Supreme Uprising Chapter 782

Chapter 782 Nine Colored Sacred Metal

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Long Xins execution was swift and decisive!

As his palms were brandished, it seemed as if boundless sword intent covered the entire Concealed Sword Sky Plateau.

The sword-light dazzled with a green-and-blue radiance as it shot towards Luo Yunyang.

"Walkers Nine Secrets, Great Sun Ring Seal!" Luo Yunyang yelled as a great sun erupted from his hands and slammed against the sword-light.

However, the seemingly mighty sun was instantly severed in half by the sword-light.

It was like cutting a piece of tofu. Silent, yet swift and unobstructed

Mo Yunxiaos body was severed in two as Long Xin sneered at Luo Yunyang proudly.

In Long Xins opinion, killing an unknown guy was no big deal. He was very angry at the guy, who had followed him into the Concealed Sword Sky Plateau.

After all, being followed was an insult to him.

"Arent you very daring? How are you qualified to compare to me, you stupid puny fly?" Long Xin said callously.

His gaze returned to the nine-foot-long sword, as he was more enchanted by it. "Indeed, a weapon worthy of a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate. Six Universe Origin Marks, each one contained"

As he was mumbling to himself, he suddenly sensed a looming threat.

The premonition appeared suddenly yet felt very real. He didnt even have time to react as the threat descended upon him right away.

He saw with his own eyes a massive gray pestle appear before him. Every part of him was shrouded by it when it came into view.

Although he had many lifesaving treasures on him, those treasures were suppressed by something so he simply couldnt activate them.

What was going on?

What was going on?

"My familys patriarch will not"

Luo Yunyang knew what Long Xin was going to say, but he wasnt worried about the Long Family patriarch at all.

Hence, he was equally unscrupulous as his Eternal Divine Pestle shattered Long Xins consciousness.

"Eternity Obliteration!" Luo Yunyang hurriedly formed a series of hand seals to generate a grayish light that enveloped Long Xins battered body. Thanks to that grayish light, everything seemed like it was fading away.

Luo Yunyang had planned to capture Long Xin and interrogate him about the ninth gene seam. However, after seeing Long Xins seemingly infinite means, Luo Yunyang realized that it was not an easy task to capture Longxin.

He would wind up getting the short end of the stick if he decided to take Long Xin by force. Therefore, Luo Yunyang chose to kill Long Xin. He could only take a gamble and hope that he could find the secret technique to unraveling the ninth gene seal amongst the items left behind by Long Xin.

The Eternal Divine Pestle had many uses. Thus, until now, Luo Yunyang had only been able to execute a very small part of it.

Luo Yunyang was finally relieved when he was no longer able to sense Long Xins aura. He made a grabbing motion at nothing in particular and Long Xins storage bracelet immediately fell into his hands.

This storage bracelet was sealed. However, now that Long Xin was dead, this shouldnt be a problem for Luo Yunyang.

In just a short while, Luo Yunyang had gone through everything in the storage bracelet.

After taking a good look at the bracelet, Luo Yunyang could not help but sigh deeply. Poverty really limited his imagination!

Over the years, Luo Yunyang had traveled to a lot of places with the help of his attribute regulator, small silver tower, and clones. Hence, he could be considered well-informed and experienced.

However, when he saw the amount of wealth Long Xin had in his storage bracelet, Luo Yunyang was stunned. He couldnt believe his eyes.

Although Luo Yunyang had obtained many good items after coming to the Annihilation Star Sky, his one year of hard work was nothing compared to the things in Long Xins bracelet.

It was an astronomical amount of wealth!

Long Xin had two third-level Heavenly Venerates as servants and a treasure flag that could become a world itself when brandished by its wielder. These things alone were already very difficult to obtain. However, what Luo Yunyang had obtained now was worth more than that treasured flag.

For example, Long Xin had 3,000 Origin Orbs that could improve the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts cultivation.

In the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos, one Origin Orb could bankrupt an entire mid-tier sect. However, Long Xin actually possessed 3,000 of them.

If Long Xin already had such wealth, then what about the Long Family

Luo Yunyangs attention shifted to the decree glimmering in the golden light again. He was no stranger to it, as it was deeply imprinted his mind.

