Supreme Uprising Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Long Teng Hong Meng The Selection Begins

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The Long Family Patriarchs figure disappeared from the void. As he left, the stifling force that was all around dissipated rapidly.

The three Great Heavenly Venerates all stared at Luo Yunyang weirdly. Thanks to the incident that had just occurred, they now felt slight respect for Luo Yunyang despite their astonishment.

Making a supreme figure like the Long Family Patriarch swallow his words in front of so many people was equivalent to slapping him viciously across the face.

Dignity was extremely important for an unrivaled existence like the Long Family Patriarch. Most of the time, he would be willing to lose some benefits in order to avoid losing face.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually made the Long Family Patriarch lose so much face

In the end, although the Long Family Patriarch had used some methods to wreck Luo Yunyangs entry to Hong Meng Temple with the Eon Martial Token, he would still have to pay a considerable price for doing so.

What sort of price exactly, the three Great Heavenly Venerates didnt know.

No one could question that Luo Yunyang, who wasnt even a Heavenly Venerate, had made a great existence like the Long Family Patriarch suffer. The difficulty of such a task was unimaginable.

"Luo Yunyang, the Purple Cloud Cosmos has already been sealed. Just sit tight and wait for six months!" Great Heavenly Venerate Astonishing Sky said.

Great Heavenly Venerate Longxiang didnt say anything. He had been insulted by Luo Yunyang twice and had naturally taken offense.

Luo Yunyang nodded at Great Heavenly Venerate Astonishing Sky before quickly leaving the Annihilation Star Sky. Now, there was no need to hide, as he was certain that his identity had already spread throughout the Purple Cloud Cosmos.

In just half a day, Luo Yunyang had already returned to Immortal Lake Star. Although there was no news from the Purple Luminous Mysterious Sect, Luo Yunyang didnt want to trouble the sect right now.

He didnt immediately begin cultivating upon his return to the Immortal Lake Sta. Instead, he used his mind powers to sense the situation around the Immortal Lake Star.

The Immortal Lake Star was teeming with vitality. Although they had already left the Divine Union Void, Luo Yunyang could clearly feel that the people of the Milky Ways Human Tribe were leading rather good lives here.

As his consciousness drifted in the void, Luo Yunyang sensed a baby sleeping blissfully. He sensed the joyous smiles of children, the sparring youths, the

All these things were joyful and perfect. However, Luo Yunyang knew that if he couldnt enter Hong Meng Temple, all of these perfect things would just become an illusion.

He possessed the attribute regulator and three clones. It would be unforgivable if he failed the Hong Meng Temple entrance test.

However, when he thought about this, Luo Yunyang tested his little silver tower to check whether he could move out of the Purple Cloud Cosmos by using it.

Unfortunately, when he tried choosing a mission, the silver tower only replied, "Due to inference, a pathway cant be opened for the time being."

The small silver tower didnt say what the interference was, but Luo Yunyang knew exactly what it was.

After going through the resources he possessed, he drew up a plan. Even though he was going to consume all the resources he had, he would have to raise the level of his body as well as the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts level.

His bodys One-Yuan Universe had already reached level two of the Universe Grade. On the other hand, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was still at the Celestial Domain Grade.

Based on Luo Yunyangs understanding of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, as long as it was able to advance to the Universe Grade, its power would experience explosive growth.

This sort of explosive growth would also allow Luo Yunyangs cultivation base to experience massive improvement through the adjustments of the attribute regulator.

After making that decision, Luo Yunyangs mind entered cultivation. In six months, he could use his strongest methods to raise his cultivation base as much as possible.

Luo Yunyang didnt cultivate his Heavenly Venerate True Body, as it would improve slowly and his Heavenly Venerate entities wouldnt be permitted to participate in Hong Meng Temples selection.

Hong Meng Temple would definitely have certain methods to prevent Heavenly Venerates that tried to sneak in. If his Heavenly Venerate True Body was blocked, all that cultivation would have been for naught.

Cultivating the One-Yuan Universe was a routine for Luo Yunyang. On the other hand, the breakthrough of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast would require various resources and materials. Luo Yunyang had obtained the treasures of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate. While he hadnt obtained all the required resources, they were still more or less complete.

Doing this in six months would be a little tight.

Luo Yunyang was in seclusion. The Immortal Lake Star was calm and peaceful, and there wasnt even a single bit of news from the Ninth Princess, who was participating in the Battle of Dragons.

As for the Purple Luminous Sect, they had shut their doors and anything that involved Luo Yunyang had been sealed off.

