Supreme Uprising Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Hong Meng Temple Reversing Time

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The most important items of Heavenly Venerates were basically their weapons, as every weapon required a great deal of effort to be refined.

This was especially true for Heavenly Venerates that had reached the sixth level. The might of their cultivated weapons would be even stronger and even more precious. There were even some weapons of sixth-level Heavenly Venerates that had a value of more than half of all the items on their bodies.

What was left within the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate’s last trace of consciousness wasn’t the Heartless Divine Sword that contained six Origin Universe Marks, but a tablet made of Nine-Colored Sacred Metal. Thus, Luo Yunyang attached great importance to this tablet.

He could tell that the value of this tablet would definitely be extraordinary.

“Eon Martial Token!”

As his mind power interacted with this token, lots of information appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind. The information that appeared left Luo Yunyang in a state of slight disbelief.

Luo Yunyang felt like his eyes had been opened after he came into contact with the Longlin Great Cosmos and other places. However, although he had gained a lot of knowledge, he still felt great regret.

This regret was caused by his knowledge and experiences.

There were endless humans in the vast worlds! These humans didn’t just include the Human Tribe of the Milky Way, but also the human tribes of various Great Cosmoses.

Luo Yunyang believed that the Human Tribe that had constructed the small silver tower and had already been exterminated by the Mysterious Underworld Race had also been a part of this endless Human Race.

Humans were a large race within these vast, endless cosmoses.

What supported the entire Human Race wasn’t Heavenly Venerates. Though Heavenly Venerates were powerful, they were just the backbone of the Human Race. What truly supported the Human Race were Almighties.

What were Almighties? The Human Race considered them the pillars that held up the sky.

These Supreme Powers that were the core of the Human Race wouldn’t pay any attention to the fate of an ordinary tribe or even a human tribe that dominated an entire cosmos.

Their main purpose was to help the Human Race foster Almighties that could continue supporting the Human Race.

Hong Meng Temple!

This was the core power that dominated the Human Race in all the vast skies and lands throughout millions of cosmoses. The most basic requirement for stepping into Hong Meng Temple was having a peak Universe-Grade cultivation base.

There were no top-notch geniuses or innately talented prodigies there. Only people who had survived reaching the peak Universe-Grade had the right to be top-notch geniuses groomed by Hong Meng Temple.

Hong Meng Temple didn’t groom Heavenly Venerates but Almighties!

Age, aptitude, and other aspects weren’t too important in Hong Meng Temple. After all, Hong Meng Temple’s recruitment happened once every Eon.

One Eon equaled 129,600 years!

Places like the Divine Union Void, where Luo Yunyang was from, simply didn’t know about Hong Meng Temple’s method of recruiting disciples because they didn’t have the qualifications to be recruited by Hong Meng Temple.

Peak Universe-Grades from over 100 Great Cosmoses had the right to participate.

Each time, Hong Meng Temple would at most recruit 36 people.

This meant basically that at most one person per Great Cosmos could get in. Sometimes, a Great Cosmos wasn’t even able to produce one.

Of course, there were also some special circumstances regarding this recruitment. During each recruitment, Hong Meng Temple would release 10 Eon Martial Tokens. As long as the people who obtained these tokens used them while Hong Meng Temple was recruiting, they could become Hong Meng Temple disciples.

However, each time Eon Martial Tokens appeared, an endless massacre would begin.

The Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate had obtained one Eon Martial Token somewhere. Although he couldn’t use it himself, he’d wished to groom a disciple.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t yet groomed his own disciple before falling in the Annihilation Star Space.

The time when Hong Meng Temple recruited disciples had already arrived!

Luo Yunyang was slightly excited as he clutched the token tightly. At the moment, his heart was beating very quickly.

Thanks to his attribute regulator and three clones, Luo Yunyang had always been very confident. However, the extreme power of the Long Family patriarch had still made him feel some despair.

Even with the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture and the Eternal Divine Pestle, Luo Yunyang still wasn’t able to feel confident about surpassing the Long Family patriarch, who might be a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate or even an Almighty.

Deep down, Luo Yunyang knew that the difference was just too great.

However, the nine-colored token gave Luo Yunyang hope.

Hong Meng Temple groomed unrivaled Heavenly Venerates and unparalleled Almighties. Only by entering Hong Meng Temple would he get the opportunity to find the Long Family patriarch and get revenge.

When he comprehended the information on this Eon Martial Seal, Luo Yunyang’s eyes glowed with hope.

