Supreme Uprising Chapter 784

Chapter 784 : A Startling Move

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What were Almighties and Great Mystic Ability Users?

They were entities that could reverse the flow of time, turn matter into nothing, and bring the dead back to life.

Luo Yunyang had been gone in secret, but everything had been exposed now.

Luo Yunyang still didnt know about this, not because he was careless, but because the difference between him and his enemies was just too great.

He had slain Long Xin, taken everything from the Heart Sword, and even obtained the Eon Martial Seal. All of this made him feel somewhat carefree.

At the moment, Luo Yunyang was holding the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates Heartless Divine Sword in his hand. Luo Yunyang had absorbed the last remaining trace of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates consciousness, so he had also accepted the majority of the Heart Swords memories graciously.

Although the Heartless Divine Sword seemed like an ordinary long sword, it possessed the Universe Origin Marks of six universes.

Using each yuan mark would produce a corresponding power. Although Luo Yunyang had taken over the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerates memories, he could only utilize second-level yuan marks as of now.

Besides requiring control over the Heartless Divine Sword, Luo Yunyang also needed a corresponding power in order to use these yuan marks.

It was just like the Eternal Divine Pestle. Although Luo Yunyangs comprehension of the Eternal Divine Pestle had gotten deeper, the power the Eternal Divine Pestle could unleash in his hands didnt seem overly powerful.

After taking everything, Luo Yunyang once again transformed into Mo Yunxiao and stealthily retreated. Although he had already obtained the Eon Martial Token, Luo Yunyang still didnt want his identity as Mo Yunxiao to be exposed.

After all, he had used this identity for quite some time already.

An intense massacre was still taking place in the broken universe. Purple Cloud Cosmos powerhouses and Divine Incarcerate powerhouses were locked in a furious battle.

Universe-Grade martialists would be falling at any moment.

Luo Yunyang sneakily retreated. Just as he was about to leave this broken universe, he came across a one-sided close combat.

Usually, Luo Yunyang wouldnt be interested in this sort of fight. It was all the same to him whether a Purple Cloud Cosmos martialist or a Divine Incarcerate Tribesman died.

However, when he saw Teng Hao fighting with a broken arm while his weapon started to break down, Luo Yunyang decided to aid him after some hesitation.

He didnt make a move personally. Instead, he utilized the first-level yuan mark powers on the Heartless Divine Sword with a thought.

A sword-light sliced the few Divine Incarcerate Tribesmen like a passing gale.

The Divine Incarcerate martialist besieging Teng Hao and his group all had strong combat abilities. However, as that sword-light breezed through them, they didnt seem to show any signs of a reaction. They just died right then and there.

Teng Hao, who had been trying to flee but couldnt do so and had been prepared to die, heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the enemies around him die.

"Thank you, Senior, for saving our lives!" Teng Hao and the others said despite not being able to see a single figure in the void.

Although Luo Yunyang rather liked Teng Hao, he couldnt afford to play around with a matter that concerned his safety. Therefore, he didnt say anything. Instead, he immediately disappeared.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to exit the broken universe, a wave of magnificent energy suddenly appeared in the void.

Luo Yunyang felt his heart trembling the moment this energy appeared. Although he quickly stabilized his mental state, Luo Yunyang was afraid that whatever he had done had been exposed.

Three silhouettes appeared in the void.

These three figures had different faces, yet when they appeared, six different colored glows flashed constantly by their side.

Sixth-level Heavenly Venerates!

They were the three sixth-level Great Heavenly Venerates that had authority in the entire Purple Cloud Cosmos.

Just as Luo Yunyang was considering whether to immediately use his small silver tower and traverse somewhere else, the sixth-level Heavenly Venerate in the middle said calmly, "I am Longxiang. Everyone come out immediately."

"Divine Incarcerate Tribe, scram!"

Within the Purple Cloud Cosmos, the sixth-level Great Heavenly Venerates were supreme masters. Their words were an unquestionable decree.

All the martialists fighting within the broken universe looked shocked. They had never imagined that the three Great Heavenly Venerates would actually appear at this sort of place. Just as some people were looking reluctantly at the treasures just within their grasp, a wave of mysterious power ejected them all from the broken universe.

This time, nobody was half-hearted.

Luo Yunyang rubbed the Eon Martial Token in his hand and calmed down immediately. He watched the three Great Heavenly Venerates and waited for them to go on their way.

Although the Divine Incarcerate martialists had experienced great losses, they didnt dare speak when they were ejected from the broken universe.

Now that the three Great Heavenly Venerates had appeared, having the option to survive was already a great favor. If they didnt know how to carry themselves here and continued to cause trouble, only death would await them.

