Long Xin possessed.

Luo Yunyang should have broken through the ninth gene seal by now, yet no matter what he did, he still wasnt able to break through.

Luo Yunyang believed that there had to be a problem with the ninth gene seal. Otherwise, he would not have failed to break through after raising his bloodline attribute to a terrifying level via the attribute regulator.

Furthermore, that figure from the Longlin Great Cosmos was such a bully. Luo Yunyang had to get back at him, no matter what.

Another important reason was the internal universe of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang knew who was this Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate. According to the records in the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, this Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate had been one of the top figures in the entire Purple Cloud Great Cosmos.

He had been a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate!

The Heart Sword had been a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate. If he had not died during the battle against the Divine Incarcerate Tribe, he would have become one of the rulers of the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos.

According to the records of the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, the death of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate had been related to events that were impossible to describe. This was why the majority of the records of the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos did not mention the existence of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate.

After the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate had died, five of the six internal universes in his body had collapsed directly. However, the five collapsed universes had also created an enormous energy that had made his last and most important internal universe vanish completely.

That internal universe contained all of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates treasures.

The gap between each level of Heavenly Venerate was as great as the gulf between heaven and earth.

The treasure collection of a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate would probably be able to make anyone go crazy.

As these thoughts were going through Luo Yunyangs mind, Long Xin said, "I need some assistants. As long as you accept my conditions, you can come forward and register."

Many people stepped forward after hearing Long Xins words. Although they knew that they werent going to receive any of the benefits or the treasure, they were still more than happy to receive a token of appreciation from Long Xin.

Luo Yunyang did not go forward. Like most people, he was quietly watching everything from afar. However, Luo Yunyang left shortly after a bigger crowd gathered around Long Xin.

"I am sorry, Junior Brother Mo!" Teng Hao, who had waited for Luo Yunyang outside the main hall, apologized when he saw him.

"Senior Brother Teng, dont worry about it. It is perfectly normal, as the other Senior Brothers do not know anything about my cultivation."

Although Teng Hao still wanted to say something, he eventually chose not to after opening his mouth.

After Luo Yunyang left Teng Hao, he stayed in the meteorite for three more days before leaving quietly.

During those three days, many teams began to assemble beside Long Xin, and some core disciples of a certain top sect held a big banquet to warmly welcome Long Xin.

However, all this had nothing to do with Luo Yunyang.

On the core star domain of the Annihilation Star Sky, the sacred lotus body conjured by Luo Yunyang moved cautiously. In front of him, two elites from a Divine Incarcerate Tribe assault squad had noticed him.

In an instant, tens of thousands of blade-lights rose in the void. When the blade-lights gathered, the sacred lotus body was severed into pieces. The moment the body collapsed, a storage bag landed in the hands of this hunting team of elites.

"What a pauper!" The Divine Incarcerate man who belonged to the royal family scoffed after opening Luo Yunyangs storage bag.

Although there were some things in Luo Yunyangs storage bag, these things were too insignificant for royalty like him.

"Look! What is this?" A Divine Incarcerate woman suddenly grabbed a jade piece and exclaimed. When she grabbed it, a chart suddenly appeared.

"The Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates internal universe is going to appear!" The Divine Incarcerate Tribe royalty was excited when he saw the chart. "Good, good, good. I never expected to catch such a big fish!"

"The treasure of a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate will be able to help me break through and become at least a Heavenly Venerate."

The eyes of the other Divine Incarcerate elites in the two assault squads lit up instantly. They were like bloodthirsty sharks ready to pounce forward at any moment.

"These indigenous people from the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos must have invested in a lot of people. We only have 10, so we cant deal with them. We need to find more people and come up with a plan," the Divine Incarcerate royalty said coldly.

A short while later, the two Divine Incarcerate assault squads left. Luo Yunyang grinned when he saw their figures turn and leave.

His body had quickly disappeared without a trace from the Annihilation Star Sky. Now that he had cast his bait, all he had to do was wait it out.

Ten days later, Long Xin took hundreds of people and went to an area in the Annihilation Star Sky. His blood-red eyes and that haughty gaze made it seem like he was proud of himself.

He was proud of himself because it seemed as though all the elites here had submitted themselves to him and his plan was going to succeed.

"Young Master, although you brought a lot of helpers this time, the news regarding the reemergence of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate might have reached the Divine Incarcerate Tribe." The third-level Heavenly Venerate advised him.

However, Long Xin was not bothered by this at all. "So what if they know? The reason I shared the news of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate was so that more people would be enticed to come and participate!"

"As far as I know, the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate died with lots of resentment, so the best way to clean up this resentment is to make it bloodier!"