Longlin Great Cosmos. A black palace was suspended high above the Longlin great land like a sacred mountain overlooking everything beneath it. Although it just looked like a palace, the rooms within it were millions.

Within an inconspicuous room in the west wing, three Universe-Grade martialists were meditating in a lotus position. Although the three of them had their eyes shut and were circulating the energy within their bodies, the movement of even a single blade of grass in the wind wouldn’t escape their senses.


The three Universe-Grades opened their eyes at the same time when they heard this. They actually appeared slightly panicked.

No doubt about it, they were slightly panicked.

This was because the place they were in wasn’t ordinary. The Life Marks of the entire Long Family’s descendants were stored there.

Life Marks weren’t easy to refine. The Life Marks of the entire Long Family had been refined by the patriarch by obtaining a bit of essence blood from each of them before personally refining it.

Each Life Mark that broke signified a person’s death.

Although there had been deaths in the Long Family in many millenniums, only two individuals who had possessed Life Marks had fallen.

The gazes of the three Universe-Grades all turned to the spot within the room that looked like a pagoda. In just a moment, they saw the broken Life Mark that had been expelled.

“It is Young Master Long Xin’s Life Mark!” the Universe-Grade powerhouse standing in the center said in a quivering voice.

Long Xin’s status within the Long Family had been very high. Although Long Xin’s death had nothing to do with them, the thought of having to report this matter made them feel sick in the stomach.

If the Family Head was displeased, there was even a possibility that Universe-Grades like them could be killed on the spot. After all, even the Family Head had emotions.

“What do we do?” The man on the left sighed with great difficulty.

The Universe-Grade put on a strong front and replied, “Right now, we can only let heaven decide our fate!”

“In my opinion, we still have to report this important matter as soon as possible. It might be a problem if we report it too late.”

In just a minute, the three martialists carried Long Xin’s broken Life Mark to the central hall of the Long Family.

The Long Family Head was an imposing middle-aged man. Eight different glows constantly flickered behind him, forming a huge ring around him.

He was an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate!

“Long Xin is dead? Are you all certain?” The imposing manner of the eighth-level Heavenly Venerate Family Head had already made the three Universe-Grade martialists prostrate themselves on the ground.

Although their hearts were filled with fear, they still replied calmly. “Family Head, Young Master Long Xin’s Life Mark has already been broken.”

“Where is Long Xin?” The Long Family Head glanced at a middle-aged man standing at his side.

The middle-aged man answered, “In the Purple Cloud Cosmos. Young Master Long Xin received an opportunity from the Patriarch. He was told that a universe left behind by a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate would appear in the Annihilation Star Sky.”

Then, the middle-aged man said with certainty, “Young Master Long Xin took two third-level Heavenly Venerates with him this time. They should have been able to properly protect Young Master Longxin. How could they have allowed Young Master Longxin to encounter any danger?”

The Long Family Head exhaled deeply. He held Long Xin’s Life Mark and rapidly moved his hands. Layers of abstruse light shot out of the void and gathered.

As these lights flickered, the silhouette of Long Xin appeared. However, the moment it appeared, it seemed as if a boundless might immediately swept his silhouette away.

The image that had just appeared turned into wisps of smoke in an instant.

The Long Family Head went rigid. He raised a hand and made a grabbing motion as eight colorful lights gathered towards the silhouette of Long Xin. Before the eight lights could reach Long Xin’s body, a powerful energy broke them.

The Long Family Head was furious. He was a supreme entity of the Long Family. When had he ever suffered like this?

Just as he was about to use other methods, he saw two seemingly hallowed figures appear in the large hall.

“Greetings, Patriarch!” The Long Family Head got up and spoke respectfully.

The Long Family Patriarch, who couldn’t be discerned clearly, eyed the Long Family Head calmly before speaking to the person beside him. “Brother, I will really have to trouble you this time!”

“It’s no big deal.” The vague figure’s voice was warm and mild.

The figure waved his hand and a hexagonal disk appeared over the broken jade mark. As the disk spun, Long Xin’s figure was visible. When Long Xin’s figure stopped for a bit, an image of Luo Yunyang wielding the Eternal Divine Pestle appeared.

The ambush of the pestle was shown clearly before everyone.

A thick killing intent flashed across the Long Family Patriarch’s eyes as he said icily, “A real bane. To think that he would actually be hiding in the Purple Cloud Cosmos!”

“This time, however, he must die!”