Supreme Uprising Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Blow Out Blow Out

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"Luo Yunyang, please choose an appropriate weapon!" Luo Yunyang hadnt had time to study his opponent when this thought appeared in his mind.

When he had to choose the appropriate weapon, he almost instinctively chose the Eternal Divine Pestle. Although he had not used the Eternal Divine Pestle too many times, he had a great understanding of it.

"Sorry, you cant choose this. Please select a normal weapon!" The machine voice spoke again.

Cant choose this? Luo Yunyang frowned when he heard that and said immediately, "Heartless Divine Sword!"

This time, Luo Yunyang wasnt disappointed, as the Heartless Divine Sword refined by the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate appeared in his hands.

Long Teng sneered when he saw the Heartless Divine Sword in Luo Yunyangs hands. Instantly, a nine-colored battle halberd appeared in his hands.

"Purple Cloud Great Cosmos Bumpkin, you must have never seen a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate Weapon. Let me give you a tip. You can choose any weapon that doesnt exceed a Heavenly Venerate Weapon." Long Teng waved the battle halberd in his hand and said, "For example, my Sky Celestial Halberd is a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate Weapon."

The Hong Meng Temple selection was held in the virtual space of Hong Meng Realm. Anyone that could enter the Hong Meng Realm was basically a Heavenly Venerate elite.

Thanks to Luo Yunyang, almost all Heavenly Venerates in the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos were watching this match.

This was not because they wanted to cheer on Luo Yunyang, but because Luo Yunyangs main body was in the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos.

The Heavenly Venerates in the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos were fully aware of this situation. Although they were very unhappy about it, they had no other choice.

"Damn it, the information is incorrect! He is at a disadvantage even in this aspect!" A Heavenly Venerate who was watching with a friend sighed.

While most of the Heavenly Venerates felt sorry for Luo Yunyang, they did not speak much about it. It was better to keep quiet in their opinion.

"Luo Yunyang has been matched against a very strong opponent this time. I hope he meets a weaker opponent next time," an Immortal Tribe third-level Heavenly Venerate said expectantly.

"Dont even think about it. Luo Yunyang wont have another match if he loses now!" replied a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. "I heard that failure in the first three matches results in elimination."

"This is not fair!" A female Heavenly Venerate who felt aggrieved for Luo Yunyang said, "It would be unfair for the loser if both of them were powerhouses!"

The female Heavenly Venerates words won the approval of many people. However, the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate snapped, "You should see what sort of geniuses Hong Meng Temple is nurturing."

"They are nurturing Almighties that would surpass even Heavenly Venerates. The road to becoming an Almighty is extremely difficult. Most of the time, luck is part of the equation as well."

"If he cant even manage to get a good position in the selection, then how could he possibly become an Almighty?"

This made the female Heavenly Venerate shut her mouth right away. Although she wasnt very convinced, she also had to admit that this made sense.

The Patriarch of the Long Family was seated high in the void, watching the examination. Although he knew that his son would definitely win the competition, he had still gone to the Hong Meng Realm to watch the selection.

After seeing Luo Yunyangs weapon of choice, the Patriarch smiled faintly.

He had been a little too concerned about this Luo Yunyang fellow.

"Luo Yunyang, my name is Long Teng. Today, you will have only one chance to make your move. Show me what youve got!" Long Teng glanced at Luo Yunyang proudly and spoke with a commanding attitude.

He wanted to battle the greatest figures of the various Great Cosmoses. What was a mere person like Luo Yunyang to him?

Long Teng? Luo Yunyang instantly understood when he heard these two words. Although this was the Hong Meng Realm, he felt as though he was using this body.

The Hong Meng Realm was much stronger than the virtual realm.

Luo Yunyang made up his mind as he glanced at the sword in his hand.

"Is that so? Then take this!"

Although Luo Yunyang had been training in seclusion for the past six months, he had obtained all the memories of the Heart Sword Heavenly Venerate, so it could be said that he had mastered all the Heartless Divine Swords secret techniques.

However, mastering something was totally different from executing it.

Without the support of a sixth-level force of the universe, the amount of mind power required to put forth the full display of power of the Heartless Divine Sword was extremely terrifying!