In fact, the current Purple Cloud Cosmos was in an extremely stifled state. Even the Battle Of Dragons seemed to have been halted as of now.

The various princes and the sects backing them all now knew that a supreme Almighty was watching this void.

Even though it was only a clone, the three Great Heavenly Venerates were shaking in fear and trepidation these days. Ordinary Heavenly Venerates would be even more fearful.

Not many people knew why such a supreme entity had come to the Purple Cloud Cosmos. However, some information was being circulated.

Thus, the Ninth Princess who was participating in the Battle Of Dragons wasnt having a good time. Even some of the sects that had always supported her announced that they would be leaving.

Some of them used extreme methods to draw a boundary between them and her.

However, the Long Family Patriarch overseeing the Purple Cloud Cosmos didnt care about all these trifling matters.

This time, he definitely needed to kill Luo Yunyang.

A supreme entity like the Long Family Patriarch could split himself into thousands of clones. Therefore, a clone might seem to be sealing the Purple Cloud Cosmos, but he was also watching a young twenty-something man in the Longlin Great Cosmos.

"Greetings, Father!" The man greeted the Long Family Patriarch respectfully.

It was already difficult for an entity like the Long Family Patriarch to produce progeny. However, this man had some special characteristics.

His birth had been a result the Long Family Patriarch had made a great effort to produce.

Furthermore, his mother was a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. This was why he possessed a special body upon birth that most people couldnt hope to get even if they spent an entire lifetime cultivating.

To have this child, the Long Family Patriarch had obtained the sapling of a Realm Divine Tree from an existence of an equal level with him.

Afterward, he had used some sort of secret arts to implant this sapling into this boys internal space. This made his internal universe start to fill with boundless cosmic energy.

In terms of innate ability, the child of the Long Family Patriarch would only need a hundred years to ascend to a Heavenly Venerate level.

However, to make his son enter Hong Meng Temple and become an existence that surpassed a Heavenly Venerate, the Long Family Patriarch had always suppressed his sons cultivation base.

Of course, during this suppressive process, he had also thought of many ways to raise his sons strength.

"Long Teng, how are you feeling?" The Long Family Patriarch had already seen his sons cultivation clearly and wanted to know his sons current mental state.

"Dont worry, Father. Although it is difficult to get into Hong Meng Temple, it wont be a problem for me." Long Tengs tone was slightly arrogant.

He naturally had a reason for being arrogant. Even third-level Heavenly Venerates of the Long Familys internal branch had been defeated by him.

Of course, this was partly because the other parties didnt dare touch him due to their status.

The Long Family Patriarch smiled while watching his high-spirited son. "Very good! You were already born special. Thanks to the guidance and training youve received all these years, entering Hong Meng Temple shouldnt be a problem."

Then, he smiled faintly. "I have already made an arrangement, so someone will put you in a different group from those really sick fellows."

The Long Family Patriarch smiled proudly. "Your first opponent is Luo Yunyang, a fella that obtained an Eon Martial Token. Dont show any mercy to this person."

Long Teng didnt know anything about Luo Yunyang. However, when he heard his own father give him these instructions, he replied, "Although the fight will happen in Hong Mengs virtual realm, I will definitely leave a wound that will obliterate his soul."

"Its good that you have so much confidence, my son. Actually, his participation in this selection will result in his death. Tenger, you dont have to specifically focus on him."

Long Teng spoke to his father a little more before he left. The opponent his father had arranged for him simply didnt pose any threat to him.

Long Teng had seen something in his fathers eyes. Therefore, he was prepared to make this unfortunate person called Luo Yunyang suffer.

The Long Family Patriarch nodded his head gently as he watched his spirited son. He was very confident in his own son.

Although there were quite a lot of legends about Luo Yunyang in the Divine Union Void, he was just an ant in the eyes of the Long Family Patriarch.

How could an ant hope to compare to a dragon?

Half a year passed in a flash. When the appointed time arrived, Luo Yunyang opened his eyes. His gaze was tranquil, but he gave off a very dignified vibe.

Universe 4-Grade!

This was only the progress of his own body. His Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had already advanced to the Universe Grade. As Luo Yunyang had foretasted, the now Universe-Grade Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts power had improved tremendously.

"Candidate, the selection is about to begin. Please finish your final preparations!" A dull voice rang from the Eon Martial Token. As soon as Luo Yunyang breathed in deeply, he found himself in an arena.

A tall, handsome man with a small scarlet tree mark on his forehead was smirking at him.

His gaze was filled with disdain!