Even though a third-level Heavenly Venerate from the Divine Incarcerate Tribe was dead, they didnt dare say anything about revenge.

"Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang, Young Master Long Xin plans to kill the Divine Incarcerate Tribes Heavenly Venerate this time. We still havent completed our task. If you let them leave, it will be difficult for us to give an explanation to our Young Master."

"Great Heavenly Venerate, could you delay it a little so that we can kill the Divine Incarcerate Tribes third-level Heavenly Venerate before letting them leave?"

The third-level Heavenly Venerate who accompanied Long Xin had spoken. Although his cultivation was vastly inferior to Great Heavenly Venerate Long Xiangs, he was still confident with Long Xin and the Long Family supporting him.

In the Purple Cloud Cosmos, Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiangs words were the law. He didnt appear very happy to have someone publicly contradict him.

"Young Master Long Xin, who? You foolish dogs cant even do a bodyguard job properly. If you werent so useless, would Young Master Long Xin have died here?"

The third-level Heavenly Venerates face stiffened when he heard what Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang had said. He had never imagined that his master would have already died!

"What did you say? Young Master Long Xin is dead? How can that be? How could Young Master Long Xin have died? Who could have killed him in this sludge pool? You You are lying!"

The third-level Heavenly Venerates voice sounded panicked. He no longer cared about the respect he ought to show to a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate. As he wailed, he quickly formed hand seals to try and communicate with Long Xin.

In the past, by using this method, he would have received a response from Long Xin after a moment. However, this time, there was no reply, no matter how much he tried.

If that third-level Heavenly Venerate still couldnt understand what was going on, then he had to be really hopeless. His body started to tremble, and he broke into a cold sweat.

Young Master Long Xin was dead!

Although he wasnt willing to accept this truth, Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiangs words and the fact that Young Master Long Xin was uncontactable meant that his backer was gone.

"Who was it? Who killed Young Master Long Xin? Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang, if you let go of these Divine Incarcerate martialists, how are we going to avenge Young Master Long Xin? You would be deliberately letting the enemies who killed Young Master Long Xin go!"

Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang was very unhappy to be criticized twice. Thus, he waved his hand and a palm smacked the third-level Heavenly Venerates face and made him drop on the ground.

The third-level Heavenly Venerate no longer made a sound, nor did he stand back up. At the moment, it seemed as if he had collapsed completely.

Luo Yunyang watched all this in silence. It was natural that the Long Family would have a reaction to Long Xins death. It was also because this matter couldnt escape the notice of the Long Family that Luo Yunyang was using the Divine Incarcerate Tribe as a smokescreen.

However, he had never imagined that Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang would determine that Long Xin hadnt been killed by the Divine Incarcerate Tribe so fast. There might be a reason behind this that Luo Yunyang wasnt aware of.

No matter what it was, Luo Yunyang knew that the disparity between him and the Long Family was just too big.

"To think that there is someone amongst you that actually killed Young Master Long Xin! Thats really great!" Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiangs gaze fell on Luo Yunyang and the other martialists from the Purple Cloud Cosmos. "Step forward yourselves. Whoever did this must know that they cannot hide it."

Luo Yunyang didnt make a sound. At the moment, all he could do was watch quietly for any changes and wait for the situation to unfold.

The elites of the various Purple Cloud Cosmos tribes were all appalled. Long Xins death was shocking enough. What was even more terrifying was that the person who had killed Long Xin was amongst them.

Many people had been unhappy with Long Xin. However, nobody had ever had any intention of killing Long Xin, as most of them were aware of Long Xins position.

Now, Long Xin had actually been killed.

Teng Haos facial expression fluctuated. He recalled the sword-light that had saved him. Although it was hard to draw a connection to Long Xins death, Teng Hao had a strong feeling that the sword-light must have probably come from the person who had slain Long Xin!

After some hesitation, he chose to shut his mouth.

"You dont have to confess because I dont even need to investigate. This matter will be investigated by Almighties."

Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang had just said this, when a spot of light appeared in the void. The light gathered instantly and formed a figure.

Although this figure didnt exhibit any radiance, when it appeared, even Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang and the other two peoples auras were stifled.

"Greetings, Patriarch!" Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang and the other two bowed respectfully when they saw this figure.

The Long Family Patriarch waved an arm before fixing his gaze on Luo Yunyang. "Luo Yunyang, I never imagined that you would actually escape to the Purple Cloud Cosmos."

"If you lived like an ignorable existence, such as an ant, perhaps I might have been willing to let you live a little longer. However, you shouldnt have challenged my sanctity."

"Today, you must die!"