Almost instantly, Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 21 Speed: 19 Constitution: 20 Mind: 14 Bloodline: 0.31

Heavenly Venerate True Body: Power: 1.1 Speed: 1.2 Mind: 0.8 Constitution: 0.9

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 12 Speed: 10 Mind: 13 Constitution: 21

After viewing all his attributes, Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up as he rapidly adjusted his Mind Attributes.

When all the attributes of his body and the Mind Attribute of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were combined, Luo Yunyangs total Mind Attribute reached 87 Yuan.

The other attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and the Heavenly Venerate True Body were added to the rest of the attributes in Luo Yunyangs body.

Hence, it seemed like there werent any changes to Luo Yunyang at all.

"Since you asked for it, dont mind me! Take this!" Luo Yunyang yelled as the Heartless Divine Sword in his hand moved.

Long Teng glared at Luo Yunyang but did not budge. He had been taught by the Long Family Patriarch not to treat anyone lightly.

Even a lion had to exert strength in order to hunt a rabbit.

However, Luo Yunyang, who had chosen the Heartless Divine Sword, was only an insignificant figure in his opinion that wasnt worth all his effort, let alone all his attention.

"Just go ahead! Ill make mine when its time!" Long Teng was full of confidence.

The Long Family Patriarch wasnt against his young sons behavior. In fact, he felt that his son was doing well.

Although one had to be cautious during cultivation, one should be domineering when they absolutely had to.

For example, now!

If his son acted cautiously this time, he would think that something was wrong with his sons upbringing.

In Longlin Great Cosmos, hundreds of disciples sitting in the great hall of the Long Family observed the battle. After all, the Patriarch of the Long Family was a very reputable figure.

Naturally, Longzun was amongst them!

Longzun looked at Long Teng jealously. Although he was about the same age as Long Teng, their status in the Long Family was very different.

If had not been for Long Teng, he felt that the resources of the Long Family would have been his and he would have been the one participating in this battle in the Hong Meng Realm instead of that despicable fellow.

Damn, Luo Yunyang! If it werent for you, I would have gotten the Mysterious Yellow Supreme Blood and I might have been able to enter the selection.

If I become the person whos nurtured by Hong Meng Temple, the Long Family will not be able to tie me down as I soar to greater heights!

While Longzun was filled with jealousy, Luo Yunyang made his move. Rays of light shot up from the five-colored long sword in Luo Yunyangs hands.

Longzun did not sense anything when the light rose. However, as the rays of light congregated, he suddenly felt a torrential wave of might that was as vast as the sky and earth.

He even had the impulse to cough out blood.

What was going on? He couldnt take this move at all. Although Luo Yunyang wasnt weak, he shouldnt be that

"This is the power of a fifth-level Universe Origin Mark. Luo Yunyang has conjured the fifth-level Universe Origin Mark!" a Long Family Heavenly Venerate exclaimed.

Longzun reacted immediately after hearing that exclamation. No wonder that he couldnt see through the mystery of the sword move. After all, it actually contained the boundless power of the Universe Origin Mark.

The power of the fifth-level Universe Origin Mark!

His strike was equivalent to an all-out attack by a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate. This was not something that could be accomplished just by having a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate Weapon. The user needed the corresponding strength, and this also placed a large strain on ones mind power.

Long Teng was dumbfounded momentarily. Although he was clutching tightly to his battle halberd, he did not know how to swing it.

Suddenly, he was in a horrifying state of anxiety.

However, when he instinctively waved his battle halberd and executed his strongest moves, he felt dizzy as an intense pain engulfed his mind out of the blue.


When Long Teng opened his eyes again, he found himself back in his own residence. The mechanical voice spoke in his ears again. "Sir, you have already failed the selection. You cannot become a Shenzi nurtured by Hong Meng Temple."

"Youre also not a Heavenly Venerate, so you have lost the qualification to enter the Hong Meng Realm from now on!"

The mechanical voice dampened Long Tengs spirits. He had suppressed his cultivation all these years just for the chance to enter Hong Meng Temple.

Now, he had just lost this opportunity to a person he had not bothered paying much attention to. He couldnt believe everything that had happened.

This was tantamount to severing the path to greatness that had been paved for him all these years.

The Long Family Patriarchs face was filled with murderous intent. His body was in Longlin Great Cosmos, but the murderous intent surged up 90,000 miles directly from where he was, causing huge stars to blow up.

"Luo Yunyang, I will get back at you for this!"

The Patriarch roared in rage as the entire Purple Cloud Great Cosmos shook.