Because of this, Luo Yunyang had had no choice but to leave the Divine Union Void and escaped to the Purple Cloud Cosmos.

If it had not been for this warrant, Luo Yunyang would have continued quietly cultivating in the Divine Union Void.

Although Long Xin had possessed this decree, he had been killed before he could utilize it.

"Seal!" Luo Yunyang immediately sealed up all the items in the storage bracelet by using the Eternal Divine Pestle.

Although he did not find any restrictions in Long Xins bracelet, it was undoubtedly a safe practice to seal the items with the Eternal Divine Pestle for the sake of caution.

After doing that, Luo Yunyang turned to look at the Concealed Sword Sky Plateau.

Undoubtedly, the dead sixth-level Heavenly Venerate must have left many restrictions in his internal universe. However, most of the restrictions had been destroyed when Long Xin had made his move against Luo Yunyang.

Therefore, everything went smoothly. After that, his One-Yuan Universe opened up and all the swords in the Hidden Sword Skyland flew quickly into his internal universe.

"Whew!" Luo Yunyang frowned when he absorbed the last sword into his body. He suddenly felt his blood turn cold. This feeling was very uncomfortable.

Had the Long Family discovered Long Xins death? Was that elite existence going to cross the Cosmos to come arrest him?

As Luo Yunyang wondered what would happen, a light spot that was only the size of a firefly rushed out from the middle of the Concealed Sword Sky Plateau and flew straight towards Luo Yunyang.

The moment this light spot appeared, it immediately enveloped Luo Yunyangs body.

Instantly, Luo Yunyang discovered that the light spot had actually broken into his body. Actually, it had invaded his mind.

"Youngster, since you entered the depths of my internal universe, you should know that entering the place of death of a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate is an extremely dangerous act."

When this faint voice was heard, a towering middle-aged man who looked intelligent and refined appeared in Luo Yunyangs heart.

"Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate!" Luo Yunyang mumbled when he saw the figure.

"Thats right, I am the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate." The Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate grinned and said, "Back then, I was sabotaged by someone and reduced to nothing. Fortunately, I had a way of escaping. Although it wasnt very impressive, I am still back!"

"You are pretty good, but youre still far from being comparable to me. Hand over your body and I promise you that when I become a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, I will return this body to you. In addition, I will accept you as a disciple."

Luo Yunyang looked at the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate calmly. Although the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate was a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate, he was only a mere trace of consciousness now.

He faintly said, "Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate, you have planned a lot of things indeed. Its a pity that you met me."

Instantly, he executed the Shattering Heavens and the energy of the technique exploded forward. However, the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate simply scoffed when Luo Yunyang executed this technique.

"Puny ant, how dare you fight me when youre not even a Heavenly Venerate!" In the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates opinion, giving Luo Yunyang a small opportunity had already been an act of kindness on his part.

However, this puny ant had not accepted his act of kindness. Instead, he had acted against him. He was simply overestimating his abilities, which was utterly disgraceful.

When he glared at Luo Yunyang, two sword-lights shot from his eyes. Although he was only a trace of consciousness, it was still easy for him to kill a first-level Heavenly Venerate.

However, this time, the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate was destined to experience a tragedy!

His sword-light was shattered when it collided with Luo Yunyangs Shattering Heavens. Then, his trace of consciousness was drawn into the crushing energy of Luo Yunyangs Shattering Heavens.

"How is this possible? How can your mind be so powerful?" the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate said fearfully. He had never expected Luo Yunyangs mind power to be so much stronger than his.

"Take a guess!" Luo Yunyang did not waste his time answering the question. Instead, he decided to ridicule the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate.

His Shattering Heavens also began to speed up while destroying the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates trace of consciousness and turning it into ashes immediately.

Numerous pieces of information quickly appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind. When this information surged into his mind, he suddenly saw a token in the middle of the clean consciousness of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate, which looked like a white ball.

It was a token that was only the size of a palm but flashed like a rainbow.

Nine-Colored Sacred Metal!

The name of this extremely rare treasure appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind as soon as he looked at the token.

As soon as he thought about it, his mind shrouded the token!